Samuel Webber

Samuel WEBBER (1658 – 1716) was Alex’s 8th Great Grandfather; one of 512 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Samuel Webber was born 12 Apr 1658 in Eraschohegan Island, York, Maine. [Note: the name Eraschohegan can only be found in references to Samuel’s birth!]  His parents were Thomas WEBBER and Mary PARKER.  He married Deborah LITTLEFIELD in 1680 in Essex, Mass.   He was attacked 21 Apr 1712 while riding from the town of Cape Neddick, and his horse was shot in three places under him, but he escaped, apparently, although when the report was made he was missing.  Samuel died 16 May 1716 in York,  Maine.

Cape Neddick River, Maine. Samuel sold an interest in a saw mill on this river in 1699.

Deborah Littlefield was born in 1663 in Wells, York, Maine.  Her parents were John LITTLEFIELD and Patience WAKEFIELD.  In the court session of 2 Jul 1717 , Deberoh Webber Senior was charged with being drunk. She died in 1747 York, Maine.

Children of  Samuel and Deborah:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Deacon Samuel Webber 1681 Falmouth, Cumberland, Maine Elizabeth Young
c. 1703
25 Mar1736
York, Maine
2. John Webber 1683
York, York, ME.
Magadelene Hilton
Elizabeth Gypson (Boothby)
May 1726
Wells, York, Maine
3. Thomas Webber 2 Feb 1684/85
Parker’s Island, York, Maine
Mary Cooper
1739 Georgetown, York, Maine
bef. 1749
Kennebec, Maine
4. Joseph WEBBER 1689
York,  Maine
13 Apr 1726
York, Maine
5. Benjamin Webber 2 Jun 1690
Wells, Maine
18 Jan 1697/98
Mehitable Allen
1 Oct 1714 York, Maine
Martha Day
3 Feb 1738
York, Maine
6. Mary Webber 18 Jan 1691
York, York, ME.
Joseph Sayforth
~ 1707
1 Aug 1759
York, Maine
7. Dorcas Webber 1693
York, York, Maine
John Baker
5 Feb 1724/25
York, Maine
8. Deborah Webber 2 Jun 1695
Gloucester, Essex, Mass.
Andrew Wescott (Westcoat)
~ Apr 1729
6 Jul 1798
Gloucester, Essex, Mass.
9. Waitstill Webber 18 Jan 1697/98
Gloucester, Essex, Mass.
Meribah Hutchins
Harpswell, Cumberland, Maine
10. Patience Webber 18 Jan 1697/98
Gloucester, Mass.
6 Feb 1697/98
Gloucester, Mass.
11. Bathsheba Webber 1702
17 Feb 1714 Canada
Joseph Saleur
11 Mar 1720
Saint-Martin, Quebec

Samuel was a millwright; sawmill owner.  History of York, Maine, Vol. II, Cape Neddick, Page 10-11 describes how Samuel Sr. Set up a mill where his sons Samuel and John also worked. (1693)

Samuel Webber, son of Thomas Webber, was born about 1645, the only one of the children to return to the old home on the Kennebec River.  He lived in Falmouth in 1681; was witness to the witchcraft trial of Rev. George Burroughs of Salem where he went to escape the Indian raids.  In 1690 he commanded the Cape Neddick, Maine garrison. He was at Gloucester in 1695 before returning to Maine. He died at York about 1717

2 Aug 1692 Salem Witch Trial  -Samuel testified about Rev. George Burroughs’ great strength.  His mother also testified.  See her page for details about the Burroughs Witch Trial

Samuel Webber aged about 36 years Testifieth and sayth that  aboute seaven or eight Yeares agoe I Lived at Casco Bay and George Burroughs was then Minester there, and haveing heard much of the great strength of him s’d Burroughs; he Coming to our house wee ware in discourse about the same and he then told mee that he had  put his fingers into the Bung of a Barrell of Malasses and lifted it up, and carryed it Round him and sett it downe againe.

12 Apr 1699 – He and his wife sold a quarter interest in a saw mill at Cape Neddick river to Nathaniel Harris.

21 Oct 1701 – He and his wife sold  property to Dependence Stover; and twenty acres of land at York,  to Nathaniel Harris.

29 Feb 1703/04 – Webber sold land to Daniel Black.

4 Mar 1709 – John Smith gave a bond  jointly to Samuel Webber, Sr. and Samuel Webber, Jr. to secure possession of land.

21 Apr 1712  – Samuel Webber was attacked while riding from the town of Cape Neddick, and his horse was shot in three places under him.  Apparently he escaped although when the report was made he was missing. He died at home four years after this experience at the age of 58.

18 Apr 1714 – Just before his death Samuel and wife deeded to their sons Thomas and Benjamin land on the northeast side of the Cape Neddick river at York,  and a quarter interest in the saw mill to Richard Milbury, 01 Apr 1714. The agreement of his heirs to divide the estate is dated 21 May 1719. and signed by his widow Deborah, sons Samuel, Wayte, and Joseph, then a minor.

5 May  1716 –  The will of Samuel Webber

“Being very sick & weak of body & the time drawing near, gives to wife Deborah all my estate real & personal after my decease to her own proper use benifit & then during her widdowhood, & if after my decease she doth not marry then during her Natural life and after her death to be equally divided among his children.” All children are named except Bathseba (Maine Wills, p. 191-2).

