Jacobus DeLange

Jacobus DeLANGE (1721 -Aft 1766) was Alex’s 7th Grandfather; one of 256 in this generation of the Shaw line.

One Jacbous DeLong cousin baptized in 1720/21 died as an infant and the other lived to have a family.  Genealogists are divided about which is which so I’ll show it both ways.

1. Jacobus DeLange was baptized 6 Aug 1721 in Kingston, NY.  His sponsors were Henrik Bras and Geertruy Paarsen, probably maternal relatives..  His parents were Jonas DeLONG and Blanda (Blandina) PEERSON. He has been identified in no other record,and was not included with parents and siblings in 1739 land record.

2. Jacobus DeLange was baptized 12 Oct 1720 in Poughkeepsie, NY.  His sponsors were Jacobus  Van Den Boogaard and Grietjen de Mon.  His parents were Jan Johannes DeLONG and Anna Magdalena WEISER.

Jacobus was a baptism sponsor in 1742/43 with a Catherine DeLong who was probably his sister, not his first wife.  He married Elizabeth BUCK in 1748.  Jacobus was taxed in Beekman, NY from Feb. 1743/44 through June 1766.

Elizabeth Buck was born about 1725 in Dutchess, New York. Her parents were German Palatine refugees Martin BUCK and Maria Gertrude SCHMIDT.

Some sources say that Elizabeth was the daughter of Johannes Scherer and Elizabeth Leight.  While they were a frequent baptism sponsor in the area, they didn’t marry until 15 Sep 1741.

Children of Jacobus and Elizabeth:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Martinus DeLong 22 Apr 1749
30 May 1749
Dutchess, NY
2. Polly DeLong c. 1750
3. Jonas DeLong 1755
Dutchess, NY
Rachel Losee
Hopewell, Dutchess, NY
4. Thomas DeLONG c. 1755
Dutchess, NY
Eleanor BORDEN? before 1850 in Caroline, Tompkins, NY
5. Johannes DeLong bapt.
15 Oct 1763
Abigail “Nabby” Follett
c. 1790
6. Daniel DeLong probably in the 1760’s.
7. James DeLong c. 1766
Kinderhook, Columbia NY
Hannah Jacoby
Prattsville, Greene, NY
Prattsville, Greene, NY

Jacobus lived in Beckman which is in the southeast section of Dutchess County

Dutchess County New York

Jacobus was taxed in Beekman, NY from Feb. 1743/44 through June 1766 with an assessment of two pounds in Feb. 1753. The DeLong Mss. claims that he removed to Greene Co. but the baptism of his son recorded 1763 in the Athens Church record was performed in Beekman with six other local children the same week.
“He took a lease in lot 21 on a farm of 295 acres on 15 Jan. 1750. This farm was located west of present state route 82, north of Noxon Road and south of Alley Road. Elijah Townsend later was on this farm. The lease was to Jacobus, his son Martinus DeLong Jr. (probably as Jr. because of [Martin b. 1748] son of Arie [b. 1705] …) and Johannes Scherer Jr.

Here is a Google Map of the location of Jacobus’ farm between Noxon Road and Alley Road in Dutchess County

Jacobus’ farm was within a mile or two of present day James Baird State Park near Poughkeepsie NY

It is possible that Elizabeth, the wife of Jacobus was a Scherer but the records of this family don’t seem to fit her in. The sponsors for Martin, son of Jacobus DeLong, b. 1749, were almost certainly Johannes Scherer, b. 27 April 1718 and his wife Elizabeth Light, and the Johannes Jr. on the lease was their son Johannes, b. 25 Aug., bp. 29 Sept. 1745 in Poughquag. The baptism took place at the home of the (step) uncle of Johannes Scherer. Andries Frederick Peck of Beekman, Johann Theobald Scherer, father of Johannes Scherer, m. in London England 7 Aug. 1709 Justina, step-sister to Andries Pick. … Johannes and Elizabeth (Light) Scherer were frequent sponsors for apparently unrelated neighbors.

