Leonard Harriman

Leonard HARRIMAN (1622 – 1691) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather; one of 2,048 in this generation of the Miller line.

Leonard Harriman – Coat of Arms

Leonard Harriman was born in 1622 in Rowley, York, England.   He married Margaret PALMER about 1649 in Rowley, Mass.  Leonard died on 6 May 1691 in Rowley, Mass.


Margaret Palmer was born in 1626 , 1628 or 1632 in Rowley, East Riding Yorkshire, England.    Margaret died 22 Oct 1676 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts.

Margaret’s  father is unknown.  The Thomas Palmer who died in Rowley 2 Aug 1669 is not her father because he was born about 1623 and did not marry Ann Bailey/Wheeler until Jun 1643.  However, some reports say he was born before 1600. Perhaps he married Ann in middle age or perhaps he is related as he also comes from Yorkshire.

Another Palmer came to Rowley in the early days.  John Palmer was in Rowley by 1643 when he was said to be a carpenter by trade and became a proprietor in Rowley by that year.  His origins are not known, but he was made freeman in Boston 2 Apr 1640.  John married Ruth Ayce  17 Sep 1645 in Rowley.  After Ruth died giving birth to their second child, he married 14 May 1650 in Rowley to Margaret Northend (1624 – 1704), daughter of our ancestor JOHN NORTHEND.  Sgt. John Palmer died in Rowley on 17 Jun 1695 Age: 72

Children of Leonard and Margaret:

Name Born Married Departed
1. John Harriman 16 May 1650 Rowley, Mass Unmarried 18 Sep 1675
Killed at Bloody Brook
2. Matthew Harriman 16 Aug 1652 Rowley Elizabeth Swan
22 Dec 1673 Haverhill, Mass
Mary Cadle, c. 1716
Aft. 1722
Haverhill, Mass
3. Hannah HARRIMAN 22 May 1655 in Rowley, Mass. Caleb BOYNTON
26 May 1674
19 Feb 1726 in Rowley
4. Jonathan Harriman 5 Dec 1657 Rowley Sarah Palmer
c. 1685
Margaret Elithorpe
19 Aug 1691 Rowley
15 Feb 1742 in Rowley
5. Mary Harriman c. 1659 Rowley Samuel Cooper
25 JUN 1691 Rowley
7 Oct 1732 Rowley

Perhaps this Thomas Palmer is Margaret’s brother.
Thomas Palmer, born 1620 in (York) England; died 02 Aug 1669 in Rowley (Essex) MA. He married Ann [__?__]  Jun 1643 in Rowley (Essex) MA.
Children of Thomas and Ann Palmer:

i. Samuel Palmer
ii. Margaret Palmer
iii. Timothy Palmer
iv. Thomas Palmer

Some say  brothers, Leonard and John Harriman, were the pioneer immigrants of that surname in New England. Leonard is the ancestor of most of the Harrimans of Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, and John of those of Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.  I’m not so sure they were brothers as Leonard was part of the Rowley, Yorkshire group that immigrated under the guidance of Rev. Ezekiel ROGERS. while John’s origins are recorded to be Uldale, Cumberland, England, 160 miles away.

John Harriman settled in what is now New Haven, CT and died in 1681. He took the “oath of fidelity,” July 1644, and received the “charge of freeman,” April. In his will he calls himself “stricken in years.” and only one son.  “His son’s name was John, born 1647, graduated Harvard College, 1667. He was a minister, and preached twenty years in New Haven and vicinity. He removed to Elizabethtown, N. J., and was settled over the
church there, until his death in 1704.

Leonard being sixteen years of age and his brother John came to America in 1640 with twenty or thirty families under the guidance of Rev. Ezekiel ROGERS. These colonists were a Godly people and shared their property in common for about five years. Leonard was admitted freeman of Rowley in 1647. In the same year he bought of John Todd the house lot laid out to John Spofford on Bradford street, now corner of Bradford and Common streets. He was a farmer and mechanic, being a maker of looms. His shop is supposed to have been on the nearby brook and to have been operated by water power. On an ancient tax list of a date before 1664, he is recorded as taxed eight shillings nine pence. His will, dated May 12, 1691, was proved Sept. 24, 1691.

