Thomas Wood

Thomas WOOD (1620 – 1687) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather, He is one of 2,048 in this generation of the Shaw line and one of 2,048 in the Miller line.  (See his grandson Thomas BROWNE for details of the double ancestors)

Thomas Wood was baptized 12 Sep 1633 at Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England. Alternatively, he was born 12 Sep 1620 in England.  His parents were Edward WOOD and Ruth LEE.  He emigrated with his parents after 1637.  Both his parents died in 1642 and most of his five younger siblings were raised by other families.  He married Ann HUNT on 7 Jun 1654  in Rowley, Mass. Thomas died on 12 Sep 1687 in Rowley.

Ann Hunt was born 17 May 1635 in Ipswich Mass.  Her father was Enos HUNT and Elizabeth BEST.  Ann died on 29 Dec 1714 in Rowley.

It’s not certain that Thomas’ wife Ann was the daughter of Enos Hunt. Because Thomas Wood in a deposition called John Todd “brother”, some have assumed that Ann was Ann Todd. The will of Mary Grant, widow of John Grant of Rowley, dated 2 Feb., proved 16 Feb 1697/98, discloses that Ann, wife of Thomas Wood, and Susanna, wife of John Todd, were sisters of the testator. Susannah was the daughter of Enos HUNT.

Richard William Cutter, states that John Grant married Mary Hunt but does not cite authority for the statement. It is probable that there is a relationship with the Hunt family of Concord and Billerica. When Mary Grant was granted administration on the estate of her husband, Samuel Hunt of Billerica and John Todd were the sureties on her bond; in her will Ann Todd “is to have one feather bed that Jeremiah lyes on. Jeremiah is probably Jeremiah Hunt.

Children of Thomas and Ann:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Mary WOOD 15 Mar 1655 Rowley, Mass James CHUTE Jr.
10 Nov 1673 Ipswich Mass
15 Jan 1697/98 Byfield Parish, Newbury
2. John Wood 2 Mar 1656 Rowley Isabel Hazen (daughter of our ancestor Edward HAZEN Sr.)
16 Jan 1680
24 Jun 1735 Littleton, Middlesex, Mass.
3. Thomas Wood 10 Aug 1658 Rowley Mary Hunt
26 Jun 1683
1 Dec 1702 Rowley
4. Ann Wood 8 Aug 1660
Benjamin Plummer
15 Jan 1679
Before 13 Sep 1715 in Byfield, Essex, Mass.
5. Ruth Wood 21 May 1662 Rowley Joseph Jewett (Nephew – NOT Son of our ancestor Maximillian JEWETT)
16 Jan 1679/80
John Lunt
26 Oct 1696
Rowley, Essex, Mass
29 Oct 1734 Rowley
6. Elizabeth Wood 5 Sep 1664 Rowley In a house fire
31 Jul 1675 Rowley
7. Josiah Wood 5 Sep 1664 Rowley Margaret Hopkins
23 Dec 1686
10 Dec 1728
Enfield, Hartford, CT
8. Samuel Wood 26 Dec 1666 Rowley Margaret Elithorpe
21 Jan 1688/89
25 Nov 1690
Canada Expedition
Port Royal Canada
9. Solomon Wood 17 May 1669 Mary Hazeltine
15 OCT 1690
Bradford, Mass.
13 Jan 1751/52 Uxbridge, Worcester, Mass.
10. Ebenezer Wood 29 Dec 1671 Rowley Rachel Nichols
5 APR 1695
22 Sep 1736 Mendon, Worcester, Mass.
11. James Wood 22 Jun 1674 Rowley Elizabeth Best? 18 Oct 1694 Rowley

Upon his parents deaths in 1642, Thomas and his brother Josiah lived with his sister Elizabeth and her husband Solomon Phipps. Thomas Wood was a carpenter. It is probable that he learned carpentry from Solomon who had been a carpenter.

In 1763 Colonel Eliphalet Dyer (wiki) visited England and brought back for Annie (Wood) Elderkin, wife of Colonel Jedediah Elderkin, and daughter of Thomas, son of Thomas Wood, of Rowley, a crest and coat of arms, supposed to be those of the Wood family to which she belonged, the Woods of Norwich.

