Sgt. Thomas Wilmarth

Sgt. Thomas WILMARTH (1620 – 1690) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather, one of 2,048 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Thomas Wilmarth – Coat of Arms

Thomas Wilmarth was born about 1620 in Daventry, Northamptonshire, England. Alternatively he was baptized in  Saint Mary Magdalene, Taunton, Somerset England.   His parents were James WILMARTH and Elizabeth MORRISEY (Morrison).  He emigrated to America before 1639.  He probably came with Thomas Bliss (Blysse) and his children Jonathan and Elizabeth.  He married Elizabeth BLISS on 8 Jun 1645 in Rehoboth, Mass. After Elizabeth died, he married Rachel Read 27 Jan 1678 in Rehoboth, Plymouth Colony.   Thomas died 13 May 1694, in Rehoboth.

Many sources say that Thomas died 10 Apr 1690 in Rehoboth, Mass., but Thomas Sr’s will was proved 28 May 1694. He gave property to his wife Rachel, daughters Elizabeth and Mary, and sons Thomas’ Jr. widow, Mary; John, and Jonathan. It was Thomas Jr. that died 10 Apr 1690.

Elizabeth Bliss was born 09 Feb 1614/15 or 19 Sep 1615 in Daventry, Northamptonshire, England.  Her parents were Thomas BLISS and Dorothy WHEATLY. Elizabeth died Feb 1675/76 in Rehoboth, Mass.

Rachel Read was born about circa 1615 in England. Rachel died 12 Nov 1710 in Rehoboth, Mass.

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Elizabeth Wilmarth 4 Feb 1647
Jonathan Fuller
14 Dec 1664
Rehoboth, Mass
4 Oct 1690
Rehoboth, Mass
2. Mary Wilmarth 4 Feb 1647
Joseph Rocket
5 Jan 1680 Rehoboth
Giles Gilbert
28 Oct 1686 Taunton, Mass
Jeremiah Wheaton
12 Jun 1723
3. Daniel Wilmarth 1648
Mary Walker
22 Nov 1676
4. Thomas Wilmarth ca. 1651 Mary Robinson
17 Jun 1674
10 Apr 1690
5. John Wilmarth 1654
Ruth Kendrick
6 Feb 1671
Hannah Tyler
4 Oct 1708, Rehoboth, Mass.
6. Jonathan WILMARTH 1656
Esther PECK
29 Dec 1680
Rehoboth, Mass.
7. Timothy Wilmarth Jan 1659/60 Mary [__?__]
12 Nov 1676
8. Nathaniel Wilmarth 2 Dec 1661
Rachel Read (Reed)
27 Jan 1677/78
Bef. DEC 1747
Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

Wilmarth can also be spelled Wilmot, Willmarth, Willmire, Wilmart, and Willmouth.)

Father:  James Willmouth   b. 1581, Saint Mary Magdalene, Taunton, Somerset, England; d.  1618, Saint Mary Magdalene,Taunton, Somerset, England.

Mother:  Elizabeth Morrison  b. 1581-1591, St. Mary Magdalene, Taunton, Somerset, England;  d.  6 Jun 1634.

Among the freemen of the town of Rehoboth in 1658 were John Wilmarth and Sgt. Thomas Wilmarth.  Both appear in the contributors to the expenses of King Philip’s War, after which the former seems to drop out of the records.  In a list without date showing grants of land made about 1643, appeas the name of Thomas Willmarth as having the lot originally granted to Isaac Martin, valued at fifty pounds.  In pence to the support of King Philip’s War in 1676 in which Thomas Wilamarth Jr. was also a contributor.

Evidently Thomas first settled in Braintree, Massachusetts, where in 1643, he bought land rights in Rehoboth from Isaac Martin, one of the original purchasers.

In 1645, he acted as a witness to a deed, and it is while living in Braintree, his daughter, Elizabeth, was born two years later.

In about 1657 he moved his family to Rehoboth Massachusetts and purchased land. Some state he was a proprietor in Rehoboth by 1643-1645, but it is certain he was there by 1658, when as “Wilmoth” he had a town grant. Again in 1668, as “Willmot” he shared in a land division there. Wilmarth Bridge Road, running from the turnpike, (Route 44), to Summer Street, and passing through what was once Wilmarth property.

