Robert Ring

Robert RING (1614 – 1691) was Alex’s  10th Great Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Immigrant Ancestor - Ring Coat of Arms

Immigrant Ancestor – Ring Coat of Arms

Robert Ring was born in 1614 in Marlborough, Wiltshire, England. His parents were Richard RING and Elizabeth SHROPSHIRE. He sailed  on The Confidence from Southampton April 11, 1638 or April 24, with Master John Gibson, and 84 passengers.  He was a servant of John Sanders bound for Salisbury, Mass.  He returned to England about 1643 and married Elizabeth JARVIS there before 1649. He came back about 1650 and lost some rights thereby in the town.   Robert died 31 Mar 1691 in Salisbury, Essex, Mass.

Robert carried on a fishing business on Ring’s Island, Salisbury, Mass

Elizabeth Jarvis was born in 1618 in Marlborough, Wiltshire, England.  Elizabeth died 23 Jan 1736 in Salisbury, Essex, Mass.

Children of  Robert and Elizabeth:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Hannah Ring
1649 in Marlborough, Wiltshire, England Harrison 1688
2. Elizabeth Ring 1652 in Marlborough, Wiltshire, England Nathaniel Griffin (son of Humphrey GRIFFIN)
26 Aug 1671 Andover, Essex, Mass.
Salisbury, Mass
3. Martha RING 12 Dec 1654 Salisbury, Mass. Henry TRUSSELL
1665 in Salisbury, Essex, Mass
11 Mar 1738
Amesbury, Mass
4. Jarvis Ring Feb 1658 Salisbury Hannah Fowler
24 Dec 1685 Salisbury
1 Dec 1727
5. John Ring 17 Feb 1662 Salisbury Priscilla Norton
Salisbury, Essex, Mass
22 Sep 1721
Salisbury, Mass
6. Joseph Ring 3 Aug 1664 Salisbury 1705
Berwick, York, Maine,
7. Robert Ring  c. 1665
Salisbury, Mass
Ruth [__?__]
c. 1690
3 DEC 1705 Amesbury, Mass.

Ring’s Island Map

ROBERT  RING(+) [or RINGE], of Salisbury, “cooper” and “planter,” prob. b. ab. 1614; per. bro. of (1)RICHARD; m. Elizabeth (???). He received land in the “first division” and in 1640; free. Oct., 1640; carried on the fishing business on Ring’s Island in 1642;?? “householder” in S. in 1677; signed petition of 1680; d. 1690; will Jan. 23, 1687-8; March 31, 1691.

Ring’s Island Marina – 16 First Street Salisbury, MA 01952

Among the deeds at Salem is a document, dated Oct. 22, 1668, which states that Richard Ring of Marlborough, Wilts, Old Eng., and his children, namely, Joseph Ring, Isaac Ring, his sons; and Elizabeth Shropshire, wid., and Hester Ring, his daus., claimed debts due them in New England; and Joseph Ring, the bearer, was to travel thither for himself, his father, bro. and sisters. JOHN ROLFE willed them property in 1664.

(*) Rev. Chr. Wordsworth writes that he finds only this entry about Richard Ring on the register of St. Peter’s.

(+) He was prob. the Robert “King,” aged 24, who came as servant of John Sanders, with John Cole, Roger Eastman, William Cottle, John “Roaff” and others, in the “Confidence,” 1638. [G. R. 1860, p. 335.]

Robert Ring returned to England and made Robert Pike (son-in-law of Joseph MOYCE)  his agent by a writing bearing date 1643. He was away about 8 years, and stated that he could not return to America by reason of the wars in England. His name is not on the list of commoners in 1650; but he was taxed in 1650 and 1652, signed the agreement of 1654, and received land that year. After his return to Salisbury he endeavored to regain his common right and that of John Fuller, which he owned. The town claimed that, on account of his absence, land had been given to those who bought his first lots. Various papers relating to the case, bearing date from 1658 to 1665, are in the Norfolk Co. records, the Mass. Archives, and Supreme Court Files, Boston. In one of them he states that he “sent over a servant who is now a useful man in the town and admitted a townsman.”

