Jacob Aertsen (Van Wagenen)

Jacob AERTSEN (Van Wagenen) (1653 – c. 1715) was Alex’s 9th Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Jacob Aertsen Van Wagenen was born 14 Feb 1652/53 probably in Rensselaerwyck, NY.  His parents were Aert JACOBSEN Van Wagenen) and Annetje Gerritse VanDen BURG.  He married Sara PELS on 25 February 1677.

Jacob moved to Wagendale, [It was renamed Creek Locks in 1825 when the Delaware and Hudson Canal was built.  It’s located in Rosendale Ulster County, NY about five miles southwest of Kingston] with his parents about 1660.  Jacob died in 1715 at Esopus (Kingston), Ulster, NY.

Sara Pels was born 3 Jul 1659 at Esopus (Kingston) NY.. Her parents were Evert PELS and Jannetje SYMONS.

At the time the children of Jacob and Sara  listed below were baptized the family did not have the surname Van Wagenen, the closest they had to a surname was Aartz, Aertsen, Aertse, Aartzen, etc.  His third son Benjamin was first in this line to use the surname Van Wagenen.

Name Born Married Departed
1. Annetie Van Wagenen 10 Sep 1678 Kingston, NY Jan Heermans Jr. [Heromans]
2. Aert Van Wagenen 15 Oct 1679 Kingston, NY Marytje Lowe [Banns published] 14 Oct 1704 Kingston 10 Jun 1740
3. Evert Van Wagenen 12 Apr 1681 Hillegond Van Heyningen c. 1709 Poughkeepsie, NY
4. Gerrit Van Wagenen 2 Nov 1682 17 Nov 1709
Ulster, New York
5. Rebecca Van Wagenen 11 Apr 1685 Jan Freer 17 Sep 1706
Esopus (Kingston NY)
6. Geertie Van Wagenen 1 Sep 1686 Jachob Gerritse Decker
17 Sep 1709
Dutch Reformed Church, Esopus (Kingston)
7. Jannetje Van Wagenen 4 Apr 1688 Died as an infant
8. Jannetjen Van WAGENEN (Wageningen) 10 Apr 1689 Kingston, Ulster, NY Johannes TURK
1 Nov 1711 Kingston, Ulster, NY
9. Gerrit Van Wagenen 5 Feb 1691 Theuntje Van Den Burg
7 Dec 1709
19 Nov 1709 after being struck by a limb being felled by his father.
10. Symon Van Wagenen 19 Nov 1692 Sara Du Bois
17 Nov 1720
Esopus (Kingston, NY)
27 Jan 1759
11. Jacob Van Wagenen 5 Jan 1695
12. Benjamin Van Wagenen 28 Dec 1696 Elizabeth van den Berg
26 May 1726
the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, NY
13. Abraham Van Wagenen 4 Feb 1699 Hillegond Crispell
26 Feb 1726
7 Jun 1787
New York
14. Sarah Van Wagenen 1 Dec 1701 Solomon Hasbrouck 7 Apr 1721
Esopus (Kingston, NY)
3 Apr 1753
Kingston, NY
15. Isaac Van Wagenen 14 Aug 1703 Kingston, NY Catrina Freer
Mar 1723

Aert, or, Aart Jacobsen., the ancestor of all the families mentioned in the earliest town and church records of Ulster and Dutchess Counties, N Y., under the names of Van Wageninge and Van Wagenen, came from [Van in Dutch meaning “from” or “of”] Wageningen, a town near the Rhine, ten miles west of Arnheim in Guelderland.

Later his children, in accordance with the custom of the early Dutch settlers, adopted the name of that town (Wageningen) as a surname. The first appearance of the name after its adoption as a family name is in the baptismal records of the Dutch church at Kingston. which commence in 1660. There it is given as Van Wageninge, from about 1675 to 1700. After this it appears as Van Wagenen and at present. there are a good many variations in the name, as Van Wagner, Van Wagoner, etc., among some branches of the family. Jacob’s brother Benjamin was first in this line to use the surname Van Wagenen.

