Joseph Hutchins

Joseph HUTCHINS (1641 – 1689) was Alex’s 8th Great Grandfather; one of 512 in this generation of the Miller line.

Joseph Hutchins was born 10 Oct 1641 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. His parents were John HUTCHINS and Francis ALCOCK.  He married Joanna CORLISS on 29 Dec 1669 in Haverhill, Mass.  Joseph died 19 Apr 1689 in Haverhill, Mass.

Joanna Corliss was born 28 Apr 1650 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass.  Her parents were George CORLISS and Joanna DAVIS. After Joseph died, Joanna married Steven DOW I on 7 Feb 1715/16 in Haverhill.  Joanna was Stephen Jr’s mother-in-law and then she became his step mother.  Joanna died 29 Oct 1734 in Haverhill. Mass.

Children of Joseph and Joanna:

Name Born Married Departed
1. John Hutchins 5 May 1671 Haverhill Sarah Page
11 Nov 1695 Haverhill
23 Jan 1737/38 Boston
2. Johannah Hutchins 27 Sep 1673
5 Feb 1677
3. Frances Hutchins 7 Jun 1676 Haverhill John Heath
12 Jan 1696/97 Haverhill
1 Jan 1713
Hampstead, New Hampshire
4. Mary HUTCHINS 9 Mar 1679 Haverhill Stephen DOW II
14 Dec 1697
29 Oct 1734
Haverhill, Mass
5. Andrew Hutchins 22 May 1681
3 Jun 1681
6. Samuel Hutchins 22 Aug 1682 Haverhill Hannah Merrill
4 Jan 1715/16 Haverhill
ca.  1742 Kennebunkport York, ME
7. Joseph Hutchins 29 May 1689 Haverhill Zermiah Page 1759

Joseph was on the muster roll of Capt. John Osgood’s company 29 Mar 1659 and in the company of Capt. Edmund Moore 2 Nov 1659/60.

Joseph’s mother Francis Hutchins registered this deed in 1686:

“To all christian people to whom these presents may come, on the north side of Merrimack in the county of Essex sendeth greetings”:

“Know ye that I above said Francis Huthcins as well for and in consideration of the natural love that I do owe and bear to my beloved son Joseph HUTCHINS of Haverhill abovesaid as also in consideration of divers articles hereafter mentioned to be done and truly performed unto me during my natural life, etc.” – confirms to Joseph “all my land that is lying between the land of Thomas Ayers of Haverhill and a creek commonly known by the name of Merries Creek with all my houseing barn and outhouseing except 20 acres already laid out to my son Benjamin excepting also about three acres given to my son Samuel by the Rivers side adjoining to said Creek” reserves ten acres for her own use the east side of the dwelling house and the cellar under it and the chamber over it, also the benefit of the orchard.

She gives him the Spickett meadow and three acres in Policy meadow – – is to receive ten pounds per annum, in the first week in December, in wheat rye and Indian corn, one third each, and firewood winter and summer.

Dated 21st november 1686 in the 2nd year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord, James ye second.

Signed Francis Huthcins
mark & seal
Robert Ford
Mary Ford

Francis Hutchins deeded 10 acres to Johannah (Corliss) Hutchins on 25 Dec 1686, she died on 5 April 1694.


1.John Hutchins

John’s wife Sarah Page was born 7 Jul 1680 in Haverhill. Her parents were John Page (1641-1714) and Sarah Davis (~1640- >1714).  Sarah was the daughter of our ancestors James DAVIS and Cicely THAYER.  Sarah died 19 Mar 1737, Andover, Essex, Massachusetts.

John was a member of a large company of soldiers, under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Saltonstall, were also kept constantly armed and equipped, and exercised in the town; and, that these soldiers might be the better prepared for every emergency, the General Court (June 19. 1710,) ordered them to be supplied with snow shoes. Snow shoes were also supplied to the whole of the North Regiment of Essex.  Daniel BRADLEY’s son Joseph,  Anthony COLBY II,  Josiah HEATH’s sons Josiah Jr and John, and Stephen DOW’s son Samuel were also members.

