Maximilian Jewett Sr.

Maximilian JEWETT Sr. (1607 – 1684) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather; one of 2,048 in this generation of the Miller line.

Maximilian Jewett Coat of Arms

Maximillian Jewett was born 4 Oct 1607 in Bradford, West Riding Yorkshire, England. His parents were Edward JOWETT and Mary TAYLOR.  He immigrated on the John, departing from England, arriving 1638 in Massachusetts Bay Colony.1 He became a freeman on 13 May 1640 in Rowley.  He married Ann FIELD 13 May 1653 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. After Ann died, he married 30 Aug 1671 in Rowley, Essex, Mass to Eleanor Pell. Maximillian died 19 Oct 1684 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.

Ann Field was born 1609 in England. Her parents were [__?__]  FIELD and Ann PERSALL. Ann died 9 Nov 1667 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.

Elleanor (Ellen) Pell was born in 1623 in England.   Her parents were Joseph PELL and Elizabeth JAMES.  She immigrated in 1641 with her father Joseph Pell.  According to Blodgett and Jewett, Ellen Pell was a maid-servant of Atherton Haulgh (Hough), who was admitted to the Boston church, April 5, 1641, She married three of our ancestors!  She first married John BOYNTON 21 Feb 1642/43 in Boston.   She was dismissed from the church in Boston due to her marriage and moved to Rowley.   After John died, she married Maximilian JEWETT. Finally, she married Daniel WARNER on 1 Jun 1686 in Ipswich, Mass.  Elinor died 5 Aug 1689 in Rowley, Mass.

John Boynton was born in 1614 in Knapton, Wintringham, North Riding Yorkshire, England. His parents were William BOYNTON and Elizabeth Janet CHAMBERS.  He emigrated with his brother William in the summer of 1638, towards the end of the Great Migration with Rev. Ezekiel ROGERS and his followers on the ship “John of London” from Hull England.  He married Elinor PELL on 21 Feb 1643 in Boston, Mass. John died 18 Feb 1669/70 in Rowley, Mass.

Daniel Warner was born in Boxted, Essex, England about 1618.  His parents were William WARNER and Abigail BAKER.  Daniel sailed with his parents from London to America in 1635.  It is said by some Warner genealogists that they sailed on the ship,”Increase“ He came to Ipswich with his family in 1637 and became a freeman there in 1641. He married Elizabeth DENNY on 2 Jun 1641 in Ipswich Mass.  He married his second wife Faith Lord, the widow of Edward Browne on 1 Jul 1660. He married his third wife, the widow Eleanor Pell Boynton Jewett of Rowley on 1 Jun 1686. Daniel died on  9 Sep 1688 in Ipswich, Mass.

Eleanor’s daughter, Hannah Boynton married Daniel’s son, Nathaniel Warner.

Children of Maximilian and Ann:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Ezekiel JEWETT 5 Jan 1643 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. Faith PARRATT
26 Feb 1664 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.
Elizabeth How 23 Oct 1716.
2 Sep 1723  Rowley, Essex, Mass.
2. Anna Jewett 26 Dec 1644
Rowley, Essex, Mass
Barzilla Barker
5 Oct 1666 Rowley, Essex, Mass
12 May 1727
Rowley, Essex, Mas
3. Hannah Jewett 1645
Rowley, Essex, Mass
4. Mary Jewett 18 Feb 1646
Rowley, Essex, Mass
David Haseltine
26 Sep 1668 in Bradford, Essex, Mass
Bradford, Essex, Mass.
5. Elizabeth Jewett 22 May 1650
Rowley, Essex, Mass
Robert Haseltine
21 Jul 1680 Bradford, Essex, Mass
22 Nov 1708
Bradford, Essex, Mass.
6. Faith Jewett 8 Oct 1652
Rowley, Essex, Mass
Samuel Dowse
7 Jan 1677 Newbury, Essex, Mass
26 Feb 1736
Newbury, Essex, Mass
7. Joseph Jewett 1 Apr 1656
Rowley, Essex, Mass
Rebecca Law
2 Mar 1677 in Rowley, Essex, Mass
Widow Mary Gage
30 Jan 1731/32 Bradford, Mass.
29 Oct 1735
Rowley, Essex, Mass
8. David Jewett 1657
Rowley, Essex, Mass
9. Sarah Jewett 17 Jan 1658
Rowley, Essex, Mass
19 Jun 1660
Rowley, Mass
10. Sarah Jewett 17 Jan 1660
Rowley, Essex, Mass
Jeremiah Ellsworth
13 May 1689 Rowley, Essex, Mass
16 Aug 1746
Rowley, Essex, Mass
11. Priscilla Jewett 19 May 1664
Rowley, Essex, Mass
5 Sep 1664
Rowley, Essex, Mass

DEACON MAXIMILIAN JEWETT with his wife Ann, and his brother Joseph sailed from Hull, England in 1638 in the ship John, with a colony under the leadership of Rev. Ezekiel Rogers. They arrived at Boston about the first of December, 1638, spent the winter in Salem, and in the spring of 1639 founded the town of Rowley, Mass.