2 July 1717 –  Deberoh Webber Senior was charged with being drunk in this court session.

“Whereas Deberoh Webber Senior was presented to the Last Court for being Drunk, And Thomas Webber for not frequenting the Publick Worship of God, And being all apprehended by the Constable, but not Appearing….Answer for their Contempt as the Severall Crimes for which they Stand presented….” [Compilers note: I can not determine the final outcome of these cases].

23 Apr 1737 – The will of Deborah Webber

 In the Name of God Amen. The twenty third Day of April Anno Domini 1737. I Deborah Webber of York in the County of York in New England Widow being old and weak and infirm in Body but of perfect Mind and Memory, Thanks be given unto God. Therefore calling unto Mind the Mortality of my Body, and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, Do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament that is to Say, principally and first of all, I give and recommend my Soul into the Hands of God that gave it, and my Body I recomend to the Earth to be buried in decent Christian burial at the Discretion of my Executor, Nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection I Shall receive the Same again by the mighty Power of God;

And as touching Such Worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this Life, I give demise and dispose of the Same in the following Manner and Form.Imprimis. I give and bequeath to my well beloved Children vizt Iohn Webber Benjamin Webber Waitstil Webber, Joseph Webber, Deborah Westcoat Wife of Andrew Westcoat (Barsheba who is now in Canada) Dorcas Baker Wife of John Baker all of York aforesd to each of them Five Shilling in Money.

Item I give to my well beloved Daughter Mary Sayward Wife of Joseph Sayward of York aforesd Gentn all my Household Goods Chattels Debts ready Money Plate Jewels Rings Utensils Brass Pewter Copper Bedding Houses Cows Oxen Sheep Hoggs and all other things to me belonging and which I may claim as in Right my own of what kind Nature quality and Condition ye Same may be or are and in what place or Places soeuer the Same may be Shall or may be found as well in my own Custody or Possession as in the Possession Hands Power and Custody of any other Person or persons whatsoever.

Item. I do Constitute make and ordain my trusty & well beloved Grandson Jonathan Sayward of York in the County aforesd Gentn to be my Sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament. And I do hereby utterly disallow revoke and disannul all and every other former Testaments Wills Legacys and Bequests and Executors by me in any Ways before named Willed and bequeathed, ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last Will & Testament In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my Hand and Seal ye Day and Year herein before written.Signed Sealed published pronounced & declared by the Sd Debo Webber as her last Will & Testament in ye Presence of us ye Subscribers Joseph Plaisted, Abraham Nowell, Sarah Sayward, Deborah Webber (Seal) her mark Probated 19 May 1747.   (Maine Wills, p. 545-6.)


1. Samuel Webber

Samuel’s wife Elizabeth Young was born in 1682 in York, Maine. Her parents were Rowland Young (1649 – 1721) and Susanna Matthews (1650 – 1738). After Samuel died, she married 29 Aug 1741 to George Stover (b. Apr 1668 in Gloucester, Mass. – d. Apr 1748 in Cape Neddick, York, Maine). After George died, she married 18 Mar 1754 in York, York, Maine to Samuel Came (b. 1673 in York, Maine – d. 26 Dec 1768 in York, York, Maine). Elizabeth died 8 Jul 1778 in Kittery, York, Maine.

Samuel was a successful mill wright. His estate was appraised at over a thousand pounds.

Samuel deeded twenty acres of land to his brother Benjamin, December 9, 1720, granted to him by the town 17 Mar 1707/08; John Smith deeded a house and seventy-five acres of land on Cape Neddick river to Deborah, his mother, Wait or Wayte, his brother, and himself October 30. 1718; he and his wife Eliza C. mortgaged their property at York in 1718; Samuel bought land 14 Feb 1721/22, of Abraham Preble; he had fulling mill at York, 17 Jul  1732, in partnership with Alexander Woods.

History of York Page 357:

A JOURNAL OF OCCURRENCES March 25, 1735: Samuel Webber the Miller of Cape Neddick is mortally sick and made his will today. Elias Weare, his neighbour, informs this and saith Doctor Bulman attends him but gives no encouragement. May 29, 1735: Samuel Webber’s will allowed in Court today. He gave all his property to his five sons and six daughters. His sister Bathsheba captivated by the Indians many years ago is yet in Canada and married there to a Frenchman. Sept. 19, 1735: Samuel Webber left a large Estate the Appraisors brought in £1124-3-01. He came here form Gloucester many years ago with his father and has been a prudent manager of his Mills.