Children of John and Sarah:

i. John Hutchins b. 14 Jul 1699 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass; d. 1700 or after 1714 according to Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury Massachusetts” by David W. Hoyt : Providence:1897

ii. Sarah Hutchins b. 20 Jun 1701 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass.; m. 15 Feb 1725/26 in Haverhill to Timothy Corliss (b. 13 Dec 1693 Haverhill – d. 1783 Weare, Hillsborough, New Hampshire)  His parents were John Corliss and Mary Wilford.  His grandparents were George CORLISS and Joanna DAVIS. Sarah and Timothy had seven children born between 1740 and 1756.

iii. Richard Hutchins b. 21 Nov  1703 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass; d. 4 Apr 1742 – Haverhill or 15 May 1778 in Norwich, New London, CT; m. 2 Oct 1727 – Haverhill to Martha Greeley   Martha’s sister Ruth married Richard’s brother James. Their parents were Joseph Greeley (1651-1744) and Martha Wilford (1669-1757)  Richard and Martha had six children born between 1728 and 1749.

iv. James Hutchins b.  Feb 1705/06 in Haverhill; d.  16 Apr 1760 in Haverhill; m. 12 Nov 1729 – Haverhill to Ruth Greeley (b.1708, Haverhill – d. 24 Mar 1739/40, Haverhill) Ruth’s sister Martha married James’ brother Richard.  Their parents were Joseph Greeley (1651-1744) and Martha Wilford (1669-1757) James and Ruth had five children born between 1730 and 1739.

v. Jeremiah Hutchins b. 19 Jan 1707/08 in Haverhill; d. 15 Apr 1737 Haverhill

vi. David Hutchins b. 30 Apr 1710 in Haverhill, ; d.  4 Aug 1749 in Haverhillp;  m. 15 May 1740 in Haverhill to Elizabeth Stevens (b. 31 Oct – d. 12 May 1799) Her parents were Aaron Stevens (1685-) and Mary Walter Harris(1689-1746)

vii. Mary Hutchins b. 2 Sep 1712 in Haverhill; m.  19 Dec 1745 in Haverhill to Jonathan Marble (b. 3 Dec 1702 Haverhill – ) His parents were Samuel Marble and Rebecca Williams.  Mary and Jonathan had two children born in 1749 and 1751.

m2.  Obediah Belknap (b. ~1715 – )  He first married 27 Oct 1742 to Sarah Mitchell

viii. Jonathan Hutchins b. 26 Jul 1715 in Haverhill; d.  27 Nov 1803 in Fryeburg, York Maine; m. 29 May 1740 in Fryeburg, Maine to Mary Emery  (b. 1720 in Haverhill – d. 10 Sep 1803 in Fryeburg, Maine) Jonathan and Mary had eight children born between 1740 and 1758.

Jonathan was one of 48 (along with Joseph Frye, the founder of Fryeburg) residents to sign the petition for the incorporation of Fryeburg on Nov 22, 1776.

ix. Nathaniel Hutchins b. 25 Sep 1718 in Nashua, Hillsborough, New Hampshire. – d.   18 Dec 1726 – Haverhill

x. Elizabeth Hutchins b. 25 Sep 1721 in Haverhill; d.  12 Jul 1750 in Haverhill; m.  13 Nov 1741 in Haverhill to James Haseltine (b. 28 Mar 1721 in Haverhill  – d. bef. 1780).  His parents were Philip Haseltine (1685 – 1739) and Judith Webster (1694 – 1782)

After Elizabeth died, Philip married 5 Nov 1751 Haverhill to Ruth Ladd (b. 11 May 1712 in Haverhill – d. 1760)

In 1757 James was Ccornet in Maj. Richard Saltonstall’s Second Foot Company in French and Indian war.

When clothing was being collected at Haverhill for the Revolutionary soldiers in the winter of 1779/80, Ruth Haseltine, who gave two blankets and nine shirts, was called a widow

3. Frances Hutchins

Frances’ husband John Heath was born 4 Mar 1674/75 .  His parents were John Heath and Sarah Partridge.  His grandparents were our ancestors Bartholomew HEATH and Hannah MOYCE.    Some time after their marriage Frances and John removed to New Hampshire, where they  settled in Hampstead, and died.  Frances survived her husband.