His name appears of record in Rowley before 1649. He bought, in 1667, of John Todd the house lot laid out to John Spofford on Bradford Street. His wife was Margaret who was buried 22 Oct 1676. He died 6 May 1691. His will dated 12 May 1691, mentions himself as being infirm. His son Matthew to have land in in Haverhill. Also mentioned in the will is son Jonathan, daughters Hannah Boynton, and Mary Harriman, grandson Matthew, son of Matthew (Essex Probate, 304: 385)

In a Rowley survey,  made before 1647,

Certaine Divisions of Meadow laid out in the Meadow Called Crane Meadow:
To Edward HASSEN three Acres of meadow lying on the South east side of John Smithes meadow the northeast end abutting upon a pond the south west end upon the upland.
To Leonard HARRIMAN seaven Acres of meadow lying on the Southeast side of Edward Hassens meadow pt of it bought of William Hobson and pt of John Harris the east end abutting upon a brooke the west end upon the upland —
Uplands laid out at the plaine Called the Great plaine Imp
To Edward Hassen foure Acres & an halfe of upland at the plaine Called the great plaine lying next the south ffence by the Country way the east end abutting toward the fence the west end towards other.

Essex Probate Docket # 12451

In the name of God, Amen, I, Leonard Harriman of Rowley, in ye county of Essex, in New England, being infirme in body but of competent understanding as formerly doe make this my last will and testament as followeth:

Imprm, I committ my soule into ye hands of God who gave it to me and my body to decent buriall in hopes of a happy resurection through the power and strength and merits of my dear Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ.

As to my outward estate I dispose of it as followeth: To my eldest son, Matthew Harriman I give and bequeath all my lands and meadows in ye bounds of Haverhill provided he pay eight pounds which I am engaged to pay for him to Mr. Wainwright, and forty shillings in money to his sister, Mary, which if he doe not I reserve the parcell of meadow I bought of Abraham Whittichar, called spike’s meadow guieing it to my Executor hereafter named to enable him to pay the sd sum or sums, and to his son Matthew my grand child, I give my armes and amunition: to my son Jonathan Harriman I hereby confirme that which I have guien him by deed of gift upon marriage, and the new Leanto built agst his Roome and my shop and loomes and all the working geers belonging to them and all my utensills of husbandry and half my part of the hay boat. Also, I give him the other half of my lands in Rowley provided he pay to his sister Hannah Boynton within six years after my decease in corne or cattle or both the sum of thirty pounds; and to his sister, Mary Harriman the sum of thirty pounds within three yeares after my decease; and suffer sd Mary to enjoy peaceably during her liuing unmarried the end of the house next the street and two apple trees by sd end, and two more appletrees in other part of ye orchard and the garden spot before that end of ye house which if he sd Jonathan by himself or heires cause it not to be payed then my overseers here after named upon the desire of my daughters shall haue liberty to apprise so much land now giuen by will not giuen absolutely upon marriage as shall pay my sd daughters what I should have payed.

To my daughter, Hannah Boynton, I giue the sum of thirty poundes to be paid by Jonathan, her brother or lands upon non-payment as expressed.

To my daughter, mary Harriman, I give ye vse of the end of the house next the street so long as shee remaine unmarried and ye use of four appletrees as before exprest as my overseers shall set out for her use also I giue to be at her dispose emediately upon my decease two cows and such household stuff as I shall leaue and thirty pounds which Jonathan is to pay her as exprestor upon her decease before the time prefixt as shee may giue it when payable by will or deed of gift.

Also my will is and I hereby constitute my sd son Jonathan my sole executor impowering him to pay my debts and funeral charges out of the moveable estate not before bequeathed and to pay himself such necessary charge as he may be at about my will and the remainder I giue to be equally divided by my overseers betwixt my sd daughters, Hannah and Mary, within half a yeare after my decease.

Further my will is and I hereby desire my beloved friends Newhemiah Jewett and Joseph Jewett, senior, to be my overseers tosee to the fulfilling of my sd will allowing for any time about sd betrustment they expend out of my estate not withstanding whatI haue ordered Matthew to pay; upon his paying ten shillings of silver money to my executors and two thousand pine bords I acquitof the rest above mentioned: to Jonathan I giue my division in the comons near Caleb Jacksons about eleven acres in the roome ofthat I sold to Samuel Pearley that he had a share in. In witness that this is my last will and testament and that I revoke all former and other wills I have hereunto set my hand and seale this twelfth day of May Anno Dom, 1691.