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth:

i. Elizabeth Webber b. 12 Oct 1705 York, Maine; d. 27 Sep 1721 York

ii. Samuel Webber b. 9 Jul 1708 York, Maine; d.  1782 York, York, Maine; m. 21 May 1736 to Sarah Bouden (b. 1708 in York, York, Maine)  Her parents were Abraham Bowden (1683 – 1751) and Martha Wormwood (1688 – 1751).

iii. Dorcas Webber b. 15 Apr 1710 York, Maine; m. George Brown (b. Berwick, York, Maine)

iv. Mary Webber b. 15 Apr 1710 in York, York, Maine; d. 21 Aug 1778 York, York, Maine; m. 1728 in York, York, Maine to Joseph Weare (b. 17 Mar 1705 in York, York, Maine – d. 18 Oct 1791 in York, York, Maine)  Joseph’s parents were Elias Weare (1672 -1707) and Magdalene Hilton (1671 -1726). Magdalene would later marry Mary’s uncle John Webber (See below).  Mary and Joseph had ten children born between 1732 and 1748.

v. Gershom Webber b. 21 Mar 1712 York, Maine; d. 4 May 1797 York, York, Maine; m. 14 Jul 1736 in York to Mercy Young (b. 25 Jan 1714 in York, York, Maine – d. 1794 in Penobscot, Hancock, Maine)  Her parents were Matthews Young (1674 -1751) and Eleanor Haines ( 1673 – 1750).  Gershom and Mercy had eight children born between 1736 and 1757.

vi. Barsheba Webber b. 15 Apr 1714 York, Maine; d. 1788

vii. Mercy Webber b. 2 Mar 1717 York, Maine; m. 16 Feb 1738 to Joseph Milbury (b. 25 Dec 1702 in York, York, Maine – d. 1747 in York) His parents were Richard Milbury (1674 – 1754) and Mary Winchester.  Mercy and Joseph had one child; Joseph (b. 1740)

Jan 1731 – Joseph was a plaintiff for debt in the York Court of Common Pleas

Apr 1733 – Joseph was a plaintiff for ejectment in the York Court of Common Pleas

m2. 1 Feb 1755 York, York,, Maine to Josiah Beal (b. 17 Apr 1710 in York, York, Maine) His parents were Edward Beale (1677 – 1711) and Elizabeth Littlefield (1678 – 1747) Josiah first married
Esther Sayward (1715 – )

viii. Abigail Webber b. 31 Jan 1718 York, Maine; d. 3 Apr 1776 York,; m. 14 Jul 1737 in York to Capt. John McIntire (b. 25 Feb 1711 in York, York, Maine – d. 19 Feb 1785 in York)  His parents were John McIntire (1677 – 1771) and Susanna Young (1678 – 1748).  Abigail and John had eight children born between 1738 and 1750.

Captain McIntire, a merchant and ship builder, received in 1732 shares of land in York.  In his will dated July 25, 1776, and probated Mar. 19, 1785, he made bequests to his daughter Elizabeth and to the children of his deceased daughters Susanna and Abigail, gave to his daughter Dorcas “seventy pounds, a good feather bed, bedding, furniture, and one good cow”, and divided the remainder of his estate among his four sons.  He directed that his “servant woman named Dinah, who hath been a faithful servant, shall be at liberty and be free from any further servitude.”

George Lincoln Came, town clerk of Alfred, Maine, and an employee in the office of the registry of Probate in York County, wrote that the brothers Joseph, Samuel, Theodore and Phineas (sons of John and Abigail) each weighed considerably over three hundred pounds while a sister Lucy (Dorcas) Rogers “was nearly if not quite their equal in avoirdupois.”  A week later Josiah Stover McIntire, a grandson of Phineas, deemed it “unnecessary to descant on the avoirdupois of my ancestors having the advantage of Mr. Came in that I have seen most of them and have a vivid collection of how they looked.”

ix. Sarah Webber b. 31 Jan 1720 York, York, Maine; m. 2 Jan 1741 in Penobscot, Hancock, Maine to Josiah Stover (b. 9 Mar 1716 in York, York, Maine)  His parents were George Stover ( 1668 – 1748) and Abigail Elwell (1676 – 1712).  Sarah and Josiah had at least two children: Daniel (b. 1743) and Josiah (b. 1745)

x. Nathaniel Webber b. 9 Sep 1722; d. 11 Jun 1791 York; m. 1 Sep 1744 in York to his first cousin once removed Lucy Bradbury (b. 18 Jan 1725 in Pro York, Maine – d. 6 Oct 1782)  Her parents were John Bradbury (1697 – 1778) and Abigail Young (1699 – 1787).    Lucy’s mother was his first cousin.  Nathaniel’s mother, and Lucy Grandfather, Lt.  Joseph were brother and sister. Nathaniel and Lucy had ten children born between 1746 and 1769.

xi. Joseph Webber b. 24 Jul 1727 York, Maine; m. 19 Oct 1753 in York to Sarah Sedgely.  Joseph and Sarah had seven children born between 1754 and 1774.

xii. Paul Webber b. 7 Oct 1729 York, Maine; d. 1762 York; m. 5 Nov 1753 in York to Mary Johnson (b. ~ 1733)  Paul and Mary had four children born between 1754 and 1760.