Children of Frances and John :

i. Samuel Heath b. 25 Apr 1698 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass;Burial: Pentucket Cemetery, Haverhill;  m. 17 Mar 1725 in Haverhill to Elizabeth Emerson (b. 27 Jun 1699 in Haverhill)  Her parents were Stephen Emerson (1674 – 1758) and Elizabeth Dustin (1680 – 1746).  Her grandparents were Thomas Dustin and Hannah Webster Emerson, the famous woman that was captured by the Indians and managed to escape.  See my post Hannah Dustin – Heroine or Cold Blooded Killer.  Samuel and Elizabeth had ten children born between 1725 and 1743.

ii. John Heath b. 11 Jun 1700, Haverhill, Essex, Mass; m. 3 Sep 1728, Haverhill to Lydia Bradley. (b. 31 May 1707, Haverhill) Her parents were Isaac Bradley (1680 – ) and Elizabeth Clements (1684 – >1740)  Her grandparents were Daniel BRADLEY and Mary WILLIAMS.   Daniel was killed by Indians on 13 Aug 1689 in Haverhill and Isaac was taken prisoner 4 Sep 1695, but escaped.  See Daniel’s page for details.

Children born Haverhill 1731-38: Ruth, Anna, Lydia, Isaac; and possibly these children bap 1742-47: Betty, Mehitable, Jacob

iii. William Heath b. 19 Jan 1702 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass; d. 1781 Craven, North Carolina; m. 1726 in Haverhill to Elizabeth Dow (Book of Dow ref – bcdd) (b. 29 Feb 1704 in Haverhill – d. 18 Jun 1730)  Her parents were Stephen DOW II and Mary HUTCHINS. William and Hannah had eight children born between 1727 and 1741.

William Heath and his brothers Caleb , Benjamin and Nathaniel purchased land in Hampstead, Rockingham, NH (then part of Haverhill) in 1730 from Robert Ford, Sr.

iv. Caleb Heath b. 30 Jun 1704 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass.; d. 25 Apr 1753 Hampstead, Rockingham, New Hampshire; m1. 26 Mar 1730 in Haverhill to Susanna Emerson (b. 19 Jun 1711 in Haverhill – d.  25 Apr 1753)  Her parents were Benjamin Emerson (1679 – 1734) and Sarah Silver (1682 – ).  Caleb and Susanna had eight children born between 1733 and 1748; m2. 1756 to Mary Kezer (b.12 Jun 1736 in Hampstead, Rockingham, New Hampshire)

Caleb Heath and his brothers William, Benjamin and Nathaniel purchased land in Hampstead, Rockingham, NH (then part of Haverhill) in 1730 from Robert Ford, Sr.

v. Joanna Heath b. 13 Feb 1707 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass; d. 12 Jan 1789 Plaistow, Rockingham, New Hampshire; m. 1726 in Haverhill to Daniel Gile (Gill, Gild) (b. 10 Dec 1697 in Haverhill – d. 1797 in Plaistow)  His parents were Ephraim Guile (1662 – ) and Martha Bradley (1667 – 1689).  Joanna and Daniel had fourteen children born between 1726 and 1752.

Daniel was a farmer at the foot of Sweet Hill in Plaistow, NH and died there, aged nearly one hundred years.

vi. Bartholomew Heath  b. 1 Apr 1709 in Haverhill,  Essex, Mass; d. 20 Apr 1784 Sanbornton, Belknap, New Hampshire; m. 3 Jun 1736 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass to Mary Pike (b. 6 Apr 1716 in Haverhill – d. 11 Oct 1803 in Sanbornton, Belknap, New Hampshire)  Her parents were Hugh Pike (1686 -1747) and Hannah Emerson (1691 – ). Bartholomew and Mary had nine children born between 1736 and 1752.