Leonard Harriman [Sealed]

Signed sealed and declared to be his last will and testa-ment in presence of us

James Dickinson
John Hopkinson


Imprims, half ye house & half ye homestead & barne and shopp – 30 00 00 (pounds, shillings, pence)
It. 1/2 Hunsley hill lott and 1/2 ye acres nere it 6 acres 1/2 – 12 00 00
It. 1/2 ye 1 acre 1/2 at newplaine – 1 10 00
It. 1/2 ye oxpasture marsh, ye whole 3 acres – 7 10 00
It. 1/2 ye plowing land and ruff land at ye farme 14 acres ye whole – 14 00 00
It. 1/2 ye two acres of marsh at Oyster poynt – 05 00 00
It. 1/2 ye acre at Wicom’s spring – 03 00 00
It. 1/2 y. 2 acres at Sandy bridge – 05 00 00
It. 1/2 y. acre at stackyard – 03 00 00
It. 1/2 ye acre below Jackson’s ile – 01 00 00
It. 1/2 ye highway marsh whole about 1 acre – 02 00 00
It. 1/2 ye acre of gate marsh – 02 00 00
It. 1/2 ye marsh in partnership with Todd all about 1 acre – 02 00 00
It. 1/2 ye acre and 1/2 bought of Thomas Nelson – 03 00 00
It. 1/2 ye planting lott and pasture in Bradford street Lotts – 20 00 00
It. quick or liueing stock – 17 00 00
It. 2 feather beds & bedding furniture, linen wearing clothes chest and pewter – 22 17 00
It. armes books brass iron wooden earthern and glass vessels and household vtensills and cloth – 07 05 00
It. Loomes and tackling and implements of husbandry – 05 08 00
It. debts due ye estate – 02 04 02
Total – 172 04 02
It. debts oweing to be paid out of ye estate and funeral charges – 10 14 08 (pounds, shillings, pence)

And to prizing proving ye wil & recording – 01 00 00

The above sd apprizement made by us ye day and yeare above written as witnesses our hands.

Nathaniel Jewett
Newhemiah Jewett


1. John Harriman

John’ did NOT marry Hannah Bryan 20 NOV 1672 in Rowley.   She married another John Harriman in Connecticut on the date.  The other John Harriman was baptized 24 Jan 1647 in New Haven, CT.  His parents were John Harriman, a well-to-do inn keeper and Elizabeth [__?__].  The other John Harriman attended Harvard College, married Hannah Bryan, a daughter of Richard, of Milford, Ct., Nov. 20, 1672. She was born 1654. He was a settled pastor of the first Presbyterian church at Elizabethtown, N.J., Oct. 1, 1687. He was given a land grant of one hundred acres by the Proprietors Feb 20, 1693.

Our John was killed at the Battle of Bloody Brook with Captain Lathrop on 18 Sep 1675. At a given signal, hundreds of warriors, who were lying concealed all around the spot, opened fire on the convoy. Chaos followed, bullets and arrows flew from every direction. Captain Lathrop immediately fell. Of the 80 soldiers, only 7 or 8 escaped.

2. Matthew Harriman

Matthew’s wife Elizabeth Swan was born 30 Sep  1653 in Haverhill,  Mass.  Her parents were  Robert Swan, a soldier of King Philip’s war, and Elizabeth Acie , of Haverhill. Her grandfather was Richard Shaw, of Rowley, a soldier of King Philip’s war.

Matthew’s second wife Mary Cadle was born Jan 1678.

Matthew  is mentioned as building a house previous to 1675 on land the ownership of which did not entitle its owner to the rights of common. He voted on the placing of a new meeting house June, 1683, and on the moving to a new meeting house in the winter of 1698. He is mentioned as living at Fishing river in a house next that of Thomas and Hannah Dustin, which is on the east side of Little river, near Primrose street.

