Bartholomew Heath

Bartholomew HEATH (1615 – 1681)  was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather; one of 2,048 in this generation of the Miller line.

Heath Family Coat of Arms

Bartholomew Heath was born in 1615 in Nazeing, Essex, England.  Alternatively, he was born in Salisbury St Martins, Wiltshire, England as were his father and brother.  His parents were John HEATH  and Alis BARTHOLOMEW. He may have came to America at age 17  years in the ship Lyon that sailed from London 22 June 1632 along with his uncle, William, of Roxbury, William’s wife Mary and their five children.   He married Hannah MOYCE about 1640 in Newbury, Mass.   Bartholomew died 15 Jan 1681 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass.

Hannah Moyce was born 16 Sep 1618 in Dennington, Suffolk, England. Her parents were Joseph MOYCE and Hannah FOLCORD. Hannah immigrated with her parents prior to 1640.   Hannah died 19 Jul 1678 in Haverhill, Mass.

Children of Bartholomew and Hannah:

Name Born Married Departed
1. John Heath 15 Aug 1643
Newbury, Mass
Sarah Partridge
14 Nov 1666
21 Sep 1706
Hampton, Mass
2. Joseph Heath c. 1645
Martha Dow
(Daughter of Thomas DOW)
27 Jun 1672, Haverhill
1 Dec 1672, Killed by Indians on the Andover road
3. Joshua Heath 12 Feb 1646/[47?]
Haverhill, Essex, Mass.
Aug 1647
Haverhill, Mass
4. Hannah Heath 3 Sep 1648 Haverhill 9 Nov 1668
5. Josiah HEATH 4 Sep 1651 Newbury, Essex, Mass Mary DAVIS
19 Jul 1671 in Haverhill, Mass.
Martha Kimball
24 Apr 1731  Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
6. Benjamin Heath 8 Aug 1656 Haverhill 29 Jun 1657
7. Elizabeth Heath 5 Sep 1658 Haverhill 11 Feb 1659

According to Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds, 1911, there is no definite record of the date of Bartholomew’s arrival or the place from which he came. He most likely arrived in America with other members of the family and was temporarily located in some of the smallest settlements, where there were no early records kept until 1645, when he appears in Haverhill. Elder Isaac Heath, of Roxbury, came in the ship “Hopewell,” 1635.  William, of Roxbury, came from London in the ship “Lion,” 1632, with wife Mary and five children. There is no documentation that he was related to these men, but the probability is that he was.

What we know for sure is that Bartholomew’s brother John Heath,  left bequests to Bartholomew’s children, but named in his will no family of his own. He was also of Haverhill.

Soon after their arrival in America, Bartholomew and his uncle William took up residence in the small village of Roxbury, Massachusetts, (now a district of Boston.)  Within a few years Bartholomew moved from Roxbury to Newbury, Massachusetts, and remained there until sometime after 1640.

After their wedding Bartholomew and Hannah Moyce Heath resided in Newbury, Massachusetts, where their first child was born. They moved to Haverhill, Massachusetts as early as 1642, where he was an innkeeper. Haverhill was a new village, founded in 1640, and then considered to be in the wilderness and controlled by Indians. Bartholomew and Hannah were some it’s first inhabitants.  Bartholomew was appointed  Constable and Selectman there.

Our branch of the family migrated to New Hampshire, where they are of frequent mention. In the town of Hampstead, they were both numerous and prominent. The revolutionary rolls of New Hampshire bear the names of twenty-three Heaths who served in the continental army, and they are particularly noticed as being present at noted battles.


28 March 1648 – Freeman in Haverhill, Essex, MA.

1668 – Appointed appraisor for Matthias Button cattle in Godfrey suit. He lived at Haverhill, Essex, MA;

He contributed 4 pounds of pork to the town, to support Hugh Sherratt, this was notable enough to be entered in the town records. [CI:105:72:CI].

Haverhill,  Essex. Mass

The town of Haverhill was founded in 1640 by settlers from Newbury, and was originally known as Pentucket, which is the native American word for “place of the winding river.” The town was renamed for the city of Haverhill, England, where many of the original settlers’ families were from. The original Haverhill settlement was located around the corner of Water Street and Mill Street, near the Linwood Cemetery and Burying Ground. The home of the city’s father, William White, still stands, although it has been expanded and renovated in the 17th and 18th centuries.  Haverhill was for many years a frontier town, and was subjected to Indian raids, which were sometimes accompanied by French colonial troops

17 Jan 1675 – Bartholomew’s brother, John Heath, left bequests to Bartholomew’s children, but named in his will no family of his own. He also lived in Haverhill. No ship records could be found where John Heath was a passenger to New England, but he left a Will, dated December 28, 1674, proved April 10, 1675.  John Heath apparently left no children of his own, and at this time lived with a nephew whom he calls “Cousin” as was the old tradition. John Heath willed that first, all expenses (In the language of that time)