New York State Historic Marker #71 Ulster County

Wagendall Creeklocks Road, Rosedale, NY – On this farm is home of Jacob Aartsen Van Wagenen, built 1669, first settler and home of Johannes Van Wagenen, built 1775

Jacob Aartsen Van Wagenen House


Jacob Aertsen Van Wagenen House – The house is on the Roundout, along with two other Van Wagenen stone houses.


Jacob Aertsen Van Wagenen House – Plate from from “Dutch Houses in the Hudson Valley Before 1776”, Helen Wilkinson Reynolds, Dover Publications, Inc., NY 1929

Aert Jacobsen maintained a family bible, in Dutch, which has survived through these past 300 years,  and on four pages within this bible are recorded the births and deaths of the first five generations of  his family. A portion of these bible pages are transcribed below. The “Groote Bible” (Great Bible) was until 1987 in the  possession of Mrs. Mae Lockwood Van Wagenen of High  Falls, NY, the widow of Victor Van Wagenen (1891-1972), it  having been passed down from father to son through  succeeding generations as follows: (1) Aert Jacobsen (2) Jacob Aertsen (3) Aert Van Wagenen (4) Jacob Aertse Van Wagenen (5) Johannis J. Van Wagenen (6) Johannis Artse Van Wagenen (7) John Andrew Van Wagenen (8) Jacob D. Van Wagenen (9) Victor Van Wagenen Upon the death of Mae Van Wagenen, the bible passed into the possession of her niece who in turn  donated it to the Old Dutch Church at Kingston, NY. Within this very large tome are four loose pages,  written mostly in “old Dutch”, and upon which are recorded five generations of births, marriages and  deaths. (from the Genealogy of “Jacob Aertsen Van Wagenen of Wageningen, Holland” by Carl S. Van Wagenen, Heart of the Lakes Publishing, Interlaken, NY 14847-0299.

Jacob Aertsen (Van Wagenen) – Bible First Page

The following is concerning the age of myself, JACOB AARTSEN, and also my wife, SARA PELS; also our marriage day, and the  birthdays of my sons and daughters: 1652, Feb 14 : I was born (old style) 1659, July 3 : My wife was born 1677, Feb 25 : I was married to my wife 1678, Sept 10 : Was born our first daughter, annatje, about  2 o’clock A.M. 1679, Oct 15 : Between Wednesday and Thursday, about midnight,  our first son, AERDT, was born. 1681, April 12 : About one hour before sunrise on Tuesday, our  second son, EVERT, was born. 1682, Nov 2 : Our third son, GERRIT, was born, about 7 in  the morning. 1685, April 11 : Was born our second daughter, REBECKA, about  7 in the morning. 1686, Sept 1 : Was born our third daughter, GEERTJE, about  10 in the evening. 1688, April 4 : Was born our fourth daughter, JANNETJE, about  7 in the morning. 1689, April 10 : Was born our fifth daughter, JANNETJE, about  11 in the morning. 1691, Feb 5 : Was born our fourth son, GERRIT, about midnight. 1692, Nov 19 : Between Saturday and Sunday, about midnight, was born our fifth son, SYMON. 1695, Jan 5 : Our sixth son, JACOB, was born about 9 in the  evening. 1696, Dec 28 : Our seventh son, BENJAMIN, was born, about 7 in the evening.

Bible – Second Page

1699, Feb 5 : Our eighth son, ABRAHAM, was born between 1 and 2 o’clock in the morning. 1701, Dec 1 : Our sixth daughter, SARA, was born, between 1  and 2 o’clock in the morning. 1703, Aug 14 and 15 : Our ninth son, ISAAC, was born, about 12  o’clock at night. 1709, Nov 17 : Was my son, GERRIT, struck on his head by a limb or branch, which was torn by me from another, and died the 19th, on Saturday, about an hour and a  half before sunset, and on Tuesday was buried here. 1685, Dec 18 : My wife MARIA LOW is born. 1733, June 20 : On Wednesday afternoon about 6 my wife MARIA died. 1740, June 10 : AERT VAN WAGENEN died.

