Adrianus Franciscusz De Langet

Adrianus Franciscusz De LANGET (1653 – 1699) was Alex’s 9th Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Adrianus Franciscusz  De Langet was born about 1653 at Noord, Sint Anthonis, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands.  He was also known as Ary Fransen, Ary Franz Langet, Adriaan Fransen De Langet, Arry DeLangen, Adriaan Franciscuzoon and Aryan Fransen.  His parents were Franciscus Adrianusz De LANGET and Anna SCHOONBROECKX. He emigrated to  New Amsterdam and eventually settled at Kingston in Dutchess, New York. He married Rachel Jansen PIER about 1679. Adrianus died 17 Apr 1699 in Kingston, NY.

Rachel Jansen Pier was born about 1657 in Amsterdam . Her parents were Jan Theunisson PIER and Marritje  JANS.   She had come from Amsterdam as a young child with her parents in 1661, sailing on the De Saint Jan Baptist.   Rachel Jansen Pier married a second time on to Allert Hendrickson Ploegh on 17 Apr 1699.   In the margin of their marriage entry is the following: –

In the presence of Ariaan Roos, Geesje Pier Maria Nucella and Mary Singer was Rachel Pier with her chemise over her clothes, married to Albert Hendricksen Ploeg, by me [Domine] Nucella.

There is also a footnote indicating that the bride’s strange attire was based on an erroneous belief that a widow, when married in this manner, relieved her new husband of all debts incurred by her previous spouse. The Kingston Court records indicate that Rachel’s first husband was often sued for non-payment so the ritual attire suggests he likely had significant outstanding debt(s) when he died.   Adrianus Franciscusz was also the former farming partner of the groom’s father, Hendrick Albertse and she was about 13 to 14 years older than her second spouse.  Rachel died 22 Apr 1705 in  Kingston, NY.

Children of Adrianus and  Rachel:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Willemtje De Lange c. 1679
New Amsterdam
Teunis Kool (Son of Barent Jacobsen KOOL)
22 Nov 1696
Hendrick Klaaz Schoonhoven
bans announced and withdrawn
4 Dec 1715
2. Capt. Frans DeLange 24 Apr 1681
Maritje Van Schaick
6 Sep 1703 in Kingston, Ulster, New York
29 May 1755
Beekman, Dutchess, NY
3. Jannetje DeLange baptized
1 Jan 1683
Jochem Roelfse
10 Feb 1706
4. Maritje DeLange baptized
19 Oct 1684
Jacob Keyser
30 Nov 1702
5. Rachel DeLange baptized
7 Nov 1686
Laurens (Lawrence) Losee 1727
6. Adriaantjen DeLange 7 May 1688
Rochester, NY
Jacob Kermer
18 Apr 1718 Kingston
Gysbert Van Garden
20 Sep 1723
Isaac Wieler
2 Feb 1733
7. Jan Johannes DeLONG 1690
Rochester, Ulster, NY
Anna Magdalena WEISER
29 Sep 1712 Kingston
Greene, NY
8. Wyntje DeLong 12 Nov 1693
Nicklass Schoonhoven (Schoonmaker)
15 Jun 1728 Kingston
Johannes Metler
17 Mar 1732/33
First Reformed Church of Fishkill
9. Jonas DeLANGE 12 Jan 1696 Brabant (Kingston), Ulster County, NY Blandina PEERSON
15 Nov 1718
Aug 1739 in Poughkeepsie (Dutchess) NY
10. Geesje DeLange 1698
Ulster Co., NY
Theunis Pier 1713

Children of Rachel and Allert Hendrickson Ploegh:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Hendrick Ploegh bapt.
15 Sep 1700
2. Teunis Ploegh bapt.
28 Dec 1701
Sara Bros

Family legend says that William Shaw’s wife Ruth was a descendant of the Marquis De Longe who was guillotined in the French Revolution. His wife and daughter escaped the country and his daughter married an American.

