Jonas DeLange

Jonas DeLANGE (1696 – 1739) was Alex’s 8th Grandfather; one of 512 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Jonas DeLange was baptized 12 Jan 1696 in Brabant, Ulster County NY.  (Brabant was a local designation for part of the old town of Kingston, NY.)  His parents were Adrianus DeLANGE and Rachel Jansen PEER. He married Blandina PEERSON 15 Nov 1718 in New York.   Jonas died in Aug 1739 in Poughkeepsie (Dutchess) NY.

Blandina Peerson was born about 1696 in Brabant, Ulster, NY. Her parents were Peer  Jan HENDRICKS and Annetje MATTYSSEN. Blandina died 5 Dec 1765 in Dutchess County New York.

Children of Jonas and Blandina:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Arie DeLong 6 Sep 1719
Kingston, NY
Rachel Ferguson
20 Jan 1798
Beekman (Dutchess) NY
2. Jacobus DeLANGE 6 Aug 1721
Elizabeth BUCK
Dutchess, NY
Aft 1766
Beekman, Dutchess, NY
3. Annetje (Anna) DeLong baptized
12 Apr 1724
Johannes Emigh
7 Aug 1743
Fishkill (Dutchess) NY
4. Maria DeLong 28 Aug 1726 Kingston 1773
5. Johannes DeLong 22 Sep 1728
Anna Maria Brill
30 Dec 1759
Poughkeepsie (Dutchess) NY
Feb 1804
Beekman, NY
6. Catherine DeLong 1727
Brunswick, Rensselaer, NY
James Clayland
3 May 1756 in Pres Church, Poughkeepsie, New York
Brunswick, Renns, New York
7. Jannetje DeLong 1729 Isaiah Essmond
28 Jan 1758

The children are mostly seen as DeLong, so Jonas probably had changed the spelling of his name at some point. Both DeLong and DeLange are seen.


1. Arie DeLong

Arie’s wife Rachel Ferguson was born 1737 in Fishkill, Dutchess, New York. Her parents were Richard Ferguson and Eleanor Green. Rachel died 9 Jun 1811 in Beekman, Dutchess, New York. Arie and Rachel had ten children.

  This Arie was known as Arie B. since his middle name was Blandina, after his mother, and also as Arie Jonas, because of his father’s name.

“He was taxed in Beekman from Feb. 1759 through 1778 with an assessment of four pounds in 1760 and 1763, five pounds in June 1767, six pounds in June 1770 and seven pounds in 1775 and 1778.

He was on [Ancient Documents] … with Farrington Ferguson, probably his brother-in-law, in 1753 as Arie Sr. He and Ferguson owed Hannah Ter Bush, executor of the estate of John Ter Bush, 20 pounds. Arrie DeLong and Elijah Ferguson were witnesses to this bond.

He was very active in the local Beekman givernment and the town meetings were held at his house almost every other year until the mid 1780s. He was a constable and security for the collector in 1750 and in 1752 he was a constable and a collector. He was also appointed to attend May court that year to represent the precinct. The Colonial Legislature passed an act 7 December 1754 requiring that all elections for overseers of the poor in Beekman Precinct were to be held at the house of Arie Jonas DeLong.

His mark was recorded 1751 as a hollow crop on the right ear and his brand was AL. An action was filed against him in the May court 1756 by Lewis Hunt. DeLong was accused of taking a ‘brown cow, one red cow and one red eyed bull.’ Hunt was suing for damages of 20 pounds. … He was one of the men involved in collecting fines from the Quakers for refusal to bear arms ca. 1757. … Arie DeLong kept an active account at the Sleight store in Beekman and his unnamed son and his Negro were on the account from 1767-1771.

Aryn Jonas Langs was noted on a bond list for a 100 acre farm in lot 10 in 1759. There was no acreage listed and he owed no back rent. … He soon after took a lease near the Clove and the following land land records are from the [Edward Livingston Papers]: ‘Arie Jonas DeLong, in the Conveyance … This farm bears date the first day ofd May 1762. The lives therein are said DeLong, Rachel his wife & Charles his son. The yearly rent is 21 bushels, a couple of hens and one day’s riding. The farm contains 267 acres.’ In 1780, when the estate of Margaret Livingston was distributed, this farm was considered ‘good’, was valued at 300 pounds with anb assessment of 1600 pounds and the terms were ‘reneweable forever.’ The farm was ‘in good order.’