As the oldest son Aert received the Great Bible from his Father and passes it to his eldest son. This is the bible which contains all the birth and marriage records cited here. The winter of 1683/84 was extremely severe.  Crops had been short the preceding summer because of dry weather, and the people were complaining.  One day Captain Thomas Chambers met Henry Pawling on the road, and they talked over their grievances.  When Pawling reached Slecht’s mill he met some neighbors and they discussed  a propositon he made that they petition the governor for a redress of grievances, as Chambers had proposed.  The suggestion took, and a meeting was called for 26 Jan 1684, at the house of William de Myer.  The following paper was drawn and 63 of the inhabitants of Kingston, Hurley and Marbletown signed it.  It is given as worded in the antique phraseology and spelling of the day:

To the Right Honorable Coll. Thomas Dongan, Governor General of all his royal highnesses territory in America: The humble petition of the inhabitants of Esopus in the county of Ulster: That, whereas, the inhabitants of Esopus, in the county of Ulster, for the owne part, having bought and paid for of ye Indyans their land to the full satisfaction of the same, and peaceable possesss for severall yeares, and then it pleased God there was a combination among the Indyans and they made wars and it fell upon these our parts, killed severall of the inhabitants took severall prisoners and burned our dwellings to ye great losse of goods and blood and spoyle of our place we seedes dured three weekes and soe thorrow God’s assistance we beat them of and then were forced to plowe, seew, moow, and all other worke with a great guarde at our owne chage, no receiving monies or relief of any other part of the country to the repairing of our lossess, and since the settlement of the government by his royal highness it pleased Governor Nicholls and Governor Lovelace to settle severall of the soldiers amongst us  in the town of Marble to be governed among the rest by the laws of his royal highness, and we have allways yielded our allegiance and obedience to the same rendering and paying such duties as were required by us both to the governors, or to his royal higness customs:  Therefore, your honor’s petitioners humbly pray that wee may have the liberty by charter to this county to choose our own officers to every towne court by the major vote of the freeholders, and that they may decide all actions of debt to the value of five pounds or more, it being very prejudicall to this county it moste among the poor farmers  and charges of higher courts will prove very burdensome for such small summes; and that wee may make such orders among ourselves in every towne court in this county for the preservation of the corn fields, meadow ground, goods and chattels according as ye concenience of ye yeare and place doe require, and that all such fines levyed by the towne courts may be for the use of the same, not exceeding twenty shillings according to the laws of his Royall Highnesses.  And further that wee may have liberty to transport all grayns, flower, beefe, porke, and all other such produce as are now or hereafter maybe within this county, rendering and paying all such dues and customs as required by the lawes of this government. “And honors petitioners as in duty bound, shall ever pray and etc.”

Governor Dongan was full of wrath when this petition was presented.  He immediately ordered the petitioners to be arrested as rioters.  The orders were placed in the hands of sherrif who carried it out with due speed.  No court having jurisdiction would sit until June.  So they had the alternative of giving bail until June, or of being locked up.  They choose the former. On June 6th Matthias Nicoll, of New York, came up as presiding judge and opened court by charging the grand jury to indict each prisoner.  This was done.  All were put upon trial at once.  William de Myer was tried first, as he was a leader and had circulated the petition.  His indicted recited that:

On or about the 26th day of January, in the 35th reign of the yeare of the reign of our sid Lord the king; by force of arms at Kingston, tumultously and seditiously endeavoring and wholly intending the laws, and customs and usages of this county of Ulster to subvert and destroy, and new laws and customs and usage instead of them to serve and bring in tumultously and seditiously a certain petition containing the subversion of the well settled laws and peace of our said Lord the King in the county.