He was active in the affairs of the church. On 14 May 1673, (OR 1658), “Thomas Willmarth” became a Freeman of Plymouth Colony. Thomas Wilmarth had two shares in the land that was destined to become Attleborough; one a grant, and the other a purchase from Joseph CARPENTER.

In Dec 1676, Sergeant Thomas Willmouth was appointed to serve as constable for the remainder of the year.

On 6 Mar 1682/83 he was made an Ensign of the Military Company of Rehoboth. Ensign Thomas Willmouth collected funds for defraying the costs of King Philip’s War. Money advanced £6, 12s 3d on 26 Jan 1676/1677.

“Fullers, Sissons and Scotts” by Carol Clark Johnson – Page 23

Thomas Wilmarth, Ensign, was born circa 1620 in England and came to New England before 1645 in which year he was living in Braintree, Massachusetts. About 1657 he took his family to Rehoboth.

The Wilmarths had substantial land holdings in the Palmer Rver area of Rehoboth, some properties adjacent to Fuller holdings. Rehoboth of today has a street named Wilmarth Bridge Road, running from the turnpike, (Route 44), to Summer Street, and passing through what was once Wilmarth property.

Marriage 1: Elizabeth Bliss(e) (OR Blysse), b. 9 (OR 19) Sep 1615, in Daventry, Belstone Parish, Northamptonshire, Devonshire, England. She died and was buried in Feb. 1676/77.
Married: Between 18 Sep 1640/1644, in Coventry, England (OR)
Married: 1640 in Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts.

Note: Elizabeth was the elder daughter of Thomas Bliss of Rehoboth and when Thomas Bliss died in May 1649, his will mentioned property for his “son-in-law Thomas Willmore” and his elder daughter Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Willmore.” (Plymouth Colony Wills, Volume . 1, p. 67.)

Thomas left a will, written 10 Dec 1678, at Rehoboth, recorded in Bristol County. Probate Book 1, page 82.
Probate: About 26-28 May 1694. (OR 4 Jun 1694 Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts.
Proved: 28 May 1694.
Inventory: 29 May 1694. Inventory. of Estate of Ensign Thomas Willmath of Rehohoboth, dated 26 May 1694, presented by Rachel Willmouth, his widow. Appraisers: William Carpenter and John Butterworth.

May 28, 1694. He named in his will his wife Rachel, daughters Elizabeth and Mary, and sons Thomas, John and Jonathan. As his son Heirs: Three sons, two daughters, brother-in-law Sgt. Jonathan Bliss and Sgt. Thomas Read, Uncle of John Perrin. Left five grown children by his first wife. uncle of John Perrin left 5 grown children by first wife who died in an epidemic.

He gave property to his wife Rachel, daughters Elizabeth and Mary, and sons Thomas’ Jr. widow, Mary*; John, and Jonathan. He named his “beloued Brethen in Law Sarjant Jonathan Bliss and Sarjant Thomas Reed” as overseers of his will. Rachell was given his dwelling house and orchard, half his home lot, salt meadow, and 1/3 of all livestock and movable goods. Elizabeth and Mary received the other 2/3 of his movables. The remainder of his livestock was to be divided amoung all his children. His three sons were named executors and were given his lands. Witnesses.” Daniel Smith and Joshua Smith.”

*(As Thomas Jr. had died in 1690, his share went to his widow Mary.) “Division of Estate of Thomas Wilmoth, dated 4 Jun 1694, between. Mary Wilmoth, widow of eldest son Thomas Wilmoth, as guardian of their children; George Robinson; Jonathan John Wilmoth. Witnesses.; Thomas Read Jonathan Fuller

“Receipts for legacies from Estate of Ensign Thomas Wilmoth by Rachel Wilmoth, his widow; by Jonathan Fuller in behalf of his wife Elizabeth, eldest daughter; by Mary Gilbert, daughter, paid by John Jonathan Wilmoth, dated. 4 June 1694. Witness: Thomas Read and Thomas Read, Jr.