Adrianus Franciscusz  De Langet is the real first DeLong ancestor in America.  Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy says Aryan Fransen (Aaron the Frenchman) DELONG, Huguenot; fled to Holland; settled at Kingston, R.I.; m Rachel Jansen PYER.{{Virkus as Ref: There is absolutely no primary evidence to support the claim of Huguenot descent. This was a 19th Century gloss based on Americans’ desire to take everything possibly construed as French (e.g. the De) and claim it was so. As to our subject, he seems to have been good old Dutch Arie Frans.

The surnames  DeLong has undergone considerable variation and changes over a period of more than 100 years before the name was fairly consistently spelled as it is today.  Some of the most often seen variants are: De Langet, De Langen, Langen, De Langh, DeLonge, Langet, and De Laenge. In some cases the DeLong surname was dropped entirely with the person using their middle name instead.

The line of Adrianus’ father, Franciscus Adrianusz De Langet is still under study.  Franciscus is the progenitor of the New Brunswick families. He was born in 1634 in North
Brabant, The Netherlands and, one of his sons, using the method of those times in adopting the father’s given name as a surname, was called Adrianus Franciscusz De Langet.

Andrianus used various shortened forms of his name which made tracing his activities very difficult.  Some of the forms he employed were: Ary Fransen, Ary Franz Langet, Adriaan Fransen De Langet, Arry DeLangen, and Aryan Fransen.   Ary was probably born about 1655, since his first child, Willemtje, was born in New Amsterdam about 1679. His marriage to Rachel Jansen Pier occurred in 1678 or 1679.  The first documented evidence I have actually seen concerns their second child, Frans, who was baptized at Kingston,  New York on the 24th day of April in 1681.

The major part of the early family history of this particular DeLong family line centers in the Dutchess and Ulster counties of New York  and the towns of Fishkill, Kingston, and Poughkeepsie. Research by William Tufts of Ottawa, Ontario indicates that Westchester county is also involved.

To further complicate the research many of the DeLong names found in various areas may possibly be related to the line of Peter DeLong of Pennsylvania and who is said to be of German ancestry. It is also quite possible that all DeLong families could be of German ancestry having migrated down the Rhine to The Netherlands. Peter does appear in a list of the taxpayers for the town of Fishkill.

Arie Fransen may have come from Etten en Leur, Noord Brabent, in the Netherlands { or her he could also have been from Amsterdam. Sometime before 1680 he married Rachel Jansen Pier, who had come from Amsterdam as a young child with her parents in 1661. She sailed on a ship called De Saint Jan Baptist. Together Rachel and Arie had ten children, seven of whom are referred to in the Baptism Records of the Dutch Reformed Church.

Arie was first a tenant farmer, then a landowner. Frederick A. Virkus –

“Nothing is known of Arie Fransen’s (sometimes surnamed Langet or Langerth) birth and all we know he was living 1693-5 and dead by 1699…a birth ca 1650 is perhaps based on his being the Arian ffrancon of the militia in 1670. He could have been a different man and younger – his first known child was 1680 (or another possible 1678). Or he might have been the Arenk Franken who sailed for the New Netherlands Feb 12, 1659 on board the DeTrouw. This could throw his birth back to ca 1640 or even earlier.”

Surnames were just coming into common usage among the Dutch in Arie’s lifetime, in some but not all records, he is surnamed Langet and similar variations, probably a reference to his height and conveniently serving to distinguish him from a shorter Arie nearby though we have no reason to think it was another Arie Fransen. Thus he is found in either church or other documents as Ary Frans Langet, Ariaan France Lange and Arie Fransen Langerth, but in others simply as Aryan Fransen, Ary Frans, Arie Fransen, Ary Franze, Ariaan France, Adriaan Franzen etc. His children became DeLanges, his grandchildren became DeLongs. Such versions as France reflect solely the inconsistancy of spelling in this era but regrettably are the source of such mistranslations as “Aaron the Frenchman”. It is of course possible that he couldhave originated from a French Reformed (Huguenot) family, many of which did go into the Netherlands, but there is absolutely nothing existing in primary evidence which would confirm so.