1774, Oct. 14. This day canceled the above lease & gave the above named Arie DeLong a new lease for his farm. Lives the same as in the old lease with a clause to put in a new life if the lesee applies within 3 months after the decease of any of the persons above mentioned. … Yearly rent in the new lease 22 bushels of wheat. …’ DeLong paid rents of 22 bushels … June 1787 and 13 bushels 28 Feb. 1788 …

On 14 Dec. 1790 Will Cockburn surveyed a parcel of land for Arie DeLong which was adjacent to his old farm …

  “Arie DeLong’s farm was mentioned in a mortgage of 5 June 1794, as was that of Richard DeLong. …

His farm was mentioned in a deed of 22 March 1802 … and in [a mortgage] 9 May 1816.

On 7 Sept. 1771 William Humphrey Esq. of Beekman took a bond from Peter Nostrant, the father of a natural child born to Margaret Dean at the house of Arie DeLong of Beekman. Margaret had sworn on 22 March 1771 that Peter Nostrant, carpenter of Rombout had the carnal knowledge of her body several times, ‘but in particular on or about the middle of August last in the barn of the widow Mary Bush in said precinct and that Norstrant was the only true father of the child.’ Margaret Dean was ordered to pay to the overseers of the poor of Rombout 9 pence per week if she refused to nurse her child. Area De Long and William Humphrey both signed the documents.

In Oct. 1773 a note was entered in the Beekman Precinct records: ‘Then taken up by Arie DeLong a three year old heiffer colored Brindle with ball’d face mark’d with a crop on the right ear.’ … He was an administrator of the estate of Jacob Stover of Beekman … proved 1781. … In January 1781 he filed a complaint against Albert Adriance of Beekman and Joseph Balding of Rombout for failure to pay 80 pounds they had borrowed 1 May 1776. …

He refused to sign the Association but was granted Land Bounty Rights for service in the 5th (Beekman) Regiment of Militia. In October 1776 he was sent to Exeter New Hampshire with other local Loyalists. While in New Hampshire he lodged at widow Clark’s with Michael Vincent of Clapp Hill in Beekman. He evidently spent several months in New Hampshire for we find him at the meeting of the [Committee on Conspiracies] of 27 February 1777:

‘Application having been made to this Board, in behalf of Arie DeLong, one of the disaffected persons sent to New Hampshire, & who is lately returned to this State by permission, & is now at home indisposed, and the Time limited for his return being Expired, Resolved, that Arie Delong be permitted to remain at home during his present indisposition, & that as soon as he shall be able to travel, he appear before this Board.’

He and his brother Johannes were among the Beekman men who signed a petition in behalf of James Essmond who was sentenced to death in 1778. … In Oct. 1786 Abel Hunt sued Arie and Rachel DeLong in the court of Common Pleas.

He was listed in Beekman in 1790 at 4-2-6 and 5 slaves and was between Herman Rozelle and Peter Sickler the 1st.

He wrote his will at Beekman 4 Feb. 1797 and it was proved 28 March 1798. He named his wife Rachel, sons Richard, Charles, Asa, James and heirs of dec’d sons Jonas and John. Also mentioned were daughters Elinor, Dinah and Hannah. Executors were the sons Richard and James, George Losee and Daniel Uhle. Witnesses were Nathaniel Conklin, Abraham and Anne Adriance and Kourt S. Van Voorhis. There was a codicil dated 18 Jan. 1798. …

      “Arie DeLong died 20 January 1798, in his 79th year and was bd. in a family ground in an orchard behind the old hotel in Beekmanville. This area was just east of the intersection of Beekman and Green Haven Roads. …” [Doherty, The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, IV, 171-174; X58-X59]

Children of Arie and Rachel:

i. Arie DeLong b. ~1756 NY – d. Canada) had descendants and is expanded below.

ii. Jonas DeLong b. 1757 in Dutchess Co, New York. He married in 1778 in Dutchess County, his cousin Rachel Losee (b. 9 Apr 1758) Rachel and Jonas are second cousins once removed, both being descended from 1496 Adrianus DeLANGE and Rachel PIER. Rachel’s parents were Frans Losee and Sarah Brown. (Some have Rachel’s sister Anna married to Jonas, we have Anna married to Jonas’ brother Richard. As we have no death dates for any of them, it is at least possible that Jonas and Anna could be a second marriage.) Jonas and Rachel had one child that we know of, Rachel (b. 1779)

iii. John DeLong b. 9 Apr 1759 in Dutchess, New York; m. Amy Sayres.

