Michael Metcalf Jr.

Michael METCALF Jr. (1620 – 1654) was Alex’s 10th Grandfather; one of 2,048 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Michael Metcalf Jr was baptized 29 Aug 1620 in St. Benedicts, Norwich, Norfolk, England.  His parents were Michael METCALF Sr. and Sarah ELWYN.  In 1637 at age 17 he emigrated with his father and family to New England and settled at Dedham, Mass. (on the SW edge of Boston) with his family.  They  sailed from Ipswich in the “John & Dorothy” or the “Rose” (both ships passenger lists were recorded together)  He married Mary FAIRBANKS on 2 Feb 1644 in Church of Christ at Dedham, Mass.  Michael died  24 Dec 1654 in Dedham, Mass.  leaving Mary with 5 small children: ages 9, 7, 5, 3 & 10 mos.

Michael Metcalf Jr’s side of the foursided monument erected by descendants of Jonathan Metcalf (Jonathan2, Michael1) to Michael and his family in Center Cemetery, Lebanon, CT

Mary Fairbanks was born 18 APR 1622 in Sowerby, Yorkshire, England.  Her parents were Jonathan FAIRBANKS and Grace LEE She emigrated with her parents in 1633.  After Michael died, she marred Christopher Smith on 2 Aug. 1654 in Church of Christ when 32 years old.  Mary died 3 Oct 1676 (or 4 Jun 1684).

Children of Michael and Mary:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Michael Metcalf 21 JAN 1645 Dedham, Mass. Elizabeth Fuller
17 SEP 1672
1 SEP 1693 Dedham
2. Mary Metcalf 16 AUG 1646
John Ware (Robert’s brother)
10 DEC 1668 Dedham, Mass
1677 Dedham, Mass
3. John Metcalf 21 JAN 1648
Mary Bowers 21 Dec 1676 in Medfield, Norfolk, Mass.
Sarah Turner
30 Dec 1708 Medfield, Norfolk, MA
27 Sep 1676
Dedham, Mass ?
26 Sep 1738 – Medfield, Norfolk, Mass.
4. Sarah METCALF 7 Dec 1648 in Dedham Robert WARE
4 Jun 1677 Dedham, Mass.
13 Apr 1718 Dedham or Wrentham, Mass.
5. Dec. Jonathan Metcalf 21 SEP 1650 Dedham Hannah Kendrick
10 APR 1674 Dedham
27 MAY 1727 Dedham
6. Dec. Eleazer Metcalf 2 JAN 1653 Dedham Meletiah Fisher
9 APR 1684
10 MAY 1704 Wrentham, Mass

Michael took the Oath of Allegiance May 13, 1640 and was admitted a freedman at Dedham, May 13, 1642.

Jonathan Fairbanks witnessed the will of Michael Metcalf, Sr. in 1664.
A court record spoke of Michael Metcalf’s saw mill.

The Metcalf Great Chair owned by Michael Metcalf (a teacher in Dedham) and made in 1652 is the oldest American-made chair inscribed with a date. It is displayed at the Dedham Historical Society in Dedham, Mass.

Metcalf Chair 1652

This chair is also mentioned in the book “The American Promise: A History of the United States to 1877” on page 76.


1. Michael Metcalf

Michael’s wife Elizabeth Fuller was born 1 Apr 1648 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass. Her parents were Thomas Fuller and Hannah Flower. She first married 29 Nov 1666 in Dedham (Norfolk), MA to John Kingsbury (b. 15 Feb 1643 in Dedham; d. 12 JUL 1669 in Dedham) and had a young daughter when she married Michael 29 Nov 1666.  Elizabeth died 24 Oct 1732 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass.

2. Mary Metcalf

Mary’s husband John Ware was born 6 Oct 1646 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass.  He was Robert’s brother and his parents were Capt. Robert WARE and Margaret HUNTING. After Mary died, he married Joanna Gay (widow of Nathaniel Whiting) on 24 Mar 1678/79 and Dorothy Wood Nicholas on 21 Dec 1709.  John died 7 Apr 1718 in Wrentham, Norfolk, Mass.

John settled in Wrenthan in 1671, two years before it was incorporated as a town. In March, 1676, the town was deserted by the settlers on account of the Indians, and they did not return until 1680, after King Philip’s war was over. John Ware built his house, it is thought, as early as 1668 on the south slope of Knockings Hill. The farm was later occupied by Richard Dimond. His brothers, Robert and Nathaniel, also settled in Wrentham. John was one of the first board of selectmen of the town. He was lieutenant and captain of the first military company. His commission as lieutenant of the First Company of Militia in the town of Wrentham, signed by Governor Stoughton, is still extant. He seems to have served as lieutenant from 1689 to 1704 and as captain till 1715. He was engaged in King Philip’s war and led his men in attack against the Indians at Indian Rock, in the eastern part of what is now Franklin, Massachusetts.

3. John Metcalf

John’s wife Mary Bowers was born 1646 in Medfield, Norfolk, Mass. Her parents were John Bowers and Mary [__?__]. Mary died 26 Oct 1707 in Medfield, Norfolk, Mass.

John’s second wife Sarah Turner was born 18 Nov 1663 in Medfield, Norfolk, Mass. Her parents were John Turner (1628 – 1697) and Mary [__?__]. She first married 1688 to Ichabod Holbrook, then 28 Feb 1697 to John Plympton and finally to John Metcalf. Sarah died 12 JAN 1738 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA

John’s data is inconsistent.  Either his marriage or his 1675 date of death is incorrect.

4. Sarah METCALF (see Robert WARE‘s page)

5. Deacon Jonathan Metcalf

Jonathan’s wife Hannah Kendrick was born 20 Mar 1652 in Newton, Middlesex, Mass. Her parents were John Kendrick and Anne Smith. Hannah died 23 Dec 1731 in Dedham, Suffolk, Mass.

1686 – Jonathan was named Tythingman in Dedham, Mass.

Jonathan Metcalf Headstone — Old Village Cemetery Dedham, Norfolk, Mass.

ye 23D 1727
IN ye 77 YEAR OF

Jonathan’s side of the Metcalf Monument in Center Cemetery Lebanon New London County Connecticut

Jonathan’s Great Grandson Samuel Huntington (1731-1796) signed the Articles of Confederation as a member of the Continental Congress. Later he signed the Declaration of Independence as Governor of Connecticut and served as President of the Continental Congress from 1779 to 1781.

Because Huntington was the President of the Continental Congress when the Articles of Confederation were ratified, some amateur historians and civic groups in Connecticut have claimed that Huntington was actually the first President of the United States.

Samuel Huntington 18th Governor of Connecticut

While not known for extensive learning or brilliant speech, Huntington’s steady hard work and unfailing calm manner earned him the respect of his fellow delegates. As a result, when John Jay left to become minister to Spain, Huntington was elected to succeed him as President of the Continental Congress on September 28, 1779. The President of Congress was a mostly ceremonial position with no real authority, but the office did require Huntington to handle a good deal of correspondence and sign official documents

1. Jonathan Metcalf (1650-1727)
Son Jonathan Metcalf (1675-)
Granddaughter Hannah Metcalf (1702-1791)
Great Grandson Samuel Huntington (1731-1796)

6. Deacon Eleazer Metcalf

Eleazer’s wife Meletiah Fisher was born on 1 May 1667 in Dedham; bap. on 5 May 1667 in Dedham when four days old. Her parents Samuel Fisher (son of Thomas Fisher and Elizabeth _____) and Melatiah Snow (dau. of Thomas Snow and Melatiah Kelway). Meletiah died on 23 Sep 1719 in Wrentham, 52 years old.






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