John Northend

John NORTHEND (1584 – 1625) was Alex’s 11th Great Grandfather; one of 4,096 in this generation of the Shaw line.

John Northend was born 1584 in Little Weighton, East Riding of Yorkshire, England. His parents were John NORTHEND and Alice [__?___]. He married Elizabeth COLE 13 Apr 1605 in Rowley, East Riding of Yorkshire, England. John died 19 Nov 1625 in Hunsley (Either High Hunsley or Low Hunsley, East Riding, Yorkshire, England.

Elizabeth Cole was born 1588 in Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England. Her parents were Anthony COLE and Ann [__?___]. Elizabeth died 1653 in England

Children of  John and Elizabeth:

Name Born Married Departed
1. John Northend 1607
Riplingham, Rowley, Yorkshire, England
 Jane [__?__]
1629 in Rowley, Yorkshire, England
6 Feb 1665 Rowley, Yorkshire, England
2. Anthony Northend 1612
Riplingham, England
12 Apr 1698 Beverley, Yorkshire, England
3. Mary Northend 1613
Riplingham, England
26 Apr 1620 Rowley, Yorkshire, England
4. Alice Northend 1615
Rowley, England
Richard Holmes 14 Feb 1686 Rowley, Yorkshire, England
5. Elizabeth NORTHEND 1618
Riplingham, England
1639 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.
 17 Nov 1694 in Bradford, Essex, Mass.
6. Margaret Northend 1620
Riplingham, England
Sgt. John Palmer
14 May 1650 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.
20 Feb 1706 Rowley, Essex, Mass
7. Ezekiel Northend 1621
Riplingham, England
Edna Halstead
1 Oct 1648 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.
7 Sep 1698 Rowley, Essex, Mass
8. Joane Northend 1624
Riplingham, England
William Stout
17 Aug 1656 in Rowley, Yorkshire, England
12 Oct 1707
Rowley, Yorkshire, England

John Northend was born in 1584 in Weighton, Yorkshire County, England.  John and Elizabeth Cole were married on 13 Apr. 1605 in Rowley, England.  John’s brother Robert was Lord of the Manor of Little Weighton.  The division into ancient parishes was linked to the manorial system, with parishes and manors often sharing the same boundaries.  Initially the manor was the principal unit of local administration and justice in the early rural economy. Eventually the church replaced the manor court as the rural administrative centre and levied a local tax on produce known as a tithe. Responsibilities such as relief of the poor passed from the Lord of the Manor to the church, although in practice it was administered by monasteries. Following the dissolution of the monasteries, the power to levy a rate to fund relief of the poor was conferred on the parish authorities by the 1601 Act for the Relief of the Poor.

Little Weighton is a village in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. It is situated approximately 5 miles  south west of Beverley town centre.  Little Weighton forms part of the civil parish of Rowley.  The village is served by a small shop (which acts as a post office), a school, a church, village hall, playing fields, Station Garage and the Black Horse pub. The 180 bus keeps Little Weighton connected to the rest of the world.  Famous residents include one time David Bowie bassist Trevor Bolder

It was Robert’s eldest son Jeremiah who accompanied his cousins to New England at the age of 12 and after 9 years returned to England. He was of Riplingham in the Parish of Rowley, County York, England.  John Northend died Nov. 19, 1625 in Hunsley, Yorkshire County, England.


1. John Northend

John’s wife Jane [__?__] was born 1610 in Rowley Ripplingham, Yorkshire, England. Jane died in England.

Among the first settlers of Stamford, CT., I find the name of John Northend, but it does not appear that he left any descendants. — Salem, January, 1874. W. D. Northend.

2. Anthony Northend

From Descendants of Ezekiel Northend of Rowley (1874): By  William Dummer Northend

Anthony Northend wrote a letter to his  brother of Ezekiel in 1678 when Anthony was 66 and Ezekiel 57 years old.  They hadn’t seen each other for 40 years and hadn’t heard from each other for many years as some of the new is over a decade old.  In 1874, the letter was in the possession of Dr. Edward R. Cogswell of Cambridge, a lineal descendant of the first Ezekiel Northend.  In the letter, Jeremiah Northend is mentioned as a cousin and an heir to property, and Christopher Northend is referred to as a grandchild of the brother of Ezekiel.  Mr. Lythe forwarded William Drummer Northend a certificate of Rev. Henry C. Hildyard, Rector of Rowley, that, “Mr. Jeremiah Northend went out with the Rev. Ezekiel ROGERS to New England in the year 1638, he being twelve years of age, he remained nine years and returned and was buried at Rowley, April 14, 1702;”‘ also that “Anthony Northend of Little Weighton was buried at Rowley on the 12th day of April, 1698.