iv. Richard DeLong b. ~1761 Dutchess, New York; m. his cousin Anna Losee Anna’s parents were Frans Losee and Sarah Brown. Some have Anna married to Richard’s brother Jonas; this might be a second marriage, or simply an error. Anna and Richard are second cousins once removed, both being descended froma Adrianus DeLANGE and Rachel PIER. Richard and Anna had three children

v.Charles DeLong b. ~ 1763 in Dutchess, New York.

vi. Eleanor DeLong b. ~1764 NY; m. 11 Oct 1782 to Israel Vail (b. 1761 in Dutchess, New York = d. 1822 in Clinton, New York. Israel’s parents were Isaac Vail Sr. and Lavinia Ketcham. Israel and Eleanor had eleven children born between 1783 and 1801.

vii. Blandina “Dinah” DeLong b. Nov 1765 in Dutchess Co, New York; m. Hendrick Hegeman.

viii. Hannah W. DeLong b. ~1768 in Dutchess, New York; m. her cousin John F. Losee John’s parents were Frans Losee and Sarah Brown. John and Hannah are second cousins once removed, both being descended from 1496 Adrianus DeLANGE and Rachel PIER. Hannah and John had ten children born between 1788 and 1810.

ix. Rachel DeLong b. 21 Feb 1769 in Dutchess Co, New York.

x. James DeLong b. 1773 Dutchess Co, New York; m . 1 Jun 1800 in Hopewell, Dutchess, New York to his cousin Sarah Losee (b.1781 in Beekman, Dutchess, New York – d. 1832).Sarah’s parents were Frans Losee and Sarah Brown. Sarah and James are second cousins once removed, both being descended from 1496 Adrianus DeLANGE and Rachel PIER. James and Sarah had four children born between 1801 and 1805.

2. Jacobus DeLANGE (See his page)

3. Annetje (Anna) DeLong

Annetje’s husband Johannes (Hans Jury) Emigh was born 7 Apr 1717 or 30 Nov 1720 in Kingston, Ulster, New York. His parents were Johan Nicholas Emigh b. 1689 in Dannenfels, Nassau, Weiburgschen, Germany and Anna Catherina Mueller b 1693 Staudrum, Germany. The name appears to have originally been Eighme, from Palatine Germany, and is corrupted to Emigh, Emich and Amey.  Johannes died 29 Jan 1810 in Half Moon, Saratoga, New York.

Children of Anntje and Johannes:

i.Catherine Emigh b. 14 Apr 1744 in Dutchess, New York; d. ~ 1806; m . Peter Lane (b. 1740 – d. 19 Jul 1777.) Peter is said to have served in the Revolutionary War (Loyalist) in Capt Jonathan Jones’ Company under Lt Col Ebenezer Jessup. He died in the War. Catherine and Peter had one child that we know of, Elizabeth (b. 1765)

ii. Blandina Emigh was born 14 Jul 1745 in Dutchess Co, New York, and died 25 Nov 1836 in Ontario, Canada.

iii. John Emigh, also seen as John Amey, b. 1747 in Dutchess Co, New York; d. Ontario, Canada; m. Evah Stover I(b. 1751) Evah’s parents were Jacob Stover and [__?__].

John changed his name to Amey at some point — the children are usually seen with that spelling, though both forms are seen. Johannes Emigh was a Loyalist and served in the Revolutionary War on the British side. He moved to Canada after the Revolution. John and Evah had nine children born between 1770 and 1789.

iv. Nicholas Emigh was born 1 Dec 1748 in Dutchess Co, New York. He married Margaret Stover (b. 1749 in Dutchess, New York) Nicholas served in the Revolutionary War (Loyalist). Nicholas and Margaret had eleven children born in the 1770’s and 1780’s

v. Mary Emigh b. ~ 1750 in Dutchess Co, New York; d. 3 Apr 1827 in Rensselaer, New York; m. Michael Overacker (b. ~1750 Dutchess, New York – d. 4 Aug 1826 in Rensselaer, New York) Michael’s parents were Jurry Overacker and Maria Magdelena [__?__] Mary and Michael had ten children born between 1773 and 1792.

vi. Elizabeth Emigh b. ~ 1752 in Dutchess Co, New York; m. Michael Erring.

vii. Cornelia Emigh b. 15 Sep 1755 in Dutchess, New York; m. Francis Fritts.

viii. Rachel Emigh b. 1758 in Dutchess Co, New York; d. after 1801; m. Richard Vincent.

ix. Joseph Emigh b. ~ 1761 in Dutchess, New York. He married Charity [__?__]

5. Johannes DeLong

Johannes’ wife Anna Maria Brill was born May 1737 in Beekman, Dutchess, New York. Her parent were Dewald Brill  and Catherine Beck. Anna Maria died in 1804 in Beekman, Dutchess, New York.

