Capt. Edward Bangs

Capt. Edward BANGS(1591 – 1678) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather; one of 2,048 in this generation.

Edward Bangs Coat of Arms

Edward Bangs was baptized on 28 Oct 1591 at Penfield, Essex, England.  His parents were John BANGS and Jane CHAIRE (CHAVIS).  Reports that Edward was born  at Chichester, Sussex, England are thought to be incorrect.  He emigrated on 31 Jul 1623 to Plymouth Colony sailing on the Anne.  He is listed as “Edward Bangs, from Panfield, Essex Co., Shipwright.”  He married Lydia Hicks around  1633 at Plymouth.  After Lydia died, he married Rebecca HOBART between 1634 and 1636 at Eastham MA. Edward died between 19 Oct 1677 (date of will) and 5 Mar 1678 (date of probate) at Eastham, Barnstable County, Massachusetts.

Edward Bangs – Headstone Erected by Edward Bangs’ descendants 1918

Lydia Hicks was born around 1633 at Plymouth. Her parents were Robert Hicks and Margaret Winslow. Robert Hicks had arrived in Plymouth in 1621 on the Fortune. The rest of the Hicks family – Robert’s wife Margaret, and their three children, Samuel, Phoebe and Lydia, arrived on the Anne (as did Edward Bangs).

Rebecca Hobart was baptized on 29 Dec 1611 at Wymondham, Norfolk, England. Her parents were  Edmund HOBART and Margaret DEWEY.  She  may also have been known as Rebecca Hubbard.  She immigrated in 1633 with her parents and siblings Edmund, Thomas, Alice, Joshua and Sarah. Rebecca died in 1679 in Plymouth, Mass. Child of Edward and Lydia Hicks:

Name Born Married Departed
1. John Bangs 1634 Plymouth Hannah Smiley
23 Jan 1660 Eastham, Mass.
17 May 1708 Eastham, Mass

Children of Edward and Rebecca:

Name Born Married Departed
2. Rebecca BANGS c. 1636 Capt. Jonathan SPARROW
26 Oct 1654 Eastham Mass.
19 Oct 1677
Eastham. Barnstable, Mass
3. Sarah Bangs c. 1638 Eastham, Mass. Capt. Thomas Howes Jr (Son of Thomas HOWES)
c. 1657 Yarmouth, MA
28 Feb 1682/83
Yarmouth, Mass.
4. Capt. Johnathan Bangs c. 1640 Plymouth, Plymouth County Mary Mayo,
16 Jul 1664 Eastham, MA
Sarah [_?_]
before Jun 1719
Ruth Cole 23 Jul 1720 Eastham, MA

9 Nov 1728
Brewster, Barnstable,Mass.
5. Lydia Bangs c. 1642 Eastham or Plymouth Benjamin Higgins
24 Dec 1661 Eastham
13 Feb 1706 at Eastham, MA
6. Hannah Bangs c. 1644 John Doane,
30 Apr 1662 Eastham
1677 Plymouth
7. Lt. Joshua Bangs c. 1646 Hannah Scudder,
1 Dec 1669 Eastham
14 Jan 1709/10
8. Berthia Bangs 24 May 1650 Gershom Hall
1668 Yarmouth, Mass

15 Oct 1696
Harwich, Mass
9. Apphia Bangs 15 Oct 1651 John Knowles
28 Dec 1670 Eastham
Stephen Atwood
Jun 1676 Eastham, Mass.
12 Jun 1722
10. Mercy Bangs 15 Oct 1651 Stephen Merrick
28 Dec 1670 Eastham, Mass.
After 1684 when her last child was  born

Spelling variations include Bank, Banke, Banck, Banckes and others.

Edward Bangs  was a shipwright and served on several town committees, holding a responsible position within the community. Edward Bangs signed his will and several deeds. He superintended the building of a forty or fifty ton barque which tradition say was the first vessel built at Plymouth.

He was also an Innkeeper  “Liberty is granted unto Edward Bangs to draw and sell wine and strong waters at Eastham, provided it be for the refreshment of the English, and not to be sold to the Indians,” Edward Bangs and his family moved to Cape Cod in the 1640s when the town of Nauset (later renamed Eastham) was being established. In Nauset, Edward was licensed to sell alcohol. 1623 – Granted land in the amount of four acres as a passenger of the Anne  in the division of land  at Plymouth,.