1670 – Under yet another version if his patronymic, he appears as Arian Francon, one of a group of militiamen. (New York State Library #22:99, Minutes of Executive Council of Province of NewYork). Perhaps this is also the source of the statement he appeared this year on the muster roll of Captain Pawlings’s company. The Minutes apparently indicate he and others drew lots “the following day” at Kingston, Marbletown and Esopus. This is presumably the origin of the 32 acres he reportedly had at “ye roundout kill” which is Esopus. Thus he was in Ulster Co. by this date and likely earlier.

1671 – Adrian Fransen was witness in a knife assault (Versteeg’s NY Historical Manuscripts Dutch – Kingston Papers p.464).

1671 – …Appeared …Capt. Thomas Chambers (of the first part) and Hendrick Albertson and Adriaen Fransen of the second part, who declare having agreed in the following manner:

Capt. Chambers declares having let the aforesaid Hend. Alberts and Adraien Fransen having leased certain farm near “Wisquaemsickz”of the same extent as expressed in the deed existing of the same, for a period of ten consecutive years which shall commence immediately, Oct 7, 1671, and terminate Oct 7, 1681. The aforesaid Chambers is to furnish with the farm two good horses, mares with a stallion or gelding, two cows, a wagon and a plow. The natural increase of the horses and cows shall be equally divided, the risk shall be equally borne, but at the expiration of the lease they are to return the same number they have received. Also will return the wagon and the plow, at the expiration of the lease, in as good condition as they have received the same. The natural increase is to be divided every three years. The lessees are permitted at the expiration of thelease to sow, for their own benefit, ten morgens of land with winter grain. The lessees will yet receive two sows whichare tobe returned as big at the expiration of the lease. The buildings such as dwellings, barn or stack as also the fenceshall beappraised in the lessees’ behalf by impartial men, andthus bepaid for by the lessor at the expiration of the lease. The lessees shall pay nothing the first year, but during the other nine years shall pay for each year 140 sch. of wheat, in all grains, in proportion, as the value of the same shall be atthetime. In case war should break out, which God forbid, with the aborigines of this land, so that the animals should be destroyed, the losses shall be equally divided, and in case, on account thereof it should not be safe to cultivate the land, they shall during such a time pay no rent, but when at there-establishment of peace they can again cultivate the same, shall pay as per contract. Promise to comply with the above under obligation as per law and have, on both sides, subscribed to the same in the presence of Matthys Mattysen and Thomas Tonnesen Quick as witnesses invited for the purpose this October7, 1671, at Kingston (Ulster County, NY) (signed) Thomas Chambers, the mark X of Hendrick Albertsen, by himself, the mark X of Adriaen Fransen, by himself. (Signed) Matys Matysen, the mark X of Toomas Tonnesen Quick. To which certifies, (signed) W.Montagne, Secretary. (Ibid 703

1671/72 – Adriaen Fransen dues as debtor (Ibid 476)

1672 – Ordinary Session, December 3, 1672. Present…. Gorge Hal, Plaintiff vs. Adrian Fransen, Defendant.