2. John Webber (See his page)

John’s first wife Magdalene Hilton was born Apr 1695 in York, Maine. Her parents were Mainwaring Hilton (1627 – 1671) and Mary Moulton (1652 – 1694). She first married 1691 in York, York, Maine to Nathaniel Adams (b. 1660 in York – d. 1692 in York)  On 24 Jan 1691/92 Nathaniel was killed and Magdalene was captured by Indians. She was redeemed in 1695, and next married Apr 1697 in York, York, Maine. to Elias Weare (b. 5 Apr 1672 in York – d. 10 Aug 1707 in York)

The next attack occurred about two years later, Aug 10, 1707, was a Sabbath evening. Sergeant Smith and Elias Weare, returning from evening service together with Mrs. Elizabeth (Hilton) Littlefield and her young son, were slain by the Indians between York Harbor and Cape Neddick. Joshua Hilton, brother of Mrs. Littlefield was taken captive. John Webber was her third husband. Magdalene died on 4 Feb 1725/26 in York, Maine.

John’s second wife Elizabeth Gypson was born 1687 in York, York, Maine. Elizabeth died 20 Jun 1775 – Wells, York, Maine.

John sold land on Cape Neddick river, 21 Aug 1720; quitclaimed to Elias Ware and Jeremiah Ware, stepsons, all interest in the estate of the late Elias Ware, of York; deeded to son-inlaw, George Colesworthy, twenty-six acres at York,  5 May 1732; sold land at Bald Head, York, 11 Jul 1728, to Peter Nowell.

Children of John Webber and Magdelene (See his page)

Children of John Webber and Elizabeth (See his page)

3. Thomas Webber

Thomas’ wife Mary Cooper was born 10 Nov 1693 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Thomas Cooper and Mehitable Minot. She first married 25 Dec 1712 in Boston, Suffolk, Mass to Christian Snowman (b. 1690 in London, England – d. 1739 in Georgetown, York, Maine). Mary died Oct 1749 in Georgetown, York, Maine,

Christian Snowman arrived from London on the “Peter and Phillip” in 1712; he and Mary Cooper married in 25 Dec. 1712 at Boston, Mass. before the Rev. Benjamin Colman, a Presbyterian. Christian and Mary’s first son John was born  20 Nov 1713 in Boston. Their second son John was born about 1728 in  York, York, Maine.  Christian was at Arrowsic, Maine by 1726.

In the court session of 1 Oct 1717, Thomas Webber was charged with “not frequenting the publick Worship of God.”

4. Joseph WEBBER (See his page)

Joseph, was given lands by his mother, 3 Jan 1726; bought land of his brother John and sold it to Aaron Banks, July 6, 1730; sold land to Andrew Westcott, July 22, 1730

5. Benjamin Webber

Benjamin’s first wife Mehitable Allen was born in 1695 in York, York, Maine. Her parents were James Allen (1674 – 1734) and Dorothy Barsham (1674 – 1761). Mehitable died in 4 Feb 1737/38 in York, York, Maine.

Benjamin’s second wife Martha Day was born 1700 in Wells, Maine. Her parents were Joseph Day and Patience Hilton. Martha died in 1743.

Benjamin was a millman.  Benjamin Webber recorded marriage intentions for his second marriage at York, Maine , 3 Feb 1738, “to satisfie such person as are dissatisfied and think he is not married”

In the York County, Province of Maine Court of General Sessions on 3 Jan 1715, “Wee present Benjamin Webber & Mehittable Allen now his wife both of york for fornication….they owing the fact. Its Considered by the Court that they recieve Seven Stripes apiece on their naked backs at the post & pay fees of Court 7 Shillings or pay a fine of Thirty Shillings apiece to his Majesty & fees of Court as aforesd & Stand Committed” (Province and Court Records of Maine, volume 5, p. 173). [Compiler’s note: I can not determine if they took the seven lashes or paid the thirty shillings].

“Young married persons, whose courtship had been carried on under the convenient and comfortable New England `bundling’ device, and had anticipated events unwisely, found themselves in the hands of the law, when their first child appeared in advance of the physiological period of gestation. After labor was safely over both of them were hauled into Court and ordered to the whipping post to receive a dozen stripes each at the hands of the public executioner. It is probable that many cases of premature delivery were unjustly punished” (Charles Edward Banks. History of York, Maine, Volume II, page 239).

From an article “The Truth about Bundling,” Yankee Magazine, September 1991, page 12: “Bundling, an old custom permitting unmarried men and women to court, fully clothed, in bed. What is the use of sitting up all night and burning out fire and lights, when you could just as well get under cover and keep warm. It was respectable enough in the early history of New England when religion was an all-powerful influence on behavior. But in succeeding generations, the innocent practice was corrupted producing an amazing number of sturdy brats. About 1785, unmarried women blushed to read lines like these:

She’ll sometimes say when she lies down,
She can’t be cumbered with a gown,
And that the weather is so warm,
To take it off can be no harm…

The result was such a general storm of banter and ridicule that no girl had the courage to stand against it and as the ministers continued to thunder against bundling, the practice finally was killed off.

