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Gorgonio S. Rangel

Gorgonio Sarimiento RANGEL was born 9 Sep 1910 in Malasiqui, Pangasinan, Philippines. His parents were Ponciano RANGEL and Susana RANGEL. (I doubt her maiden name was also Rangel, but that’s what the death certificate says).  He married Susanna ENRIQUEZ. Gorgonio died 5 … Continue reading

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Eusebio Lopez

Eusebio M LOPEZ (1889 – 1972 ) was Socorro’s grandfather. Eusebio M. Lopez was born 14 Aug 1889 in San Juan, Batangas.  His parents were Julian LOPEZ (Santos’ brother) and [__?__]. He married his first cousin Soledad LOPEZ in 1924. He … Continue reading

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Horace Horton Blair

Horace Horton BLAIR (1894 – 1965) was Alex’s Great Grandfather; one of four in this generation. Horace Horton Blair was born on 18 Feb 1894 in Anderson’s Corners Quebec.  He went by his middle name Horton.   His parents were William Lewis BLAIR and Susan Wilhelmina CRUTCHFIELD. He … Continue reading

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Fay Everett Miner

Fay Everett MINER (1900 – 1982) was Alex’s Great Grandfather, one of 4 in this generation. Fay Everett Miner was born  19 Jun 1900  in Santa Ana California.  He didn’t like the name “Fay” (who would?) and  went by Everett … Continue reading

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