He was admitted freeman May 13, 1640. ” Was chosen Deacon of the church, Dec. 13, 1639, in which place he served forty-five years and for two hundred and twenty years a descendant of him or his younger brother, a fellow passenger has been in that office or minister, the whole time except eight years.”

On the “tenth of the eleventh Anno Dni 1643, Thomas Nelson, Edward Carlton, Humphrey Reynon & Francis Parrot made a survey of the town and a register of the several house lots of from 1 1/2 to 6 acres then laid out to the settlers.

10 of our ancestor families (underlined in red) had plots in Rowley in this 1642 map. Maximilian's lot is on Bradford Street near the corner of High Way (High Way is Summer Street today)

Here is today’s approximate location of Maximilian’s lot on Google Maps.

The following is from the records of the town of Rowley showing land granted to Maximilian Jewett at different times, viz. :

” Bradford streete — To Maximilian Jewett one Lott Containinge two Acres and bounded on the South side by Joseph Jewets house Lott : part of it lyinge on the west side, part of it on the East side of the streete.” (This is the two-acre lot on which he built his home.)

” Bradford streete field — To Maximilian Jewet foure Acres and a halfe of upland lying upon the North side of Joseph Jewets planting lott the East end butting upon his owne lott.”

” Imp. Batchelours meadow — To Maximihan Jewet one Acre and a quarter, lying on the North side of Joseph Jewets Meadow butting as aforesaid.”

” 1st. division of salt Marsh — To Maximilian Jewet two Acres of salt Marsh, lying upon the East side of Joseph Jewets Marsh: butting as aforesaid.”

” To Maximilian Jewet the Deacon there was laide out thirtie and one Acres of land, be it more or less bounded by James Dickensons on the west : by Jonathan Remmington east, by the Ministers land north, by George Killbom south being fortie rods and ahalf wide at the north end and twintie five wide at the south end.”

” Upland laid out at the ffield called Bradford streete plaine — To Maximilian Jewet six Acres lying on the West side of Leonard Harrimans upland the North end abutting ptly on John Bointons lott and ptly on a swamp the South end on a Swamp.”

” 2d. division of ffresh Marsh— To Maximilian Jewet one Acre, sixty rod wherof , lyes on the West side of Joseph Jewets Meadow : the North end butting on a Creeke, the South end on some Rough Meadow unlaid out: the other hundred rods ioynes on the aforesaid Creeke, about fourty rod distant from his aforesaid sixty.”

” To Maximilian Jewett for seven gates a percell of marsh bounded by the River on the southerly side the northwest end butting against the division line that parts this division being in length about 32 Rods the south east end buting against another streight divideing line that parts them and the next division only this lot extends with a corner by reasson of a creeke, longer next to the river and soe toward the easterly side takes that line on the east of the creeke.”

” To Maximillian Jewett a piece of marsh on the south of James Dickinsons and his mother Whiples marsh the north west and south parts of it bounded by a creeke the north east by a pond.”

” To Maximilian Jewet Acres of Salt marsh pt of it in Consideration of an high way laid out through his lott to hogg Hand, bounded on the West side by Joseph Jewetts marsh the North & North east sides of it Thomas Dickinsons Marsh and the South end by a great Creeke.”

” To Maximilian Jewet an Acre & an half e of salt Marsh lying at the Southeast end of his third Division of Salt Marsh in Consideratio of his division of fresh meadows laide in Pollepod Meadow and of a way that lyes through his Meadow to hogge Hand.”

” 2d. division salt Marsh — To Maximilian Jewet two Acres, lying on the North side of Joseph Jewets Marsh: butting as aforesaid.”

” 2d. division upland — To Maximilian Jewet two Acres part whereof ioynes to his owne salt Marsh, the rest of it lyeth on the West side of the aforesaid high way on the North side of Joseph Jewets upland: butting as above.”

” 3d. division Salt Marsh — To Maximilian Jewet two Acres, one whereof ioyning to east side of Humphrey Reyners salt Marsh: the North end Butting upon the upland. The other Acre, lying on the North side of Joseph Jewets third division of salt Marsh, the West end butting on his owne second division of salt Marsh.”