Children of Benjamin and Mehitable:

i. Mehitable Webber b. 13 Aug 1715 York, York, Maine; d. 1750; m. 25 Sep 1734 in York to Joseph Farnham (b. 20 Jun 1713 in York – d. 6 Nov 1779 in Lebanon, York, Maine)  His parents were Ralph Farnum (1689 – 1759) and Elizabeth Austin (1689 – 1758).  Mehitable and Joseph had eight children born between 1735 and 1750.

ii. Lydia Webber b. 23 Jan 1718 York, York, Maine; d. 26 Feb 1784 Lebanon, York, Maine; m. 20 Jul 1739 in York, Maine to Deacon Ebenezer Blaisdell (b. 9 Apr 1715 in York, York, Maine – d. 1799 in York, York, Maine)  Ebenezer’s brother Ephraim married Lydia’s sister Thankful.  Their parents were Ebenezer Blaisdell (1686 – 1764) and Abigail Ingersoll (1680 – 1755).  Lydia and Ebenezer had ten children born between 1740 and 1759.

1777 – Ebenezer served as private in Lt. William Nickels company,  Col. Foster’s Lincoln County regiment – DAR Anc. #A010897;

iii. Thankful Webber b. 23 Jan 1718 York, York, Maine; d. 26 Feb 1784 Lebanon, York, Maine; m. 3 May 1742 in York, York, Maine to Ephraim Blaisdell (b. 23 Sep 1717 in York, York, Maine – d. 1808 in Shapleigh, York, Maine)  Ephraim’s brother Ebenezer married Thankful’s sister Lydia.  Their parents were parents were Ebenezer Blaisdell (1686 – 1764) and Abigail Ingersoll (1680 – 1755).   Thankful and Ephraim had twelve children born between 1742 and 1765.

Ephraim  was one of the original 60 Proprietors for the Town of Lebanon, York, Maine, when it was formed as a township in 1735 by the General Court of Massachusetts. The proprietors erected the first public buildings in 1762: a 40’ x 30’ two-story Meeting House and a 36’ x 24’ one-story

The first church in Lebanon, an Orthodox Congregational Church, was constituted in Ephraim’s home June 24, 1765. He was one of six charter members, having transferred his membership from the Congregational Church in York, ME. He was elected as one of the first two Deacons for the congregation August 8, 1765. His wife, Thankful  was admitted to the church in 1767.

The church records of April 17, 1767 charge Ephraim of stealing and killing a steer. He was dismissed from the office of Deacon and suspended from communion. On Sept. 13, 1767 he made public confession of his sin, was restored to communion, but not to the office of Deacon.

By 1770 he stopped worshipping at the church and by 1772 began to hold worship in homes around town, which became the basis for the Free Will Baptist Society in Lebanon.

His wife continued to worship at the Orthodox Congregational Church. One day after refusing to attend her husband’s church, Ephraim “seizing a new pair of shoes belonging to his wife, which had been procured by her only a few days previous, took his knife and cut one of them asunder crosswise through the vamps so she could not wear them, in order to deprive her from attending meeting that day.”

Ephraim believed these tenets: The only Scriptural mode of baptism was immersion. The ministry should not be educated and should not receive any pecuniary compensation for preaching. There is to be no established order in conducting worship on the Sabbath; both preacher and hearer should act as they be moved by the Holy Spirit.

Ephraim’s son, John Blaisdell, was the first Free Will Baptist minister in Lebanon. David and Edward Blaisdell, sons of Ebenezer Blaisdell, Jr.,Ephraim’s brother, also became Free Will Baptist ministers.

iv. Dorothy Webber b. 11 Feb 1720 York, York, Maine; d. 1791
Brooksville, Hancock, Maine; m1. 31 Mar 1739 in York, York, Maine to Matthew Farnham (b. 4 Aug 1719 in York, York, Maine – d. 11 Nov 1757 in York, York, Maine)  His parents were Ralph Farnum (1689 – 1759) and Elizabeth Austin (1689 – 1758).  Dorothy and Matthew had five children born between 1742 and 1757.

Matthew enlisted March 5, 1757 during the French-Indian War. He died in the Crown point Expedition.

m2. 19 Jan 1762 in Lebanon, York, Maine to John Grindle (b. 1 Aug 1714 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire – d. 1794 in Penobscot, Maine)  His parents were John Grindle (1690 – 1739) and Sarah Sevil (1695 – ).   Dorothy and John had one more child: Mary (b. 1765)

Nov 1762 – Removed to Penobscot, Maine

v. Bathsheba Webber b. 17 Jan 1722 York, York, Maine

vi. Anna Webber b. 17 Jan 1724 York, York, Maine; m. Job Hutchins?

vii. Benjamin Webber b. 30 Apr 1731 York, York, Maine; d. 20 Feb 1817 in Shapleigh, York, Maine; m. Mary Beedle (b. aft. 1755 in York, Maine – d. 20 Feb 1817 in Shapleigh)

viii. Patience Webber b. 12 Nov 1732 York, York, Maine

ix. Mercy Webber b. 4 Feb 1736 York, York, Maine; d. 1775 Harpswell, Cumberland, Maine; m. Oct 1767 York, Maine to  Isaac Stover

Child of Benjamin and Martha:

x. Martha Webber b. 17 Oct 1739 York, Maine; m. 1760 to Joseph Trask (b. 1741 in Readfield, Lincoln, Maine – d. 22 May 1823 in Jefferson, Lincoln, Maine).   His parents were Samuel Trask (1703 – 1789) and Hannah Stewart (1705 – 1790).  Martha and Joseph had at least three children born between 1768 and 1790.

