John Wing III

John WING III (1655 – 1683) was Alex’s 8th Great Grandfather; one of 512 in this generation of the Shaw line.

John Wing III was born 16 Nov 1655 in Yarmouth, Plymouth Colony.  His parents were John WING(E) (II) and Elizabeth DILLINGHAM. He married Mary DILLINGHAM at Yarmouth, Plymouth Colony circa 1677.  John died at Sandwich, Yarmouth, Plymouth Colony, before 9 June 1683 when he was only 28 years old.

Mary Dillingham was born 23 Dec 1653 in Sandwich, Barnstable, Mass. Her parents were Henry DILLINGHAM and Hannah PERRY. Mary died Aug 1702 in Sandwich, Barnstable, Mass

Children of John and Mary:

Name Born Married Departed
1. [poss.] Hannah Wing c. 1678
Yarmouth, Mass
Moses Barlow
23 Mar 1696
Rochester, Barnstable, MA
Her body was interred at Rochester, Plymouth, MA
2. John WING IV c. 1681
Harwich, Mass
Rebecca FREEMAN Vickerie
24 Jul 1723 in Harwich, Mass
12 Jun 1758
Brewster, Barnstable, Mass

John Wing of Sandwich Mass and his Descendants 1881

JOHN, son of John and Elizabeth Wing , married Mary ,and died about the year 1683. His widow, with the assistance of Jonathan Bangs, (whose son James married Bethia Wing in 1735-6), settled up his estate, the inventory of which was taken June 9. 1683 They left but one child whose name was John.


1. Hannah Wing

Hannah’s husband Moses Barlow was born about 1665 in Sandwich, Barnstable, Mass. His parents were George Barlow (1640 – 1684) and Mary Vincent Stetson (1642 –  ). He first married in 1691 to Mary Dexter. Moses died after 2 Apr 1736 in Rochester, Plymouth, Mass.

Mary Dexter was born 11 Aug 1649 Gloucester, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Thomas Dexter (1620 – 1686) and Mary Vincent (1630 – 1714) She first married in 1688 in Gloucester to Daniel Allen (1665 – ) and had one son Joseph Allen (1690 – ). Moses and Mary had two children: Mary ( – 1695) and Ebenezer (1692 – 1754)

Children of Hannah and Moses

iii. Anne Barlow b. 23 Mar 1699 Rochester, Plymouth, Mass.; d. 11 Jan 1778 in Rochester; Burial: Friends Cemetery, Mattapoisett, Plymouth, Mass.; m1. 1726 Rochester to Samuel Sprague (b. 23 Jun 1704 Duxbury, Plymouth, Mass. – d. 21 Jun 1727 Rochester); Samuel’s parents were Samuel Sprague (1672 – 1740) and Ruth Alden (1674 – 1758). Anne and Samuel had one child: Susanna Sprague (1727 – 1821).

m2. 5 Jan 1728 Rochester to Samuel Wing (b. 12 Nov 1704 in Rochester – d. 4 Mar 1773 in Rochester; Burial: Friends Cemetery, Mattapoisett, Plymouth, Mass.) Samuel’s parents were John B Wing (1656 – 1717) and Martha Spooner (1658 – 1714) Hannah and Samuel had seven children born between 1729 and 1740.

Samuel was a farmer in Rochester, where he was town-clerk for most of the time from 1729 to 1750, selectman’for more than twelve years, town-treasurer in 1732, and a representative in the Legislature in 1746, 1748, 1751, and 1758.

iv. Deacon Joseph Barlow b. 12 Feb 1702 Rochester, Plymouth, Mass. – d. 29 Jan 1797 Hardwick, Worcester, Mass.; m. 23 Jul 1732 Rochester to Abigail Wiatt (Wyatt) (b. 26 Sep 1707 Rochester – d. 29 Jan 1793 Hardwick) Abigail’s parents were William Wiatt (1665 – 1711) and Elizabeth [__?__] (1690 – ), Joseph and Abigail had eight children born between 1833 and 1850.

v. Mary Barlow b. 9 Feb 1704 Rochester, Plymouth, Mass; d. Nov 1746 Rochester; m. 18 Jun 1728 Rochester to Barzillai Hammond (b. 09 Mar 1706 in Rochester – d. 1779 in Rochester) Barzillai’s parents were Benjamin Hammond II 1673 – 1747) and Elizabeth Hunnewell (1673 – 1747) Mary and Barzillai had ten children  born between 1726 and 1750.

Barzillai Hammond, fourth son of Benjamin 2d [Benjamin, William], sometimes referred to as the ” Wizard,” was a farmer, and lived near the southwesterly part of the late Hiram Hammond farm, Mattapoisett Neck. He was a Selectman and Assessor for Rochester for several years.

Barzillai (barzillay) was a Gileadite of Rogelim who brought provisions to David and his army to Mahanaim, in their flight from Absalom (2 Samuel 17:27-29). When David was returning to Jerusalem after Absalom’s defeat, Barzillai conducted him over Jordan, but being an old man of 80 years of age, he declined David’s invitation to come to live in the capital, and sent instead his son Chimham (2 Samuel 19:31-39). David before his death charged Solomon to “show kindness unto the sons of Barzillai.” (1 Kings 2:7).

vi. George Barlow b. 15 Jan 1706 Plympton, Plymouth, Mass; d. 21 Feb 1775  Rochester; Plymouth, Mass; Burial: Barlow Cemetery, Mattapoisett, Plymouth, Mass.; m.  19 Feb 1730 to Ruth Barrows (b. 13 Jun 1705 Mass. – d. 3 Apr 1776 Rochester) Ruth’s parents were   John Barrows (1667 – 1720) and   Sarah Briggs Barrows (1675 – 1727)

2. John WING IV (See his page)


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