In the 1627 Plymouth division of cattle “Edward Banges” was the thirteenth person in the twelthe company.

3 Jan 1627/28 – On committee to lay out land Plymouth, MA

1633 – Listed as a freeman at Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

1 Jul 1633 – Held the position of committee to divide meadow

1 Oct 1634 : ”Apoynted for laying out of highwayes : For Duxbery side, Capt Miles Standish, Mr William Colier, Jonathan Brewster, William Palmer, Steuen Trace. For Plimouth, John Jeney, Francis COOKE, [George KEMPTON’s son], Manaseh Kempton, Edward BANGS, Nicholas Snow, John Winsloe, James Hurst. The high wayes to be layd out before the 15 of Nouember next.”

5 Jan 1634/35  and 1 Mar 1635/36 – On committee to assess taxes, Plymouth, MA 14 Mar 1635/36 – Plymouth representative to reunite Plymouth and Duxbury (but did not serve)

4 Oct-1636,  3 Jan-1636/37, 3-Sep-1639, 3-Dec-1639, 3-Mar-1639/40, 3-Aug-1641, 6-Sep-1641, 7-Dec-1641, 1-Mar-1641/42, 6-Jun-1643, 7-Nov-1643. – Petit Jury, Plymouth, MA

7 Mar-1636/37 Edward Bangs was listed as a freeman at Plymouth, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

7 Mar-1636/37, 5-Jun-1638, 2-Jun-1640, 1-Mar-1641/42, 7-Jun-1652. – Held the office of  Grand Jury, Plymouth, MA

20 Mar 1636/37, 2 Oct 1637, 1 Jun-1640 – Committee to allocate hay ground, Plymouth, MA.

1639 – Listed as a freeman at Eastham, Barnstable County, Massachusetts; listed as gone in Plymouth County.

2-Nov-1640 – Granted ten acres of meadow in the South Meadows.

1-Feb-1640/41,  24-Feb-1652 – Committee to lay out highway and land, Plymouth, MA

7-Sep-1641  – “Edward Banges” was granted a parcel of fourscore acres of upland about “Warrens Wells.”

17-Oct-1642 “Wheras fourscore of upland are formerly granted to Edward Banges at Waren’s Wells, he now desiring to have some land near his house, it is granted that he shall look out a parcel of land, which upon view shall be laid fourth for him, and to be deducted out of the 80 acres he should have at Warren’s Wells.”

1643 – In Plymouth section of list of men able to bear arms.

7-Sep-1643 – He from Joyce Wallen, widow for £8 “all that her house and messuage situate and being at Hobs Hole or Wellingsly with the garden place and uplands thereunto adjoining.

Before 1645 – He resided at at Eastham, Barnstable County, Massachusetts. The officers elected at Nauset’s first town meeting in June, 1646 were Edward Bangs, Treasurer; Nicholas Snow, Clerk; and Josias Cook, Constable. He was treasurer, Eastham, MA between 1646 and 1665.

1 Jun 1647, 4-Jun-1650, and  3-Jun-1651- Eastham highway surveyor.

1 June 1647 – “Supvisors of the Highwaies. “… Nawsett [Eastham], Nicholas SNOW & Edward  BANGES.

22 Jun 1651 – He sold land to Samuel Hicks of Plymouth for £3, 10s “a parcel of marsh meadow lying at the high pines on the Salthouse Beach” at Eastham

7 Jun 1652 –  Deputy to Plymouth Court for Eastham

6 Oct 1657 – Innkeeper at Eastham, Barnstable County, Massachusetts.

1658 – [As his contribution to the militia]  Edward Bangs provided two horses and two men, and Richard Higgins one horse and one man.

