Famous Cousins

This one is pure trivia fun.

Presidents and First Ladies

Michael Metcalf Jr
Michael’s Great Great Grandson Samuel Huntington (1731-1796) signed the Articles of Confederation as a member of the Continental Congress. Later he signed the Declaration of Independence as Governor of Connecticut and served as President of the Continental Congress from 1779 to 1781.

Because Huntington was the President of the Continental Congress when the Articles of Confederation were ratified, some amateur historians and civic groups in Connecticut have claimed that Huntington was actually the first President of the United States.

Samuel Huntington 18th Governor of Connecticut and "1st" President of the United States

Peter Montague
George Washington (See the discussion on Peter’s page, Was George Washington’s grandmother a Montague?)

Edward Sturges and George Downing
John Quincy Adams

Peter Winne
Martin Van Buren

3rd Great Grandfather = Cornelis Maessen Van Buren had come to the New World in 1631 from the small city of Buren, Gelderland, Dutch Republic.

2nd Great Grandfather = Marten Cornelise Van Buren (1638-1703) m1. Marytjie Quackenbosch  m2. Peter Winne’s widow Tannatje Adams Winne

Great Grandfather = Pieter Martense Van Buren (1670-1740) m. Judikje Barentse Meinderts

Grandfather = Marten Pieterse Van Buren (1701-1740) m. Dirkje Van Alstyne

Father = Abraham Van Buren (1737-1817) m. Maria Hoes.  He was a farmer, the owner of six slaves, and a tavern-keeper in Kinderhook, NY

8th U.S. President  – Martin Van Buren (1782-1862) m. Hannah Hoes

Elder William Brewster
Zachary Taylor

John Pearson
Franklin Pierce

John Lathrop and John Millard Sr.
Millard Fillmore

Edmund Hobart
Abraham Lincoln (Abe is not a direct ancestor, but Edmund did adopt the children of his second wife including  Martha Lyford (1628 – 1693) who married Abe’s immigrant ancestor  Samuel Lincoln (wiki)

John LathropWalter Palmer and Thomas Miner
Ulysses Simpson Grant

John Lathrop and Joseph CARPENTER
James Garfield

James DavisSamuel HADLEY Jr.’s son, Samuel Hadley III b.1707 whose two daughters Hepzibah b.1744 and Sarah b.1736 were Chester’s great grandmothers on his mother’s side…
Chester Alan Arthur

George Polley
Grover Cleveland

John Gorham and William Hedge
Theodore Roosevelt

John Howland
Edith Roosevelt
Barbara Bush

Jonathan Fairbanks and Ralph Tompkins
William Howard Taft

Ralph Tompkins
Calvin Coolidge

Edward Shepard and George Polley
Herbert Hoover

John Lathrop, and John Howland, Francis Cooke
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Percival Lowell
Lyndon Johnson

Arthur Howland and Rev. Stephen Bachiler
Richard Nixon

Arthur Howland, Rev. Stephen Bachiler  and James Davis
Gerald Ford

Lawrence Towneley (William Chase Sr’s Great Grandfather)
Bill Clinton

John Lathrop, John Howland, Francis Cooke and Jonathan Fairbanks
George H. W. Bush
George W. Bush

Joseph Holloway
Barack Obama

Government and Politicians

Sir Lawrence CHENEY’s (Ancestor of  John Cheney) Anne and Jane were second cousins because his daughter Elizabeth was great grandmother to both.
Anne Boleyn – 2nd wife of  Henry VIII
Jane Seymour – 3rd wife of Henry VIII

Sir Henry Cromwell (Grandfather of) and Giles Cromwell (Nephew of)
Oliver Cromwell

George Downing   Sir George was almost “Wikipedia Famous, but our George was Sir. George’s grandfather it has to be self or child to qualify.
Sir. George Downing 1st Baronet   (Wikipedia)  He was an Anglo-Irish soldier, spy, statesman, and diplomat. Downing Street in London is named after him.

Hugh Sargent ( John Polley’s 3rd Great Grandfather)
Samuel Adams – helped to organize the Boston Tea Party. From the beginning he was a loud voice for independenc

Henry Howland
Winston Churchill

John Lathrop
Thomas E. Dewey
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.and Jr.
Mitt Romney
George W. Romney
Adlai Stevenson

Jonh Lathrop and John Howland
Jeb Bush

John Lathrop, John Howland, Elder William Brewster and Gov. Thomas Prence
Sarah Palin

John Lathrop and Elder William Brewster
John Foster Dulles
Allen Welsh Dulles

John Howland
Nathaniel Gorham (Continental Congress president)

Elder William Brewster
Howard Dean III
Bill Richardson III ( Governor of New Mexico)
Cokie Roberts
Jay Rockefeller IV
Nelson Rockefeller
David Souter
Adlai Ewing Stevenson

Rev. Stephen Bachiler
Daniel Webster

Thomas Miner
William T. Minor – 39th Governor of Connecticut.