I assume Thomas Read was John’s brother-in-law through John’s second wife Rachel, but I haven’t seen proof. Ensign Thomas Read was born 20 Nov 1641 in Braintree, Mass. His parents were John Read and Sarah Lessie. He first married Elizabeth Clark about 1663. (Elizabeth Clark was born about 1643 and died early 1675 in Rehoboth.) He second married Hannah/Anna Perrin on 16 Jun 1675 in Rehoboth, Plymouth Bay Colony Thomas died 6 Feb 1695/96, Rehoboth, Plymouth Bay Colony and is buried in Newman Cemetery, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts

Ens. Thomas Read served under Major Bradford in King Philip’s War and his house was a depository for arms. He is buried in the Newman Cemetery at East Providence, R.I. A roughly chiseled field stone reads: “T.R.D./F. 6.1695/6. Beside this stone is a white marble stone erected by descendants which reads” “Thomas Read son of John and Sarah Born in 1641 Died in 1696”. Beside this stone is a roughly chiseled broken field stone set in cement which reads: “Anna ye wife of Ensign Thos. Read dyd ye 28 of Mar 1710 in ye 65 year of her age.” Another roughly cut field stone read: “E.R.A.G. 32 D. F. 1675″, marks the grave of his first wife, Elizabeth Clarke.

17 Dec 1692 – The town council and selectmen of Rehoboth delivered to Ensign Thomas Read 136 pounds of powder and 250 pounds of bullets, to be taken care of by him for the town, and not to be disposed of but by the order of the selectmen of the town.”

Will of Thomas Read, Rehoboth, Tanner, dated 23 Jun 1695. Bequests to Eldest son James; to wife Hannah; to son Thomas under 21 years of age; to son Nathaniel under 21 years of age; to David Peren if he continues to live with them until he comes to the age of 21 years; to daughter Sarah; to daughter Elizabeth; to daughter Mary; to daughter Hannah; to daughter Mehittabell; to daughter Martha; wife to be executrix; sons Thomas and Nathaniel executors. ” I Doe appoint & Constitute My beloved Brothers William Carpenter, Moses Reed * Daniel Read’ to be overseers of will and guardians of sons Thomas and Nathaniel until they come to the age of 21. Witnessed by Moses Read, John Wilmarth and William Carpenter who all appeared before John Saffin Esqr., Judge of Probate of Wills, at a court held at Rehoboth 24 Feb 1695/96 and made oath to the above. Entered 6 Mar. 1695/96.

Inventory of estate of “Insigne Thomas Read’ late of Tehoboth taken 12 Feb. 1695/6 by Capt. Nicholas Peck, Esq., “Deacon” Samuel Peck and Lieut. Preserved Abell; amount £390/14/09. Sworn to 24 Feb. 1695 by Hannah Read widow and executrix. Entered 6 Mar. 1695/6


1. Elizabeth Wilmarth

Elizabeth’s husband Jonathan Fuller was born 15 Jun 1643 in Salem, Essex, Mass. His parents were Robert Fuller and Sarah Bowen. Jonathan died 10 Feb 1708/09 in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass.

Jonathan was a Constable in Rehoboth and a Selectman in Attleboro.

Children of Elizabeth and Jonathan

i. Jonathan Fuller, b. 23 Dec 1665, Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass, d. 15 Oct 1716, Attleboro, Bristol, Mass. m.

ii. David Fuller, b. 11 Sep 1667, Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass. d. 12 Apr 1750, Coventry, Tolland, CT

iii. Daniel Fuller, b. 6 Aug 1669, Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass; d. 6 Dec 1758, Ashford, CT

iv. Robert Fuller, b. 28 Jun 1671; d. 28 Jul 1671

v. Thomas Fuller, b. 28 Jun 1671, Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass; d. 23 Oct 1742.   He first married Elizabeth Cobley on 8 Jan 1692/93 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. He next married  about 1703 to Ann Woodcock, the daughter of our ancestors William WOODCOCK and Mary [__?__].  He finally married Mary White on 15 Nov 1722.

vi. Robert Fuller, b. 2 Mar 1672/73, Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass; d. 30 Dec 1710

vii. James Fuller, b. 1675, Rehoboth; d. Ashford, CT

viii. Nathaniel Fuller, b. 1 Mar 1674/75, Rehoboth, Mass; d. Ashford, CT

ix. Elizabeth Fuller, b. 12 May 1678, Attleboro, Bristol, Mass.

x. Sarah Fuller, b. 23 Apr 1680, Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

xi. Mary Fuller, b. 1 Oct 1681, Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

xii. Noah Fuller, b. 12 Feb 1683/84, Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass; d. 12 Jan 1714/15, of Attleboro, Bristol, Mass.

xiii. Elizabeth Fuller, b. 12 May 1688, Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

2. Mary Wilmarth

Mary’s first husband Joseph Rocket was born in 1659 in Medfield, Norfolk, Mass. His parents were Nicolas Rockett (1628 – 1680) and Margaret Holbrook (1635 – 1670). Joseph died 27 Jul 1683 in Swansea, Bristol, Mass.