The first known of Thomas Wood is his marriage recorded in Rowley. Thomas and Ann Wood were married 4 months, 7 days, 1654. His wife was Ann Hunt, of Ipswich, Massachusetts. Rowley records show him to have been a man of excellent Christian character and of high standing among his townsmen.

1661 – The town resurveyed the rights of commonage for its inhabitants because of the number of land parcels that had changed hands since Rowley had been founded in 1639. In the original distribution the number of “gates” was assigned according to the acreage owned: the greater the acreage, the more “gates”. In the resurvey, Thomas Wood is shown to have one gate. Thomas was among the recipients of land when the Hog Island marshes were divided.

25 Mar 1662 – Made a freeman

28 Aug 1667 – Thomas Wood was accused before the Rowley Church, 28 Aug 1667, of having the deed to his land altered to include about sixty rods of meadowland belonging to Rev. Samuel Phillips, the minister of Rowley, and of pulling down the fence. Brother Wood confessed his sin.

In 1667 and 1671, he was selected a “pindar,” the person in charge of impounding stray cattle. He was admitted a freeman in 1671. In 1677, Thomas was shown to be a freeholder of two lots.

31 Jul 1675 – They lost their home and their daughter in a house fire In the Diary of Hon. Samuel Sewall (Vol. 1, p. 10) is the following:”1675 July 31, at midnight, Tho.
Wood, carpenter, of Rowley, had hishouse and goods burnt, and voe malum, a daughter of about 10 years of age, who directed her brother so that he got out, was herself consumed to ashes.”

1680 – The town appointed Thomas Wood and ten others as tithing men in 1680. His obligation was to keep a watch on ten families. This job is akin to being a “religious policeman.” He had to take notice of who attended services, find out why those who didn’t attend weren’t there, and keep order at the church service. His sign of “office” was a long black staff.

7 Nov 1687 – Will of Thomas Wood

(Suff. X: 167-73) The will of Thomas Wood Senr late of Rowley, Co. Essex, Deced. Adm. granted thereon unto his wife Ann and Sonne Thomas Exors.

Made 21 July 1687, mentions wife Ann during her natural Life, Provided shee marrye not again; eldest sonne John Wood, he to pay unto his Brother Josiah Wood, and unto his Brother Samuell, and his Brother Josiah, and to my Daughter Chute of Ipswich; my Brother Obadiah Wood of Ipswich; my son Solomon (a minor); my two youngest Sonns Ebenezer and James, when they come to the age of one and twenty yeares, and they are to mainteyn their mother; my three daus. Mary Chute , Ann Plommer and Ruth Jewitt.

Son Thomas & wife Exors. In prsence of Phillip Nelson Senr, Obadiah Wood Senr, Samuell Platts Jr. and Daniell Wicomb. Proved 23 Nov. 1687.

His inventory was apprized 16 Nov. 1687


1. Mary WOOD (See James CHUTE Jr.’s page)

2. John Wood

John’s wife Isabel Hazen was born Jul 1662 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Edward HAZEN Sr. and Hannah GRANT. Isabel died in 1726.

John and Isabel Wood settled soon in Bradford, Mass., and lived there for many years.  On 22 Aug. 1726, they sold their land there to Robert Savory, and followed their eldest son to Littleton, Mass., where John Wood had bought a farm, 11 May 1726. This farm of 160 acres with buildings thereon, John Wood, Sr., deeded 7 March 1728/9 to Joseph Wood, carpenter, both of Littleton. Richard and Josiah Wood witnessed this deed.

In Mr. George B. Blodgette’s Early Settler of Rowley [Essex Institute His. Coll., 24:61], it is stated that John Wood was of Rowley Village (Boxford), 20 June 1680, but this is based on the baptism on that date of “Goodman Wood of ye Village, son John”; however, Daniel Wood has settled in Boxford about 1675, and had a son John born 25 March 1680, to whom this baptismal record doubtless applies.

