Richard Martin

Richard MARTIN (1609 – 1694) was Alex’s 10th great grandfather, one of 2,048 in this generation of the Miner line.

Richard Martin – Coat of Arms

Richard Martin was born 22 Nov 1609 in Ottery, St Mary’s, Devon, England.  His parents were Richard MARTIN and Katherine LYDE.  He married Elizabeth SALTER on 9 Jun 1631 in Ottery, Devon, England.  He immigrated much later than his brothers Isaac, Robert and Abraham .  The first date I can find is family in America is when his daughter Grace married John ORMSBY 25 Jan 1663/64.   Richard died 2 Mar 1693/94 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

Richard Martin was probably baptized in St Mary’s Church Otter, Devon, England

Alternatively, he married Elizabeth Ellis.

Elizabeth Salter was  born 26 Aug 1610 in Honiton On Otter, Devon, England.   Her parents were Robert SALTER and Elizabeth FAWKNER. She was christened 16 Feb 1640 in Ottery, St. Mary, Devon, England.  Elizabeth died 3 Mar 1666 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA.

Children of Richard and Elizabeth:

Name Born Married Departed
1. William Martin May 1632, Ottery St. Mary, Devon, England 10 May 1632
Ottery St. Mary, Devon, England
2. Elizabeth Martin 16 Jun 1633, Ottery, England 1659
Ottery St. Mary, Devon, England
3. Grace Eleanor MARTIN 21 Sep 1640 in Ostey, St. Mary’s, Devon, England John ORMSBY Sr.
25 Jan 1663/64 Rehoboth, Mass
4 Jul 1710 Rehoboth, Mass.
4. Richard Martin 1644
Ottery, England
Mary [__?__]
Rehoboth, Mass.
Ottery St. Mary, Devon, England
5. Francis Martin 1645
Ottery, England
Sarah [__?__] 15 Jun 1712
6. Annis (Agnes or Anne) Martin 7 Feb 1649 , Ottery, England Joseph Chaffee
8 Dec 1670 Rehoboth, Mass
Mar 1729/30, Barrington, Mass
7. John Martin 20 Jan 1652/53
Ottery, England
Mercy Billington
27 Jun 1681 Rehoboth, Mass.
Abigail Read
28 May 1719
Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.
28 Aug 1720 Rehoboth, Mass

Richard Martin may have been the brother of Isaac, Robert and Abraham Martin who settled in Rehoboth, Ma. and died in 1669 and 1670 with no heirs. Robert leaving his property to a brother, Richard, in England. Abraham’s property went to the children of Richard and John ORMSBY, who were relatives. Elizabeth Martin, sister of Robert, Abraham and Isaac was the wife of Deacon John Upham. Richard’s will dated 6/2/1686 and probated 5/7/1695 names no wife.

At the Rhode Island Historical Society Library at Providence, in D.A.R. record books of Vital Statistics compiled by various Chapters, by years. In Vol. for year 1956. Abstracts of Wills and Probates of Pawtucket, R.I.

Probate of Will;

Name; Richard Martin of Rehoboth, Colony of New Plymouth
Date; June 2, 1686 Probated; May 7, 1695
Wife; None mentioned
Sons; Richard Martin, Jr.; John Martin; Francis Martin.
Grandsons; John Martin (Richard’s oldest son).
John ORMSBY (Grace’s eldest son).
Daughters; Grace ORMSBY, Annis Chaffee
Executor; John Martin assisted by Deacon Samuel Newman, and Wm. Carpenter.

Item: It is my will that my grandson, John Ormsby, my daughter Elanor’s son, shall posses and enjoy and improve my lands on the North of the Town of Rehoboth, divided and undivided, until my grandchildren in Old England come over to make use of them, and if, they never come over —- the said John Ormsby to have and enjoy them for ever.

*Note here that the genealogist uses the name Elanor for Richard Martin’s daughter, but at the probate proceedings the name Grace is used, as it is in other records.


2. Grace Eleanor MARTIN (See John ORMSBY Sr.s page)

6. Agnes Martin

Agnes’ husband Joseph Chaffee was born in 1642 in Hull, Plymouth, Mass. His parents were Thomas Chaffe (1616 – 1683) and Dorothy [__?__] (1615 – 1682). Joseph died 28 Oct 1694 in Swansea, Bristol, Mass.