Plaintiff demands as per obligation an amount of 32 sch. of wheat, for which Hendrick Jochemsen has surety. Adriaen Fransen admits the debt. Adriaen Fransen, Plaintiff vs Schout Grevenraedt, Defendant Adriaen Fransen says that the schout has dismissed Van der Coelen upon surety, without plaintiff’s permission. The schout says that Van der Coelen called on him and said that the court of sessions had ordered him to go to the schout to give bail, and took with him as surety Gerrit Cornelissen, whereupon the schout said, “Why does not the secretary write the bond?” He answered, “The secretary is so busy that he cannot possibly write the bond,”whereupon the schout said, “it is the same with me.” And Van der Coelen said, “I am about to depart. I have ‘Esenties.’ Won’t you believe it? The court will immediately be here.” Whereupon the schout wrote the bond and as soon as the same had been finished, it was shown to the court of sessions when they appeared at the schout’s house for the purpose of having dinner, and asked them whether the same was sufficient and was satisfactorily gotten up. And they answered, “Yes, “where- upon Van der Coelen took leave. –Hendrick Jochemsen and Jan Cornelissen request that the attachment shall be declared valid against certain moneys which are coming to Van der Coelen from Michiel Modt amounting to 2766 gldrs. –Schout Grevenraedt gives notice of an attachment levied against the money of Reynier Van der Coelen, laying on Wallerand DuMont’s loft.–Wallerand DuMont says that Van der Coelen owes him 18 sch. of wheat and says that Van der Coelen told him that he had to pay Hendrick Jochemsen 8 Sch. of wheat, and to pay it from his grain. –The hon. court, in case Adrian Fransen is not satisfied with the surety, refers him to the hon. court of sessions, because the judgment was pronounced by the hon. court of sessions. (ibid p. 488)

1672 – Appeared before me, William Montagne, secretary forthehon. court at Kingston, Adriaen Fransen and Dirck Hendricksen.

Dirck Hendricksen takes upon himself, and takes the place of Adriaen Fransen, in the share of the third farm which Hendrick  Albertsen and Adriaen Fransen had leased of Capt.Thoomas Chambers, but with the proviso that Adriaen Fransen shall receive his share of the grain which is just at present in the stack, and which had, last summer, been grown on the land. Dirck Hendricksen, with the consent of Capt. Thoomas Chambers, discharges Adriaen Fransen from the conditions and lease entered upon with said Capt. Chambers, so that Adriaen Fransen is released of the same, and Dirck Hendricksen is taken in full partnership under conditions as are fully specified in the proper form by the lease, and with which he is obliged to fully comply. And we, Hendrick Albertsen and Dirck Hendricks, being now present, declare to be partners, and are to comply as fully with the conditions of the lease as prior to this should have been done by Hend. Albertsen and Adriaen Fransen, and also declare having received of Capt. Chambers what said Chambers was obliged to furnish by virtue of the lease. Promise to comply with the foregoing, pledging person and estates, movable and immovable,  present and future, submitting them asper law. For the purpose of legalizing this we have suscribed to the same, in the presence of Jan Hendrick and Nicolaes Willem Stuyvesant, this November 5, 1672, at Foxhall. (Signed) the markX of Adriaen Fransen, the mark X of Dirck Hendericks, the mark X of Hendrick Alberts, Thomas Chambers. (Signed) Jan Heyndericksz,  N.W.Stuyvesant. To which testifies, (Signed) W. DlaMontagne,Secretary. (ibid 724)

1672/73 – Adrian Fransen sued as debtor  – Adraien Frans sued as debtor  – The court orders the officer to judicially enforce the judgment against Adrian Fransen in behalf of Mr. Hall

1674 – Schout Grevenraedt, plaintiff, vs Adriaen Fransen, defendant. Plaintiff says that defendant had been fighting with several persons, yea, ’till blood was shed, and was the cause of the quarrel. On this account, he demands a fine of 50 gilders,with the costs of the present. Defendant says heknows nothing about it, and requests the plaintiff shall pay the same. The hon. court condemns defendant to pay a fine of 30 gilders, with the costs of the present.

1674 – Hendrick Paeldin vs. Adriaen Fransen. Plaintiff demands of defendant a sum of 32 1/2 sch. of wheat for vendue, and further, for the mirror nine gilders, five staters. Defendant admits the debt.

1675 – Adrien Fransen a witness to lease of parcel of land called the Brabander’s thicket.  (Note a Jan Brabanterin1662 held the old lot #10 in Wilkwyck.)