“Jacobus DeLong … was a constable in Beekman in 1752 and the same year was a path master ‘for the lower part of Swago.’ We have no further records after the 1766 tax list. A Jacobus DeLong was on the tax roll for Kinderhook ca. 1766 or shortly thereafter. He was next to Marcus Dumond who was from Beekman. …

“A Jonas, John and a Thomas DeLong were in Roxbury Town, Delaware Co. in 1800, probably all his children.” [Doherty, The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, IV, 169-170; X56-X57]

“[Elizabeth] was poss. Elizabeth, bp. 1740 (prob. as an adult), dau. of Martin and Maria Gertrude (Schmidt) Buck of Beekman. …” [Doherty, The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, IV, 169; X56]

–[JDB] Jacobus was bpt. Poughkeepsie Oct. 12, 1720. Married Elisabeth by 1748.  I think Elizabeth may have been a Scherer because of inter-family associations but Frank Doherty thinks she does not fit into that family, and that they were just neighbors. They probably had a large family of whom only Martinus bpt. May 30, 1749 records of New York Lutheran Church and Johannes bpt, Oct. 15 1763, records of Zion Luth. Ch. Lunenburgh, NY are known. At one time, I had constructed a large theoretical family, being those persons in Greene Co. NY and immediately Westerly who could have gone there from Lunenburgh. But Doherty tells me the 173 baptism was down river in Dutchess by a travelling clergyman. So my “creative genealogy” had to be rescinded.  [AJB] From “The Valley of the Humber” by K. MacFarlane Lizars of Transitions & Enthusiasts Page 149 Survey 1798 Overseers of Highways and Fence, Jacob DELONG forth e Humber UVic call no. FC3095 H84L59 This Jacob and Jacob rin# 2404 are possible candidates for the above

Another Jacobus DeLong was baptised at Kingston 6 Aug 1721, sponsors Henrik Bras and Geertruy Paarsen, probably maternal relatives. Probably died young. He has been identified in no other record,and was not included with parents and siblings in 1739 landrecord. –[AJB] From “The Valley of the Humber” by K. MacFarlaneLizars of Transitions & Enthusiasts Page 149 Survey 1798Overseers of Highways and Fence, Jacob DELONG for the HumberUVic call no. FC3095 H84L59 This Jacob and the Jacob of rin #2447 are possible candidates for the above

Posted by: Michelle
Is anyone out there doing research on this DeLong family? I have a Jonas DeLong born abt. 1803-5 I am trying to verify as my gggggrandfather. He was listed on the NY Tompkins Cty, Ithica census for 1830 and the one I am trying to match is on the Chester PA Census in 1840 & 50, he was born in NY.

Roxbury, Delaware, NY

Roxbury was named from Roxbury, Conn., from which place many of the early settlers came. It was formed from Stamford, March 23, 1799. It occupies the extreme east portion of Delaware county. Its surface is a mountainous upland, forming a portion of the great plateau extending west from the Catskill Mountains. The declivities of the hills are steep and rocky and are mostly unfit for cultivation. The highest point on the N. and W. borders of the town are estimated to be 2800 feet above tide. The principal streams are the E. branch of the Delaware, flowing S.W. through the center of the town, Bear Kil in the E., Batavia Kil and Red Kil in the S., and numerous smaller creeks. The soil is a reddish clay loam. Roxbury (p.v.) lies on the Delaware, near the center of the town. .  The first settlement was made by John More, a Scotchman, on the site of Moresville, in 1786.  The first religious meetings were conducted by Rev. H. Myres.

John More, Israel Inman, Abm. Gould, Geo. Squiers, Josiah Pachin, Nehemiah Hayes, David Squiers, (most of them from Fairfield, Conn.) settled along the valley near the present village of Roxbury, in 1789.-Gould’s Hist. Del. Co., 197-98-99. The first child born was Charlotte, daughter of Nath’l Tiffany, in March, 1792; and the first male child born was John Gould, in Oct. of the same year. David Smith taught the first school, in the winter of 1794-95; Isaac Hardenburgh owned the first store, John More kept the first inn, and John Pierson built the first gristmill.

I don’t know how many DeLongs were in Roxbury, Delaware, NY in the early days. Here are a couple of potential relations:

INDENTURE dated 18 March 1829 between Rachel Delong, daughter of Marcus Delong; age 10 years and 11 months. And David Smith of Roxbury, Delaware Co, NY. To serve seven years and one month .

Signed Marcus (his Mark) Delong Rachel Delong / David Smith
Delivered in presence of James Smith / Jane Smith / Eliza M. Smith


Rachel DeLong b. 7 Feb 1787 in Germany; d. 1 Mar 1864 in Kent City, MI; m. Robert Patterson on May 21, 1804 in Roxbury Delaware, NY.