“I have ben att sence I have ben in my Cousin John Heath’s house to be paid out of my  estate,”  and then gave 40 shillings  to Haverhill Church; 40 s. to “the College at Cambridge”; 40s. toward procuring a minister for the Church at  Haverhill after Mr. Ward’s decease; 5 pounds to “my couzen Matha which was my couzen Joseph Heath’s wife, which is now wife to Joseph Page;  Couzen  John Heath’s Son Bartholomew a two yerling Cote”; to “Couzen Joseph Heath ten pounds if he come to age of twenty one yere”; to “Josias Heath’s son Josias a little colt”; to “Sias Heath, five acrese of Land in the plaine,”  etc. to “Couzen John Heath the east meadow, all the rest of real Estate to Brother Bartholl Heath for hee to dispose as he shall see Cause”; to “Couzen Sarah, John Heath’s wife”, to “sias Heath” “Brother Barolomew to be Executor.” (Essex County, Probate Records, 2: 43).


1.  John Heath

John’s wife Sarah Partridge was born 24 Aug 1647, Salisbury, Essex, Mass. Her parents were William Partridge and Ann Spicer. Sarah died Jul 1718, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire.

Children of John and Sarah:

i. Bartholomew Heath Jr.  was born 3 Sep 1667, Haverhill, Essex, Mass. He was killed by Indians, 4 Aug  1704; He married Mary Bradley 23 Jan 1690/91.  Mary Bradley was born 16 Apr 1671 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass. and died before 1731 in Haverhill, Essex, Mass. Her parents were [our ancestors were Daniel BROADLEY  and Mary WILLIAMS.  After Bartholomew died, Mary married [our ancestor] Lt. James HEATH 1705 in Haverhill.

ii. Sarah,  (26 Mar 1669, Haverhill – 2 Apr 1669, Haverhill) died in infancy.

iii. Elizabeth Heath , (1 Mar 1669/70, Haverhill – 9 Dec 1683, Haverhill) died at age of thirteen.

iv. Hannah Heath , (3 May 1673, Haverhill – 2 Nov 1761, Haverhill) Marriage 14 Apr 1691, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts to Joseph Bradley.  (son of Daniel BRADLEY)

v. John Heath  was born 4 Mar  1674/75. . He married 12 Jan 1696/97, at Haverhill to Frances Hutchins (daughter of our ancestor Joseph HUTCHINS (1641 – 1689)),  Some time after his marriage he removed to New Hampshire, where he settled in Hampstead, and died. His widow survived him

vi. Martha Heath , born 30 Nov 1677.

vii. Nehemiah, (11 May 1680, Haverhill – 14 Jan 1717/18, Hampton Falls, Rockingham, New Hampshire) He married Mary Gove  14 Oct 1705 in Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire.  He married second Joanna Dow (daughter of Henry Dow and Mary Mussey) 16 Mar 1716/17, Salisbury, Essex, Mass.  Nehemiah was a sea captain;

viii. Rachel,   (23 Jul 1682, Haverhill – aft 1751, Hampstead, Rockingham, New Hampshire) Rachel married Samuel Stevens 16 Sep 1704, Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts

ix. Ann. born 30 Jun 1684. (30 Jun 1684, Haverhill – 7 Aug 1765, Kensington, Rockingham, New Hampshire) Ann married William Brown 9 Jun 1701, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire.

x. Sarah, born 22 Apr 1688.

2. Joseph Heath 

Joseph’s wife Martha Dow was born 1 JUN 1648 Newbury.  Her parents were Thomas DOW and Phebe LATLY. After Joseph died, she married Joseph Page 2 Dec 1673 and then Joseph Parker 19 Mar 1688.

While she was carrying an unborn son,  Joseph was ambushed and killed by Indians on the Andover road 1 Dec 1672.  Martha married again 2 Dec 1673 to Joseph Page (1647-5 Feb 1683)  His parents were John Page and Mary Marsh.  Martha married a third time 19 Mar 1688 to Joseph Parker.  He lived in East Parish, Haverhill and was killed by Indians while in his hay field 3 Aug 1690.  Thus Martha was widow thrice before she was 43.  Nany years later Joseph Heath in his will gave to his son Samuel land “set aside to my mother Parker as her right of dower in Jospeh Page’s estate.”  Martha had one by first, rest by 2nd.