16xx – Unreferenced correspondence reports he was skipper of a yacht. New Amsterdam Records 3:49 reports a suit by Werner Wessels vs. Derek Smitt which centers around 120 florins of tobacco asked of Arie Fransen. It seems Arie was to go to Virginia (as a skipper?) but didn’t, and Wessels was demanding payment of tobacco. (Year = ?)

1678 – Could he have had a first wife? Maria, daughter of Arie Freese was baptised at Hurley, Ulster County, September29; Subject Arie Fransen’s daughter Maritje baptised Kingston,Ulster County in 1684. Maritje is Dutch for Mary/Maria and the marriages of two distinct Maritje DeLangs are found inthe early 1700’s, both of whom are clearly associated with subject’s family.

1679-80 – He was married by this time to Rachel Jans (their son Frans born 1681).

15 Feb  1685 – Leanard Coale of Marbletown and Maryhiswife to Francis Rombout of the Citty of new york,” deeds for 10 shillings land over the Rideouts Kill or creek at Mombackes which Leonard hath let unto farme to Arien France of Mombackus..” (Early English Deeds, Ulster County 1:26) —

1687 – He was naturalized in Ulster County

1 Sep 1689 – Arrie France on list of Ulster County inhabitants (Early NY State Census Records)

1694/95 – “Tjercke Clase de witt of Kingston sells for 50 pounds to Cornelis Swits of Mombackus land at Mombackus to west of other lands of sd. (said) Tjerck de witt, now in possession of Jan de witt: and East of land of Mr. Frederick Philips, containing about 60 acres, and formerly sold to Tjerckde witt by Ariaan France and James Pemmits; with small peece of pasterland”.. Signed in Kingston Feb. 1694/95 (Early EnglishDeeds,Ulster County I:150)

1696-98 – Death of Arie occured during this period


1. Willemtje De Lange

Willemtje’s first husband Teunis Kool was born 17 Aug 1653 in Manhattan, Kings, New York. His parents were Barent Jacobsen KOOL and Marretje Leenderts  DeGRAUW. He first married Marretje Gerrits (widow) in 12 Jan 1676. Teunis died about 1715 in Kingston, Ulster, New York

Willemtje did not marry Hendrick Klaaz Schoonhoven bans announced and withdrawn on 4 Dec 1715.

Kool evidently died before 1715 when the widow Willempje had an illeg. dau. Neeltjen bp. …” [Doherty, The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, 135; X39]


“As widow of Teunis Cool bans were published for her 2nd marriage to Hendrick Class Schoonhoven. The church record notes the bans were registered 4 Dec. 1715 and withdrawn the same day. … Perhaps he found she was expecting a child [Neeltje] by another man. …” [Doherty, The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, 136; X40]

Willempje had an illegitimate daughter Neeltjen bapt. 19 Feb. 1715/16, no father named.

2. Capt. Frans DeLange

Frans’ wife Maritje Van Schaick was born 1685 in Kingston, Ulster, New York.  No doubt daughter or granddaughter of Claes Van Schaick of that place. Claes’ widow was born ca 1635. Their age difference argues for granddaughter, not daughter, yet Maritje named her second son Niclaas which in patronymic style would be for her own father. (Frans and Maritje followed patronymic procedures in naming oldest son for the paternal grandfather, but seemingly did not do so with their daughters. The first daughter was named for the father’s mother rather than the mother’s; it is unlikely an earlier daughter named for Jannetje could be fitted into the known chronology.)  Maritje died 1757 in Kingston, Ulster, New York.