He probably moved with his parents and brother from Hull to Rehoboth between 1657 and 1660. In 1667, the part of the town where they lived became a separate town called Swansea. It is in the Swansea records that Joseph Chaffe is first mentioned — in 1670: “Joseph Chafy his ear mark for all sorts of cattell is a slit in the upper side of the left ear and a slit in the under side of the right ear.”

On February 5, 1672, Joseph and his brother Nathaniel signed with others an agreement made to the building of a fence. On January 22, 1673, the Proprietors, including Joseph and Nathaniel agree, “all Moable grase aJoyning to any of our Medows Belongs to the said Meadow.” On September 12, 1688, Joseph sold his salt meadows in Swansea to Thomas Barnes. In 1689, at a town meeting, he was appointed the office of Viewer of Fences, along with Thomas Barnes, to help settle differences between landowners concerning their fence lines. He has listed as a Proprietor, but not as an inhabitant of Rehoboth at that time. He was reappointed for this office in 1693 and in 1694. He made his will on September 22, 1694, five weeks before he died. It was filed with his inventory on November 13, 1694, by his wife Annis and his two sons. On that day, they gave bond for the faithful performance of their duties in administering the estate, their sureties being Nathaniel Chaffee, Joseph’s brother; and John Ormsby who might have been Annis Chaffe’s brother-in-law, husband of her sister Eleanor–or his son John.

Joseph Chaffee’s will is registered at the Bristol County, Massachusetts, Registry of Wills, at Taunton, Vol. VII, p. 105.  Immediately following the record of the will is the signed statement from Ann Chafey, John Chafe, and Joseph Chaffee posting bond of two hundred seventy pounds to ensure the proper administration of the estate. This document is also signed by Joseph’s brother Nathaniel, and John Ormsbee, a kinsman of Annis.

Children of Agnes and Joseph:

i. Mary Chaffee, b. 21 Feb 1671/72, Swansea, Brstl, Mass; d.  07 May 1674, Swansea, Brstl, Mass.

ii. John Chaffee, b. 16 Sep  1673, Swansea, Bristle, Mass.; d. 02 Dec 1757, Woodstock, Windham, Mass.

iii. Mary (Mercy) Chaffee, b. 23 Oct 1675, Swansea, Brstl, Mass; d. Abt. 1730, ,,Mass.

iv. Joseph Chaffee, b. 06 Feb 1676/77, Swansea, Brstl, Mass; d. August 10, 1750, ,,Mass.

v. Dorothy Chaffee, b. 04 Sep 1682, Swansea, Bristol, Mass; d. 27 Aug 1698, Swansea, Bristol, Mass.

vi. Elizabeth Chaffee, b. 18 Mar 1684/85, Swansea, Brstl, Mass; d. d. Bef. 1730, Mass.; m.  Josiah (Joseph) Paine

vii. Abigail Chaffee, b. Abt. 1687, Swansea, Brstl, Mass.; d. Abt. 1787, prob Providence, RI; m. 28 Apr 1737 in Providence, RI to Thomas Field.

viii. Sarah Chaffee, b. 18 Mar 1686/87, Swansea, Brstl, Mass; d. Abt. 1750, Swansea, Brstl, Mass.; m.26 Mar 1713 in Swansea, Mass to Samuel Luther.

ix. Annis (Anna Anne) Chaffee, b. Abt. 1700, Swansea, Brstl, Mass; d. Abt. 1770, Barrington, Mssc, RI; m.  15 Oct 1743 in Barrington, Mass to Daniel Allen.

7. John Martin

John’s wife Mercy Billington was born 25 Feb 1652 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Mass. Her parents were Francis Billington and Christian Penn. Mercy died 28 Sep 1718 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

Francis Billington was born between 1606 and 1609 Spaulding, Lincolnshire, England. His parents were John Billington and Elinor Lockwood.   Francis married Christian Penn,  in July, 1634 Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. He died on December 3, 1684 Middleboro, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.  The inland pond known as Billington Sea was named after Francis.