6. Mary Webber

Mary’s husband Joseph Sayward was born Dec 1684 in York, York, Maine. His parents were Jonathan Sayward (1660 – 1689)  & Mary Austin (1665 – 1723). Joseph died 25 Dec 1741  in York, York, Maine,

Their son Jonathan Sayward b.Nov. 9, 1713 has an entire chapter of History of York by Banks devoted to him titled: THE EVOLUTION OF A TORY.

Joseph Sayward Headstone Here lyes buried the body of Elder Joseph Sayward, aged 57 years, Dec’d Dec. ye 25th , 1741. Old York Cemetery York Village, York, Maine

Children of Mary and Joseph:

i. Mary Sayward b. 24 Nov 1709 York, York, Maine; d.  19 Nov 1789 York, York, Maine; m1. 29 Jan 1730 in York to James Donnell (b. 11 Apr 1704 in York, York, Maine – d. 14 Jan 1746) His parents were Samuel Donnell (1645 – 1718) and Alice Chadbourne (1661 – 1744).  Mary and James had three children born between 1731 and 1736.

m2. 6 Mar 1746 in Biddeford, York, Maine to James Berry (b. 1705 in Greenland, Rockingham, New Hampshire – d. 13 Oct 1783 in York, York, Maine) His parents were James Berry (1676 – 1762) and Eleanor Jenness (1681 – 1762).  He first married 1739 in Biddeford to Mary Philbrick (b. 1716 in Greenland, Rockingham, New Hampshire – d. 1745)

ii. Susannah Sayward b. 2 Oct 1711 York, York, Maine; m. 16 Jan 1729 in York, Maine to John Milbury (b. 1710 in York, York, Maine – d. 1759 in York, York, Maine). His parents were Richard Milbury (1674 – 1747) and Mary Winchester (1675 – 1727) Susannah and James had at least three children born between 1729 and 1751.

iii. Jonathan Sayward b. 9 Nov 1713 York, York, Maine; d. 8 May 1797 York, York, Maine; m. 20 Nov 1736 in York, York, Maine to Sarah Mitchell (b. 9 Sep 1718 in Kittery, York, Maine – d. 12 Sep 1775 in Kittery). Her parents were Roger Mitchell (1694 – 1762) and Sarah Cutts (1695 – 1718) Jonathan and Sarah had at least one child: Sarah (b. 1738)

Apr 7, 1774 – Jonathan Sayward was appointed judge York County to take the place of Daniel Moulton.

Evolution of a Tory  - History of York, Maine, successively known as Bristol ... v.1. Banks, Charles Edward, (1854-1931)

Evolution of a Tory – History of York, Maine, successively known as Bristol … v.1. Banks, Charles Edward, (1854-1931)

Evolution of a Tory 2
Evolution of a Tory 3
Evolution of a Tory 4
Evolution of a Tory 5
Evolution of a Tory 6
Evolution of a Tory 7
Evolution of a Tory 8
Evolution of a Tory 9
Evolution of a Tory 9 Evolution of a Tory 10
Evolution of a Tory 11
Evolution of a Tory 12
Evolution of a Tory 13
Evolution of a Tory 14

iv. Hannah Sayward b. 1715 York, York, Maine;

Note: the Hannah Sayward that married  . Col Jeremiah Moulton Jr (b. 17 Jan 1714 in York, York, Maine – d. 16 Jul 1777 in York, York, Maine) was the daughter of John Sayward and Mary Bane.

v. Joseph Sayward b. 5 Jan 1717 York, York, Maine; d. 26 Jan 1747 York, Maine; m. Elizabeth Young (b. 1725 in York, Maine – d. York) Her parents were Benaiah Young (1692 – 1779) and Ruth Johnson (1694 – )

vi. Henry Sayward b. 1 Mar 1719 York, York, Maine; d. 24 May 1748 York, York, Maine,

vii. Jeremiah Sayward b. Aug 1721 York, York, Maine; m. 1742 to Elizabeth Weare (b. 8 Feb 1726 in York, Maine) Her parents were Elias Weare (1699 – 1788) and Elizabeth Sayward (1692 – . ) Her grandfather Elias Weare Sr, (1672 – 1707). was the first husband of Jeremiah’s aunt Magdelene Hilton (See above), Jeremiah and Elizabeth had five children born between 1744 and 1752.

viii. Miriam Sayward b. 7 Mar 1724 York, York, Maine; m. 26 Nov 1743 in York, York, Maine to Samuel Harris (b. 1722 in York, Maine) Meriam and Samuel had four children born between 1744 and 1752.

ix. Nathaniel Sayward b. 1 Mar 1726 York, York, Maine; d. 30 Jan 1728 York,

7. Dorcas Webber

Other sources say Dorcas was born later, about 1701 or 1705.

Dorcas’ husband John Baker was born 11 Apr 1699 in York, Maine. His parents were Thomas Baker (1674 – 1745) and Hannah Adams (1676 – 1729)

Children of Dorcas and John

i. John Baker b. 23 Dec 1725

ii. Deborah Baker b. 25 Dec 1727 in York, Maine

iii. Mary Baker b. 21 Mar 1730 in York, Maine

8. Deborah Webber

Deborah’s husband Andrew Westcott was born in about 1688 in York, York, Maine. His parents were Richard Wescott and Hannah Haley. Andrew died 12 Oct 1767 – Castine, Hancock, Maine.