      “Melwood Van Scoyac of Sarasota, Fla., Van Schaick genealogist, wrote in 1988 that little is known of Claes other than being father of Dominicus b. 1667 and Emanuel b. 1680. Other likely sons were Elias and Laurens of Kinderhook 1720, both of which names are found among Maritje’s children. ‘Jannetje Claas Beevers, or Van Schayk’s widow, about 94 years old’ died Kinderhook and buried there Feb. 10, 1829 (NYG&B Vol. 105 Jan. 1974)” [John D. Baldwin research, B22]

Jul 1711 – Frans served as a soldier in the Ulster Company of New York,  under Captain Wessel TenBroeck in that company’s Canadian expedition. “Capt. Frans DeLange in Beeckman Precinct” was a military officer from Dutchess County under Captain Barent Z Van Kleeck and was commissioned a Captain of the the Colonial Militia from Beekman, Dutchess County, New York, in 1739, and in that position, Frans DeLong captained the fourth division of that company, leading over 100 men.”

  “The DeLong family was one of the first families of Beekman [Patent, Dutchess County, New York]. They settled in Arthursburgh in the area where the present towns of Beekman, East Fishkill and LaGrange meet and played an important part in the early settlement of the Patent.” [Doherty, The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, 134; X39]

17xx – “Without giving a date, Doherty says Frans settled in Arthursburgh in the present town of LaGrange, probably on the farm that later belonged to Samuel and Enoch Dorland. The farm probably contained land on both sides of present day route 82 and included much of Clapp Hill Road.” [Baldwin, B23]

1714 — “Frans had crossed the Hudson River into Dutchess County, and is found in the 1714 census as 1/4/1. At this time he, to our knowledge, had only three sons but also one daughter, so perhaps 1/3/2 was intended.” [Baldwin, B23]

27 Feb or May 1715 — “A child [Jannetje] was baptised back across the river in Kingston, the Dutchess County church not being established until 1716.” [Baldwin, B23]

21 Nov 1715 — “‘Frans deLangen’ on list of military forces from Dutchess County under Captain Barend Z. Van Kleek [1.553, Annual Report]” [Baldwin, B23]

14 Mar 1716  — “Lott 8, Nine Partners, New York 1/2 of 1/2 Woolfert Weber of Bowery which Hendrick Van Schyk bought from Jacobus Dekey, merchant, and Sarah of New York City January 10, 1698/9 100 pounds.” [Baldwin, D23]

1717/18 — “taxed south Ward through 1738, then Beekman until June 1756, and last the estate taxed Feb, 1756.” [Baldwin, B23]

21 Jan 1718 — “Maritje joined the Fishkill DR Church … while Frans joined either at that time or on Oct. 27, 1731 (another interpretation is that they were both members at the earlier date according to a membership list of the latter).” [Baldwin, B23]

7 Apr 1719 – “Captain Frans DeLange with Peter Lassing was overseer of the Kings Highway in the South Ward” [Baldwin, B23]

1720 — “was paid 10 shillings for a wolf’s head” [Baldwin, B23]

5 Apr 1720 — “Elected overseer on the ‘Way from Pagquaick’ … Was road overseer in the South ward through 1736.” [Baldwin, B23]

1720/1721 and 1722 — Assessed £20 [Baldwin, B24]

1721 — “juror, Court of Common sessions” [Baldwin, B24]

16 Jan 1723/24 — Taxed on 23 pounds, 1 shilling, 3 pence [Baldwin, B24]

1724 and 1725 — Assessor at Fishkill [Baldwin, B24]

1726/1727 — “elected overseer of highways, South Ward. Appears same day in a deed from Catherine Brett to George Cooper near a place called Poughquaick about three English miles South from Frans DeLongs [D 1:63]” [Baldwin, B24]

17 Oct 1727 — “As juror France deLangs” [Baldwin, B24]

1731 — “Frans was one of fifteen men who called for a permanent pastor for the church.” [Baldwin, B24]

13 Dec 1734 — “road description … a high way Leading from ye land of Cornelius Wiltse over ye hills as ye roads now go’s as it is marked to ye Roade yt [which] goes from Capt. DeLongs to ye fish Kill …” [Baldwin, B24]