Mr. Lythe also copied the following inscription from a marble tablet. In St. Mary’s Church, Beverley, “Here lyeth the body of Christopher Northend, Gentleman and Alderman of this Town. He departed this life Jany. 10th, A D. 1730, in the 71st year of his age. He was ye only son of John Northend of Hundley in the County of York, Gentleman.

In the early records relating to Rowley reference is made to Jeremiah Northend, who came over as a servant to William Bellingham, and Ezekiel Northend makes mention of him as his cousin. He was the person mentioned in the Rev. Mr. Hildyard’s certiticate. Anthony Northend whose death is also certitied to, was undoubtedly the writer of the letter, and Christopher Northend buried at St. Clary’s Church is the grandson referred to in Anthony’s letter. In the history of Beverley it appears that Christopher Northend, Attorney, was Mayor of Beverley in 1714 and 1719.

Mr. Lythe further states that the family in the past were large land owners, that they possessed all Weeton Parva and Hunsley. and owned land in Riplingham, Rowley and Cottingham. and that they were lords of the Manor of Weeton Parva (Weighton) and Hunsley.

Mr. John N. Bradbury, in the October number, 1870. of the “New England Historical and Genealogical Register,” page 189, states that John Northend and Edward Northend were witnesses to the will of “William Wiglesworth of Shipden, parish of Halifax, Yorkshire, which will is dated October 16, 1590. These are the only references I have to the family name in England, and I give them in the hope that they may be of use to any person who may wish hereafter to ascertain more of the family history there.

The letter of Anthony Northend before referred to is directed, “ffor his louinge kind Brother Ezekiell Northend att Rowley in New England,” and is as follows :

Louinge Brother: — After my loue remembed vnto you; I was at Bentley that day yoe letter came to my sister Stoute hande which was very welcome news to us both to hear that you & your wife my Sisters & their husbands were alive with all your Children, which are a great family (Blessed be God for it). It is our happiness that we cannot be severed from the Lorde wherever we be. if our sinnes make not a separation. God is the God of one land and of another, & can be an all-sufficient portion to his people in all places. Good Brother let us labour to be found in Christ & to be clothed with his righhteousnesse that soe we may appear before him in glory (that if God’s providence soe order it) that we neuer meet in this world we may meet before him when we shall neuer be seperated more:

my Brother John & his eldest Sonne John are dead about thirteene years agoe, my sifter Jane Northend with her two sonues Nathaniel & Richard & her daughter ffrances with her grandchild Christopher Northend my nephew John’s sonue desire to be remembered to you these  are my Brother Johns whole family and are all unmarried, my brother William Stoute & my sister Joana Stoute have three children one sonne William and two daughters Elizabeth & Mary, my vnckle Northend and his sonnes are all dead, only my cousen Jeremiah maried and [__?__] not living,

my cousen Jeremiah hath now gotten my unckle Northends whole estate in lands & is sole heir thereunto, he had a very good wife & a sonne John by name which are both dead & he is newly married againe, he told me he would write two or three lines to you I must breake of,  we are in health att present, my sister Jane Northend & hers, my Brother & sister Stoute & theirs, my cousen Jeremiah Northend &. his two sisters, my cousen Niokolas Johnson & his sister Jane Thorpe desire remembered to you, remember vs to all our freuds with you I must leave you. the Lord keepe you.

farewell. yor truly louing Brother
Anthony Northend
Beverley 1678

my sister Joana & I desire you to let vs hear from you when opportunity will permitt. I am very lame with wounds that I haue formerly gotten in the warre that I can scarcely write, but I must wait healing come which will not be in this life. The lord fit us for our departure hence. Yalecmy sister Northend & her children live all at Hunsley.

Anthony Northend was probably a soldier in Cromwell’s army.

5. Elizabeth NORTHEND (See Francis PARRATT‘s page)

6. Margaret Northend

Margaret’s husband John Palmer was born about 1623 in England.  He came to Rowley in the early days and was in Rowley by 1643 when he was said to be a carpenter by trade and became a proprietor in Rowley by that year.  He first married 17 Sep 1645 in Rowley, Mass. to Ruth Acy (b ca. 1620 in England – d. 1649 in Rowley, Mass)   After Ruth died giving birth to their second child, he married 14 May 1650 in Rowley to Margaret Northend (1624 – 1704).  Sgt. John Palmer died in Rowley on 17 Jun 1695 Age: 72

Another early Rowley Margaret Palmer married our ancestor Leonard HARRIMAN about 1649 in Rowley, Mass.  We think Margaret Palmer was born in 1626 , 1628 or 1632 in Rowley, East Riding Yorkshire, England, but we don’t have details about her parents   Margaret died 22 Oct 1676 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts.