In it he gave property to “Will Cottle, son to Sarah, now wife of John Hale of Nb., and Joanna, dau. to said Sarah;” also to Rev. Thomas Wells and his son Titus; in addition to his children and grandchildren, named as such.

A wid. Mary Ring m. June, 1710[A], NATHANIEL2 WHITTIER

Genealogical and family history of the state of New Hampshire By Lewis publishing company, Chicago, page 1389 (available on Google Books)

“Robert Ring or Ringe of Salisbury is recorded as a cooper and planter.  He was born in 1614 and sailed from Southampton in the ship “Bevis” in 1638.  He was made a freeman at Salisbury in 1640 and received lands in that year and in a previous division.  He carried on the fishing business at Ring’s Island in 1642 and is recorded as a householder in 1677.  He was a signer of a petition in 1680, and died in 1690.  His will was made January 23 1688, and proved March 31 1691. The christian name of his wife was Elizabeth but no record shows her family name. Their children were Hannah, Elizabeth, Jarvis, John, Joseph and Robert.”

[HOWEVER: on the passenger lists themselves of the Bevis in 1638 he does not appear. See:

A “Robert King” appears on the ships list for the Confidence in 1638:

as a servant for John and Sarah Sanders, who has been identified as Robert Ring from Marlborough, Wiltshire, bound for Salisbury. Ref: Hoyt Families Salis. 297. “Topographical Dictionary of 2885 English Emigrants to New England 1620 – 1650” by Charles Edwards Banks, Edited and Indexed by Elijah Ellsworth Brownell, Southern Book Company, Baltimore, 1957 (Lady Anne’s Library)  pg. 179).

So the “Confidence” seems a more likely ship for Ring’s passage than the Bevis, but it’s hardly ironclad.  The Confidence left Southampton April 11, 1638 or April 24, with Master John Gibson, and 84 passengers  Other sources say the master was John Jobson, arriving in Boston from Southampton April 24, 1638. The April 1638 date would be roughly appropriate for Ring becoming a freeman in Oct. 1640.


There are at least four different variations of the “Confidence” passenger lists; see

for all four variants.  On one, “Robert King” is listed as the servant of John Sanders/Saunders.  On another, he is listed as the servant of John Cole.  A note on one of the transcriptions states that “In some cases the grouping of the ‘family units’ has to be treated with some caution as it is known that John Sanders (also known as Saunders) and his ‘servants’ was in fact a religious group escaping to the ‘freedom’ of the New World.”

Note that John Saunders’s sister Sarah (erroneously listed as his wife on the Confidence manifest) married Maj. Robert Pike, on 3 Apr 1641, the same in all likelihood being the Robert Pike who served as Robert Ring’s agent during his absence back in England.  See Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts, by William Richard Cutter, Lewis Publ. 1908, page 857.  That book lists “Robert Ring” as one of the servants of Sanders/Saund


1. Hannah Ring

Hannah’s husband Harrison

2. Elizabeth Ring

Elizabeth’s husband Nathaniel Griffin was born c. 1646 Ipswich, Mass. His parents were Humphrey GRIFFIN and Elizabeth ANDREWS. Nathaniel died  in Salisbury, Essex, Mass..

