Abell Huse

Abell HUSE (1602 – 1690) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather, one of 2,048  in this generation of the Shaw line and one of 2,048  in the Miller line.  (See his grandson Thomas BROWNE for details of the double ancestors)

Immigrant Ancestor

Abell Huse was born about 1602 in Wiltshire, England.  His parents were Abell HUSE and [__?__].  He married first Eleanor (Elinor/Elnor) Bird on 5 Jul 1635 in Salisbury St. Edmund Parish.  Eleanor died 27 Mar 1663.  He married Mary HILTON on 25 May 1663 in Newbury, Mass.   Abel died on 29 Mar 1690 in Newbury Mass.

Elinor Bird was born in 1602 in London, London, England. Elinor died 27 Mar 1662 in Newbury, Essex, Mass.

Mary Hilton was born in 1635 in Newbury Mass.  Her parents were William HILTON and Sarah GREENLEAF.   Before she married Abel, Mary had two children with Thomas Sears whom she married  on 11 Dec 1656 in Newbury Mass.  Mary died in 1714 in Newbury, Mass.

Thomas Sears was born in 1615 in Cheshire, England.

Children of Mary and Thomas Sears

Name Born Married Departed
A. Mary Sears 30 OCT 1659 Salisbury, Mass. James Carr
14 Nov 1677 – Newbury, Essex, Mass
27 Feb 1741 Newbury, Essex, Mass
B. Rebecca Sears 5 NOV 1661 Newbury, Mass Jacob Garland
17 Jun 1682 – Essex, Mass
1731 – New Hampshire


Children of Abel and Mary:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Ruth HUSE 25 Feb 1663/64 in Newbury John BROWNE
27 Aug 1683
1697 Newbury
2. Abel Huse 19 FEB 1664/65 Newbury Judith Emery
11 MAR 1758 Newbury
3. Thomas Hughes 9 Aug 1666
Ann Webster
7 NOV 1733 or 1734 Newbury
4. William Huse 12 OCT 1667 Newbury Ann Russell
17 AUG 1699 Boston, Mass
5. Sarah Huse 8 DEC 1668
6. John Huse 20 JUN 1670
7. Amy Huse 8 SEP 1673

Huse can also be spelled Hewes and Hughes.

Abell’s name appears on the proprietor’s book of records, folio forty-four. The record is dated December 1642 and is the first known list of the first Settlers of Newbury.

Abell Huse’s name is included on the Newbury Settlers Monument

Abell was about 70 years old when his last child was born.

Many people think that the father of Mary HILTON Downer Sears Huse was William HILTON.  But she may have been too young to be the daughter of William Hilton Sr. and too old to be the daughter of William Hilton Jr,.  Her parentage remains a mystery.” citation: The Great Migration Begins, Vol 2, pg 955.

In this same volume of Great Migrations, on page 947, we are introduced to Edward Hilton, fish monger from Dover, England. His child list by his first marriage to [__?__] contains 6 children with b. dates from 1629 to about 1642. There is a gap from abt 1633 to 1640. Wife [__?__] dies after about 1642. He marries (2) Katherine Shapleigh, widow of James Treworgy. Some say that she was born about 1599 and didn’t give Edward any further children. She already had a large family by Mr. Treworgy.

QUESTION: Does anyone have evidence that Edward  Hilton and [__?__] gave birth to Mary Hilton in the time gap provided in the child list?


1. Ruth HUSE (See John BROWNE ‘s page)

2. Abel Huse

Abel’s wife Judith Emery was born 5 Feb 1672 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. Her parents were John Emery and Mary Webster. Judith died 24 Apr 1753 in Newbury, Essex, Mass.

Abel and Judith Huse Gravestones — Sawyer’s Hill Burying Ground, Newburyport, Essex, Mass

3. Thomas Hughes

Thomas’ wife Ann Webster was born 2 Jul 1672 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Israel Webster and Elizabeth Lunt. Ann died 2 Apr 1737 in Newbury, Essex, Mass

4. William Huse

William’s wife Ann Russell was born about 1673 in Essex, Mass. Ann died 02 June 1733 in Mass.


The descendants of Abel Huse of Newbury (1602-1690) by Harry Pinckney Huse

1) “Phillimore’s Parish” marriage registers
(2) Searchable website for the above:http://www.familyrelatives.com/search/search_parishrecords.p

Full record via the above:

Groom’s Name: Abell Huse
Date of Marriage: 5 July 1635
Bride’s Name: Elnor Bird
County: Wiltshire
Parish: Salisbury St. Edmund


The Old Families of Salisbury Mass

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13 Responses to Abell Huse

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  4. Mark Hughes says:


    I’m on the hunt myself for the ancestors of Abel Huse (1602-1690), and can tell you from research done just today that his first wife (Eleanor or, by parish marriage record, “Elnor”) were married on July 5, 1635 and her maiden name was “Bird.”


    (1) “Phillimore’s Parish” marriage registers
    (2) Searchable website for the above: http://www.familyrelatives.com/search/search_parishrecords.p

    Full record via the above:

    Groom’s Name: Abell Huse
    Date of Marriage: 5 July 1635
    Bride’s Name: Elnor Bird
    County: Wiltshire
    Parish: Salisbury St. Edmund

    Can you tell me where you were able to obtain the name of Abel’s father (apparently, also ‘Abel’)…?



