Samuel Hadley Sr.

Samuel HADLEY Sr. (1652 – 1745) was Alex’s  9th Great Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Samuel Hadley was born in 1652 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass. His parents were George HADLEY and Mary PROCTOR. He married Jane MARTIN 11 Aug 1676 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass. Samuel died 14 Dec 1745 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass.

Jane Martin was born 2 Nov 1656 in Salisbury, Essex, Mass. Her parents were George MARTIN and Sarah NORTH. Jane died 19 Jan 1684 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass.

Children of  Samuel and Dorothy: In the History Of Goffstown, NH it states he had 11 children and only 2 came to Goffstown, NH

Name Born Married Departed
1. Esther Hadley 1676 Amesbury, Essex, Mass Richard Goodwin
6 Jan 1702 Amesbury
2. Samuel HADLEY Jr. 1677 Amesbury Dorothy COLBY
23 Jan 1702/03 in Amesbury, Mass.
20 Dec 1747 Amesbury, Mass.
3. Hannah Hadley
1680 Amesbury Ephraim Pemberton
24 Jun 1707 Amesbury
4. John Hadley 1680 Amesbury Hannah Lowe
8 Nov 1707 Salisbury
22 Oct 1711
Gloucester, Essex, Mass
5. Son 1683 Amesbury 10 Jun 1737
6. Susanna Hadley 1684 Amesbury Thomas Potter
18 Sep 1714 Salisbury
20 Oct 1776
Ipswich, Mass
7. George Hadley 25 Aug 1686 Amesbury Sarah Wiggins
Newtown, New Hampshire
8. Elizabeth Hadley
10 Oct 1688 Amesbury
9. Sarah Hadley 10 Oct 1691
Thomas Wells
15 Dec 1720 Amesbury
23 Jun 1728
10. Martha Hadley 24 Feb 1695 Amesbury Samuel Whiting
21 Dec 1714 Salisbury
11. Joseph Hadley 26 Dec 1700
Hannah Flanders
12 Jul 1721 Amesbury, Essex, Mass
11 Oct 1758
Hampstead, Rockingham, New Hampshire
12. Benjamin Hadley 24 Feb 1704
Anna Weed
21 Nov 1727 Amesbury

20 Dec 1677 — Oath of Allegiance, Amesbury; Dec 20, 1677, Old Norfolk Co. Records,
Salem: Samuel Hadley (Hoyt p21).

May 1680 –  Petition to the General Court,  Petition that Sameull Foot (Sgt.) be appointed officer in charge of the Amesbury Training Band. Dated 10: 3:mo: 1680. Signed by Samuel Hadley (Hoyt p23).

– David Green in “Salem Witches III: Susanna Martin”, The American Genealogist 1982, pg 17 (Possibly vol 59) says that he is the Samuel Hadley who testified at the August 1734 court case in Yarmouth Maine. His age was stated as 82.

Samuel was a member of the church in the West Parish of Amesbury, Mass. He may have moved to Buxton, ME or that area. He was given a grant of land for military service in what became Buxton, ME, and there is a record of a Samuel Hadley, age about 80, in the York, ME county court records. One source says he died in 1726 in Amesbuarner, NH which he sold to Capt. Francis Davis. The location of his home was in the northwesterly corner of Amesbury near the point of intersection of the town lines of Amesbury and Haverhill in MA and Plaistow and Newton in NH. He was a weaver, a tything man in 1702 a member of the church in west parish in 1726, and in the training band.

He was a weaver by trade. He was one of the training band of Amesbury in 1680 and a soldier in the Narragansett War under Capt. Frank Davis.

He was a soldier in the Narragansett War and received provincial government the grant of a share of land in the township of Buxton, Maine. He also was granted with others one-half of the share of the township of Warner, New Hampshire in consideration of being a soldier in the Narragansett War, which was subsequently disposed of Capt. Francis Davis. The location of his home was in the northwesterly corner of Amesbury near the point of the intersection of the town lines of Amesbury and Haverhill, Massachusetts and Plastow and Newton in New Hampshire.

He was Baptised in Salisbury, MA in 1657.