1659 – [Gov] Thomas PRENCEand Edward Bangs each promised to furnish a man and horse at his own expense for two years. ”

28 Nov 1664 – An account of liquor brought into Eastham included “Edward Bangs, six gallons of liquor”

30 Oct 1667 – Coroner’s jury, Plymouth County, MA .

29 May 1670 – Listed as a freeman at Eastham

19 Oct 1677 – Left a will at Eastham

23 Feb  1676 – Edward Bangs of Eastham for “my tender love and fatherly love unto my natural son Joshua Bangs” deeded him “all that my messuage, dwelling house and housing and lands, both upland and meadowing, lying and being in the township of Eastham,” viz: five acres of upland “granted to me by the town for a houselot,” with the dwelling house on it; four acres granted to Daniel Cole Sr. for a houselot; three acres granted to George Crispe for a houselot; four acres and half granted to John Jenkins for a houselot; two acres granted to Job Cole; fourteen acres granted to Ralph Smith; three acres “of meadow granted me by the town”; four acres of meadow at Great Blackfish River; one acre of meadow granted to John Jenkins; all of which parcels “ap­pear more at length in the town book of records” . In his will, dated 19 Oct 1677 and proved 5 Mar 1677/78, “Ed­ward Banges, aged 86 years,”

made son Jonathan sole executor and be­queathed to him “all my purchased land at Namskekett,” two acres and a half of meadow, “all my purchase land at Pocomett[?],” an acre and a half of meadow “at a place called the acars,” one acre at the harbor’s mouth, “a parcel of upland and meadow lying at Rock harbour which I had in exchange of John Done,” and “all those things which I have at his house”;

to son John “that twenty acres of upland at Pochett that he hath built upon,” five acres adjoining to the twenty acres, “that land which I have at Pochett Island,” two acres of meadow at Boat Meadow, and three-quarters of an acre at the head of Boat Meadow;

to son Joshua “the house that I lived in and all the housing belonging to it,” twenty-eight acres of land adjoining, three acres of meadow at Boat Meadow, one acre of meadow at Boat Meadow, four acres of meadow at the head of Blackfish Creek, and fourteen acres of upland at Pochett;

to son Jonathan’s eldest son Edward Bangs twenty-five acres of upland at Pochett Field, one acre of meadow at Rock Harbor, and “half an acre of meadow lying at Great Namscekett which I bought of Daniell Cole”;

to “my daughter Howes, my daughter Higgens, my daughter Done, my daughter Hall, my daughter Merricke, and my daughter Attwood, four pounds apiece at my decease, and I give to my grandchildren, viz: the children of my daughter Rebecka deceased four pounds at my decease”


1. John Bangs

John was born in Plymouth MA say 1634, but if his deed to George Partridge, recorded in 1657, is correctly dated 21 June 1652, then he was probably born as early as 1631, which would also push back the date on which his father married Lydia Hicks.

John’s wife Hannah Smalley was born 14 Jun 1641 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Mass. Her parents were John Smalley and [__?__]. Hannah died 1708 in Eastham, Barnstable, Mass.

2. Rebecca BANGS (See Capt. Jonathan SPARROW‘s page)

3. Sarah Bangs

Sarah’s husband Capt Thomas Howes was born in 1636 in England.  His parents were Thomas HOWES and Mary BURR.  Thomas died 20 Nov 1676 in Yarmouth, Mass.

Thomas Howes purchased land  on 5 October 1658 at a certain farm lying in the liberties of Yarmouth, Yarmouth; confirmation of a sale by Capt. Miles Standish to Mr. Thomas Howes of Yarmouth. On 4 July 1673 the court at plymouth Colony; authorized Lt. Thomas Howes of Yarmouth as Guardian of “Marcye Hedge” [Mercy Hedges]. Mercy was the daughter of our ancestor William HEDGE.

4. Captain Jonathan Bangs

Jonathan’s first wife Mary Mayo was born Feb 1648/49 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass.  Her parents were   Samuel Mayo (1620 – 1664) and  Tamsen (THomasine) Lumpkin Sunderlin (1625 – 1709)  Mary died 26 Jan 1711 Brewster, Barnstable, Mass at the age of 62.

Jonathan’s second wife Sarah [__?__] was born in 1641. Sarah died 11 Jun 1719. Died in her 78th year.

Jonathan’s third wife Ruth Cole was born 15 Apr 1651 in Mass. Her parents were Daniel Cole and Ruth Collier. She first married John Young(s), born 16 Nov 1649 Plymouth MA; died 1718; son of John Young(s) and Abigail [__?_], possibly Howland. 2m Capt. Jonathan Bangs on 23 Jul 1720 in Eastham, Barnstable Co., MA. Also possibly married to Job Winslow. Found a lot of conflicting information about her including several death dates (often listed as 1694, with the marriage date with Jonathan listed as 1720), as well as several birth locations (Eastham, Swansea), and several death locations (Harwich, Freetown, and Brewster). Ruth died 22 Ju 1728 in Mass.