Johannes was a lifelong resident of Beekman and was taxed there from Feb. 1759 through 1777 with an assessment of one pound in 1760, two pounds in June 1763, three pounds in June 1767 and June 1770, and five pounds in 1775 and 1778. He signed the Association in Beekman but later refused to lead his company of militia into battle.

He was charged by Catherine DeLong, single woman of Beekman, with having carnal knowledge of her body several times and she was expecting a child. … He was brought before William Humphrey, a Beekman justice, on 20 Aug. 1754, and posted a bond of £30 and his brother Arie posted one of £20. They were both listed as farmers of Beekman. … The Catherine DeLong involved remains unidentified. She was probably a first cousin.

Johannes was a Sleight store customer ca. 1770 and his brother’s son Jonas was on his account. …

Johannes was a Captain in the Colonial Militia and was ordered to assemble his troops by the Continental Congress in September 1775. A report made by Charles Platt noted: ‘Agreeable to the Resolves of Congress, the Committee of this Precinct has waited upon several Captains; Delong, Emaugh and Vincent, who all refused to call their several Companies on the occasion, upon which we gave them Proper Notice by advertising and on the days apppointed waited upon the Several Companies when the following persons were made Choice of Viz. …’ (etc.). Cornelius Van Wyck was appointed Captain in the place of Johannes DeLong, (and was killed just a year later in a skirmish at White Plains …)

John DeLong was paid $8.00 on 2 May 1781 for four days hire of a two horse team at $2.25/day; (eight shillings was deducted for shoeing).

Johannes DeLong was listed in the lease book as having taken over a farm of 226-1/2 acres in lot 22 that the Lane family had farmed for many years. He gave a bond for back rents on 23 May 1783 in the amount of 44 pounds. … The farm was … near the intersection of Dorn and Furnace Roads in present day Town of Beekman. Route 55 is just to the south of the farm.

He was probably the John DeLong who was a witness to the will of Bartholomew Noxon dated 12 Feb. 1784 in Beekman … He was listed in Beekman in 1790 at 2-4-6 and was between John Cornell and George Ralph. In 1799 he was taxed on $3987.50 worth of real property and on personal property valued at $236. In 1800 he was listed at 2-1-1-1-1 and 1-0-1-1-1 and was between Arie DeLong and James Mclees Jr.

His will was written 31 December 1803 and proved 7 Feb. 1804.

‘I Johannes DLong of Beekman town Dutchess County and State of New York being through divine favour of sound memory tho under some infirmity of Body do this thirty first day of the month called December in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and three make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following. That is my Will is that all my just debts and funeral charges be paid out of the crops of grain that may be on the ground and the hogs that may be then next after my decease depending and to be fattened out of the grain then depending then which the farm may produce in such year, which if such debts surmounts the proceeds of such crop and hogs the residue of such debts shall be payed by my two sons David and Peter. But if such crop and hogs so depending surmounts the debts that may be due my Will is that my sd two sons shall by amply paid by a deduction in such crop and hogs to be retained by them so far as to compensate them for their trouble and expense they may have at in rearing and raising such crops and hogs then depending. And the remainder if any to be reconed with my other moveables[.]

I give unto my wife Mary the full use and occupancy of any rooms she may choose in my dwelling house and to be reserved solely for her use an uninterrupted privilege as far as may be necessary and convenient in the Kitchen, Celler chamber and garden, and furthermore she is by my two sons aforementioned to be supported with everything necessary for food and drink befitting a person in her years and standing both in sickness and in health and all medical aid that may be necessary. Also a Girl she shall be put at liberty to keep and wait on her and to partake with her in her support free from expense. Also to provide and ____ ____ (as in original) redy cut and brought from time to time into the house a competency of fire wood. Also I give unto my Wife two good beds and bedding and as much household furniture as she may think right and necessary for her particular use, also two good milk cows and five sheep and the wool they produce and said number of cows and sheep to be kept good by my said two sons and supported both summer and winter equally well with their own stock of that kind[;] they shall likewisde supply her annually with twenty pounds of flax well dressed and furthermore if my Wife shall anytime choose to live with any other person, then my said sons shall annually pay her twenty pounds in such way and manner as that my son, who shall occupy the room and privileges she leaves shall pay as much more that the other as such room and privileges shall be judged by indifferent men right and reasonable. But in case she shall become so helpless that said twenty pounds is not sufficient for her comfortable support then my two sons shall make up such deficiency as may appear reasonable and right in such proportions as aforementioned.

