Jan Johannes DeLong

Jan Johannes DeLONG (1690- 1763) was Alex’s 8th Grandfather; one of 512 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Jan Johannes DeLong was born in 1690 Rochester, Ulster, New York. His parents were were Adrianus DeLANGE and Rachel Jansen PEER.  He married Anna Magdalena WEISER 29 Sep 1712 Kingston, New York.  Jan died 1763 in Greene, NY.

Anna Magdalena Weiser was born in 1692 in Großaspach, Bocknang, Württemberg, Germany.  Some records say she was born 1696 in Hoog-Duytlsand Germany.  Hoog dytsland, or “hoog duitsland,” is not a specific place.  It was the Dutch pastor’s rendering of “Hoch Deutschland,” or High Germany (as contrasted with the “Low Germany” of the North Sea coastal regions. Her parents were Johann Conrad WEISER and Anna UEBELE.  Anna died 1760 in Rochester, Ulster, New York.

One Jacbous DeLong cousin baptized in 1720/21 died as an infant and the other lived to have a family.  Genealogists are divided about which is which so I’ll show it both ways.

1. Jacobus DeLange was baptized 6 Aug 1721 in Kingston, NY.  His sponsors were Henrik Bras and Geertruy Paarsen, probably maternal relatives..  His parents were Jonas DeLONG and Blanda (Blandina) PEERSON.

2. Jacobus DeLange was baptized 12 Oct 1720 in Poughkeepsie, NY.  His sponsors were Jacobus  Van Den Boogaard and Grietjen de Mon.  His parents were Jan Johannes DeLONG and Anna Magdalena WEISER.

Children of Jacobus and Elizabeth:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Arie DeLong 1 Jan 1711/12 Kingston, NY Margreta Vlegelar
28 May 1737
2. Gertrude (Geesje) DeLong c. 1714
Kingston, NY
Isaac Wieler
2 Feb 1731/32
Kingston, NY
Alexander Thompson
3. Frans DeLong c. 1716
Kingston, NY
Catherine Dymant
Bef. 1742
1806 in Smithfield, Northampton, Penns.
4. Christina Magdalena DeLong 8 Apr 1718
New York
Thomas Ceerber
31 May 1736
Fishkill, Dutchess, NY
Staten Island, NY
5. Jacobus DELONG 12 Oct 1720
Poughkeepsie, NY
Elizabeth BUCK
Dutchess, NY
Aft 1766
Beekman, Dutchess, NY
6. Rachel DeLong Mar 1720/21
William Tanner
9 Jan 1738/39
Fishkill, Dutchess, NY
7. Conrad DeLong c. 1723 Catherine Freeligh
18 Sep 1743 Fishkill, Dutchess, NY
 c. 1777
8. Maria DeLong Jun 1725
Poughkeepsie, NY
Martinus Osterle
9. Catherine DeLong 29 Apr 1727
Dutchess, NY
Quirinus Light

Jan Johannes was born in the town of Rochester , an interior town located near the center of Ulster County (Mid-Hudson region of New York). The northwest part of the town is in the Catskill Park.  Mombaccus was the Dutch name for the area that became the Town of Rochester. It was first settled in 1672. The name Rochester began with the issuance of a land patent in 1703. It became a Town in 1788 and the formal establishment of the Town of Rochester occurred in 1803.

Parts of Rochester were used to create the Towns of Middletown in 1798 (now inDelaware County), Neversink in 1798 (now in Sullivan County), Wawarsing in 1806, and Gardiner in 1853.

1710 – Jan was sponsor for Dirck Keyser, son of his sister Maritje.

1713-1718 – Jan and Anna Magdalena moved from Ulster to Dutchess County.

1716 – Jan was probably the DeLong referred to in French’s 1860 gazzetteer of N.Y. State who, in 1716, moved to Dutchess county “and early on kept an inn”

1718-1738 – Jan appears on Dutchess tax lists for Rombout-Poughkeepsie, rated and assessed as John

16 Jan 1723 – Unable to be taxed

1 Feb 1724; taxed Mar. 11, 1725-26.

2 Apr 1723 – Jan was overseer of the King’s Highway

6 Apr 1723 – He was South Ward (present Putnam Co.) surveyor “along ye road from pocghqueick to mill and water side.”

1738 – Epon 13 Jan de langh dr to acknowleded sp ba il 12.0″ as he appears in Filkin’s Journal.