Children of Matthew and Elizabeth:
Matthew, Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret, Abigail, Mehitable, John, Leonard, Nathaniel, Richard and Abner

3. Hannah HARRIMAN (See Caleb BOYNTON‘s page)

4. Jonathan Harriman

Jonathan’s first wife Sarah Palmer was born 13 Nov 1661 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. Her parents were John Palmer and Margaret Northend. Her grandparents were John NORTHEND and Elizabeth COLE. Sarah died 30 Jun 1688 in Rowley, Essex, Mass

Jonathan’s second wife Margaret Elithorpe was born 24 Jul 1672 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Nathaniel Elithorpe and Mary Batt. She first married 21 Jan 1689 in Rowley, Essex, Mass to Samuel Wood (b. 26 Dec 1666 in Rowley – d. 25 Nov 1690 in Port Royal, Nova Scotia) Margaret died 25 Jan 1754 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.

The Battle of Port Royal (19 May 1690) occurred at Port Royal, the capital of French Acadia, during King William’s War (1689–1697), the first of the four French and Indian Wars. A large force of New England provincial militia arrived before Port Royal, which was surrendered without resistance not long after. The New Englanders, led by Sir William Phips, after alleging Acadian violations of the terms of surrender, plundered the town and the fort. The aftermath of the surrender was unlike any of the previous military campaigns against Acadia. The violence of the plunder alienated many of the Acadians from the New Englanders, broke their trust, and made future relations with their English-speaking neighbors more difficult.

Jonathan Harriman 1 — Source: Ancestry of Charles Stinson Pillsbury and John Sargent Pillsbury (1938)

Jonathan Harriman 2

Jonathan Harriman 3

Jonathan Harriman 4

Jonathan’s son Samuel Harriman was born 12 Nov 1705 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. He married 16 Oct 1729 in Newbury, Essex, Mas to Jane Coleman, daughter of Thomas COLEMAN II and Pheobe PEARSON

5. Mary Harriman

Mary’s husband Samuel Cooper was born in 1660 in Mass.








Ancestry of Charles Stinson Pillsbury and John Sargent Pillsbury (1938) By Holman, Mary Lovering, 1868-1947; Pillsbury, Helen Pendleton Winston, 1878-1957


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  15. Andrew Sheasby says:

    My mother was a Harriman, born Coventry u.k. 1914
    \Any info would be useful

  16. Andrew Sheasby says:

    Leonard Harriman was born Rowley East Yorkshire England in 1622
    His parents were Leonard Harriman,1550-1612 and Isabel Sheppard,1528-1569.
    Hope this helps

  17. Jess Harriman says:

    Hello Alex, I found this page completely by accident. Leonard Harriman is also my 10x great grand father. I have a quite extensive list of his desendents and I am curious as to what branch you come from.

    • ANDREW SHEASBY says:

      Jess, Again this comment arrived with me by accident. Leonard Harriman is my 9xs Gt/Grandfather on my maternal side. My mother was Florence May Harriman 1914-1995. She married my father Eric Sheasby 1911-1998, in 1939. I was born in 1947 in Coventry Warwickshire Where are you based and who is Alex? I have not sent any more until I know this gets to you. My email is :-aw.sheasby@btinternet.com. Look forward to hearing from you. Andrew Sheasby

    • ANDREW SHEASBY says:

      Jess Forgot to add, Leonard 1622-1691, father was Leonard 1591-?, also apparently marrying a Margaret Palmer or Parker, b1602. He had a brother Mathew 1583-1590. The father of this latest Leonard and Mathew was Leonard 1550-1612, who married Isabella Sheppard 1525-1569. Hope this helps, Andrew

  18. Lori says:

    I’m enjoying perusing your incredible website! WOW! It’s quite extensive! I have direct connections to Ayer, Harriman, Shatswell, Webster families listed here.
    I have a question regarding Leonard Harriman’s wife being Margaret Palmer. As per the Harriman Family Association, which I see you have cited, states in bold that Margaret Palmer was NOT the Margaret married to Leonard and that it was unknown who his wife was. Could you please address this? https://harriman-family.c13.ixsecure.com/Margaret.pdf
    Thanks so much for all your hard work on this family history–and for sharing it!

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