Item; I give and bequeath to my two sons David and Peter all my landed property to be equally divided between them according to the real value and so as that each part shall be duly proportioned with timber, meadow and plow land including the value of the Buildings that [n]one of them may be advantaged before the other and the one to whom the orchard may fall in the division shall allow the other brother an equal right to and privilege of the orchard with himself as it respects the apples until a reasonable time is elapsed for an orchard to become sufficiently grown to produce fruit necessary for his families use and comfort. And further my Will is that the mare which is called the Crouse mare shall belong between them so that between them both they may with what they now possess have a team. My plough Waggon and harrow between them and to David I give a cow. Also that my daughter Catherine while unprovided with a home elsewhere that she have the privilege of house room as she has had and the liberty of keeping her children with her until they arrive at suitable ages to be put to trades but to be supported by her in other respects.

Item; all the residue of my moveable and personal property I give unto my for daughters Viz, Catherine, Dinah, Mary and Sarah to be equally divided between them, except the sum of twenty pounds to be raised out of my moveable property to be given to my Wife over and above what is above mentioned.

Item; my Will is that my two sons David and Peter within the time of five years next after my decease pay good and lawful money unto my daughter Catherine one hundred pounds[;] unto my Daughter Dinah fifty pounds, and to her son Robert fifty pounds, but if he die before he arrive of lawful age then his mother shall receive his portion[;] unto my daughter Mary one hundred pounds; unto my daughter Sarah one hundred pounds[;] unto my grandson Peter Dorland forty pounds[;] to my grandaughter Maria Noxon forty pounds but if either of them die under age then his or her share shall be equally divided amongst my Daughters except twenty shillings of each legacy I give to the parents of those children. Also in like manner as above I give unto my grandson John McAuly twenty pounds. I also direct my executors in aspect to the legacies here pointed out for Robert Vanderburgh and John McAuley that they use their discretion if they judge it unlikely that either of them or both will make a good use of it then they are authorized to put it into his or her mother’s hands. And it is my will that my two sons David and Peter retain the beds and bedding they now lodge on. Lastly I make constitute ordain and and (sic) appoint Peter Brill Senr., Peter Lossing and Thomas Humphrey to be my Executors in trust for the right distribution and arrangement of my said estate according to the true intent and meaning of this my last Will and testament. In witness whereof I the said Johannes DeLong have hereunto set my hands and seal the day and year first above written, 1803.’ (signed with his mark).

The following is a codicil to my last will and testament made this first day of the month called January one thousand eight hundred and four. Namely my will is that if my disposition should soon happen as there is a cow and calf designed for sale, that she and her calf shall go with the crop and hogs towards the discharge of my debts as mentioned in my will. …’

Peter Lossing and Rowland Ricketson were witnesses. … He died in Beekman 6 Jan. 1804 in his 76th year. The Poughkeepsie Journal noted ‘one of the earliest residents of said (Beekman) town.’ He has a DAR listing.” [Doherty, The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, IV, 175-178; X59-X61]

Their daughter Catherine DeLong was born 15 May 1763 in Beekman (Dutchess) New York, and died 12 Apr 1832 in Oxford Co (Ontario) Canada. She married first, John McAuley. John was born about 1760 in Beekman (Dutchess) New York, and died about 1785 in New York.

Catherine and John had one child, John McAuley was born 21 May 1783 in Dutchess Co, New York.

Catherine then had a child out of wedlock with Peter Vanderburgh. Peter was born 3 Feb 1763 in Beekman (Dutchess) New York, and died about 1845 in Greenport (Columbia) New York.  Peter was sued by Catherine for getting her pregnant and not marrying her (filed 16 Jan 1788 in Dutchess County).