Jonathan was deputy to the Colony Court at Plymouth 1676, 1682, 1683, 1687, 1688. In 1674. He was Representative to the General Court at Boston in 1692.

Jonathan Bangs Headstone Old Burying Ground Brewster, Barnstable, Mass


Jonathan Bangs Gravesite

5. Lydia Bangs

Lydia’s husband Benjamin Higgins was born in June 1640 at Plymouth.  His parents were   Richard Higgins (1603 – 1674) and   Lydia Chandler

6. Hannah Bangs

Hannah’s husband John Doane was born in 1635 in Plymouth, Mass. His parents were John Doane (1590 – 1685) and Ann Perkins. John died 15 Mar 1708 in Eastham, Barnstable, Mass. After Hannah died, he married second, on Jan 14,1684/85 to Rebecca Pettee (b. 1640 in Plymouth, Mass – d. 1708 in Mass.)

Children (by first marriage): John Doane, John Doane III (whose second wife was Hannah Hobart Snell Doane), Ann Doane Young, Rebecca Doane Paine, Hannah Doane Collins, Isaac Doane, Samuel Doane, and David Doane.

7. Lt. Joshua Bangs

Joshua’s wife Hannah Scudder was born 19 Jun 1649 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mas. Her parents were John Scudder and Hannah [__?__]. After Joshua died, she married, second, about 1712 as the third of his four wives, Moses Hatch. She died 13 May 1739 at Falmouth, Mass.

Some sources say Joshua had one son, Joshua, who died young. No children are mentioned in his will of Feb 13,1707.

8. Bethiah Bangs

Bethiah Bangs Hall Headstone Inscription:Here lyes ye BodyOf Mrs Bethiah HallWife to Mr GershomHall Who DiedOctober 15, 1696Aged 55 years  Hall Cemetery Dennis, Barnstable, Mass.

Bethiah’s husband Gershom Hall was born 6 Mar 1648 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass. His parents were John Hall (1605 – 1696) and Elizabeth Learned.(1621-1683)  After Bethiah died, he married Martha Beard. Gershom died 31 Oct 1732 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Mass.

Gershom Hall Headstone – Here lyes Buried ye Body of MrGershom HallWho died Octobr31 Anno Dom 1732Aged 85 Years Hall Cemetery Dennis, Barnstable, Mass  follow path behind Cape Playhouse.

9. Apphia Bangs

Apphia was born a twin to Mercy Bangs 15 October 1651.  Apphia and Mercy were married on the same day.

Apphia’s first husband John Knowles was born in Oct 1640 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Mass. His parents were Richard Knowles and Ruth Bowers. John died on 3 Jun 1675 in Taunton, Bristol, Mass.

The earliest appearance of John Knowles may have been while he was still a minor. In the court held 3 Mar 1662/63 Ephraim Doane, Thomas Ridman, John Knowles, and John Wilson were tried and were fined 25s. each for trading of liquors with the Indians at Cape Cod.

In the same court Ephraim Doane and John Knowles were bound over under heavy bonds, pending investigations into the circumstances of the death of Josiah, the Indian sachem at Eastham. This matter was dropped. soon after his marriage his name appears at the head of a cattle page, the entry reading “John Knowles 1 mare colt 4 Aug. 1671.” His earmark was transferred to his grandson, Williard Knowles, 28 Jun 1737.

John Knowles was one of nineteen men Eastham furnished for the King Philip war, and was one of the slain, as appears in the action of the colony government in providing for his widow. Freeman (vol. I, p. 280) says, “and provision was especially made for Apphia widow of John Knowles, of Eastham, lately slain in the service.” From a note at the foot of p. 366, vol. II, the conclusion is drawn that he was killed near Taunton, June 3d, 1675 (i. e. 3d day, 4th month, O. S.). “ In June 1675 Taunton suffered an attack by Indians, in which the houses of James Walker and John Tisdell were burned and the latter was killed. At the same time two soldiers from Eastham, who were on duty there, were killed. Capt. John FREEMAN whose daughter Mercy Samuel

Knowles afterwards married, was in command of the Barnstable County company, and in his report to Governor Winslow, under date of Taunton, 3 Jun 1675, said:

“This morning three of our men are slain close by one of our courts of guard, (two of them, Samuel Atkins and John Knowles, of Eastham); houses are burned in our sight; our men are picked off at every bush.”

