El Cerrito Volunteer Recognition Party

The El Cerrito Environmental Quality Committee recognized our volunteers and celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the EQC on Thursday Evening, October 4, 2018 at the El Cerrito Recycling Center.

A good time was had by all.

We enjoyed a beverage and the sunset and then ate some munchies.

We honored our Environmental Volunteers with Award.

Angelo Flores 

Angelo has been the guardian and steward of the Recycling Center’s Exchange Zone for many years.

Anne Ogonowski

Anne has bee a dedicated volunteer at Baxter Creek, Cerrito Creek, the Hillside Natural Area, and throughout the City

Friends of Five Creeks

Susan Schwartz accepted the award for Friends of Five Creeks. Friends of Five Creeks has been a guardian of Cerrito Creek and El Cerrito’s Hillside Natural Area, restoring those places and other areas around the community

EQC Vision, Mission and Goals

Educate, inspire, and activate ourselves and our community to sustainably thrive

 Dedicated to the Greening of El Cerrito through:

  • City policy and program development
  • City cleanup and habitat improvement
  • Public education

 The EQC:

  • Advise City Council, staff and other committees with regard to environmental quality issues in El Cerrito
  • Recommend programs and policies to the City Council
  • Foster public awareness, education and interest in the City’s environmental quality efforts
  • Promote environmental action/justice
  • Involve learners of all ages
  • Work with residents and businesses to be more environmentally sustainable
  • Inform and Champion the City’s environmental efforts
  • Support GHG emissions reductions (CAP)
  • Reduce waste by encouraging material Reduction, Reuse, Recycling and Composting
  • Champion energy/water efficiency, renewable energy generation, and efficient transportation
  • Minimize hazardous chemical use
  • Support protection and creation of open green space
  • Support healthy creeks, and green infrastructure

Upcoming Events

The EQC Story –  The first ten years

Supported policy development and hosted public forums for :

  • Backyard Chickens and Bees – 2010
  • Climate Action Plan – 2013
  • Single-Use Plastic Bag and EPS Foam Take Out Container Bans – 2013
  • San Pablo Specific Plan and Complete Streets – 2013
  • Community Choice Aggregation – 2014
  • Priority Conservation Areas – 2015
  • Active Transportation Plan – 2015
  • Pollinator Safe Community Resolution – 2015
  • Urban Greening Plan – 2015
  • Parks & Facilities Master Plan – 2018

Recurring “Green Team” volunteer events

  • Cleanups, habit restoration, tree plantings

Recurring Eco-film and lecture events  and workshops

  • Water efficiency workshops
  • Greywater workshops
  • Solar installation/financing workshop s
  • Pollinator Habitat

Participation in City events

  • Earth Day
  • 4th of July

Created new events

  • Hillside Festival
  • Music for Madera

Climate Action Plan Implementation

  • MCE 2015
  • 100% renewable energy deep green enrollment
  • 100 for 100 Centennial Campaign
  • Cool CA, 11th place out of 22, earned $2700

Thank You Volunteers!

The Environmental Quality Committee thanked 2016-2018 Green Team Volunteers, City Staff and Alumni, City Council and City Council Alumni and said Gracias!, Xiexie, Merci to the many people who have helped us over the years make the environmental quality in El Cerrito better

We had a great time chatting and sharing our knowledge until well after dark.


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