” Upland laid out in the ffield Called Batchelours Plain — To Maximilian Jewet seaven Acres lying on the East side of Joseph Jewets land abutting as aforesaid.”

” 3d. division fFreshj Marsh — To Maximilian Jewet — one Acre, lying on the East side of Joseph Jewets Meadow: the North end butting on the upland the south end on a Creeke.”

” To Maximilian Jewett one Acre & an halfe of upland lying on the north side of William Scales his Lott abutting as aforesaid.”

” 1661 — At the same Towne meeting it was also granted and voted that Deacon Jewett should have a way layed out to his land laying on the foreside of prospect hill.”

” March, 1671 — To Deacon Jewett as his right and the right of John Spofford there was laide out ninete and five Acres of land beinge the twelfth and thirtenth lots in order, and is bounded by Thomas Dickinson on the west, by Mr. Kimbals lot on the east : six hundred and twentie two pole by the river on the North: it beinge thirtie and one poles and a halfe wide by the river side: yet but twentie four poles perpendiculer, each angle by the river are bounded by stubs, at the south end it is bounded by the villedge line twentie six pole and 3-4 yet it is but twentie and five pole perpendiculer: the south west angle is a stake and stones, the south east angle is a white oak.”

In 1658 he had land granted him in Merrimac, then a part of Rowley.

In 1673 Merrimac was incorporated as Bradford,

We also find the following in the town records of Rowley:

” Towne Charges for the yeare 1654 for Maxy Jewet deputyship 12-3-0.”

” A bill of ye Charges of ye towne in ye yeer 1665. Imprimis for Deacon Jewits for his deputyship at ye severall generall Courts. fifty Day 1.6 by Day for his diat to be paid at boston for his horse pasture, feray & ye petition for his horse hire and the carying the pay for

” 1652 Deackon Jewet had ”
Cowes — 6
one 3 yearning
of 2 yearnings — 2
yearnings — 4
3 swine of a yeare
half of a 3 yer old hors
one of a 2 yer old
Ass — one
land at home 3 acres an half
at plains — 4 acres hal
meadow — 10 acres
gates — 4 one half

” Jan. 9, 1664 for moderator of towne meetings deacon Jewett.”

” 1671-1672 deacon maximillian Jewett moderator.”

From Deacon Jewett’s lot the land for the burial ground was given for the use of the town.

Maximilian Jewett seems to have been one of the leading men of the town. He was representative to the General Court in 1641 ; 1642 ; 1643 ; 1648; 1651; 1652; 1654; 1655; 1656; 1658; 1659; 1660; 1662; 1663; 1664; 1665; 1672; 1673; 1674; 1675 and 1676.

He was overseer of the will of Rev. Ezekiel Rogers, signed April 17, 1660, and ” In the year 1665, five years after the death of Rev. Ezekiel Rogers, his relative Ezekiel Rogers, son of the Rev. Nathaniel Rogers, of Ipswich, brought an action against the widow of his uncle which occasioned the following: The testimony of Maximilian Jewett saith that I heard our Mr. Rogers express himself very much dissatisfied with the carriage of Ezekiel Rogers, in particularly his familiarity with John Smith, his servent, the Scotchman, & that in some times going behind the meeting house, which bred fears & jealousies in his mind. He also objected to him because he wore long haire.” He was a clothier and with his brother Joseph was about the first, if not the first, to manufacture woolen cloth in America.

His last will is filed in the Clerk of the Courts’ office at Salem, Mass., among the Essex County Papers, Vol. XLII., page 46. The following is a true copy :

” In the name of God, Amen. I Maxemillian Jewett of Rowley in the County of Essex in New England Doe make this my last will & Testament as followeth. Imp. I commit my Soul Into the hands of God who Gave me it & my body to the Grave In Comfortable hope of a blessed Resurrection through the death and Resurection of my dear Redeemer the Lord Jesus Christ: In the day of Christ. For my outward Estate which the Lord hath gratiously bestowed on me I dispose of it in manner Following.

” Imp^. To my beloved wife I give Twenty pounds which is due to her by my contract before marriage to be payd part in two Cows, the rest according to our contract. Also I give her all rents due to me from her son John Boynton : & further I give her Twenty pounds to be payd by my executor. Also a feather bed which my daughter Elizabeth Layd on; all dureing her naturall life & to be at her owne dispose at her death : Further my will is that while she remaineth my widow (if she see good) that the end of the house next the street be at her dispose to live in and Improve for her own : upward & Downward keeping it in repair, & the hemp yard before the Door & the trees which stand in it ; but if my wife see not good to live in the house then upon her leaving it the same & the yard is to the use of Joseph as in my will hereafter exprest.