During King Philip’s War, John Wood served at Marlborough as a private under Capt. Samuel Brocklebank of Rowley, his name appearing on pay-rolls dated 24 March 1675/6 and 24 June 1676; also, 24 Aug. 1676 his wages (£3.15.08 ) were assigned to the town of Rowley. His name appears on the list of proprietors of Narragansett Township No. 6, now Templeton, Mass., granted 12 Feb. 1733 to veterans living in Littleton and neighboring towns. [Bodge, Soldiers in King Philips War, pp. 207, 271, 435.

3. Thomas Wood

Thomas’ wife Mary Hunt was born 28 Sep 1664 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.  She was Thomas’ first cousin.  Her parents were Nehemiah Hunt and Mary Toll. Her grandparents were Enos HUNT and Elizabeth BEST. Mary died 1 Dec 1702 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.

4. Ann (Mary) Wood

Ann’s husband Benjamin Plummer was born 23 Oct 1656 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Joseph Plummer and Sarah Cheney. His grandparents were John CHENEY and Martha PARRATT. After Ann died, he married 1 Sep 1715 to Elizabeth Felt. Benjamin died 8 Jul 1724 in Byfield, Essex, Mass

5. Ruth Wood

Ruth’s first husband Joseph Jewett was born 1 Apr 1656 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. His parents were  Joseph Jewett and Ann Allen.  He first married Rebecca Law 2 Mar 1677 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. He married Ruth Wood 16 JAN 1679/80 in Rowley, Mass.   Joseph died 30 OCT 1694 and Ruth was the one to remarry. [Anyone with proof either way, please let me know, thanks!]

Ruth’s second husband John Lunt was born 22 Oct 1669 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. His parents were John Lunt and Mary Skerry  John died 22 Apr 1741 in Salisbury, Essex, Mass

6. Elizabeth Wood

Elizabeth died in a house fire in 1675. “Early Settlers of Rowley, Massachusetts”:

“In the Diary of Hon. Samuel Sewall (Vol. 1, p. 10) is the following: ‘1675 July 31, at midnight, Tho. Wood, carpenter, of Rowley, had his house and goods burnt, and voe malum, a daughter of about 10 years of age, who directed her brother so that he got out, was herself consumed to ashes.'”

7. Josiah Wood

Josiah’s wife Margaret Hopkins was born 1659 – Essex, Mass. Margaret died 22 Jan 1752 – Ipswich, Essex, Mass.

The Josiah Wood that married Sarah Elithorpe 5 Mar 1681 in Rowley, Essex, Mass was our Josiah’s first cousin, the son of Obadiah Wood and Margaret Sparke. Sarah Elithorpe was born 1668 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Nathaniel Elithorpe and Mary Batt. Sarah died 9 Jan 1689 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.

After Sarah died, cousin Josiah married 17 Oct 1689 in Rowley, Essex, Mass to Mary Felt. Mary Felt was born 12 Dec 1669 in Falmouth, Barnstable, Mass. Her parents were George Felt and Philippa Andrews. Mary died 4 Aug 1753 in Enfield, CT.

8. Samuel Wood

Samuel’s wife Margaret Elithorpe was born 24 Jul 1672 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Nathaniel Elithorpe and Mary Batt.  After Samuel was killed, she married 19 Aug 1691 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. to Jonathan Harriman (b. 5 Dec 1657 in Rowley – d. 15 Feb 1741 in Rowley)  Margaret died 25 Jan 1754 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.

Samuel died 25 Nov 1690 in Port Royal.  The sons of three other of our ancestors also died in the 1690 Canada Expedition.   Although Phips’ own account of the expedition admitted only 30 dead in combat, smallpox and marine accident claimed about 1,000 more.  See Veterans for details.

The Battle of Québec was fought in October 1690 between the colonies of New France and Massachusetts.

Following the capture of Port Royal in Acadia, during King William’s War, the New Englanders hoped to seize Montréal and Québec itself, the capital of New France. The loss of the Acadian fort shocked the Canadiens, and Governor-General Louis de Buade de Frontenac ordered the immediate preparation of the city for siege.

Battle of Quebec 1690 - The Batteries of Quebec bombard the New England fleet.

