Samuel Hadley Jr.

Samuel HADLEY Jr. (1677 – 1747) was Alex’s  8th Great Grandfather; one of 512 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Samuel Hadley was born in 1677 in Amesbury, Mass.  His parents were Samuel HADLEY Sr. and Jane MARTIN.  He married Dorothy COLBY on 23 Jan 1702/03 in Amesbury, Mass.  Samuel died 20 Dec 1747 in Amesbury, Mass.

Dorothy Colby was born 15 Jun 1677 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass.  Her parents were Isaac COLBY and Martha PARRATT.  Dorothy died 18 May 1756 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass.

I used to think Dorothy Colby was born in 1686 in Amesbury, Mass. and her parents were Anthony COLBY II and Elizabeth WEST.  This is the way has the relationship and the way I originally had it.  I don’t now think his  is correct, especially  because Samuel and Dorothy’s fourth child was named Parrott.

Children of  Samuel and Dorothy:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Martha Hadley 23 Oct 1704 Amesbury, Essex, Mass Philip Sargent
23 Jul 1724 Amesbury
2. Samuel Hadley 5 May 1707 Amesbury, Judith Flanders
22 Oct 1728 in Amesbury
3 Mar 1761
Hampstead, Rockingham, New Hampshire
3. Dorothy HADLEY 20 Jul 1712 Amesbury, Essex, Mass Philip CALL III
17 Jul 1729 Amesbury, Essex, Mass.
1793 Corinth, Orange, Vermont
4. Parrott Hadley 3 Sep 1716 Amesbury, Mary Heath
17 Nov 1737 Amesbury
Nottingham West, Hillsborough, New Hampshire
5. Eliphalet Hadley 2 Mar 1719 Amesbury Elizabeth Davis
7 Jun 1744 in Amesbury
8 Dec 1763
Amesbury, Mass
6. Ruth Hadley 1 Dec 1722 Amesbury Benjamin Davis
22 Mar 1744 in Amesbury,
27 Dec 1785
Plaistow, Rockingham, New Hampshire


Samuel Hadley Jr 1 -- Source: Genealogical record of the descendants of Moses Hadley and Rebecca Page of Hudson, N.H. Genealogical record of the descendants of Moses Hadley and Rebecca Page of Hudson, N.H.

Samuel Hadley Jr - 2

Samuel Hadley Jr. 3

Samuel Hadley Jr 4



1. Martha Hadley

Martha’s husband Philip Sargent was born 7 Apr 1703 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass. His parents were Philip Sargent and Mary Tewksbury. His grandparents were William SARGENT and MARY COLBY. Philip died 29 Mar 1742 in Amesbury, Mass

2. Samuel Hadley

Samuel’s wife Judith Flanders was born 4 Feb 1712 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Daniel Flanders and Sarah Jane Colby. Judith died 22 Oct 1728 in Hempsted, Rockingham, New Hampshire.

Samuel Hadley III b.1707 had two daughters Hepzibah b.1744 and Sarah b.1736 were President Chester Alan Arthur’s great grandmothers on his mother’s side

3. Dorothy HADLEY (See Philip CALL III‘s page)

4. Parrott Hadley

Parrott’s wife Mary Heath was born 7 Nov 1721 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass Her parents were Nehemiah Heath and Elizabeth Sargent. Her grandparents were Bartholomew HEATH and Hannah MOYCE.

Parratt Hadley 1

Parratt Hadley 2

Parratt Hadley 3

5. Eliphalet Hadley

Eliphalet’s wife Elizabeth Davis was born 13 Mar 1724 in Haverhill, Mass. Her parents were Ephraim Davis and Hannah Eastman. Elizabeth died 1746

6. Ruth Hadley

Ruth’s husband Benjamin Davis was born 12 Apr 1718 in Haverhill, Mass. His parents were Ephraim Davis and Hannah Eastman. Benjamin died 6 Sep 1758 in Plaistow, New Hampshire


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