William Hammond

William HAMMOND (1575 – 1662) was  Alex’s 11th Great Grandfather; one of  4,096 in this generation in the Shaw line.

 Hammond – Coat of Arms

William Hammond was born on 30 Oct 1575 in Lavenham, Suffolk, England. His parents were Thomas HAMMOND and Rose TRIPPE.   He was left an orphan by the death of his father in 1589.   He was married to Elizabeth PAYNE  on 9 Jun 1605 in Lavenham.  William, along with his older children, came to America before his wife and younger children, though the exact year is not known. Elizabeth, aged 47 years, with children Elizabeth, aged 15, Sarah, aged 10 and John, aged 7 years embarked at Ipswich, England, in the ship, “Francis,” [our ancestor] John CUTTING, Master, in April, 1634, and joined her husband in New England. William returned to England and died on 8 Oct 1662 in London England.

Elizabeth Payne was born 11 Sep 1586 in Nowton Parish, Lavenham, Suffolk, England. Her parents were William PAYNE and Agnes NEVES.  Elizabeth died 14 Sep 1670 in Watertown, Mass.

Children of William and Elizabeth:

Name Born Married Departed
1. William Hammond Sep 1607 Lavenham, England Elizabeth [__?__] 1637
Lynn, Mass.
2. Ann Hammond Nov 1609 Lavenham, England 1615
Lavenham, England
3. John Hammond Dec 1611 Lavenham, England 16 Aug 1620 England
4.. Anna HAMMOND Jul 1616 Lavenham, England Rev. John LATHROP
ca. 1635
Boston, Mass.
Sep 1 1685 Barnstable, Mass.
5. Thomas Hammond Sep 1618 Lavenham, England Hannah Cross
ca. 1654
10 Dec 1655 Watertown, Mass
6. Elizabeth Hammond 1619 Lavenham, England Samuel Howse (Son of Rev. John HOWSE)
ca. 1636
1 Jul 1662 Scituate, Plymouth, Mass.
7. Benjamin Hammond 1621 London, England Mary Vincent (daughter of John VINCENT)
1650 Sandwich, Mass.
8. Sarah Hammond Oct 1623 Lavenham, England
9. Lt. John Hammond Jul 1626 Lavenham, England Abigail Salter
ca. 1652
Watertown, Middlesex, Mass
Sarah Nichols
2 Mar 1664
Charlestown, Suffolk, Mas
1709 Watertown, Mass.

William Hammond was admitted freeman in Watertown, May 25, 1636, and was grantee of seven lots and purchaser of three lots before 1644. His homestead of 40 acres was situated on the west of Common Street. It was bounded on the east and north by lands of his brother-in-law, Dr. Simon Eire, on the west by John Simson, Isaac Sterne and John Warren, and on the south by Thomas Boyden. Bond’s Hist. of Watertown (p. 1088) says,

“It is probable that William Hammond settled first on the Cambridge Road, very near the Cambridge line. Whether this was a grant to him the records do not show. He sold it early and settled on his 40-acre homestall, situated east of Pequusset meadow. He also owned three small lots in Pequusset meadow, one of these granted to him and the other two purchased. This homestall passed to his son (grandson) Thomas.”

10 Mar 1642 – In the division of lands, he was granted lot No. 76, in the 4th Division, containing 165 acres, and this, with his other holdings, made him one of the largest land owners in the town of Watertown.

The records do not show that he was often an office holder in the town and this may have been due to his independence in religious matters, which may have made him unpopular with his more puritanical neighbors, although he does not appear to have been so unpopular as some of his most intimate friends. His near neighbor and most intimate friend appears to have been John Warren, who came from the same locality in Suffolk County, England, and between whose family and his own there appears to have been considerable intimacy for several generations prior to the settlement in America.

On occasion there were fines “for an offense against the laws concerning baptism,” and “for neglect of publick worship” 14 Sabbaths at 5 shillings each. Warnings were given “for not attending publick worship”.