They moved from Haverhill, Essex, Mass. to Plaistow, Rockingham, NH. to Sanbornton, Belknap, NH  where he was one of the pioneer settlers of Hampstead, and served in the French and Indian wars.

vii. Sarah Heath b. 5 Sep 1711 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass; d. 15 Jul 1828 Sanbornton, Belknap, New Hampshire; m. 14 Mar 1738 in Haverhill to Humphrey Emery (b. 15 Apr 1715 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. – ) His parents were Jonathan Emery (1680 – ) and Ruth Richardson (1683 – 1749).   Sarah and Humphrey had seven children born between 1739 and 1753 in Plaistow, Rockingham, New Hampshire.

Humphrey Emery Assosiation Test

Humphrey Emery Assosiation Test

viii. Benjamin Heath b. 4 Apr 1713 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass; m.  1744, though another record says 24 Jun 1746 in Haverhill to Sarah Eastman (b. 16 Feb 1714 in Haverhill)  Her parents were Jonathan Eastman (1680 – ) and Hannah Green (1677- 1761).   Sarah first married 24 Jun 1735 in Haverhill to Robert Emerson (b. 6 Oct 1713 in Haverhill – d. 1746 in Haverhill).  Benjamin and Sarah had two children born in 1746 and 1747.

Benjamin Heath and his brothers William, Caleb and Nathaniel purchased land in Hampstead, Rockingham, NH (then part of Haverhill) in 1730 from Robert Ford, Sr., who was one of the largest landowners in the southwestern part of Timberlane parish in Hampstead. They took immediate possession. Benjamin paid a poll tax in Haverhill, Mass. in 1741 and he is listed as living alone in the “1742 Census of Haverhill Taken in the Fall.” When the Mass./New Hampshire State line was finalized in 1741, the part of Haverhill, Mass. where all the Heaths lived became “Haverhill District” New Hampshire, and later Hampstead, New Hampshire, which was sometimes called Plaistow, New Hampshire.

On 5 Dec 1745 Benjamin Heath purchased eight acres of land in the Haverhill District of Plaistow, Rockingham County, New Hampshire from Richard Heath. He also sold 4 acres of land to Richard Heath the next day. The town was incorporated as Hampstead on 19 Jan 1749 but did not begin keeping official town records until 1753. Thus the Heaths did not physically move; the town and state names of their residences changed.

Benjamin was among those who signed the petition for incorporation of Hampstead on 29 Jul 1746. Benjamin bought more land in the Hampstead area from James and Sarah White on 15 Sep 1754. Between 1755 and 1758 he signed as a witness to three wills in Hampstead.

Serving in Samuel Watts’ Company, Col. Nathaniel Meserve’s Regiment in the Crown Point Expedition in May of 1756, Benjamin was discharged in December of the same year. Benjamin may be the New Hampshire soldier listed in the “Bill for Victualing Soldiers at Sudbury in 1757” upon “their return from Fort William Henery after it was in the frenches Possession in August 1757.”

He was listed in the “Assessment of Rates” done about 1764. There is a curious listing of Benjamin Heath as one of 66 land grantees in the original charter of Cavendish, Vermont dated 12 Oct 1761. Current day Cavendish, Windsor, Vermont is 117 miles NW of Hampstead. According to the Cavendish Historical Society, after the British defeated the French at Fort Crown Point on Lake Champlain in 1759, Gov. Wentworth of New Hampshire granted 26,000 acres in Cavendish to 66 proprietors. This land was in disputed territory with New York. The grant was re-issued by the State of New York on 1 June 16, 1772. The first permanent settler arrived in 1769. Thus it is possible that Benjamin received this land and never set foot in Cavendish.