May 1737  – #285 Court of common pleas. Frans Filkins on Jan DeLange, filed Oct. 4, 1737. Jan on 30 June 1730 at POK indebted to sum of 7 pounds 3 shillings 9 pence half penny current money New York for devers good wares and Merchandizes to pay this day year. Want 9 pounds. Filed 4 Oct. 1737.

18 May  1737 – Francis Filkin vs. Jan De Lange. Sheriff returns Copia Corpus. On motion of Mr Allsop att. for the plaintiff ordered that the sheriff bring in the body of the defendant sitting the court or be amerced fourty shillings.

15 Jun 1740  – Jan and Magdalena as sponsors at baptism of Magdalena, dau. of Thomas Kerve and wife Lena (Lutheran Church of New York City).

Oct. 1741  – #232 Court of common pleas. John Alsop vs. John Delangh, filed 1 Dec. 1741, judgement entered for want of plea 4 Apr 1742. Jan made a note (copy included but not original) to pay 3 pounds 6 shillings 3 pence New York money on or before 1 Oct next for value received as witnessed 18 May 1737 at Poughkeepsie. not payed.

May 1747 Jury – James Paddock, John DeLangh. Case of Arie De Lange vs. Samuel Griswold. (See Arie De Lange.)

1 Aug 1747 – Poughkeepsie, John Simon burned several parcels of fence and upward of 100 shingles and — number of clapboards of John DeLonge, farmer of Peekman Prct.

1750-1753 – John DeLange sued William Tanner, husband of Rachel, for pound 23-7-6 for goods, money and service which John supplied him

Oct. 1750 – John De Lange vs. William Tanner. He is delivered to bail to Matthew Dubois Esq. The Like.

May 1751 – John DeLangh vs. William Tanner. Ordered the nonsuit obtained in this cause be set aside. Mr. Crooke files the declaration in court. Oct. 1753 William Tanner vs. John DeLong. The referees have not agreed; its therefore ordered that the plaintiff bring this cause to tryall next court or be non suit.

May 1753 – John DeLong vs. William Tanner. By consent of parties this cause referred to Matthew Dubois and Isaac Germond, named by the parties, Christophell Van Bonnel appointed by the court and to make their report by the last day of next court. obtained in this cause be set aside. Mr. Crooke files the declaration in court.

1763 – John and Magdalena as sponsors at bpt. of Johannes son of Jacobus and Elizabeth on (ct. 15, 1763, Zion Lutheran Church, Loonenburg, now Green Co.


1. Arie DeLong

Arie’s wife Margreta Vlegelar (Flagler) was born in 1719. Her parents were Zacharias Flagler and Anna Hobin.

2. Gertrude (Gessje) DeLong

Also seen as Ariaantje

Gertrude’s husband Isaac Wieler was born in 1710 or 1713 in New York.

3. Frans DeLong

Frans’ first wife Catherine Dymant was born in 1725 Dutchess, New York. Her parents were Edward Diamond and Christina Snider. Catherine died in 1763 Smithfield, Northampton, Pennsylvania.

Frans’ second wife Hannah Carly was born 9 May 1742 in Smithfield, Pennsylvania. Her parents were Peter Carly and Magdalena Depuy.

4. Christina Magdalena DeLong

Christina’s husband Thomas Ceerber (Coeber or Carver) was born xx.  Thomas died in Staten Island, NY.

5. Jacobus DELONG (See his page)

6. Rachel DeLong

Rachel’s husband William Tanner was born 1720 in Beekman, Dutchess, New York. His parents were Samuel Tanner and [___?__]. William died in 1786 in Beekman Patent, Dutchess, New York.

7. Conrad DeLong

Conrad’s wife Catherine Freeligh was born in 1720 in West Camp, Ulster, New York. Her parents were Johann Frolich and Anna Rapp. Catherine died in 1790.

8. Maria DeLong

Maria’s husband Martinus Osterle (Esterles) was born

9. Catherine DeLong

Catherine’s husband Quirinus Light was born





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