Ridge Trail Loop – El Cerrito Natural Area

The Ridge Loop is a leisurely one hour hike in the El Cerrito Hillside Natural Area with moderate elevation gain and gorgeous view

Hillside Natural Area Trails

Trails of the the El Cerrito Hillside Natural Area

Hike starts at the King Court entrance to the Hillside Natural Area indicated in the above map with a blue asterisk.  Continue on 30. Ridge Trail almost to Regency Court,  20. Madera to Ridge Trail, 19. Madera-Julian Trail., 18. Julian Steps. Two legs., Madera Circle,  return on  20. Madera to Ridge Trail, Regency Court,  29 Navallier Trail, return on 30. Ridge Trail.

2016-01-15 16.06.36

Ridge Trail at King Court Entrance


2016-01-15 16.09.36.jpg

Trail 34 – The Ken Smith Trail

From the Ridge Trail just before it reaches King Court, the Ken Smith Trail takes you through a eucalyptus grove, also known as the Ken Smith Memorial Grove. Historic name recognizing city manager who oversaw El Cerrito’s park expansion in 1950s and early 1960s.

2016-01-15 16.13.45

Ridge Trail is Pet Friendly


2016-01-15 16.14.08

El Cerrito Labyrinth


2016-01-15 16.14.35

Cerrito Hill and ex Portola Junior High in the foreground


2016-01-15 16.24.48


2016-01-15 16.27.55.jpg


2016-01-16 01.20.09


2016-01-15 16.35.55


2016-01-15 16.50.40



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