He maede no defense, but pleaded guilty, and was fined five pounds, with four pounds, four shillings costs.  Nicholas Anthony, Matthys van KEUREN, Moses DePuy, and Henry Pawling pleaded guilty and received like judgment. Jacob Rutsen, Jan Foeken, Cornelis Hogeboom, William de la Montgne, Robert Bickerstaff, Jacob Jansen, Jan Elting, Johannes de Hooges, Cornelis Cole, and Jan Willemse Hooughteling were arraigned together and fared no better. Wessel Ten Broeck, Jan Hammel, Mattys Slecht, Thomas Quick, Roeloff Kierstede, Severyn ten Hout, Cornelis Slecht, Peter Cornelissen, Hendrick van Weyen, Hendrick ten Eyck, Jan Laurens, Abraham de la Meter, Benjamin Provoost, Harmen Hendricks Rosencrans, Jan Matthyse van Keuren (Matthys’ son), Jacobus Elmendorf, Jacob AERTSON (Van Wagenen), Jan Hendrix, Tjerck Claese DeWitt, Claes Teunisse, Jan Albertse Roosa, Mattyse Ten Eyck, Heyman Albertse Roosa, Arian Albertse Roosa, Matthys Blanchan, Gysbert Krom, Henry Albertse and France Goderis were let off with three pounds less because they were neither civil or military officers. Egbert Hendricks, Claes Juriense, Abel Westphalen, Jan Schut, Simon Cole, Hendrick Kipp, Bruyn Hendricks Gysbert van Garden, Arent Teunisse, Johannes Westphalen, Peter Barent Cole (son of Barent Jacobsen KOOL), Lodewyck Ackerman, Peter Peterson, William van Vredenburgh, Matthew Blanshan, Jan Peterse Tack, Hendrick Aertsen, and Cornelis Ten Hout confess the fact, plead their ignorance to have done an ill act but, in regard of their poverty were only condemned to pay cost.

Thomas Chamebrs chose a bolder and more independent course.  They accused him of originating, inciting, abetting, and alluring divers and manu evil affected persons to the number of 62 disturbers of the peace in the 10th day of February 1684, at which time he addressed a meeting of citzens held in the town hall, in the village of Kingston.  He did not deny or affirm this, but claimed the rights of Englishmen and put himself on his country.  This compelled the judge to order the sheriff to empanel a jury, when the court adjourned until the next day.

In the morning Edward Whitaker, Peter Lossing, Evert PELS, Anthony Telba and Gerrit Aertse van Wagenen of Kingston (Jacob’s brother); Roeloff Swartwout and Thomas Swartwout of Hurley; Jeremiah Kettle, Willem Schutt, Jan Decker, Arian Gerritse and Gerrit van Vliet of Marbletown were sworn as juryman and the trial proceeded.  The attorney for the crowns produced witnesses, among them Henry Pawling, through whom he proved that as early as December, 1663, and at divers other times, Chambers had talked to them over the distressed condition of the times, the want of proper laws to suit the locality the laxity in the administration of justice, the partiality of officers, and at the same time suggesting a remedy, through a petition to the governor for a dedress of grievances.  It was also shown that he drew up the petition, circulated it and induced Pawling and others to do likewise; that on the 10th of February he addressed a large meeting as herinbefore stated; and at the same time used language derogatory to the laws and crown.

In answer, Thomas Chambers, pleading for himself, acknowledge his signature, and that he not only drafted the seditious paper, but tried to and did get others to sign it; that it did not contain a word derogatory to the crown, but only asked for the abatement of evils incidental to new countries, but which strangers could not understand, therefore, could not abate.  He thought it was not insulting, nor tumultous, nor riotous, for subjects of the British crown to respectfully state their desires and ask for a remedy.  It was a born right of an Englishmen.  As to the charge of having spoken in public he averred that he was not the only one who did; Pawling and others did likewise, but he did not offer this in mitigation, for he had only done as he had seen others do at home.  He was an Englishmen.

This incontrovertible argument illustrates how the desires for self-government had its inspiration in the hearts of men, here as elsewhere, at this early period in our colonial history.  But it did not free Chamber.  He was found guilty on charge of the court, and fined fifty pounds, which he promptly paid, and then became surety for those who had confessed judgment and placed themselves at the mercy of the court. Considering the boldness of his stand, Chambers came out much easier than might have been expected but he was a titled lord (of a manor) by letters-patent, and had earned his title by being the founder of Esopus, its bravest soldier, its wisest counssellor, and most successful financier.  This with an acquaintanceship with the judge doubtless saved him froma worse penalty.  His promptness in paying, as well as the fame of his principles was not without its immediate good results, for Governor Dongan remitted the fines under the admonitions of Royalty.  This was the last time the right of petition was denied our citizens, for the assembly, which had but just been organized, took upon itself the defense of the people.

1686…The History of Ulster County, New York by Alphonso Clearwater. Chapter III. Pioneer Settlements and Patents. (page 48+, edited). In Colonial History, and in the record of land papers at Albany are the following entries: 1686 April 29. Description for 8 acres in Kingston, also a house-lot lying upon ye west street in Kingston, laid out for Jacob Aretson.