John Billington (c. 1580 – 30 Sep 1630) was an Englishman who was convicted of murder in what would become the United States, and the first to be hanged for any crime in New England. Billington was also a signer of the Mayflower Compact.

Billington came to the Plymouth Colony on the famous voyage of the Mayflower in 1620 with his wife and two sons. He soon made enemies with many aboard the ship. He was known as a “foul mouthed miscreant” and “knave”.  He was not a member of the separatist Brownist congregation that dominated the colony’s life, but had fled England to escape creditors. His sons were also seen as troublemakers.

In March 1621, Billington was convicted of contempt for insulting Captain Myles Standish. His punishment was to have his heels tied to his neck. Billington apologized profusely and was spared from the penalty.

In 1624, Billington became a follower of the Reverend John Lyford (Sarah Oakley Lyford HOBART’s first husband, see her page for the story of Lyman’s nefarious life), who was banished from Plymouth Colony in 1625 for being a danger to the community. Though Billington was nearly convicted as Lyford’s accomplice, he was permitted to remain in Plymouth Colony.

In Sep 1630, after a heated argument over hunting rights, Billington fatally shot fellow colonist John Newcomen in the shoulder with a blunderbuss. After counseling with Governor John Winthrop, Governor William Bradford concluded that capital punishment was the necessary penalty. Billington was convicted of murder and hanged at Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Christian Penn was born in 1606 England.  Her parents were George Penn and Elizabeth [__?__]. She first married Francis Eaton circa 1624 Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Christian died circa 1684 Middleboro, Plymouth County, Massachusetts

Children of John and Mercy

i. John Martin b. 10 Jun 1682 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.; d. 3 Nov 1759 Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass; m. 17 Jul 1710 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass to Sarah Willmarth Sarah was the daughter of John Wilmarth and Ruth Kendrick and the granddaughter of [our ancestors] Thomas WILMARTH and Elizabeth BLISS.

ii. Robert Martin b. 9 Sep 1683 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.; d. 16 Sep 1705 Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.; m. 15 Oct 1700 in Marblehead, Essex, Mass to Bethiah Bartlett

iii. Desire Martin b. 20 Mar 1684 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.; d. 12 Sep 1727 Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.; m. 10 Jul 1707 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass to Jotham Carpenter

President James Abram Garfield was Desire and Jotham’s 4th Great Grandson

1st Gen – James Abram Garfield b. 19 Nov 1831 Orange, Cuyahoga, Ohio; m. Lucretia Rudolph on 28 No  1858 Hiram, Portage, Ohio. d. 19 Sep 1881 Elberon, Monmouth, New Jersey, at age 49.

2nd Gen –  Elizabeth Ballou b. 21 Sep 1801 Richmond, Cheshire, New Hampshire; m.  Abram Garfield 3 Febr 1820; d. 21 Jan 1888 Mentor, Ohio, at age 86.

3rd Gen – Mehitable Ingalls b. 21 July  1764 Cumberland, Providence, Rhode Island; m. James Ballou 5 Nov  1786 Richmond, Cheshire, New Hampshire; d. 4 Dec 1821 Perry, Ohio, at age 57.

4th Gen –  Sybil Carpenter b. 26 Feb 1739/40 Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.; m. Henry Ingalls 31 Dec  1761 Rehoboth, Mass.

5th Gen – Jotham Carpenter b. 01 Aug  1708 Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts; m. d Mehitable Thompson 11 May 1728; d. 10 May  1777 at age 68.

6th Gen –   Desire Martin b. 20 Mar , 1683/84 Rehoboth, Mass; m. Jotham Carpenter 10 Jul 1707 Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts; d. 12  Sep 1727 Rehoboth, Massachusetts, at age 43.

iv. Francis Martin b.7 May 1686 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.; d. 1725 Rehoboth, Bristol, Mas


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    I found the baptism record for Elizabeth Salter which says: Elizabeth Ellis alias Salter, 20 OCT 1616, Ottery St. Mary, daughter of Robert Ellis alias Salter. I believe except for your date and place that this is the same person – do you agree? The photo of the record is on

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