Benjamin Heath of Hampstead was involved in a court case 7 Sept 1762, which was finally resolved in 1771. The 1771 document refers back to the 1764 case but states that Benjamin was “of Canterbury.” Benjamin apparently lived near his son Robert in Perrystown, also called Parrystown, and later Sutton, New Hampshire, between at least 1779 and 1788. On 1 June 1788 Benjamin Heath purchased 30 acres of land in Sutton. However he is not listed on the tax rolls for that year, even though his son Robert is listed. Benjamin must have moved back to Hampstead because he is listed in the 1790 census in Hampstead. Credit to Betty Gillespie Pollack and her detailed research

ix Nehemiah Heath b. 23 Feb 1718 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass; m. 6 Feb 1745 in Kingston, Rockingham, New Hampshire to Mary Eaton ( – d. Aug 1754) Nehemiah and Mary had four children born between 1745 and 1754.

x. Rachel Heath b. 20 Apr 1720 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass; d. Plaistow, New Hampshire; m. 27 Nov 1739 in Haverhill to Moses Jackman (b. 1719 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. – d. Plaistow, New Hampshire)  His parents were Samuel Jackman (1690 – 1728) and Miriam Plummer (1690 – 1730).  Rachel and Moses had at least three children born between 1742 and 1762.

4. Mary HUTCHINS (See Stephen DOW II‘s page)

6. Samuel Hutchins

Samuel’s wife Hannah Merrill was born 1698. Her parents were John Merrill and Lucy Webster.  Hannah died 9 Jun 1744 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass.

There is considerable confusion between the lineage of this Samuel Hutchins and Samuel Hutchins of Kittery. Both men have a claimed birth date of Aug. 20 1682, and both were supposedly married to a Hannah Merrill, and lived within 50 miles of each other. Both men also have some of the same claimed descendants. However, these appear to be two separate men, with separate sets of siblings. The two Samuels should not be merged, pending the sorting out of their proper descendant lines.

As chance has it, the other Samuel Hutchins was the son of our ancestors Enoch HUTCHINS  and Mary STEVENSON and probably instead married  4 Jan 1716 in York, Maine to Sarah March

Children of Samuel and Hannah:

i.  Rev. Samuel Hutchins b. 17 Sep 1716 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass; d. 12 Dec 1796 Lee, Strafford, New Hampshire; m. 13 Dec 1739 in Methuen, Essex, Mass. to Mary Richardson (b. 29 Dec 1721 in Newbury, Essex, Mass)  Her parents were Thomas Richardson (1697 – 1761) and Hannah Pottle (1697 – ).  Samuel and Mary had nine children born between 1741 and 1761.

ii. Hannah Hutchins b. 1 May 1717 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass; d. 14 Apr 1785 Tolland, Tolland, CT; m 29 Aug 1738 in Haverhill to Richard Carlton (b. 8 Jan 1713 Haverhill – d. 30 Oct 1758 Tolland, Tolland, CT)  His parents were Edward Carleton (1691 – ) and Hannah Kimball (1692 – 1741).  Hannah and Richard had eight children born between 1741 and 1758.

iii. Nathan Hutchins b. 1 Apr 1722 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass; d. 26 Sep 1811 North Hero, Grand Isle, Vermont; m.2 May 1747 in Haverhill to Mary Whittier (b. 1 May 1727 in Methuen, Essex, Mass. – d. 8 Jul 1798 in North Hero, Vermont)  Her parents were William Whittier (1688 – 1729) and Rachel Mitchell (1700 – 1745).  Nathan and Mary had eight children born between 1748 and 1769 in Norwich, CT.

iv. Abigail Hutchins b. 1 Jun 1724 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass; d. 8 Feb 1805 Amhert, Nova Scotia, Canada; m. 2 May 1747 in Haverhill to Atwood Fails (b. 10 Mar 1723 in Bradford, Mass. – d. 8 Feb 1805 in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada) His parents were Nathaniel Fales ( – 1737) and Elizabeth Atwood (1700 – 1782).  Abigail and Atwood had at least two children born in 1748 and 1749.

Atwood Fails. Private, Capt. Benjamin Lemont’s co., Col. John Allen’s regt.; enlisted Oct. 8, 1777; discharged Nov. 25, 1777; service, 1 mo. 29 days, travel included; regiment raised for defence of Machias.

7. Joseph Hutchins

Joseph’s wife Zerviah Page was born 28 Mar 1701 in Haverhill. Her parents were Jeremiah Page (1667-1749) and Deborah Hendrick (1666->1749).  Zerviah died 1753 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass.