” Item. To my Eldest son Ezekiell Jewet I confirme all that which I have given him already in buildings & Lands as appeareth by my deed of gift which he hath under my hand and Seal: Also I give him one half of my meadow in the meadow call’d Batchelers : & two acres of Bastard & salt marsh or ruff meadow being my whole division at the place called Sandy Bridg or neer it : & four acres & half of meadow at Crane meadow soe called. And my will is he pay out of what he now is to receive Twenty pounds to my wife in neat cattle : & that he have the Land that is yet to be laid out upon the Comon : & my highway marsh at hog Islands.

” Item. To my son Joseph Jewet I give my now dwelling house,- all at present but what part I have given my wife dureing her widowhood if she live in it & upon her marriage leaveing it then that part to be to him ; also I give him the barns, orchards, yards, swamps, & lott or field above the street being all my Lands Lying in the field called Bradford street lotts: & one comonage or freehold upon the Comons of Rowley ; Also fourteene acres of upland lying in the west end ox pasture ; also three acres of Land lying behind Hounsley hill ; also four acres lying upon the plaine called Great Meadow plaine; also I confirme to him which he hath possest that I gave him two acres of upland Lying in the farme; also one acre of marsh joyneing upon that which we call the Elders Division: also all that marsh which we call the farr division neare the place called the stackyard; also one Cowgate upon the Comons of Rowley with the Division belonging to it: & my will is that my said son Joseph pay or cause to be paid Thirty and four pounds to his sisters : namely to Anna three pounds ; to Mary five pounds ; To Sarah twelve pounds ; to Elizabeth four pounds ; To Faith Ten pounds ; all to be paid in Rowley in Corn or Catle within seaven years after my decease: But if my said son Joseph depart this life & it be not payd within the time prefixt my will is that my executor sell soe much of any land I give him as shall pay the said Legacies as are then unpayed for that end: & I hereby Impower him to Confirm such sail.

” Item. To my daughter Anna, beside the three score pounds I have already paid her : I give her all my Lands being nine acres more or less at the place called Batchelers field : Also my Land in the new plaine being about Six acres; Also that percell of my marsh which lieth betweene that which was Richard Swans formerly & the ditch, being one acre more or less: also one acre & quarter of my meadow called Batchelers meadow; All which lands & meadow I give her dureing her naturall life, & after her decease I give it to her son Jonathan Barker, if he live to the age of Twenty and one years: with my division of gate marsh in hog Islands & if he doe not, I give the said Lands & meadows amongst the rest of her children which she shall leave who live to that age or day of marriage: further I give her three pounds to be payd by my son Joseph Jewet.

” Item. I give my daughter Mary Hazeltine (beside the three score pounds I have already paid her & the twenty four acres of Land confirmed by deed of gift;) Two acres of Marsh which was Rob* Hazeltines lying betweene Thomas Tenney his marsh k a ditch in the bounds of Rowley ; Also I give her five pounds to be payed by my son Joseph Jewet.

” Item. I give to my daughter Elizabeth Hazeltine (besides what I have given her, which is about thirty pounds & the half of my ninety & six acres of land at Bradford confirmed by deed of gift) my marsh butting upon Newbury Line being about three acres which I bought of William Lyon: also four pounds to be paid by my son Joseph Jewet.

” Item. To my daughter Faith Dowse (Besides fourty pounds which I ace* I have paid her & the half of my ninety &; six acres of land at Bradford confirmed by deed of gift) I give her about two acres & half of salt & RufF marsh lying neer the place Call’d Cowbridge: & Ten pounds to be paid by my son Joseph Jewet.

” Item. To my daughter Sarah Jewet I give all my Lands beyound the hill called prospect Hill, being the remainder of my land Lying within Ipswich Line not given to my son Ezekiel. There being about Twelve acres of it; Also I give her one freehold or Comonage in Rowley Commons: Also that Land which is Laid out to me by a grant of the Towne of Rowley called sixteene acress & half: Bounded by Leonard Herrimans Land & J”° Plats Land : Also I give her twelve pounds to be paid in moveables houshould stuff or Catle by my Executor. Also my marsh at ye place neare Rich^ Wicoms Spring & the salt comers adjoyneing, & the three score. Rods parted from it by William Jacksons Marsh.