18 Sep 1736 — “road description … beginning by the house of Nicholas Du Langes and so along the fence of Arey De Lange and to runn as it is Now Mark’d to Capt Frans de Lange and so along the road to the Bridge that is upon the Meadow Whare the Roads Meet one another upon the Plains … […at east Noxon and Rymph Roads — FJD] [SBP 1:337]” [Baldwin, B24]

1737 — “Frances DeLang was captain of a company of 100 men [NY Annual Report 1869; 2:493]” [Baldwin, B24]

1738 — “jurors included France DeLangh and son-in-law Lowrence Lossy” and Frans “taxed at Beekman,” jurors in 1739 “Frans DeLangh and Simon Flagler whose sister married Arie;” juror in 1741 “Frans DeLangh” [Baldwin, B24]

1739 — “Capt. Frances DeLange of Beekman Pct (Dutchess Annual Report 2:500)” [Baldwin, B24]

About 1740 — “An early map … shows Frans DeLong just North of the Northwestern tip of the Poughquag purchase. His son Arie appears just Northeast of him. … Perhaps the same property was ‘The next settler west [of Johnsville] on the road leading to Fishkill village was Frances DeLangdon. The house that he built was taken down in 1844’ [Bailey: Local Tales and Historical Sketches p. 371; Fishkill 1874].” [Baldwin, B25]

1741 — Bail transactions and petitions for road changes indicate that Frans remains in Beekman Precinct. [Baldwin, B25]

23 Jul 1742 — “Capt. Francis DeLong Dr to a mare of myn he says to have sold to one Baeker at Pouguag for his wife & he accounts to me for four pounds ten shillings. …” Frans taxed 1742/1743 and 1743/1744 as “Captain” [Baldwin, B25]

2 Jun 1747 — “Henry Beekman paid Capt. Frans DeLong … for staying at his house for three nights at three shillings a night [ELP]” [Baldwin, B25]

1750 — Three court cases, Frans De Lang/DeLong/DeLange vs. John Simpson. In May, Frans receives 15 pounds satisfaction for a black roan stallion which had disappeared, only to turn up with Simpson. In the second case, Simpson is ordered into custody, and in the other Frans sues for 3 pounds, 15 shillings, 11 pence due from Simpson for “labours and services,” as well as 8 pounds Simpson had “refused to pay.” [Baldwin, B25]

9 May 1751 — Will : “Francis DeLang of Beakmans prect., Dutchess Co. Wife Mary all the estate, real and personal while she remains my widow. But if she be married to another, she to have what the law allows her. The rest to my children Arre, Rachel, Nicholas, Catherine, Elias, Gesgee and Egie. Real and personal property. Executors were the wife, Benjamin Hasbrouck and Peter Van DeWater. Witnesses were John Winslow and William Haff.” [Baldwin, B26]

1755 — “he died in the Spring, will proved May 29, Surrogate’s Court, New York City, before Matthew DuBois, Judge of Common Pleas, Bartholomew Noxon and William Davenport, justices (NYWF 106, WN-YHS V:243);” “estate taxed June 1755 through Feb. 1756” [Baldwin, B26]

3. Jannetje DeLange

Jannetje’s husband Jochem Roelfse was born xx.  His parents were Jochem Roloffson and [__?__]

4. Maritje DeLange

Maritje’s husband Jacob Keyser was baptized 3 Feb 1684 in Rosendale Ulster County, New York. His parents were Dirck Corneliszen Keyser (1645 Swe – ) and Agnietje Jacobs Coens (1642 Neth – ).