When the envoys delivered the terms of surrender, the Governor-General famously declared that his only reply would be by “the mouth of my cannons.”  Sir William Phipps led the invading army, which landed at Beauport in the Basin of Québec. However, the militia on the shore were constantly harassed by Canadian militia until their retreat, while the ships were nearly destroyed by cannon volleys from the top of the city..

9. Solomon Wood

Solomon’s wife Mary Hazeltine was born 11 Dec 1671 in Bradford, Essex, Mass. Her parents were David Hazeltine and Mary Jewett. Her grandparents were Maximillian JEWETT and Ann FIELD. . Solomon died 21 Feb 1749 in Uxbridge, Worcester, Mass

10. Capt. Ebenezer Wood

Ebenezer’s wife Rachel Nichols was born 13 Nov 1677 in Rowley, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Thomas Nichols and Mary Moulton. Rachel died 1717 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.

They settled in Mendon. They were dismissed from the Rowley Church to the Mendon Church July 14, 1717. He died at Mendon, 1736. He drew land in Mendon May 18, 1720, December 27, 1729, and at various other times.

Children of Ebenezer and Rachel:

i. James Wood b. 28 Apr 1696.

ii. Ebenezer Wood, b. 6 Dec 1698.

iii. Jonathan Wood, bapt. 2 Nov 1701 in the First Church at Rowley by Rev. Edward Payson, the fourth settled pastor of that church. He married Hannah Dresser

iv. David Wood b. 30 May 1704.

v. Samuel Wood b. 21 May 1706.

vi. Jesse Wood b. 2 Mar, 1709.

vii. Moses Wood b. 3 Apr 1712.

viii. Eliphalet Wood bapt. 15 Aug 1714.

11. James Wood

James’ wife Elizabeth Best was born in Rowley, Mass. Many genealogies just list Elizabeth’s name with no supporting details. My guess is that when James died at age twenty, he was still unmarried.


Delorey, Janet Ireland, “The English Origins and Descendants to the Fourth
Generation of Edward Wood of Charlestown, Massachusetts”, THE GENEALOGIST,
Vol. 9, No, 1, Spring, 1988, pp. 90-159.

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  10. Ed Taylor says:

    I find it strange that Thomas Wood’s will is dated 2 months after he was buried. Perhaps he was buried on the 12th of the 9th month in 1687, which would be November.

  11. CE Wood says:

    You have conflated Josiah Wood, son of Thomas and Ann Wood, with Josiah Wood, son of Obadiah Wood and Margaret Sparke.

    Thomas’ son married only once, Margaret Hopkins. He died on 3 Aug 1723, Ipswich, Essex, MA.

    Reread Janet Delorey’s article which definitively clears up this all too common confusion.

    • markeminer says:

      Hi CE,

      I’ve made the updates. I’ve found lots of references to Janet Delorey’s article, but not the article itself.

      Thanks for the catch, Mark

      • CE Wood says:

        The article is in “The Genealogist”, Vol. 9, No. 1, Spring 1988. Founded and originally edited by Neil D. Thompson, it is now owned by The American Society of Genealogists, It is a separate publications from the “Genealogist” published in England and from the “American Genealogist”.

        From their website:

        Back issues of The Genealogist may be ordered at $15.00 for a single issue, $25.00 for any two issues. Full sets (vols. 1 to current) may be ordered for $400.00, postage included. (A SPECIAL REDUCED RATE, $40.00, is now available for a set of volumes 1—10 with tributes to John Insley Coddington and Charles Evans.) Checks payable to American Society of Genealogists.

        Subscription and Back Issues address:

        The Genealogist
        c/o Jane Fletcher Fiske
        44 Stonecleave Road
        Boxford, MA 01921-2293

  12. Becky says:

    Wow. As my grandma passed away earlier this year, I was gifted her genealogy papers. I decided to google some names and this popped up. Amazing! I do not know if this is correct, but Ebenezer Wood is to be my (however many) great grandpa…but my grandma has him married to a Mary Rudd March 12, 1718. Their 8th child, John Wood, is my ancestor

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