Children of Joseph and Zerviah:

i.  Infant Hutchins b. 9 Sep 1731 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass; d. 9 Sep 1731 in Haverhill

ii. Timothy Hutchins b. 29 Sep 1732 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass; d. 6 Mar 1737 Haverhill

iii. William Hutchins . 12 Oct 1734 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass; d, 29 Mar 1737 Haverhill

iv. Jeremiah Hutchins b. 15 Jan 1736 in Haverhill, Mass; d. 11 Nov 1816 Bath, New Hampshire; m. 30 May 1759 in Salem, New Hampshire to Mehitable Corliss (b. 1 Aug 1741 in Haverhill – d. 28 Oct 1783 in Bath, Grafton, New Hampshire)  Mehitable’s sister Martha married Jeremiah’s brother Joseph.  Their  parents were John Corliss (1715 – 1753) and Abigail Mitchell (1720 – 1753).  Jeremiah and Mehitable had fourteen children born between 1761 and 1779.; m2. 14 Sep 1785 in Haverhill, New Hampshire to Elizabeth Oliver (b. Jun 1743 in France – d. 25 Nov 1817 in Bath, New Hampshire)

Family moved to Bath in about 1759. Jeremiah built the large white house at the Upper Village and bequeathed it to his son Samuel.  Both were Innkeepers, Storekeepers and farmers on a large scale. In Bath, N.H., he was granted a license to own and operate a tavern/inn, the tavern is on the National Historical Site list.

Jeremiah Hutchins Tavern Bath NH 1799

Jeremiah Hutchins Tavern Bath NH 1799

The Hutchins seem to have been a well to do family, and Jeremiah, known as Capt. Jeremiah Hutchins became immediately on his arrival in Bath, a man of local prominence. The first town meeting of that town was held in 1784, the town having been previously governed by the proprietors, and he appears as one of the Selectman they elected. He was several times a member of the state legislature and his sons were also at different times chosen as representatives in that body.

v. Ruth Hutchins b. 29 Mar 1741 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass; d. 8 Jul 1817 Haverhill, Grafton, New Hampshire; m. 1760 in Haverhill to Ezekiel Ladd (b. 10 Apr 1738 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass – d. 12 Jul 1818  Haverhill, Grafton, New Hampshire)  His parents were Daniel Ladd (1710 – 1768) and Mehitable Roberts (1717 – ).  Ruth and Ezekiel had eight children born between 1761 and 1782.

Ezekiel was a judge and is called Honorable Ezekiel Ladd on his gravestone.

vi. Joseph Hutchins b. 31 May 1743 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass; d.  12 Nov 1814 Middlesex, Washington, Vermont; m1.9 Jun 1763 in Haverhill to Martha Corliss (b. 28 Jun 1745 in Haverhill – d. 27 Sep 1790 in Haverhill)  Martha’s sister Mehitable married Joseph’s brother Jeremiah.  Their parents were John Corliss (1715 – 1753) and Abigail Mitchell (1720 – 1753).  Joseph and Martha had twelve children born between 1764 and 1787.

m2. 1 May 1796 in Haverhill to Hannah Green (b. 22 Feb 1746 Haverhill – d. 8 Apr 1846)


The history of Haverhill, Massachusetts: from its first settlement, in 1640 … By George Wingate Chase

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  15. James Lynes says:

    Greetings. As the months grow colder my genealogy work is resumed. I found your site and connections to my family tree & intend to study it more thoroughly. My Great Grt Grandmother was Ella Ellen Hutchins, (m: William Wallace Lynes) who lived & are buried in Plainfield, IA.
    My past research has taken me back to Jeremiah Hutchins & Mahitable Corliss children of Joseph Hutchins m: Zeruiah Page & John Corliss m: Abigail Mitchell. Additional names in my tree are, Reed/Reid, Martin, Ayers, Allen, Green, Perry, Bryant, Brigham, Newton, Mitchell &Tuttle.
    I’ll check your site from time to time for links and connections.
    Best Regards,
    James Lynes
    Wisconsin by way of Iowa

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