Children of Joseph and Martha

 i. Joseph Heath   b. 23 Mar 1673 Salem, Rockingham, NH, four months after his father was killed; d. 11 Jun 1714 – Haverhill, Essex, Mass  Some sources say he married Hannah Bradley, but I think Hannah married Josiah Heath, son of Josiah HEATH and Mary DAVIS.

5. Josiah HEATH (See his page)


Bartholomew Heath 1 — Source: Ancestry of Charles Stinson Pillsbury and John Sargent Pillsbury (1938)

Bartholomew Heath 2

Hudson-Mohawk genealogical and family memoirs:  Volume 2 By Cuyler Reynolds 1911

BARTHOLOMEW HEATH OF HAVERHILL, MASSACHUSETTS and Some of His Descendants is a book about Bartholomew Heath born ca 1615, England and came to America at age 17 years in the ship Lyon that sailed from London 22 June 1632. He settled in Haverhill, Massachusetts about 1642. Bartholomew married Hannah Moyce, daughter of Joseph and Hannah (Folcord) Moyce. This numbered genealogy traces the known descendants of this family for 13 generations in America. Many female lines are carried down to the present. The early generations are focused in New England before spreading westward throughout the US. The book is hard bound book 6″ x 9″ with smyth sewn binding containing 567 pages consisting of 13 generations of Bartholomew’s descendants. Published 1994. The book is fully indexed with over 10,000 names. Many female lines have been carried to present.

Charles Henry Pope in “The Pioneers of Massachusetts” states:
Heath, Bartholomew, Newbury. Removed to Haverhill; proprietor 1646; town officer. He deposed in 1657, age about 41 years. Deeded land 12 Mar 1668/9 to his sons John, Joseph and Josias Heath. He married Hannah Moyce; children born at Newbury: John born 15 Aug 1643; at Haverhill: Joshua born and died 1647; Hannah born 7 May 1648, died 9 Nov 1668;
Josiah, born 4 Sep 1651; Elizabeth, born 1658, died 1659. Wife Hannah died 19 Jul 1677. He died 15 Jan 1681. Inventory 28 Mar 1682.

Ancestry of Charles Stinson Pillsbury and John Sargent Pillsbury (1938) By Holman, Mary Lovering, 1868-1947; Pillsbury, Helen Pendleton Winston, 1878-1957

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  3. Merton and Mary Gates says:

    I enjoyed the material and I appreciate you making it possible for others to have it. Ido all the research and feel very alone at times because I feel my family is not too interested. My husband’s line begins with Samantha Heath, Azeriah, Azaria, Josiah, John, Josiah and Bartholomew Heath. I do not fine one of this Heath group I can document for my husband for SAR. He has another Heath line but I find little about them. Thanks again for sharing information. Maty Gates

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  8. D. Forry says:

    Hi, Your site has been an excellent resource. Just wanted to give you the heads up on a confusion perpetuated by papers from researcher, Valerie Dyer Giorgio. She has mixed up 2 cousins. The John born 29 March 1676 to Josiah and Mary (David) Heath did marry Hannah Haynes or Haines 16 December 1697. He did not have our Rachel Heath b. 20 April 1720. The correct John Heath was born March 14, 1674/75 to John Heath Sr. (b.15 Aug 1643) who married Sarah Partridge and is the correct line. {This data is backed up by the book: Northern New York Genealogical and family history by William Richard Cutter published 1910. This book is owned by Pam Reitsch and is part of the Mardos Memorial Library}. This John did marry Frances Hutchins or Hutchens 12 Jan 1696/97 and had 10 children, Rachel being their last born 20 April 1720 and marrying Moses Jackman. This was why you had a conflict on wives. One wife belongs with Josiah’s son,John, (Haines) and one wife belongs with John Sr.’s son, John, Frances Hutchins b. 7 June 1676 in Haverhill and died 1713 in Haverhill. Divorce wasn’t accepted back then. The marriage dates were suspicious as well being within a year of each other or a month of each other depending upon which date you accepted for Hutchins 96 or 97.

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  15. Christie says:

    I am trying to do some research on Bartholomew Heath Born in 1615 . I am trying to figure out who is his mother, Alis died in 1599. And according to your information she died on her wedding day? I would love to get any information that you might have. Thanks!

    • markeminer says:

      Hi Christie,

      Many genealogies repeat that Alis died 12 Feb 1599 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, but this was the date of her wedding and too soon for any of the children to be born. Since Bartholomew had a couple of brothers who immigrated too, according to my charter, I’ll have to create a page for John Heath (1574-1644) and his family. I’ll leave a reply here when it’s done and if I find out more and Alis.

      Rgds, Mark

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  18. Holly Battle says:

    Thank you so much for all your wonderful work. Bartholomew is also my 10th Great grandpa. My line descends down to Ray/Jared/Etc in Middle Tennessee.

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