3. Martha RING (See Henry TRUSSELL‘s page)

4. Jarvis Ring

Jarvis’ wife Hannah Fowler was born 7 Jan 1661 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Thomas Fowler and Hannah Jordan. Hannah died 24 Dec 1685 in Salisbury, Essex, Mass

freeman 1690; witness  Susanna MARTIN  trial, 1692. Susannah was executed for witchcraft on 19 Jul 1692 in Salem, Essex, Mass.
Jarvis and Hannah Ring signed the petition in favor of Mary Perkins Bradbury [Daughter of John PERKINS] in 1692.  Over a hundred of her neighbors and townspeople testified on her behalf, but to no avail and she was found guilty of practicing magic and sentenced to be executed. Through the ongoing efforts of her friends, her execution was delayed. After the witch debacle had passed, she was released. By some accounts she was allowed to escape. Others claim she bribed her jailer. Another account claims that her husband bribed the jailer and took her away to Maine in a horse and cart. They returned to Massachusetts after the witch hysteria had died down.

Salisbury soldier in 1698 and 1702. Adm. est. March 29, 1728. Will of widow Hannah
Feb. 24, 1735-6; Dec. 26, 1743.

Jarvis Ring Witch Trial

Jarvis Ring of Salisbury maketh oath as followeth, That about seven or eight years ago he had been several times afflicted in the night time by somebody or something coming up upon him when he was in bed and did sorely afflict by laying upon him and he could neither move nor speak while it was upon him, but sometimes made a kind of noise that folks did hear him and come up to him and as soon as anybody came, it would be gone. This it did for a long time before and since but he did never see anybody clearly, but one time in the night it came upon me as at othr times and I did then see the person of Susanna Martin of Amesbury. This deponent did perfectly see her and she came to this deponent and took him by the hand and bit him by the finger by force and then came and lay upon him awhile as formerly, and after a while went away. The print of the bite is yet to be seen on the little finger of his right hand for it was hard to heal (he further saith). That several times he was alseep when it came, but at that time when bit his finger he was as fairly awake as ever he was and plainly saw her shape and felt her tooth as aforesaid.

Sworn by Jarvis Ring above said May the 13th 1692
Before Me
Robt. Pike Assit. at Salisbury
Jurat in Curia

5. John Ring

John’s wife Priscilla Norton was born 16 Dec 1667 in Salisbury, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Joseph Norton and Susanna Getchell. Priscilla died in 1721.

6. Joseph Ring

Joseph  was at the taking of Casco Bay Fort;  witness in the  Susanna MARTIN witch trial, 1692; adm. est. gr. bro. Jarvis, May 30, 1705.

Joseph Ring Testimony against Susannah Martin

13 May 1692 | Salem, Massachusetts

Joseph Ring of Salisbury aged 27 years having been strangely handled for the space of almost two years maketh this Relation upon oath as followeth, viz: That in the month of June next after Casco Bay fort was taken this deponent coming between Sandy Beach and Hampton Town met with Thomas Hardy of Great Island and a company of several other creatures with him which said Hardy demanded of this deponent two shillings and with that dreadful noise and hideous shapes of these creatures and fireball, this deponent was almost frightened out of his wits and in about a half an hour (or indeed he could not judge of the time) they left him and he came to Hampton. About ten days after as the deponent came from Boston this deponent was overtaken by a company of people on horseback who passed by him and after they were passed by him, the aforesaid Thomas Hardy turned about his horse, and ame back to this deponent with his horse in hand and desired this deponent to go to Mrs. White’s and drink with him, which being refused he turned away to the Company and they all came up together such a weth (i.e. with so many horses) that it seemed impossible to escape being trod down by them, but they went all past and then appeared no more.

About October following coming from Hampton in Salisbury Pine Plain a company of horses with men and women upon them overtook this deponent and the aforesaid Hardy being one of them came to this deponent as before and demanded his 2s of him and threatened to tear him in pieces to whom this deponent made no answer, and so he and the rest went away and left this deponent. After this this deponent had divers strange appearances which did force him away with them into unknown places where he saw meetings and feastings and many strange sights, and from August last he was dumb and could not speak till this last April. He also relates that there did use to come to him a man that did present him a book to which he would have him set his hand with promise of anything that he would have and there were presented all Delectable things, persons and places imaginable, but he refusing it, would usually and with most dreadful shapes, noises and screeching that almost scared him out of his wits, and this was the usual manner of proceeding with him. And one time the book was brought and a pen offered him to his apprehension there was blood in the ink horn, but he never touched the pen. He further say that they never told him what he should write nor he could not speak to ask them what he should write. He farther in several of their merry meetings he have seen Susanna Martin appear among them.