” Item. My will is That my son Ezekiel Jewet be my sole exeeuto’* to this my last will & that he receive all debts w^^ I hereby will to him, due to me by bill, bond, or other way; & that he pay all my debts due from me to any: Also my will is That when my debts & funeral charges be discharged & my executor paid for all his trouble & paines If any Estate not particularly willed & disposed of be remaineing that he shall have a double part of it to any other child of mine & each besides an equal share: In confirmation hereof, that this is my last will & testament I have hereunto sett my hand & Seal this Eighth day of January Anno Dom : 1682 & 8″^ 1684.

*’ Maxemillian M I Jewet [seal]
” his signe
” Signed Sealed & declared
” to be his Last will and testament
” In presence of us witness
” Nehemiah Jewet.”


1. Ezekiel JEWETT (See his page)

2. Anna Jewett

Anna’s husband Barzilla Barker was born 1635 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. His parents were James Barker and Grace [__?__]. Barzilla died 16 Nov 1694 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.

They lived in Rowley. His real estate was divided 15 April, 1697. His widow Anna, eldest son Ebenezer, daughter Hannah (married), Ezra, aged twenty years, Esther aged eighteen years, Ruth aged fifteen years, Enoch aged twelve years, and Noah aged seven years, each received a share.” (Essex Probate 5: 138.)

” Widow Anna Barker conveyed all her right in her late husband’s estate to her son Noah Barker, in consideration of her support during life 29 April 1712.” (Essex Deeds, 4 Norfolk, 88. ) She died May 12, 1727.

4. Mary Jewett

Mary’s husband Capt. David Haseltine was born in 1644 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. His parents were Robert Hazeltine and Anna [__?__]. David died in 31 Aug 1717 in Bradford, Essex, Mass.

They lived in Bradford where he was for many years town clerk and captain of a military company .

5. Elizabeth Jewett

Elizabeth’s husband Robert Haseltine was born 7 Nov 1657 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. He was David’s brother and his parents were also Robert Hazeltine and Anna [__?__]. After Elizabeth died, he married 31 Mar 1709 in Rowley, Essex, Mass to Mary Frether (b. 1659 in Rowley – d. 13 Mar 1729 in Bradford). Robert died 8 Mar 1729 in Bradford, Essex, Mass.

6. Faith Jewett

Faith’s husband Deacon Samuel Dowse was born in Dec 1642 in Boston, Suffolk, Mass. His parents were Lawrence Dowse and Martha [__?__]. His first wife, whom he married Aug. 8, 1670, was Hannah Ludkin. She was admitted to the church June 15, 1673, and died March 26, 1676. They had one child, which died in infancy. Samuel died 26 Feb 1735 in Charlestown, Suffolk, Mass.

Samuel was a cordwainer; was admitted to the church Feb. 9, 1672-3; was deacon of the church and in 1712 was sealer of weights.”

7. Joseph Jewett

Joseph’s first wife Rebecca Law was born 1 Jun 1655 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. Her parents were William Lawes and Mary Cheney. Her grandparents were John CHENEY and Martha PARRATT. Rebecca died 26 Dec 1729 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.

Joseph’s first cousin of the same name Joseph Jewett was born 1 Apr 1656 in Rowley, Mass.  His parents were Joseph Jewett and Ann Allen.  He married  16 JAN 1679/80
Rowley, Mass. to  Ruth Wood (b.  21 MAY 1662 Rowley – d. died 29 OCT 1734 in Rowley, Mass. ).  Ruth’s parents were Thomas WOOD and Ruth LEE.  Joseph died 30 OCT 1694 and Ruth remarried 26 Oct 1696 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. to John Lunt.

Joseph’s second wife Mary Gage’s will, dated July 8, 1738; proved July 27, 1741, mentions : herself as being advanced in years to a great age : son Nathaniel Gage: son John Green of Bradford: daughters Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Palmer of Bradford: Mary, wife of Benjamin Thurston of Bradford.

Joseph Jewett lived in Rowley, was made freeman July 9, 1684, and was Representative to the General Court for the years 1718 and 1719. He was active in town affairs and was a man of energy and character.

He was a soldier in King Philip’s War, serving first in Capt. Joseph Gardiner’s Co. (of
Salem), who was killed in this war, and later in Major Appleton’s Co. Was in the list of Feb. 29, 1675/76. He was in the Narragansett Campaign and for his services received £2. 14s. and a grant of land.

10. Sarah Jewett

Sarah’s husband Jeremiah Ellsworth died 6 May 1704 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.


History and genealogy of the Jewetts of America; a record of Edward Jewett, of Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire, England, and of his two emigrant sons, Deacon Maximilian and Joseph Jewett, settlers of Rowley, Massachusetts, in 1639; also of Abraham and John Jewett, early settlers of Rowley, and of the Jewetts who have settled in the United States since the year 1800 (1908) By Frederic Clarke Jewett

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