Margaret’s  father is unknown, but maybe she was John’s brother.  The Thomas Palmer who died in Rowley 2 Aug 1669 is not her father because he was born about 1623 and did not marry Ann Bailey/Wheeler until Jun 1643.  However, some reports say he was born before 1600. Perhaps he married Ann in middle age or perhaps he is related as he also comes from Yorkshire.

This Margaret Northend Palmer had a  daughter Sarah, born 13 Nov 1661 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.  Sarah married Leonard HARRIMAN ‘s son Jonathan Harriman about 1685.

7. Ezekiel Northend

Ezekiel’s wife Edna Halstead was born 1624 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England. Her parents were Nathan Halstead and Isabel Denton. She first married 1645 in Rowley, Essex, Mass to Richard Bailey (b. 21 Aug 1614 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England – d.16 Feb 1648 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.) Edna died 3 Feb 1705 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.

Ezekiel Northend, the first of the name and family in this country, settled in Rowley, Massachusetts, a few years after its first settlement by Rev. Ezekiel Rogers and his associates in 1630. Mr. Rogers, with about twenty of the families of his company, came from Rowley, in the East Riding of Yorkshire. England, and the place was named after their old home.

Rowley in England is a parish comprising 6,450 acres of land, subdivided into the so-called townships of Rowley, Bentley, Hunsley, Weeton Parva, Riplingham and Risby. and extending from the Borough of Beverley southwesterly abont seven miles toward the river Humber. Its population in 1840 was 451. Beverley Borough is subdivided into St. Martin, St. Mary, and St. Nicholas parishes, and had a population in 1840 of 7,432.

Ezekiel Northend of Rowley, born probably in Hunsley or Weeton Parva, in Rowley, Yorkshire, in England, 1022; married Edna, widow of Richard Bailey, whose maiden name was Halstead, at Rowley, December 1, 1048. She was born probably in Halifax Parish, West Riding, of Yorkshire. He died at Rowley, September 7. 1698; she d. February 3, 1700. In 1677 he owned four freeholds, and in 1691 paid the highest tax in Rowley, £10, at which time he is styled corporal.

He was a prominent man in the town, on many comnittees, and was Selectman in 1662, 1669, and 1691, and probably other years, of which the record is lost. He gave to each of his daughters from one hundred to one hundred and fifty acres of land upon their marriage. His will is dated February 8th, 1698, in which he appoints his wife Edna executrix, and disposes of his property as follows : —

“Item : To my Well Beloved Wife I ffreely Bestow vpon her for her Comfort During her naturall Life the Improvment of my whole estate both Reall and Personall onely what I before promised to my son Ezekiel upon his marriage.

Item to my onely son Ezekiell I ffreely Conrirrae to him one halfe of my housing & Lands and meddows which I promised to him vpon his marriage, also a parcell of Land liing i being Situate within the Bounds of Rowley Towne near Dunkin Stewards house, that whole parcell of Land bee it more or Less (on both sides the hye way to Bradford) the sd Land will more fully appeare by the Towne Records : the above sd Lands to my son Ezekiell to bee in his actuall possesion at the present.

The Remainder of my Housing & Lands & priveledges that I have before appointed my Wife to have the Improvment of During her Naturall Life together with whatsoever personall estate I have left in the hands of Edna my wife for her Comfortable supply whiles shee lives, I ffreely Will i Give vnto my sou Ezekiel after my Wifes Decease to bee immediately in his possesion i Dispose for ever onely paying to his Three Sisters Edna Sticknee Elisabeth Gage &. Sarah Hale to them or their heires each Sixty pounds in Currant pay or fforty pounds to each of them in money within six years after the Decease of Edna my Wife : which of the above sd sums whether money or pay my son Ezekiell shall see good to pay

It. to my Three Daughters Edna Sticknee, Elisabeth Gage & Sarah Hale I have before paid to them Two Hundred pounds to each of them this with what I have above appointed my son Ezekiel to pay is their full prportion of my estate.”

8. Joane Northend

Joane’s husband William Stout was born 1624 in Rowley East Riding, Yorkshire, England


Descendants of Ezekiel Northend of Rowley (1874)  By  William Dummer Northend, (1823-1902)

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