1694…(page 145). Sijmon Kool of K. for certain sume of money sells to Jacob Aertse of same, tutor and overseer of ye children of Sijmen Pels, late of Kingston, deceased, for ye proper account of ye children, house and lott in Kingston betwixt the house and ground of Jacob Milbourne and Boudewijn d’Witt. Condition, if grantor pays grantee for account of ye children 125 sch. wheat 01 January 1696/7 deed to be void. Signed in Kingston, 28 Jan 1694/95, Symon Kool. Wits: Dirck Schepmoes, WD Meyer, Clarq. Tho. Garton, justice.

Will of Jacob Aartsen, of Wagendal. Dated Oct. 5, 1714, written in Dutch.

In case of death, the survivors to dive the property, except the property devised to the youngest son, Isaac, which in case of his death shall go to his other brothers equally, and except the property devised to the youngest daughter, Sara, which shall go to the other sisters.

(My beloved wife, Sara to remain in full possession of my entire estate, and if she should happen to marry, she shall have one third of the income and profit of my entire estate. To my eldest son Aart my great bible and a confirmation-bookwith the name of Petrum de Witte, and my gun; if he should die, then all to go to his eldest son Jacob. To my youngest son Isaac my great chest which I inherited from my father and all my clothing of my body. My youngest daughter Sara shall immediately after her mother’s death have her mother’s clothing, a new clothing chest, and a new table which Thomas Beekman made, and a tin comb, two iron-pots, a large one and a small one, and my house-mirror which we now use, and two milk-cows, and a new Sunday dress, which I give for my daughter Sara’s marriage-outfit. Sara Kook, daughter of Symon Kool, shall have a bed with belongings and a new Sunday dress, and a milk-cow. To my daughter Rebecca, wife of Jan Ffrere, a certain piece of land, situated to the northwest and northeast of the wood-land, conveyed to Jan Ffrer and southwest to Ronduyts Kill, from there running with a straight line to a stone in the ground in said farmland near a little moat (or ditch), and from there to a small marked oak tree with moldy bark standing at a little kill, which is the boundary of said wood-land, round the Ronduyts kill, then along the same to the first mentionede stone. Also a piece of land, situated on the southeast side of Ronduyts Kill, running from a certain little outlet, which runs form the mountain to the kill in a north-eastern direction, adjoining the kill and the land of William West and the land of Coll. Henricus Beekman, to have the free privilege to cut wood and haul stone. Also to said daughter 1/12 part of my entire estate, except what has been previously devised. To my other children (named above, of thich Geertie was wife of Jacob Decker, Jannetie wife of Johannis Turk), my entire estate.)


Major Johannis Hardenbergh, Tjerck Mattysen & Cornelis De La Matter appeared before the Court on March 7, 1716/17, proving the will of “Major Jocob Aertsen, late of the Corporation Kingston deceased.”


1. Annetie Van Wagenen

Annetie’s sponsors were sponsors were Anthony Van Schajeck and Engeltje Schuylers’

Her husband Jan Heermans jr. [Heromans] was born xx.  His parents were Jan Focke Heermans and Engeltje Breetede.

2. Aert Van Wagenen

Aert’s sponsors were Jan Willemsse Hooghtaelingh and Barber Jans

His wife Marytje Lowe was born 18 Dec 1685 at Esopus (Kingston), Ulster, New York. Her parents were Peter Cornelisen Louw and Elizabeth Blanshan. Marytje died on 20 June 1733 at age 47.

3. Evert Van Wagenen

Evert’s sponsors were Gerrit Aertsen and Clara Pels.

His wife Hillegond Van Heyningen was baptized 14 Nov 1686 in of Ulster, New York.  Her parents were Claes Jansen van Heyningen (Tuynier) and Jaanneken Kiersen.

Evert moved to Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, NY about 1712. He owned 60 acres of land in the city, and he also owned 770 acres of land to the south of the city which they sold to John Conklin and John Boeckhout on May 25, 1725. Evert was the Collector of the Middle Ward from 1717 to 1719. He was an Assessor from 1720 to 1722. He was a Collector and a Constable from 1723 to 1724. He died at Poughkeepsie, NY.