27 May 1661 – The houses of “old Warren and goodman Hammond” were ordered to be searched for Quakers, for whom they were known to have considerable sympathy. Considerable independence in religious matters, great love of liberty and sympathy for all who are persecuted for conscience sake seem to have been inherent family traits for generations past. It is probable that William Hammond and his intimate friend, Warren, were both inclined toward the religious teaching of Roger Williams, but were too conservative to subject themselves to the persecution that his more radical followers were compelled to endure. This view is supported by the fact that many of their descendants were rigid adherents of the Baptist Church. The tendency, however, in this family has been toward great liberty of thought in religious matters and many of the descendants have been connected with the Unitarian and Universalist denominations, while many in the later generations have held membership in no church.

The will of William Hammond is on file at East Cambridge, Mass., (Middlesex Probate No. 7167), dated July 1662; proved Dec. 16, 1672.

He leaves to wife Elizabeth his whole estate during her life. To son, John, all lands, & after her death. To Thomas Hamond, “sonne of my sonne, Thomas Hamond, deceased,” œ40 at the age of 21 years. “If said Thomas, or any for him, oppose this will,” then he is not have the £40. “Unto daughter (Hannah) Barnes, £30, the same to remain unto her children.” “In case she again become a widow” she to have wood from his lands during her widowhood. To four children of my daughter, Elizabeth House, deceased, various sums of money. “To Adam Smith, son of daughter, Sarah, if he behave obediently to my wife after my decease, one mare, colt and £20.” To daughter, Sarah Smith, £5. Appoints widow, Elizabeth and John executors. Witnesses– Matthew Bridge and Thomas Longhorne.

Inventory by Hugh Mason and Thomas Hastings, Dec. 16, 1662; £457-16-9. Contains the following list of real estate:

25 acres of fallow land
15 acres of broken land,
15 acres of meadow,
60 acres of meadow, &c.,
16 acres of land in low of ye town right,
40 acres in great dividend, 160 acres in a farm. Total, 331 acres.


1. William Hammond

William’s wife Elizabeth [__?__] was born 1609 in Lavenham, Suffolk, England. Elizabeth died 1638 in Lynn, Essex, Mass.

4. Anna HAMMOND (See Rev. John LATHROP‘s page)

5. Thomas Hammond

Thomas’ wife Hannah Cross was born Apr 1636 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass. Her parents were John Cross and Hannah [__?__]. Hannah died 24 Mar 1657 in Watertown, Middlesex, Mass.

6. Elizabeth Hammond

Elizabeth’s husband Samuel House (Howse) was born 10 Jun 1610 in Eastwell, Kent, England. His sister was Hannah HOWSE, first wife of Rev. John LOTHROP.  His parents were John HOWSE and Alice LLOYD. Samuel died 1661 in Scituate, Plymouth, Mass.

Children of Elizabeth and Samuel:

i. Elizabeth House b. 23 Oct 1636 Scituate, Plymouth, Mass.; d. 1679 Scituate, Plymouth, Mass; m. 1 Jan 1661 in Scituate to John Sutton (b. 1642 in Scituate, Plymouth, Mass. – d. 12 Nov 1691 in Scituate, Plymouth, Mass.) John’s parents were George Sutton (b. 12 Apr 1613 Sandwich, Kent, England – d. 12 Apr 1669 Perquimans, North Carolina) and Sarah Tilden (b. 13 Jun 1613 in Tenderden, Kent, England – d. 20 Mar 1677 in Perquimans, Perquimans, North Carolina) Elizabeth and John had four children born between 1662 and 1679.

ii. Samuel House b. 1636 Scituate, Plymouth, Mass.; d 15 Jul 1702 Scituate, Plymouth, Mass; m. 15 Mar 1664 in Scituate to Rebecca Nichols (b. 1641 in Hingham, Plymouth, Mass. – d. 1709) Her parents were Thomas Nichols (b. 1616 in England – d. 8 Nov 1696 in Hingham, Mass.) and Rebecca Josselyn (b. 1617 in Lancaster, Lancasterhire, England – d. 22 Sep 1675 in Hingham). Samuel and Rebecca had eight children born between 1665 and 1685.

iii. Sarah House b. 1 Aug 1641 Barnstable, Barnstable, Mass.

7. Benjamin Hammond

Benjamin’s wife Mary Vincent was born 1633 in England.  Her parents were John VINCENT and Hannah SMITH.  Mary died 5 Aug 1706 in Rochester, Plymouth, Mass.

Nothing is known as to Benjamin’s whereabouts from his arrival in Boston, in 1634, to his marriage to Mary Vincent in 1650, except that he was at Yarmouth in 1643.