Children of Johannes and Anna Maria:

i. Catherine DeLong b. 15 May 1763 in Beekman (Dutchess) New York; d. 12 Apr 1832 in Oxford, Ontario, Canada. m1. John McAuley (b. ~ 1760 in Beekman, Dutchess, New York – d. ~ 1785 in New York) Catherine and John had one child John McAuley (b. 1783)

Catherine then had a child out of wedlock with Peter Vanderburgh (b. 3 Feb 1763 in Beekman, Dutchess, New York – d. 1845 in Greenport, Columbia, New York). According to one web site, Peter was sued by Catherine for getting her pregnant and not marrying her (filed 16 Jan 1788 in Dutchess County). Catherine and Peter had one child Clyamon Vanderburgh (1787-1859)

m2. Henry Hulet (b. 31 Aug 1794 in Dutchess County, New York)\ Catherine and Henry had one child William Hulet

m3. Peter Lossing. Catherine and Peter had one child Ethalinda Lossing (1806-1889)

ii. Elizabeth DeLong b. ~1764 in Dutchess Co, New York’ d. 11 Oct 1793; m. 1790 to Thomas Dorland (b. 17 Apr 1759 in Beekman, Dutchess, New York – d. 6 Feb 1832 in Lennox & Addington Co (Ontario) Canada) Thomas’ parents were Samuel Dorland and Anna Esmond. . He had two children from a previous marriage to Tabitha Pugsley. Elizabeth and Thomas had one child Peter Dorland (b. 1791 in Beekman (Dutchess) New York)

iii. Blandina DeLong b. 7 Dec 1765 in Hopewell, New York; d. 8 Aug 1852 in Newark, New Jersey; m. Stephen Vanderburgh (b. 4 Jan 1765 in Beekman (Dutchess) New York -d. 7 Sep 1788 in Clinton. Middlesex, Connecticut) He was Dutch Reformed. Blandina and Stephen had two children, Robert Vanderburgh (b. 1782) and Esther Ann (b. 1785)

iv. Eleanor DeLong b. ~ 1770 in Dutchess Co, New York; d. ~ 1793 in Adolphustown, Ontario, Canada; m. James Noxon (b. 8 Apr 1765 in Beekman, Dutchess, New York – d. 28 Aug 1842 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Eleanor and James had one child Maria (b. 1791 in Ontario, Canada)

v. David DeLong b. 1771 in Dutchess Co, New York, and died about 1864 in Oxford Co (Ontario) Canada. m. Charlotte [__?__] David and Charlotte had two children that we know of, Jane (b. 1809) and William (b. 1821 Ontario Canada)

vi. Peter DeLong b. 8 Jan 1777 in Dutchess Co, New York; d. 26 Jun 1839 in Oxford, Ontario, Canada; m. Lois Bleach (b. Dec 1784 – d. 12 Mar 1818 in Dutchess, New York) Peter and Lois had eight children born between 1801 and 1815. They moved from Dutchess, NY to Ontario, Canada about 1810.

6. Catherine DeLong

Catherine’s husband James Clayland (also seen as Cleveland) was born xx.  His parents were xx.  James died Brunswick, Renns, New York.

Dutchess County NY tax records show a Robert Clayland in the Beekman patent area in the 1730s and 1740s.

Children of Catherine and James:

i. William Cleveland b ~ 1757; m. Elizabeth Lohnes (b. 1758)
William and Elizabeth had five children born between 1793 and 1799

ii. James Cleveland was born probably sometimes around 1760’s or 1770’s.

iii. John Cleveland was born probably sometimes around 1760’s or 1770’s.

iv. Robert Cleveland was born probably sometimes around 1760’s or 1770’s.

v. Polly Cleveland was born probably sometimes around 1760’s or 1770’s.

vi. Nancy Cleveland was born probably sometimes around 1760’s or 1770’s.

vii. Caty Cleveland was born probably sometimes around 1760’s or 1770’s.

viii. Lena Cleveland was born probably sometimes around 1760’s or 1770’s.

ix. Hannah Cleveland was born probably sometimes around 1760’s or 1770’s.

7. Jannetje DeLong

Some genealogies say that Jannetje was really the daughter of Jonas’ nephew (son of his older brother Frans) Arie Langet b. 1705 in New York City  and Annatje Dolson.

I can’t find any direct information about Jannetje’s husband Isaiah Essmond

Jannetje’s brothers Arie and Johannes were among the Beekman men who signed a petition in behalf of James Essmond who was sentenced to death in 1778.  Perhaps James was Jannetje and Isaiah’s son.

Children of Isaiah and Jannetje

  1. Anna Essmond
  2. Spencer Essmond


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