    • markeminer says:

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your comments, I’ve added Bird and Ebenezer. My grandmother’s name was Eleanor. It’s interesting that they spelled it Elnor in the old days.

      I got Abel Huse’s father’s name from Steve Condarcure’s Genealogy Data Base. This database has been very helpful in filling in lots of ancestors quickly and I’ve found it to be correct more than 90% of the time, but it doesn’t include any footnotes or links to original documents.

      My other information comes from The old families of Salisbury and Amesbury, Massachusetts: By David Webster Hoyt

      What do you think is the meaning of the alias Downer in this quote “Mary Hilton “alias Downer” [wid. of Thomas Sears]

      This source had Abel being born about 1603 which would make him over 70 years old when his last child was born. Condarcure’s DB has 1615 which is still old to be having more kids.

  5. Mark Hughes says:

    Another key reference (and the name of Abel Huse’s eighth child, Ebenezer, a daughter):




  6. Mark Hughes says:

    Thanks for the information…I much appreciate it.

    My best guess on the “Downer” alias is that it is a corruption of the term “dowager” or “dower”…i.e., widow (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dowager). Just my intuition. She was unmarried for just two years after Thomas Sears’ death before marrying Abell, so I don’t think she had another marriage to account for.

    Based on claims of his age being 88 at his death, I think that 1602 or possibly even 1600 are the best years for Abell Hughes’ birth-date. By the way, “Abell” is the most correct spelling in terms of how he referenced his own name. I think the good Rear Admiral Harry Huse couldn’t resist ‘fixing’ it in his genealogy book (“Descendants of Abel Huse of Newbury.” Doesn’t help much that Abell’s name was spelled “Abel” as well on this plaque in Newbury(port), Massachusetts: http://newbury.essexcountyma.net/frstsetl.htm

    My notes on this point (“Abell”) follow below. For any who may be interested when reading this post in the future, here is my lineage as documented by researcher and extended family member Judy Davison:

    Abel Huse, b: about 1602 in London, England
    Thomas Huse, b: 9 Aug 1666 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
    Israel Huse b: 23 Oct 1693 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
    Bodwell Huse b: 6 Mar 1741 in Kingston, Rockingham, New Hampshire
    Israel Hues b: Bet 1765 and 1770 in New Haven Co., Connecticut
    Ira Hues b: 22 Feb 1796 in Durham, Albany, New York
    Hiram Hughes b: 14 Dec 1828 in Durham, Greene, New York
    John Wesley Hughes b: 9 Sep 1874 in Missouri
    Kelly Walton Hughes b: June 16, 1906; Mercer County, Missouri
    Wayne Walton Hughes b: June 14, 1931; Cainsville, Harrison County, Missouri




    Putting the spelling of Abell’s name to rest:

    Here’s the page in “Wiltshire Parish Registers” that lists Abell’s and Elnor’s marriage: http://bit.ly/c3y5MY


    The “Oath of Alegeance” taken by various residents in New England at Newbury, MA in 1678 included “Abell Huse” who was noted as being 74 years of age:



    His marriage in 1663 to Mary is also recorded with the double-L ‘brand’: http://dunhamwilcox.net/ma/newburyd44.htm


    “Abell Huse” also sat on a Grand Jury in 1651: http://bit.ly/aVdFJO

    And “Abell” also sat on a jury previously, in 1647:


    The “History of Newbury, Mass., 1635-1902” also listed “Abell” as being part of “Capt. Hugh March and his Snow shoo men” (don’t ask me…): http://bit.ly/aF31gW


    Abell’s witnessing a probate record: http://bit.ly/cNHYXZ


    “Abell” was a selectman of Newbury as well. In this link, he joined others in requesting that a fine be waived in the case of a fellow convicted of “entertaining Quakers”: http://genwiz.genealogenie.net/emery/john-anthony/one/emery1


    “Abell Huse” son, Thomas, birth in 1666: http://bit.ly/alwPhK


    The birth of Amy, daughter of “Abell” in 1673: http://bit.ly/dh1WrN

  7. Mark Hughes says:

    P.S. Here’s a direct and no-cost link for the Abell and Elnor Huse marriage record in “Phillimore’s” parish marriage registers, a series of books published in the late 19th and early 20th centuries that catalogues British marriages. The editor of the books (“WPW”) is William Phillimore Watts.


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  9. Mark Hughes says:

    We now have a photograph of the original marriage record (July 5, 1635) of Abell Huse and Elnor Bird. Let me know if you’d like a copy.

    – Mark Hughes
    Austin, Texas

  10. This Huse coat of arms is copyright of http://www.4crests.com. Please remove it, or at least add a link to our website and remove any advertising to outside companies, such as Ancestry.com…. This amounts to you using my images to collect ad dollars for yourself. Please cease and desist. You have quite a huge number of my graphics on your site at minerdescent.com

    Mike Kennaugh

    • markeminer says:

      Coat of Arms removed. In reality, Abell Huse was not part of the gentry and did not have a coat of arms when he came to America.

      • Brian Huse says:

        Umm if it is my family’s coat of arms isn’t it our property? When I seen your last name sir it didn’t say HUSE anywhere in it. How can you copyright our stuff unless it’s a fake? Which would be false advertising and grounds for a class action lawsuit.

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