And that day that his speech came to him again which was about the end of April alst as he was in bed she did stand by his bed’s side and pinched him.

Joseph Ring abovesaid made oath of the truth of all that is above written this 13th day of May 1692.
Before Me
Robt. Pike Assist.
Jurat in Curia the substance of it viva voce.

It is to be understood that the matter about that two shillings demanded of said Ring was this, viz: That when Casco was assaulted before it was taken, Capt. Cedric Walt was going from Great Island in Patascataway with a party for their relief of which party said Ring was one and said Hardy coming up into the room where said Ring [was] before they sailed and played at shovelboard or some such like game and urged said Ring play, said Ring told him he had no money and said Hardy lent him 2s and then said Ring played with him. Said Hardy who won his money away from him again so he could not then pay him this account was by said Ring given to me.
Robt. Pike Ast

13 May 1692 | Salem, Massachusetts

The deposition of Joseph Ring at Salisbury aged 27 years being sworn saith, That about the latter end of September last being int he wood with his brother Jarvis Ring hewing of timber, his brother went home with his team and left this deponent alone to finish the hewing of the piece for him, for his brother to carry when he came again, but as soon as his brother was gone, there came to this deponent the appearance of Thomas Hardy of the great Island at Patascataway and by some impulse he was forced to follow him to the house of ___ Tucker which was deserted and was about half a mile from the place he was at work in, and in that house did appear Susanna Martin of Amesbury and the aforesaid Hardy and another female person which the deponent did not know. There they had a good fire and drink, it seemed to be cider, there continued most part of the night, said Martin being then in her natural shape and talking as she used to do, but toward the morning the said Martin went from the fire, made a noise and turned into the shape of a black hog and went away and so did the other two persons go away and this deponent was strangely carried away also and the first place he knew was by Samuel Wood’s house in Amesbury.
Sworn by Joseph Ring May the 13th 1692
Before Me
Robt. Pike Assist.
Jurat in Curia

7. Robert Ring

Robert’s wife Ruth [__?__]  was born about 1660 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass. After Robert died, she married  8 Feb 1715 in Amesbury, Mass. to Sgt. John Colby.  John Colby was born 19 Nov 1656 Salisbury, Essex, Mass.  His parents were John COLBY and Frances HOYT.  John died 6 Apr 1719 Amesbury, Mass.  Ruth died May 1748 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass


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  10. Brian Cigainero says:

    Hi. Just wanted to say thanks for this info. I’ve been working on tracking the Ring family and this was some great info. The Robert Ring listed is my 8th great grandfather. Anyway, thanks again.

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    He is also my Grandfather

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      Coat of Arms changed. I use this as a symbol to indicate immigrant ancestor, first of his name in America in this line.

      • Patricia Davis says:

        I do not know of any copy rights that I am using of yours also I do not collect any money or advertising to any out side companies I use ancestry to search for records and building family tree for myself I am a direct line granddaughter of Robert Ring I do not use any thing but dates and places most of the time in my family tree if I am using anything of yours please let me know

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  13. LKavanagh says:

    I have a couple of oil paintings by Robert Ring- am communicating with an auction house in NH

    • Patricia Davis says:

      my mother has always told us the Ring side of family could paint/draw I have a nephew that is a great artist I would like to share family information with you

  14. rissylantz says:

    Robert Ring was my 9th great grandfather. i live in Burnaby BC Canada my name is Doris Lantz nee Corbett (go by Rissy). hello to family I didn’t know I had. Genealogy is amazing, so interesting and super cool.
    love Rissy

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