“A Jonas, John and a Thomas DeLong were in Roxbury Town, Delaware Co. in 1800, probably all his [Jacobus’] children.” [Doherty, The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, IV, 169-170; X56-X57]

1. Martinus DeLong

“A Martin Delong was on the Canaan, Columbia Co. tax list in 1779 with a Jonas DeLong.” [Doherty, The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, IV, 170; X57]

3. Jonas DeLong

“Jonas; in Roxbury, Delaware Co. in 1800 at 0-0-1-0-1 and 0-1-1-0-0 between Jacob Patterson and Jonathan Scudder. He was seven before Thomas DeLong.” [Doherty, The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, IV, 170; X57] His wife was Rachel Losee.  After Jonas died, she married second Peter Shear (b. 1757 who married first Mary Engines (1750 – 1795).

Children of Jonas and Rachel:

i. Jacob Delong m. Elizabeth Dimond Jacobs wife was listed by the Roxbury Church in 1809 as Elizabeth Dimond. Jacob and Elizabeth had a son Rueben born about 1800 in Ulster, NY.

4. Thomas DeLONG (See his page)

5. Johannes (John) DeLong

Johannes’ wife Abigail “Nabby” Follett was born 18 Feb 1770 in Somers, Tolland, Connecticut.  Her  parents were  Robert Follett (b. 1739, Mass) and Ann Whipple (b. 1741, Connecticut).

“[Johannes] Perhaps m. Nabby Follett. He was probably the John DeLong in Roxbury, Delaware Co., NY in 1800 at 1-0-0-1-0 and 1-0-1-0-0 between Charles Flynn and Jonathan Weldon. He was two away from Thomas DeLong.” [Doherty, The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, IV, 170; X57]

Children of Johannes and Nabby

Note: some genealogies say that Eunice was born Dec 2, 1796 in New London, New London, Connecticut and John DeLong was born in Somers, Tolland, CT.  They agree, however that they moved to Dryden, Tompkins, NY. and that their son Orin was born in Delaware, NY in 1834.

i. John DeLong b. 1792 Roxbury, Delaware, NY d. abt. 1850 Roxbury, NY; m. Nancy [__?__]

ii. Eunice DeLong  b. 2 Dec 1796 in Roxbury, Delaware, NY; d. 19 Feb 1884 in Dryden, Tompkins, NY; Burial: Marathon Village Cemetery, Marathon, Cortland, New York; m. 19 Jan 1816 to Oliver Reed (b. 30 May 1791 in New London, CT (census says Mass.) – d. 23 Jan 1868 in Marathon, Cortland, New York) Oliver’s parents were William Reed, Jr.(1759 – 1789) and Polly Blackman. Eunice and Oliver had thirteen children between 1818 and 1836.

Eunice DeLong (1796-1884)

Eunice DeLong (1796-1884)

Oliver Reed, William’s eldest son, was born in New London, Conn. He came early to Delaware County, and hired a farm in Roxbury, where he married Eunice Dulong, daughter of John Dulong, a Delaware County farmer, who lived till the latter part of the nineteenth century. During the War of 1812 Oliver Reed did military duty for three months at Sackett’s Harbor. (See my post Battle of Sackett’s Harbor Later he removed to Cortland County, where he died at the age of eighty-four, his wife living to be three years older. Both were members of the Presbyterian church. He was at first a Democrat, but later became a Republican.

In the 1850 census, Oliver and Eunice were farming in Roxbury, Delaware, New York.

Oliver Reed (1791 - 1868)

Oliver Reed (1791 – 1868)

Eunice and Oliver had a large family of thirteen children, ten living to maturity. Esther Reed married a farmer named Abram Blumberg, and had four children. William Reed died in our Civil War, fighting bravely in the One Hundred and Sixty-fifth New York Regiment of Volunteers. John Dulong Reed lives with his family in Michigan. Aaron D. Reed became a physician, married Marian Hubbell, and died in Cortland County, New York, leaving two children. Lydia Reed married Peter Baljea, lives in Cortland County, and has two children. Phebe Reed is the wife of Loren Cole, a Michigan farmer. Dr. S. W. Reed is the subject of this sketch. [Smith W. Reed was born in Roxbury, June 21, 1830. He was educated in the Roxbury common schools, and in the Delaware Institute at Franklin. In the fall of 1850, when twenty years of age, he came to Margarettville, in order to study medicine with his elder brother Aaron, and subsequently received a diploma at the Vermont Medical College in 1854.] Polly Reed is married to Chapman Grinnell, a Tompkins County farmer. Orin C. Reed married Mary Ann Russell, and was killed in the Civil War, leaving one child. Sherman S. Reed married Miss Fanny Pierce, and lived in Tioga County.