Mary’s second husband Giles Gilbert was born 1627 in Somerset or Devon, England. His parents were John Gilbert and Winifred Rossiter. Giles died 8 Jan 1718 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

Mary’s third husband Jeremiah Wheaton was born in 1698 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass

3. Daniel Wilmarth

Daniel’s wife Mary Walker was born about 1650 in Rehoboth, Norfolk, Mass.

4. Thomas Wilmarth

Thomas’ wife Mary Robinson was born 30 May 1652 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass. Her parents were George Robinson and Joanna Ingraham. Mary died 19 May 1694 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

5. John Wilmarth

John’s first wife Ruth Kendrick was born 16 Feb 1650, Rehoboth, Bristo, MA. Her parents were George Leverich Kendrick (1622-1727) and Ruth Bowen (1626-1688). Ruth died 19 Feb 1706, Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

John’s second wife Hannah Tyler was born 1692, Mendon, Mass. Her parents were Samuel Tyler (1655-1695) and Hannah [__?__] (1663-) Hannah died 1781, Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

Children of John and Ruth

i. Ruth Wilmarth b. 5 Oct 1673, Attleboro, Bristol, Mass. or Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.; d. 26 Mar 1706; m. 16 Feb 1697, Rehoboth, Bristol County, MA to Samuel Cooper

ii. Mehitable Wilmarth 19 Jun 1675, Rehoboth,Mass; d. aft 6 Sep 1748; m. Ebenezer Walker, Nov. 19, 1700. Int. Oct. 18, 1700.

iii. Nathaniel Wilmarth b. 29 Dec 1677, Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; d. 1747; m1. Joanna Luther 27 Mar 1704 Rehoboth, Bristol Co, MA; Her parents were Samuel Luther and Mary Abell.  Her grandparents were Robert ABELL and Joanna [__?__]. Joanna Luther died 31 May 1705 in Rehoboth, Mass, seven days after the birth of her only daughter Joanna. m2. Mary Perry, 5 Sep 1706 Scituate, Plymouth Co, MA

iv. Dorothy Wilmarth b. 26 Aug 1680, Rehoboth, Mass; d. 17 Sep 1772, Rehoboth, m. Samuel Fuller 16 Dec 1700, Rehoboth, Mass.

v. Sarah Wilmarth b. 21 Dec 1682, Rehoboth, Mass.; d. 27 Mar 1729; m. John Martin Jr., both of Rehoboth, July 17, 1710. Int. June 17, 1710

vi. John Wilmarth b, 11 Dec 1685, Rehoboth, Mass.; d. 4 Jul 1774, Rehoboth,m. Hannah Tyler on Oct 4, 1708. Hannah Hunt 8 Mar 1711, Rehoboth, Mass.

vii. Mercy Wilmarth b. 2 May 1689, Rehoboth, Mass; d. 5 Jun 1755; m. Eleazer Gilbert 13 Nov 1712, Rehoboth, Mass.

viii. Noah Wilmarth b, 5 May 1691, Rehoboth, Mass; d. 17 May 1691, Rehoboth, Mass.

ix. Timothy Wilmarth 4 Nov 1692, Rehoboth, Mass.

6. Jonathan WILMARTH (See his page)

7. Timothy Wilmarth

Timothy’s wife Mary [__?__]’s identity is not known.

8. Nathaniel Wilmarth

Private Soldiers – The History of Rehoboth by Leonard Bliss, page 117, says, “The names of the Rehoboth soldiers who served in Philip’s war have been preserved, and are as follows:” Those engaged in the Narraganset expedition were, John Fitch, Jonathan Wilmarth, Jasiel Perry, Thomas Kendrick, Jonathan Sabin, John Carpenter, John Redeway, John Martin, John Hall, John Miller, Jun., John Ide, Joseph Doggett, Sampson Mason, Jun. “Those who served under Major Bradford were, Preserved Abell, Samuell Perry, Stephen Paine, Jun., Samuel Miller, Silas T. Alin, Samuel Palmer, James Redeway, Enoch Hunt, Samuel Walker, Nicholas Ide, Noah Mason, Samuel Sabin, Thomas Read, Israel Read, George Robinson, Nathaniel Wilmarth.