The Maritje married 1702 Jacob Keyser at which time she said she was born and resident of Mombachus, Dutchess County. Willemtje … was sponsor for one of their children. Perhaps one of the Maritjes was … Maria.” [John D. Baldwin research, B21]

1678, September 29 — “…baptised Hurley, Ulster County … daughter of Arie Freese. Might this be Arie Fransen? … the name of the mother was not recorded. Maria is rendered Maritje in Dutch, and two contemporary Maritjes appear in the records in association with the family of Arie Fransen. … One would be his daughter of 1684. … Perhaps the other is this Maria. … One married 1706 Johannes Bokee (Boke), 2d 1715 Jan Tomasse. She was born Esopus, Ulster County. Jannetje … and Frans … served as sponsors for some of her children. She was dead by 1719. The other Maritje married 1702 Jacob Keyser at which time she said she was born and resident of Mombachus, Dutchess County. Willemtje … was sponsor for one of their children. Perhaps one of the Maritjes was … Maria … ” [John D. Baldwin research, B21]

      “Some authorities … insist that there were two daus. in this family both named Mary. The Kingston Church book records a Maria born to Ary Freese with wife not named who was bp. 29 Sept. 1678 at Hurley … This Maria is purported to be the one who m. Jacob Kyser … Our personal belief is that the dau. Mary b. 1684 is the one who m. Kyser but we have decided to list them as put forward by [the genealogy column of the Boston Transcript newspaper]. We will call the early Mary the first child but we question whether she belongs to this family.” [Doherty, The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, 134; X39]

There were two Maritjes associated with the family of Arie Fransen. One married 28 Dec  1706 in New York City Dutch Reformed Church to Johannes Bokee (Boke), m2. 24 Apr 1715 to  Jan Tomasse. She was born Esopus, Ulster County. Jannetje … and Frans … served as sponsors of some of her children. She was dead by 1719.

5. Rachel DeLange

Rachel’s husband Laurens (Lawrence) Losee was born

Some DeLong family records claim [Rachel] married Jacob Ploeg. The Kingston church record notes at the baptism of her dau. Blandina 15 April 1707: ‘Illegally begotten and [Jacob Ploeg] named as Father, by the Judge, according to the Mother’s oath.'” [Doherty, The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, 136; X40]

6. Adriaantjen DeLange

Adriaantjen’s first husband Jacob Kermer was born

Some have Ariaantje’s birthplace as Monroe County. She married first, Thomas Pearson. Thomas was born in 1685 and died sometime before 1718. Ariaantje married second, 18 Apr 1718 in Kingston (Ulster) New York, Jacob Kermer. There were no known children from the second marriage.

Ariaantje and first husband Thomas had one child that we know of, there may be others

A Jan Kermer, born in Kingston married Lisabeth Van Campen at Deerpark 15 May 1751.” [Doherty, The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, 138; X41]

Adriaantjen’s second husband Gysbert Van Garden was born

Adriaantjen’s third husband Isaac Wieler was born

7. Jan Johannes DeLONG (See his page)

Option 1. Jacobus DeLange was baptized 12 Oct 1720 in Poughkeepsie, NY.  His sponsors were Jacobus  Van Den Boogaard and Grietjen de Mon.  His parents were Jan Johannes DeLONG and Anna Magdalena Weiser.

8. Wyntje DeLong

Wyntje’s first husband Nicklass Schoonhoven (Schoonmaker) was born about 1690 in Kingston (Ulster) New York, and died about 1730.

Wyntje’s second husband Johannes (Hannes)  Metlar was born 1680 in Ulster, New York, or about 1690 in Germany. Wyntje and Hannes had two children.

9. Jonas DeLANGE (See his page)

Option 2. Jacobus DeLange was baptized 6 Aug 1721 in Kingston, NY.  His sponsors were Henrik Bras and Geertruy Paarsen, probably maternal relatives..  His parents were Jonas DeLONG and Blanda (Blandina) PEERSON.

10. Geesje DeLange

Geesje married Theunis Pier. Some have her married to Isaac Weile, probably confused with the marriage of her niece (Rachel’s daughter) Geesjen to Isaac Wieler.


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