From:  The American Genealogist, Salem witches III: Susannah Martin by David L Greene,Ph.D F.A.S.G.:

” At Ipswich Quarterly Court, 29 March 1670, George Hadley, in behalf of his son Samuel Hadley, sued Joseph Pike for non-performance of indentures.  The files reveal that on 22 Feb 1664/65, Samuel Hadley of Rowley was apprenticed for five years to Joseph Pike of Rowley (and of Newbury) to learn the trade of weaver as well as to learn to read and write.  At the end of the time he was to have a good loom with tackling and a shuttle. Testimony indicates that Samuel had not achieved notable success in either weaving or literacy, though he bragged about his skill with a loom.  When the five years were up, Pike offered Samuel’s father an old loom that appeared to be rotten.  The court found for the plaintiff and ordered Pike to provide ” A good loom with all things fitting for it..”  Samuel Hadley was at North Yarmouth,( now Yarmouth, ME.) around 1674, for he deposed in August 1734, aged about 82, that he had formerly lived at North Yarmouth and knew that John Mosley (i.e. Mosier) had cultivated Mosier’s Neck for 60 years past. he had moved to Amesbury by 20 Dec 1677, when he took the Oath of Allegiance.  He was a nephew of John Proctor, who was executed for alleged witchcraft, Salem 19 Aug 1692


1. Esther Hadley

Esther’s husband Richard Goodwin was born 1681 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass. His parents were Richard Goodwin and Mary Fowler. Richard died 5 Mar 1768 in Hanstead, Rockingham, New Hampshire

2. Samuel HADLEY Jr.. (See his page)

3. Hannah Hadley

Hannah’s husband Ephraim Pemberton was born 1669 in Malden, Middlesex, Mass. His parents were John Pemberton and Deborah Blake

4. John Hadley

John’s wife Hannah Lowe was born 13 Jul 1685 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass. Her parents were John Low and Dorcas [__?__]. Her grandparents were Thomas LOW and Margaret TODD. Hannah died 18 Sep 1761 in Gloucester, Mass.

6. Susanna Hadley

Susannah’s husband Thomas Potter was born 13 Apr 1691 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass. His parents were Samuel Potter and Joanna Wood. Thomas died 22 Apr 1753 in Ipswich Farms, Mass

7. George Hadley

George’s wife Sarah Wiggins was born 1688 in Haverhill, Grafton, Mass. Her parents were James Wiggin and Sarah Winnock. Sarah died in Newton, Vermont.

9. Sarah Hadley

Sarah’s husband Thomas Wells was born 4 Mar 1700 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass. His parents were Titus Wells and Joanna Rowell. Thomas died Mar 1769 in Chester, Rockingham, New Hampshire,

10. Martha Hadley

Martha’s husband Samuel Whiting was born in 1690.

11. Joseph Hadley

Joseph’s wife Hannah Flanders was born 15 Jun 1701 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Joseph Flanders and Esther Cash. Hannah died 17 Nov 1760 in Hampstead, New Hampshire

12. Benjamin Hadley

Benjamin’s wife Anna Weed was born 22 Oct 1701 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass Her parents were Joseph Weed and Rachel Hoyt.


Samuel Hadley 1 - Genealogical record of the descendants of Moses Hadley and Rebecca Page of Hudson, N.H.Genealogical record of the descendants of Moses Hadley and Rebecca Page of Hudson, N.H.

Samuel Hadley - 2

Samuel Hadley - 3

Samuel Hadley 4

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  7. Peter says:

    According to Randy Cole Samuel Hadley and Jane Martin had a daughter named Mary who married Philip Cole. See

  8. markeminer says:

    Randy Cole

    Great website. If we find a fact that is not documented, can we ask where it came from? As an example, there is a specific date of August 11, 1676 given as the marriage date of Samuel Hadley Sr. to Jane Martin. I believe the Vital Records of Amesbury, Mass are missing for the 18 year period from 1668 to 1686 so from where was the information taken? Also, because of these missing records I am suggesting that Samuel and Jane’s oldest daughter was Mary and that she married my 6th great grandfather, Phillip Cole about 1696 or early 1697. Samuel Sr. sold 1/3 of his original 40 acre property in the West Parish of Amesbury to each of his three sons-in-law, Phillip Cole, Ephraim Pemberton, and Thomas Potter. All three of these deeds are recorded in The Essex Deeds Registry. When Phillip later re-sold this property he mentioned in the deed that he had originally acquired the property from “his honored father” (father-in-law) Samuel Hadley.

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