Three Indians were tried, 6 Mar. 1676/77, for the murder of John Knowles, John Tisdell, Sr., and Samuel Atkins. The jury found grounds of suspicion against two and acquitted one, but all three were sold into slavery as ‘prisoners of war.’

The sum of £10 was presented by the Colony to ‘Apthya widow of John Knowles lately slain in the service.’ In 1676 Lieut. Jonathan SPARROW and Jonathan Bangs were delegated by the Court to asssist the yound widow in settleing her husband’s affairs. “

The inventory of his estate, taken 8 Mar 1676, included ‘one dwellinghouse and three or four acres of land, and a small parcel of broked sedge and meadow.’ His house must have stood on the southern slop of the high land north of the road recently built form the State Road to the Town Landing. At a town meeting held 15 Mar. 1724/25 it was “‘ Voted, to allow Samuel Knowles to fence in the land on the northwest side of his field or land which was formerly his brother John Knowles so far as the fence & ditch which did formerly enclose the said land did formerly stnad and no further.’ “

John Knowles’s brother afterwards had his land, and two town records refer to the road dividing Samuel Knowles’s ‘original land,’ on the east of the road, from the land that was of John Knowles, deceased, on the west of the road.” John and Apphia Knowles had three children: Edward, November 7, 1671; John, July 10, 1673; Deborah, March 2, 1675.

When the father died no one of his children was old enough to appreciate their deprivation. Edward, older son, married (first) Ann Ridley, and (second) the widow Sarah Mayo, and was the father of six children. He was known in town annals as Deacon Knowles, and died November 16, 1740. Apphia’s second husband Stephen Atwood was born 1653 in Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass. Stephen died Jul 1722 in Wellfleet, Barnstable, Mass. Apphia and John’s son Col. John Knowles was born 10 Jul 1673 in Eastham, Barnstable, Mass.  John died 3 Nov 1757 in Eastham, Barnstable, Mass. He married  Mary Sears (1672 – 1745).

John’s father died before his recollection and apparently was brought up by his uncle, Joshua Bangs, for whom his first son, Joshua, seems to have been named. He must have been given a good schooling and evidently from youth up was exceptionally efficient and well regarded. The earliest occurence of his name after he grew up is in the registration of an earmark for his cattle, 24 Apr 1695. The records of the county not destroyed in 1827 contain frequent references to him in trusted capacities. A juryman in 1701, he was chosen as early as 1706 a member of a board of arbitration. In 1715, as Lieut. John Knowles, he was elected one of five townsmen to apportion the remaining common lands. He was for many years coroner and was commander of the Second Barnstable Regiment.

10. Mercy Bangs

Mercy was born a twin to Apphia Bangs 15 October 1651.

Mercy’s husband Stephen Merrick was born 2 May 1646 in Eastham, Mass. His parents were William Merrick and Rebecca Tracy. Stephen died 11 Mar 1731 in Taunton, Bristol, Mass.

Mercy and Stephen moved to Norwich, Connecticut about 1674.

Sources: Piigrim Hall Museum – Edward Bangs Piigrim Hall Museum – The Last Will and Testament of Edward Bangs Piigrim Hall Museum – Edward Bangs in the Historical Record in the 17th Century

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  20. Ryan Higgins says:

    Was Richard Higgins listed as Hicks in list of passengers of ship Anne”

    • markeminer says:

      Hi Ryan,

      From my information about Edward Bangs’ wife Lydia Hicks I would guess that Hicks and Higgins are separate.
      Lydia Hicks was born around 1633 at Plymouth. Her parents were Robert Hicks and Margaret Winslow. Robert Hicks had arrived in Plymouth in 1621 on the Fortune. The rest of the Hicks family – Robert’s wife Margaret, and their three children, Samuel, Phoebe and Lydia, arrived on the Anne (as did Edward Bangs).

      Anne Passenger List –

      Kind Regards, Mark

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