Jonathan Fairbanks
Vice President Charles W. Fairbanks (Theodore Roosevelt)

Percival Lowell
William Whipple, signer of the Declaration of Independence
McGeorge Bundy – National Security Advisor to JFK
Elliot Richardson, US Attorney General

William Hedge
Queen Elizabeth II

Conrad Weiser
Great Grandson – Peter Muhlenberg served as a Major General in the Continental Army and saw service at Valley Forge,the Battles of BrandywineGermantown, and Monmouth and the Battle of Yorktown,  A Lutheran minister, he served as Lt Governor of Pennsylvania and later in the US House and US Senate from Pennsylvania.

Great Grandson – Frederick Muhlenberg the first Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. According to legend, Muhlenberg suggested that the title of the President of the United States should be “Mr. President” instead of “His High Mightiness” or “His Elected Majesty”, as John Adams had suggested

Soldiers, Lawmen, Outlaws and Explorers

John Lathrop
Benedict Arnold
Wild Bill Hickock

 Edmond Perry,  Gov. Thomas Prence and Elder William Brewster
Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry ( “Hero of Lake Erie”)
Matthew Calbraith Perry (Opened Japan)

Elder William Brewster, Alexander Carpenter 
Gen. George B. McClellan (Lincoln’s  Democratic opponent in the 1864 election)

Walter Palmer
Nathaniel Brown Palmer (Explorer after whom Palmer Land, part of the Antarctic Peninsula, is named)

Joseph Carpenter
M. Scott Carpenter (Project Mercury Astronaut)

Edmund Freeman
Lizzie Borden

Percival Lowell
Percival Lowell – fueled speculation that there were canals on Mars and formed the effort leading to the discovery of Pluto

Samuel Lathrop
Child  – Samuel Lathrop m.  Hannah Adgate
Grandchild  – Elizabeth Lathorp m. John Waterman.
Great Grandchild – Hannah Waterman (wiki) m. Benedict Arnold III
Great Great Grandchild – the famous patriot and traitor Benedict Arnold V

Conrad Weiser
2nd Great-grandson Peter M. Weiser (born 1781) was a member of the Corps of Discovery on the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1804-1806. The town of WeiserIdaho, and the nearby Weiser River are named for him.


John Lathrop and Alexander Carpenter
Clint Eastwood

John Lathrop
Brooke Shields
Shirley Temple

John Howland
Humphrey Bogart
Chevy Chase
Anthony Perkins

Gov. Thomas Prence and Elder William Brewster
Bing Crosby

Elder William Brewster
Ted” Danson
Katharine Hepburn
Seth MacFarlane ( Family Guy)

Elder William Brewster  and Alexander Carpenter
John Lithgow

James Davis
Bette Davis

Elder William Brewster and Francis Cooke
Richard Gere

Rev. Stephen Bachiler
James Dean

John Williams
Gregory Peck

Jonathan Fairbanks
Emily Dickinson
Matthew Modine

Percival Lowell
Tuesday Weld

Francis Cooke
(George) Orson Wells
Dick Van Dyke
Brian,  Dennis  and Carl  Wilson (Beach Boys)

Religious Leaders

John Lathrop and John Howland
Joseph Smith – Mormon Prophet

John Howland
Brigham Young

Arts and Letters

John Lathrop and Thomas Prince Jr.
Laura Ingalls Wilder

John Lathrop,  and Elder William Brewster
Kingman Brewster, Jr..

John Lathrop,  Elder William Brewster, John Howland and Maj John Foster (Foster was 3rd Great-Grandfather of the author.  Maj. John -1, Timothy-2, Stuart-3, Isaac-4, Eveline Foster-5 – Eveline married George Adams Longfellow-5)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

John Pickard Jr,
Nathaniel Hawthorne

John Howland
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Arthur Howland
John Steinbeck

Elder William Brewster
Julia Child
Thomas Ruggles Pynchon, Jr. (Gravity’s Rainbow)

John Williams
Robert Frost

Rev. Stephen Bachiler
Louis L’Amour

Thomas Miner
William Chester Minor – An American army surgeon who made many scholarly contributions to the Oxford English Dictionary while confined to a lunatic asylum.  The  book “The Professor and the Madman: chronicles Minor’s later life and the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary

Jonathan Fairbanks
Margaret Mead

Percival Lowell
Herman Melville
Tennessee Williams
T. S. Eliot

Francis Cooke
Anna Mary Robinson “Grandma Moses”

Science and Medicine

John Lathrop
Benjamin Spock
Eli Whitney

Gov. Thomas Prence
Orville and Wilbur Wright

Elder William Brewster
Robert Noyce (inventor of the integrated circuit or microchip.)

James Davis 
Linus Pauling

Simon Newcomb
3rd Great Grandson Simon Newcomb (1835 – 1909) a Canadian-American astronomer and mathematician. Though he had little conventional schooling, he made important contributions to timekeeping as well as writing on economics and statistics and authoring a science fiction novel.  He was famously quoted in 1888 ““We are probably nearing the limit of all we can know about astronomy.”


John Lathrop
John Pierpont Morgan
Marjorie Merriweather Post

Stephen Bachiler
L.L. Bean

Thomas Miner
John D. Rockefeller

Gov. Thomas Prence
Orville and Wilbur Wright

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