5. Rebecca Van Wagenen

Rebecca’s sponsors were Levinus van Schaik, Mary Pels, Robbert Chiese, and Cornelis Hoogeboom

Her husband Jan Freer was born  16 Apr 1682 at Esopus (Kingston), Ulster, New York. His parents were Hugue (Hugo) Frere and Jannitje Wibau.

6. Geertie Van Wagenen

Geertie’s sponsors were Willem J. van Tongeres and Neeltie Aartz

Her husband Jachob Gerritse Decker was born born 1684 in Marbletown, Ulster Co., NY. His parents were Gerrit Janse Decker and Magdalena Willemse Schut. Jacob was born at Marbletown, and was a resident of Shawangunk, NY

8. Jannetjen Van WAGENEN (See Johannes TURK‘s page)

9. Gerrit Van Wagenen

Gerrit’s sponsors were Jacob Rutzen and a woman named Maartje

His wife Theuntje VanDen Burg was born in 1684 at Marbletown, Ulster, New York. His parents were Gerrit Jansen Decker and Magdalena Willemz Schut.

Gerrit was killed on November 19, 1709 when his father cut down a branch of a tree which “struck on his head.” He died “on Saturday about an hour and a half before sunset and on Tuesday was buried here.”

10. Symon Van Wagenen

Symon’s sponsors were Coenraad Elmendorp and Grietje Aartsen

His wife Sara Du Bois was born before 11 Feb 1699/1700 under the jurisdiction of New Paltz, NY. Her parents were Solomon DuBois and Tryntje Gerritsen Focken.

11. Jacob Van Wagenen

A gravestone in the Wagendal cemetery is inscribed “J.V.W. d. 1720.” This may be him, but it is unproven.

12. Benjamin Van Wagenen

Benjamin’s sponsors were Evert Wyncoop and Geertje Elmendorp

His wife Elizabeth van den Berg was born xx.  Her parents were Gysbert Vandenberg and Dievertje Masten.

13. Abraham Van Wagenen

Abraham’s sponsors were Cornelis Masten and Elisabeth Masten.

His wife Hillegond Crispell was born 17 Apr 1704, Hurley, Ulster County, New York.  Her parents  John Crispel and Grietje Janse Roosa.  Hillegond died 22 Feb 1774, Kingston, Ulster County, New York .

Hillegond was born at Hurley, and was a resident there. Abraham was a resident of Kingston (Wagendal). Abraham’s stone house in Wagendal (Rosendale) still stands and is designated a NY State Historical Landmark. He signed the Articles of Association from the Town of Hurley. He was the master of two slaves named “Mingo” and “Nane” in 1755. Abraham died on June 07, 1787.

New York State Historic Marker in Ulster County #55

Home of Abraham van Wagenen – Creeklocks Road, Rosendale, New York, An original settler built 1725-1730

14. Sarah Van Wagenen

Sarah’s sponsors were Mathys Blansjan and Margriet Blansjan.

Her husband Solomon Hasbrouck was born 6 October 1686 at Esopus (Kingston), Ulster, New York,.  His parents were Abraham Hasbrouck and Maria Deyo. Solomon died on 3 April 1753 at Mannheim, Baden, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, at age 66.

15. Isaac Van Wagenen

Isaac’s sponsors were Jan Heromansen, junior and Annetje Heromansen.

His wife Catrina Freer was born was born at and a resident of New Paltz





http://www.biblerecords.com/vanwagenen.html Family of Jacob Aertsen Van Wagenen and Sara Pels Carl S. Van Wagenen in 1994, published THE GENEALOGY OF JACOB AERTSEN VAN WAGENEN, he had access to an old Van Wagenen Family bible which was passed through several Generations beginning with Jacob Aertsen Van Wagenen. The dates of the marriage of Jacob Aertsen and the dates of the birth of his children come from this bible. He gives the complete list of persons, events and dates on pages 14 and 15 of the above book



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    I am a descendant of the Van Wagoners, my grandmother was Vera V. VanWagoner Gillespie. I am a member of Daughter’s of the American Revolution, proving lineage to Jacob and Michael. I find my heritage a wonder and am so proud to be part of this family.

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