Enos Hunt

Enos HUNT (1605 – 1677) was Alex’s 11th Great Grandfather, He is one of4,096in this generation of the Shaw line and one of 2,048 in the Miller line.  (See his grandson Thomas BROWNE for details of the double ancestors)

Enos Hunt - Coat of Arms

Enos Hunt was born 27 Jan 1605 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England. Also know as William Hunt.  His parents were  Robert HUNT  and Jaine FYSHER.   His brother was William Hunt. He married  [__?__] around 1629 in England.   Enos died in Oct 1677 in Marlboro, Mass.

The name of Enos’ wife is not known.

Children of Enos and [__?__]:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Mary Hunt c. 1630
John Grant (Son of Thomas GRANT)
1652 – Ipswich, Essex, Mass
16 Feb 1697 – Rowley, Essex, Mass
2. Susanna Hunt 1632 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England 1637 in Rowley, Essex, Massachusetts
3. Ann HUNT 17 May 1635
Ipswich Mass.
Thomas WOOD
7 Jun 1654 or
30 Aug 1651
Rowley, Mass
29 Dec 1714 in Rowley
4. Susannah Hunt c. 1635
Ipswich, Mass
John Todd
1650 in Rowley, Essex, MA.
18 Nov 1710 in Rowley, Essex, Mass



1. Mary Hunt

Mary’s husband John Grant was born 5 Mar 1627/28 in Cottingham, Yorkshire, England. His parents were Thomas GRANT and Jane HABURNE. John died 18 Mar 1695/96 Rowley, Mass.

3. Ann HUNT (See Thomas WOOD‘s page)

It’s not certain that Thomas’ wife Ann was the daughter of Enos Hunt. Because Thomas Wood in a deposition called John Todd “brother”, some have assumed that Ann was Ann Todd. The will of Mary Grant, widow of John Grant of Rowley, dated 2 Feb., proved 16 Feb 1697/98, discloses that Ann, wife of Thomas Wood, and Susanna, wife of John Todd, were sisters of the testator.

Richard William Cutter, states that John Grant married Mary Hunt but does not cite authority for the statement. It is probable that there is a relationship with the Hunt family of Concord and Billerica. When Mary Grant was granted administration on the estate of her husband, Samuel Hunt of Billerica and John Todd were the sureties on her bond; in her will Ann Todd “is to have one feather bed that Jeremiah lyes on. Jeremiah is probably Jeremiah Hunt.

4. Susannah Hunt

Susannah’s husband John Todd was born in 1627 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England. His parents were John Todd (Tidd) and Margaret Greenleaf. John died 14 Feb 1689 – Lexington, Middlesex, Mass.

John was elected as a representative from Rowley to the General Court.

Some sources say that John Todd’s wife Susanna Hunt was born at Bradford, York, England in 1621.





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  7. Hope Group says:

    The records on FamilySearch.org show Enos Hunt having married Elizabeth Best b.1607 Halifax, Yorkshire, England/ d. 27 Feb 1661 in Concord, MA (with a daughter of Ann Hunt married to Thomas Wood.

  8. Carol Freedman says:

    Enos Hunt is my 8th great grandfather. I come down from Susannah

  9. Diane says:

    Susannah Hunt married John Todd not (John Tidd or Tead). John Todd, of Yorkshire and Rowley, was the son of John Todd and Alice Clayton of Pontefract, Yorkshire. Susannah Hunt did not marry John Tidd/Tead son of John Tidd/Tead and Margaret Greenleaf. See New England Marriages
    Prior to 1700.

    Savage lists an Enoch Hunt of Rehoboth as having a son named Enos but the birthdate is 1685 and no other Enos is listed. Enoch’s daughter Susannah married Peleg Heath not John Todd. There is no list of a William Hunt of Marlboro having a daughter named Susannah and he does not list her in his will of 1667. There is no death record for an Enos Hunt for 1677 in Marlboro. There is however, a burial record of 1667 coinciding with the date of the will of William Hunt in Marlboro. See Savage, The Pioneers of Massachusetts, Vital Records of Marlboro Massachusetts to 1849, etc.

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