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The story of events where several of our ancestors came together

Indian Kidnaps

Our popular imagination of Indian Kidnaps are framed by the red sands of Monument Valley in post Civil War times from movies like John Ford’s  The Searchers.   In reality, Indian kidnaps were common on the Massachusetts frontier two hundred … Continue reading

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Genealogy and the 2nd Ammendment

When I first started this genealogy project, I was thrilled to find our ancestors David WING, John COLEMAN and Seth RICHARSON “marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775”  celebrated today as the civic holiday Patriots’ Day in Massachusetts and Maine. The rebellion’s leaders, Samuel … Continue reading

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Oyster River Massacre – 1694

Most genealogies say Ensign John DAVIS (1621 – 1686) was killed at the Oyster River Massacre,  he actually died a few years earlier, but the actual toll to his family is bad enough; daughter Sarah, son John Jr, daughter-in-law Elizabeth, grandson James … Continue reading

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Battle of Oswego 1756 and the Captivity of Benjamin Taylor

Ebenezer FOSTER’s son-in-law Benjamin Taylor was born in Yorktown, Westchester Co, NY ca 1736. His parents were William Benjamin and [__?__] Van Pelt.  He married Jemima Foster ~1763 Verplanck Point [outside Peekskill], Westchester Co, NY.  Benjamin died in Sep 1832 in … Continue reading

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Ebenezer Smith – Oldest Captain in the Massachusetts Line

By the end of the war, after more than eight years service, Ebenezer Smith was the longest serving captain in the Massachusetts Line. He was present in the 6th Massachusetts Infantry when the regiment was furloughed Jun 12 1783 at West Point, … Continue reading

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Battle of Wyoming and the Blackman Family

The Battle of Wyoming was an encounter during the Revolutionary War between  Patriots and Loyalists accompanied by Iroquois raiders that took place in the Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania on July 3, 1778.   340 Patriots were killed in the battle out of a total force of about 400 with the Iroquois raiders hunting down … Continue reading

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Dakota War of 1862

The Dakota War of 1862, was an armed conflict between the United States and several bands of the eastern Sioux (also known as eastern Dakota). It began on Aug 17, 1862, along the Minnesota River in southwest Minnesota. It ended with … Continue reading

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Francis Brown & the Dartmouth College Case

Our ancestor Francis BROWN’s (1716 – ) namesake grandson Francis Brown played a pivotal role in a  landmark decision from the United States Supreme Court dealing with the application of the Contract Clause of the Constitution to private corporations.  He won the case, but the strain of the high … Continue reading

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Battle of Hampden and the Castine Fund

Francis BROWN II‘s (1716 – ) son-in-law Josiah Hooke (b. 21 Oct 1774 in Salisbury, Essex, Mass.  – d. 18 Mar 1827 Castine Cemetery, Castine, Maine) Josiah served for 35 years as collector of the port of Castine, Maine on the mouth of the … Continue reading

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Church & State Fighting Antidisestablishmentarianism

Joseph BALCOM’s (1705  – 1787) son Elijah played an interesting role in constitutional history.  Ronald Balkom sent me the story in a PDF image. Tiny, tiny type in all caps. It took skilled touch typing (which I don’t have) to … Continue reading

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