On 1 Jul 1712, Deberah Webber was witness against Acquilla Hains “for Cursing &
Swareing & blaspheming the name of God”

In the court session of 7 Jan 1717/18, one Jacob Perkins was accused of being the father of “a bastard Child begotten on the body of Deberah Webber, She not being yet Delivered.” In the court session 01 July 1718, Jacob Perkins denies the fatherhood of Deberoh Webber’s child. “Joseph Sayward….Appeared And Acknowledged himself bound & Obliged in a bond of fifty pounds that the Town of York shall not be Charged with the Maintainance of said Child, Its therefore Considerd by the Court that the said Jacob Perkins be Acquitted paying fees of Court 20 shillings.” [Compiler’s note: Joseph Sayward is the husband of Mary Webber, oldest sister of Deborah]. In the same court session, “Deberoh Webber Junior Appearing to answer her presentment for haveing a bastard child, Its Considered by the Court that She recieve Ten Stripes on her naked back at the post & pay fees of Court shillings, or pay a fine of Thirty Shillings to the King & fees as aforesd & to Stand Comitted.” [Compiler’s note: I can not determine if Deborah took the ten stripes or the Thirty Shilling fine].

Jacob Perkins was married first in 1708 to Lydia Stover.  He married second in Hampton 17 Oct 1717 to Anna Littlefield.

Child born out of wedlock of Deborah Webber and Joseph Perkins

i. Joseph Perkins,  b. 8 Feb 1717/18 York, York, Maine, d. 4 Feb 1747, York, York, Maine. m. 22 Dec 1739 York, Maine to Abigail Wardwell, (b. 27 Jun 1714 Andover, Essex, Mass. – d. Bef 13 Mar 1760).  Her parents were Eliakim Wardwell,(1687 – 1753) and Ruth Bragdon, (1691 – aft. 1754).  Joseph and Abigail had four children born between 1740 and 1746.

Children of Deborah and Andrew:

ii. Alice Wescott b. 1731; d. 8 Mar 1816 Cape Elizabeth, Maine’ m. Robert Elder; Alice and Robert had at least one child: Deborah (b. 1751)

iii. Anna Wescott b. 1749 in York, Maine; d. 1794 Deer Isle, Hancock, Maine; m. 1767 to Capt. Ebenezer Webster (b. 22 Oct 1749 in Hampton Falls, Rockingham, New Hampshire – d. 9 Oct 1833 in Deer Isle, Hancock, Maine) His parents were Andrew Webster (1710 – 1742) and Mercy Clough (1711 – 1742) Anna and Ebenezer had nine children born between 1769 and 1784. After Anna died, he married 7 Sep 1794 in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, to her niece, Deborah Elder (b. ~1751 – d. 9 Apr 1824 Cape Elizabeth) Her parents were Robert Elder and Alice Wescott (See above)

Residence 1: Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Residence 2: Bet. 1767 – 1789, Cape Rosier (Brooksville) Lot # 50
Residence 3: Bet. 1789 – 1795, Deer Isle, Maine (Sunset)
Residence 4: Bet. 1795 – 1833, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

9. Waitstill Webber

Waitstill’s wife Meribah Hutchins was born in 1703 in Kittery, York, Maine. Her parents were Benjamin Hutchins (1683 – 1721) and Joanna Ball (1688 – 1719). Benjamin was captured by Indians 9 May 1698 and returned before 29 May 1701. Her grandparents were our ancestors Enoch HUTCHINS and Mary STEVENSON. Meribah died in 1763

Waitstill or Wayte (also spelled Waitt and Wait), born about 1698, removed in 1738 to Harpswell, Maine. settled on Merriconeag Neck in Harpswell m.Meribah Hutchins, d/o Benjamin Hutchins.  Harpswell Neck peninsula (originally ” Merriconeag “,  a native american word referring to the portage place , ” quick carrying place “)

Children of Wait and Meribah

i.  Jonathan Webber b. 26 Apr 1723 York, York, Maine; d. 27 Jan 1725 York or d. 1794 at Chebeague Island, Cumberland, Maine and m. Margery Coombs Her parents were Peter Coombs and Thankful Strout. Jonathan and Margery had four children born between 1752 and 1760.

ii. Joanna Webber b. 19 Jun 1724 York, York, Maine

iii. Jane Webber b. 19 Jun 1724 York, York, Maine; d. 18 Feb 1803 Harpswell, Cumberland, Maine; m. 21 Oct 1759 in Harpswell to John Blake (b. 5 Apr 1736 in Milton, Norfolk, Mass. – d. 1789) His parents were William Blake (1696 – 1736) and [__?__]. Jane and John had ten children born between 1761 and 1783.

iv. Benjamin Webber b. 1725 York, York, Maine; d. 1785 North Yarmouth, Cumberland, Maine; m1. 2 Jul 1748 in North Yarmouth to Sarah Strout (b. 2 Aug 1731 in Provincetown, Barnstable, Mass. – d. 1753 in Harpswell, Maine) Her parents were Joseph Strout (1692 – 1748) and Rachel Doane (1701 – 1752). Benjamin and Sarah had five children born between 1750 and 1763.