There is some mention n Otis book (on Barnstable): Vol 2, p 67: ‘

It is reported that he [Benjamin Hammond – also not of Barnstable] married in 1650 Mary, daughter of Mr. John Vincent of Sandwich. This date is uncertain, for there was a Mary Hammon in Yarmouth in 1648. As there was only one family in town, I thence infer that she was the wife of Benjamin…. list of children: Samuel, who married Mary Hathaway of Dartmouth… John born Nov. 22, 1663, and his wife Mary Arnold… Nathan who married a Dexter, Benjamin. He had also three daughters, two died young, and one named Rose…This list of his children is imperfect. The William named in the following extract from the Boston Journal, was perhaps his oldest son… William Hamilton, born in Scotland…settled on Cape Cod…RI…died in CT in 1746…’

Children of Benjamin and Mary:

i. Mary Hammond, b. Sandwich, Barnstable, Mass; d. young.

ii. Samuel Hammond, b. in 1655 Sandwich, Barnstable, Mass; d. m. Mary Hathaway of Darthmouth

iii. John Hammond , b. Nov. 30, 1663 Sandwich, Barnstable, Mass; d. Apr. 19, 1749, O. S.; m. Mary Arnold

iv. Nathan Hammond b. in 1670 Sandwich, Barnstable, Mass; d. m. [__?__] Dexter

v. Benjamin Hammond, b. Nov. 1673.Sandwich, Barnstable, Mass; d. 29 Mar 1747.

vi. Rose Hammond, b. Sandwich, Barnstable, Mass;d. 20 Nov 1676.

9. John Hammond

John’s first wife Abigail Salter was born 9 Nov 1623 in Rattlesden, Suffolk, England. Her parents were George Salter and Elizabeth Munning. Abigail died 1663 in Watertown, Middlesex, Mass.

John’s second wife Sarah Nichols was born 1643 in Charlestown, Suffolk, Mass. Sarah died 14 Jan 1689 in Charlestown, Suffolk, Mass.

William Hammond – Bio – Source: A Genealogical Dictionary of The First Settlers of New England, Vol. 2, by James Savage.



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  12. kendall says:

    Is William Hammond from Kent born in the 1570’s, who married Elizabeth PENN, the same as your William Hammond who married Elizabeth Payne? Both Elizabeth’s arrived in the USA without their husbands, but with several children, and the names are all so similar. It is confusing. Thank you.

    • Brenda says:

      Yes, I have seen much confusion about this as I am trying to find my Hammond line. I am on Ancestry and have done the DNA test and have many matches with Hammonds in their trees that have combined these two woman. According to the book about William Hammond of London, who never came to America but his wife Elizabeth Penn did with their children around the same time that the wife of William Hammond of Watertown and his wife Elizabeth Paine and their children came. From what I understood it was William of London and Elizabeth Penn who had a son named Benjamin and that William of Watertown and wife Elizabeth Paine did not have a son named Benjamin.

      • KP says:

        I’m also quite confused myself. I’ve got William Hammond and Elizabeth Penn but with the same children as the ones listed above for William Hammond and Elizabeth Payne. I’m supposed to be related to Elizabeth and William’s daughter, also named Elizabeth who married Yelverton Crow/ell and Samuel House/Howse. I would imagine her parents would be William and Elizabeth Penn due to the dates they were born (1598 for William and 1600 for Elizabeth Penn). Oh the confusion!

  13. KP says:

    After looking at the above, perhaps my correct Elizabeth Hammond (daughter of William and Elizabeth) married only Yelverton Crow/ell vs Samuel House/Howse? I had thought she remarried but I suppose maybe not.

  14. Michael J. Mayhew says:

    I believe that William of London, was born in the 1570s, and was the age of his wife (Elizabeth Penn)”s father Giles. After old William died in the spring of 1634, his wife, young Elizabeth Penn Hammond headed to America on the Griffin in Sept of 1634, with their children Benjamin, and 3 young daughters. Elizabeth died in 1639 (at 35?) when Benjamin was still a teenager. He’s the beginning of my US Hammond line that ended with my mother Jean Hammond Mayhew. I just realized how old William of London was in relationship to Elizabeth Penn, much older sister of Admiral Penn and deceased before her nephew, William Penn, was a thought.

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