Eunice and William's son Orrin C. Reed (1834 - 1865) was killed

Eunice and William’s son Orrin C. Reed died Mar 29 1865 in the Appomattox Campaign, the final battles of the Civil War

Orrin (b. 15 Oct 1834 Roxbury, Delaware, New York – 30 Mar 1865 Virginia) enlisted as a Private in Company G, 185th Infantry Regiment New York on 19 Sep 1864. Killed Company G, 185th Infantry Regiment New York on 29 Mar 1865 at Quaker Road, VA. Also known as The Battle of Lewis’s Farm, it was the opening of the Appomattox Campaign, in which Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s army was dislodged from their besieged lines around Petersburg, Virginia, and began a retreat that would lead them to surrender at Appomattox Court House. There were 381 Union casualties that day.

iii. Robert France DeLong b. 6 Mar 1808 Roxbury, Delaware, NY

6. Daniel DeLong

“Daniel; in Kingston, Ulster Co., NY in 1790 at 1-0-1 and between Patrick McDonald and William Van Gaasbeck.” [Doherty, The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, IV, 171; X57]

7. James DeLong

James’ wife Hannah Jacoby was born in 1771 Columbia, New York.  Her parents were xx.  Hannah died in 1797 in Prattsville, Greene, NY.

James and presumably Hannah moved to Steuben County NY by 1810.

A James DeLong was a Captain in the War of 1812.

Children of James and Hannah

i. Asa Delong

ii. Betsey Delong

iii. Catherine Delong

iv. John Delong b. 1801 in Steuben County, New York; m. Steuben, New York to Delany “Laney, Lena” Rarick (b. 7 Feb 1796 – Dutchess, New York) Delany’s parents were Wilhelm “William” Rarick (Rohrig Rorich Rohrich Roerich ) (1754 – 1830) and Charity (Gertchen, Gertruym, or Gertrude) Dorbusch (Terbusch, Bush, Busch, Tarbush, Terbush, or Fer Bush) 1760 – 1830 John and Lena had nine children born between 1821 and 1841 in Wayne, Steuben, New York.

In the 1850 census, John and Delany were living in Wayne, Steuben, New York where John was a mason.

v. Samuel DeLong

vi. Henry DeLong

vii. Martinus DeLong

viii. William DeLong









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  6. Helen Cronk Hill says:

    I am not sure that your info that follows Rachel DeLong’s indentureship papers is correct. Yes, she is the daughter of Marcus, however she was not born in Germany nor did she die in Michigan. She was my 2nd great grandmother. She married Caleb Hastings and they had a daugher(last of 7 children) by the name of Eliza Jeanette Hastings. She married John Jay Cronk. This is where my direct line ties into this line. Would be more than willing to discuss this further if you would like to. Thanks!

    • markeminer says:

      Hi Helen,

      Looks like there were at least a couple Rachel DeLongs in Roxbury, Delaware, New York in the early 19th C. The older Rachel married Robert Patterson before your 2nd grandmother was born, I’ve updated the citation for clarity.


    • Joann Bonnville says:

      Hi, Helen!
      Rachel DeLong Hastings was my 3rd great grandmother. Would be interested in any info you might have on her side of the family. Thanks! Joann

  7. Helen Cronk Hill says:

    Joann Bonnville, please contact me at my email…ladyh355@yahoo.com. I would love to chat with you more about Rachel DeLong Hastings and what I know. Maybe we could exchange info?? Have a great one.
    Helen Cronk HIll

  8. archinomic says:

    Thanks for the research on the DeLange/DeLong and Scherer / Shear families.