Encyclopedia of Massachusetts – Google Books

Page 174 in the Dryer book, under the Wilmarth name, states that Thomas Wilmarth and Elizabeth Bliss were probably married in England. The Wilmarth genealogy book also says they were probably born in England.

Page: p. 7, and 890 VR 1-91
Title: H. L. Peter Rounds, C.G., Abstracts of Bristol County, Massachusetts, Probate Records, 1687-1745 (Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.; Baltimore, MD; 1988)

Page: p. 8
Title: New England Historic Genealogical Society, The New England Historical and Genealogical Register
Page: vol. 62, p. 236, “Bristol County Probate Records”

Page: p. 403, VR 1-47
Title: Nathaniel B. Shurtleff, M.D., Editor, Records of Plymouth Colony: Births, Marriages, Deaths, Burials, and Other Records, 1633-1689
Reprinted with “Plymouth Colony Vital Records,” a Supplement from _The Mayflower Descendant_ by George Ernest Bowman (Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.
Baltimore, MD

Title: Charles Henry Pope, The Pioneers of Massachusetts (Boston, 1900
Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, 1998)
Personal Collection of James B. Bullock,,Littleton, CO 80120.

Page: p. 94, 687
Title: James N. Arnold, Vital Record of Rehoboth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts, 1642-1896 (Narragansett Historical Publishing Co.; Providence, RI; 1897.)
Images from Search Research Publishing Corp CD “Early Vital Records of Bristol County, Massachusetts to about 1850”; Wheat Ridge, CO; 1998.

Title: “The Wilmarth Family Descendants of Thomas of Massachusetts.”
Author: Elizabeth Wilmarth and Bessie Wilmarth Gahn
Publication: 1953. Page: pp. 11-14.Further Sources:
Vest/Cochran Tree (Owner: marievk1);
Borchardt (Owner: baj1445);
Schaer family file for export 112302 (Owner: Schaer_Sovine);
Kevin Wesley Grubbs (Owner: kdgrubbs);
YOUNG (Owner: foskni);

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  13. Leslie Chap[man says:

    I find Carol Clark Johnson in her book “Fullers, Sissons, and Scotts, our yeoman ancestors” saying that the Thomas who died in 1690 was the son and Thomas Senior died before he was buried on 13 May 1694. Not sure but what she might be relying on Savage for that info though.

    • markeminer says:

      Hi Leslie,

      Before I had it either way, but you’re right Thomas Sr. died 13 May 1694, in Rehoboth.

      Many sources say that Thomas died 10 Apr 1690 in Rehoboth, Mass., but Thomas Sr’s will was proved 28 May 1694. He gave property to his wife Rachel, daughters Elizabeth and Mary, and sons Thomas’ Jr. widow, Mary; John, and Jonathan. It was Thomas Jr. that died 10 Apr 1690.

      Thanks for the catch, Mark

  14. Vicki Cooper says:

    Love your website. Apparently we are related on many different lines. Regarding Thomas Wilmarth’s parents: James Wilmarth and particularly, his mother, Elizabeth Morrison/Morrisey, Have you are any of the viewers been able to prove the parentage of Elizabeth (Morrison) Wilmarth’s parents? Many say that Elizabeth’s parents were Thomas Morrison/Morrisey of Beseby and Zenobia Le Moyne/Monck. I did find in Thomas Morrison’s will a daughter named Elizabeth mentioned.(Will of Thomas Morison or Morrison, Gentleman of Beesby, Lincolnshire, England)
    Any thoughts are additional information on this Morrison & Monck line? Thank you.

  15. Ashley Gonzalez says:

    Hi! I’m trying to find the source of your first paragraph, “Thomas Wilmarth was born about 1620 in Daventry, Northamptonshire, England. Alternatively he was baptized in Saint Mary Magdalene, Taunton, Somerset England. His parents were James WILMARTH and Elizabeth MORRISEY (Morrison).” St. Mary Magdalene church in Taunton, Somerset, England has their baptismal records available via FHL but I am unable to find him. Do you have a direct source record for his baptism, like the book, page or year?

    I note that Northamptonshire is a distance from Somerset. Do you know why he would have been born in Daventry but baptized in Taunton?


    Ashley Gonzalez

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