Alternatively, m. 31 Aug 1753 in North Yarmouth to Mary Newcomb (b. 12 Mar 1727 in Truro, Barnstable, Mass – ) Her parents were Andrew Newcomb (1680 – 1748) and Mercy Oldham (1689 – 1730) Her grandparents were Simeon (not Simon) Newcomb and [__?__] and her great grandparents were our ancestors Andrew NEWCOMB and Sarah YOUNG. Benjamin and Mary had four children born between 1753 and 1765.

v. Josiah Webber b. 16 Nov 1726 York, York, Maine

vi. Hannah Webber b. 1730 Harpswell, Cumberland, Maine; m. Seth Toothaker (b. 5 Mar 1714 in York, York, Maine – d. Harpswell) His parents were Andrew Toothaker (1679 – 1760) and Abigail White (1680 – 1760) Hannah and Seth had nine children born between 1747 and 1764.

vii. Mary Webber b. 1730 Harpswell, Cumberland, Maine; d. 1761; m. 1750 in Harpswell to John Rodick (b. 21 Jan 1726 in York, Maine – d. 1802) His parents were George Rodick (1697 – ) and Abigail Stover (1704 – ). Mary and John had eleven children born between 1751 and 1776.

viii. Miriam Webber b. 1735 in York, Maine; m. Edward Cunningham Miriam and Edward had twins: Daniel and Miriam (b. 1757)

ix. Daniel Webber b. 27 Dec 1736 in York, Maine; d. 27 Oct 1825 Burial Graveyard Point Cemetery , Harpswell Center, Cumberland, Maine; m. 11 Mar 1762 in Harpswell to Hannah Rideout (b. 1740 in Falmouth, Cumberland, Maine) Daniel and Hannah had eight children born between 1763 and 1776.

m2. 18 Jul 1778 in Harpswell to Anna Bibber (b. 25 Jan 1754 in Harpswell – d. 30 Jul 1830 in Harpswell) Her parents were James Bibber (1706 Isle Jersey, England -1773) and Abigail Drew (1714 – 1783) Daniel and Anna had seven more children born between 1779 and 1795.

x. Mercy Webber b. 1738 Harpswell, Cumberland, Maine; m. 26 Jun 1755 in Harpswell to Jacob Blake (b. 1 Aug 1731 in Milton, Norfolk, Mass) His parents were William Blake (1696 – 1736) and Hannah Moseley (1702 – ) Mercy and Jacob had five children born between 1757 and 1774.

xi. David Webber b. 1739 Harpswell, Cumberland, Maine; d. 21 Feb 1823 Harpswell; m. 20 Oct 1768 in Harpswell to Eleanor Hayes (b. Gloucester, Essex, Mass. – d. 1802) Her parents were Richard Hayes and Mary Hutchins. David and Eleanor had eleven children born between 1769 and 1793.

xii. Abigail Webber b. 1747 in Maine; m. 9 Sep 1779 in Harpswell, Cumberland, Maine to Stephen Pinkham ( – 1825 in Freeport, Cumberland, Maine) His parents were Ebenezer Pinkham (1712 – 1762) and Sarah Austin (1719 – 1802) Abigail and Stephen had at least one child: Ebenezer (b. 1790)

xiii. Deborah Webber b. 8 Apr 1749 in York, Maine; d. 23 May 1834 Harpswell, Maine; m. 5 Jul 1772 in Harpswell to Paul Curtis (b. 25 May 1737 in Hanover, Plymouth, Mass. – d. 13 Mar 1826 in Harpswell) His parents were David Curtis (1708 – 1799) and Bethia Sprague (1707 – 1759). Deborah and Paul had nine children born between 1772 and 1793, the first Asenath was born 83 days after their marriage

11. Bathsheba Webber

Bathsheba’s husband Joseph Saleur, bourgeois, son of Claude and Marie-Madeleine Henry, of St-Martin, ville de Metz, Lorraine. m. 11 May 1720, in Quebec, Marie Wabert [French spelling and pronunciation of Webber], daughter of Samuel.

FROM History of York by Banks; page 316-317…a girl that was captured at Cape Neddick, about this period [1707]…This was Bathsheba, dau. of Samuel and Deborah (Littlefield) Webber of Cape Neddick. She was taken to Quebec, where she was baptized, 1714, as “Marie,” and called twelve years of age. She remained in Canada and married March 11, 1720 Joseph Saleur of Saint-Martin, province of Quebec. Northing further is known of her, except the recorded baptisms of her Saleur children.

Children of Bathsheba (now known as “Marie”) and Joseph

i.  Marie-Joseph Saleur, b. 8 Dec 1720,

ii. Marie-Jacques Saleur, b. 28th and buried 31st July 1723,

iii. Joseph-Louis Saleur, b. 26th August and buried 3rd Oct 1724,

iv. Joseph Saleur, b. 14 Mar and d. 26 May 1726,

v. Marie-Francoise Saleur, b. 6 May 1728

vi. Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Saleur b. 14 May d. 28 July 1730, at Charlesbourg.


History of York by Banks; page 316-318.

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