    I come into this story via — Stephen SHEAR (1797-1884), son of Peter SHEAR (b: 1757) who married first Mary ENGINES (1750-1795) , then married second Rachel LOSEE DeLONG, who had married (m: 1778, Hopewell, Dutchess) first Jonas DeLONG (b:1757) the son of your Jacobus DeLANGE 1720) — and yes I have Elizabeth as a SCHERER, but I’ll rework my research based on your assumption that she was a BUCK.


    btw — Stephen was signatory to the Declaration of Sentiments, 1st Women’s Conference, Seneca Falls, NY 1848 — I’m interesested in whatever you have on SCHERER and SHEAR.


    pre-reading your post, I have / had :

    Johannes Theobald SCHERER 27 Apr 1718 Pachquee (Poughquag), Dutchess
    + Liesabeth LEICHT BEF 26 Jun 1722 Tarrytown, Westchester, NY
    Elisabetha SCHERER 2 May 1742 in ,, NY
    Justina SCHERER 1 Dec 1743 in ,, NY
    Johannes Leicht SCHERER 25 Aug 1745 in ,, NY
    Sarah SCHERER 5 Sep 1747 in of Beekman Twp, Dutchess, NY
    Abraham SCHERER 8 Apr 1749 in ,, NY
    Israel SCHERER 9 Mar 1750/1751 in ,, NY
    Eva SCHERER 21 Feb 1753 in ,, NY
    Elisabeth SCHERER 13 Mar 1754 in ,, New York, now USA
    Henry SCHERER 17 Jan 1755 in ,, NY
    Peter SHEAR 2 Dec 1757,, NY-(1st)1778 (2nd 1795)-????
    +1st Mary EIGHINES (ABT 1750-BEF 1795-BEF 1795)

    Jacobus de LONG (12 Oct 1720 ,Ulster,NY-1748 NY – ????)
    + Elizabeth SCHERER (ABT 1724 NY-????-????) sister of Johannes Theobald SCHERER (Jr) (27 Apr 1718), daughter of Johannes Theobald SCHERER (Sr.) (1689-????-????)
    Martin de LONG b: 11 Apr 1749 in ,, NY
    Jonas de LONG (ABT 1757 NY – m: 1778 Hopewell – BEF 1795)
    + Rachel LOSEE (b: 1758-m: 1778 Hopewell, Dutchess – ????)
    Child #1
    Child #2
    Child #3
    John de LONG b: 15 Oct 1763 in ,, NY
    Thomas de LONG b: 1760/1770 in ,, NY
    Daniel de LONG b: 1760/1770 in ,, NY
    James de LONG b: 1771 in ,, NY

    (Peter SHEAR continued)

    Frans LOSEE
    + Sarah BROWN
    +2nd Rachel LOSEE DeLONG (9 Apr 1758 in Hopewell, Rumbout, Dutchess, NY – ABT 1795-BEF 1796 , Albany, NY-AFT 1797)
    Peter Shear b: 7 May 1796 NY
    Stephen Byron SHEAR b: 11 Oct 1797 Coeymans, Albany, NY
    + Gertruy TEN EYCK

    • markeminer says:


      Thanks for your information. I did see before that some sources say that Elizabeth was the daughter of Johannes Scherer and Elizabeth Leight. While they were a frequent baptism sponsor in the area, they didn’t marry until 15 Sep 1741. Do you have more info on them?

      Jacobus DeLong’s son Thomas is my ancestor. I found his wife’s headstone in Central Chapel Cemetery, Caroline, Tompkins, NY on Memorial Day 2012, the day after my son graduated from nearby Cornell. She might have been a Borden, but I can’t find any more about her parents.

      I will study your info later, back to work.



  9. Diane DeLong Ipsen says:

    I have just read all of the above with interest, being a DeLong. I believe I’m descended from Henry DeLong, son of James and Hannah, as the Pedigree coincides with other info I have. However that info had Henry as the land grant recipient (in Michigan) due to participation in War of 1812 and here I see it was his father James. Could Henry have inherited this land? Henry relocated to Michigan in mid 1830’s. My information has him marrying an Ojibwa Indian named Mary in NY. She was raised in a Catholic Mission supposedly and taught Henry to read and write and they had 6 children, their firstborn William DeLong (b. 1821) being my great great grandfather. It is unclear if Mary ever moved to Michigan and Henry remarried and had 4 more children. All pretty much stayed in southern Michigan, namely Arlington Twp in Van Buren County. I grew up in Michigan, a DeLong. My grandfather was John Irving DeLong, son of Arthur DeLong who was son of William. Would love to connect with anyone having information.

  10. Philip D Mann says:

    I’m confused. Can you help? I’m confused about Hannah Jacoby DeLong, wife of James. How can she have died in Prattsville in 1797 and then moved on to Steuben County, New York by 1810?
    I’m assuming there is an error here. Please enlighten me!
    Phil Mann, Keuka Park, New York
    (I’m at least a Jacoby descendant, and possibly a DeLong descendant as well)

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