John Pickard Jr.

John PICKARD Jr. (1622 – 1683) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Miller line.

John Pickard Jr. was born in 1622 in Holme-on-Spaulding Moor,  East Riding of Yorkshire, England.  His parents were John PICKARD Sr. and Ann LUME.  Perhaps the Pickards and the Crosbys sailed to America on a ship called the “Lion” in either 1635 or 1638.  He married Jane CROSBY on 29 Oct 1644 in Rowley, Mass.  John died in Sep 1683 in Salem Mass.

Jane Crosby was born 22 Apr 1627 in Holme-on-Spaulding-Moor, Yorkshire, England. Her parents were Robert CROSBY and Constance BRIGHAM. She immigrated with her parents or her widowed mother before 1643.  Jane died 20 Feb 1715/16 in Rowley, Mass.

FEBRUARY Ye 20 1715/16


Children of John and Jane:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Rebecca Pickard 3 Oct 1645 Rowley, Mass Capt. Solomon Phipps
13 Nov 1667 Charlestown,  Mass.
1 Feb 1667/68
Charlestown, Mass
2. Deborah Pickard? 13 Oct 1646 Rowley, Mass 1695
3. Thomas Pickard? Sep 1648 Rowley
4. Mary Pickard 1651 Rowley, Mass John Pearson
(Son of John PEARSON)
14 Feb 1670/71
13 Apr 1728 Rowley
5. Daniel Pickard? Feb 1651/52 Rowley
6. John Pickard 1 Mar 1652/53 Rowley Sarah Smith
11 Feb 1679/80
Johanna Tutle (Widow of Job Bishop)
5 Mar 1691 Rowley
1 Nov 1697 Rowley
7. Jacob Pickard? Feb 1653/54 Rowley
8. Sarah Pickard 31 Jan 1656/57 Rowley Thomas Hammond
6 Dec 1679
16 Jan 1712/13 Ipswich, Mass
9. Ann Pickard 15 Jul 1659 Rowley Aaron Pengry
22 Mar 1682
Ipswich, Mass
3 Feb 1739/40 Rowley
10. Capt. Samuel Pickard May 1663 Rowley Elizabeth Bradstreet
22 Jun 1685
Elizabeth Hale
31 May 1687 Rowley
Sarah Hardy
20 May 1731
2 Sep 1751 Rowley
11. Jane PICKARD 22 Apr 1666 Rowley, Mass. Edward HAZEN JR.
6 Nov 1684 in Rowley, Mass.
After 1748
12. Hannah Pickard 10 Apr 1670 Rowley Moses Bradstreet
19 Jul 1686 Rowley
3 Jan 1736/37 Ipswich, Mass.

John Pickard was a Carpeneter

According to Jim Pickard,  John Pickard Jr.  came to America with Rev. Ezekiel ROGERS, a Puritan minister from Rowley in Yorkshire, England. Rogers brought twenty families  of his congretation with him. The Pickards stayed in Rowley for several generations. It is presumed by some that John was also a minister, but that has not been proven.  John married Jane Crosby who came with her parents from Holme on Spaulding Moor.

He was a selectman in Rowley in 1676, and on the Freeholder list of 1677.

16 Sep 1658 – (Ipswich Deed IV : 340) . . . Marke SYMONDS of Ipswich . . . for . . . fifty pounds . . . Have Granted . . . unto John PICKARD of Rowley … his pcell of ground . . . lyeing on the North Syd of the North River … at the end of his farme formarly sold to John Crose containeing seaven acres . . . with about halfe an acre bought of Robert Lord . . . having the land of Twyford WEST toward the Southwest …  . . . Rec. June 9, 1680.

John along with Joseph Jewett witnessed the will of Hugh CHAPLIN and proved the will in Ipswich Court, 31, Mar 1657.  Hugh did not sign his will.   The will had not been proven by the widow within the twenty month allowed for the action, so she was sentenced to forfeit one hundred pounds to the court. On 6 Apr 1657, Elizabeth Jackson petitioned the court for an abatement of the fine of  £100 for neglecting to present her former husband Hugh Chaplin’s will to be probated and on 29 Sep 1657, the count moderated the fine of Nicholas JACKSON for not proving the will of his wife’s former husband.

10 Feb 1668 – Will of Richard Longhorne of Rowley  and proved in court by Mr John Ward.

To daughter Elizabeth a double portion who with his brother Thomas Longhorne were appointed executors if Elizabeth died without issue one half of the estate given her was to be given equally to his other three daughters to servant Samuel Wood 10li and if the latter’s father Obadiah Wood be willing that his son serve out his time with testator’s brother John Johnson of Rowley £10 more be given him if Samuel died before his time was out the £20 to be divided among his children the remainder of the estate to be divided equally John Pickard John Johnson and James Bayley of Rowley overseers Wit Anthonie Crosbie Daniell Ela and John Ward who made oath in court Original on file in the Registry of Probate

Jonathan Platts deposed that going to Haverill when Richard Longhorne was sick with John Pickard he left the latter on this side the river and went over with the daughter of Richard Longhorne to see him and told him his brother Pickard was on the other side. He told deponent that he was very glad of it for he had a great desire to speak with him that he knew not how God might dispose of him and he desired deponent to come to him again when his brother came over the river. And so coming to him again his brother being with him and he having told his mind to his brother Pickard the latter told Longhorne that he would relate what he said to deponent for fear of spending him. Concerning his children’s disposal John Pickard said to leave them to the disposal of their grandmother to which Longhorne replied that he would and also to their two aunts and that he have them advise with Goodwife Bayly who was a good woman whom he believed loved them well. This was about three years before he died. John Pickard affirmed the same Sworn 30 1 1669 in Ipswich court. Anthony Crosbie deposed that being in Haverill when Richard Longhorne made his will before Mr Ward wrote it said Long borne was very desirous that his brother Thomas Longhorne should be one of his executors But Thomas was not willing to serve pleading his unfitness on account of living so far away etc Sworn in court Daniell Ela deposed that he heard Longhorne say that he desired his brother to take his smaller children and estate etc Sworn in court

Inventory of the estate of Richard Longhorne appraised Mar 24 1668 9 by John Tod Ezekiell Northend and Samuell Brocklebanke Wearing apparel household furnishings silver pewter glass tools household utensils grain hops domestic animals dwelling house brew house orchard £67 Newmarshes lot land bought of Thomas Abbott land at Cow bridge gate land 6 gates Merimacke land land at the great plain land bought of Thomas Dickanson and John Scales land in Shatswell’s meadow meadow at Newbury causeway salt marsh on southeast side of Mr Nelson’s Island marsh at Hogg Island total £732 11s 1d

Sworn Mar 30 1669 by Thomas Longhorne and Elizabeth Longhorne executors At court held Sept 29 1674 more was added to the inventory Original on file in the Registry of Probate”

John Pickard  died 24 Sep 1683.  His will was signed and sealed 6 Sep 1683 proved 27 Nov 1683, and his estate was valued at one thousand two hundred and seventy-nine pounds, two shillings and four pence.

John Pickard Jr – Vital Record


1. Rebecca Pickard

Rebecca’s husband Capt. Solomon Phipps was born 1646 in Charleston, Suffolk, Mass. His parents were Solomon Phipps and Elizabeth Wood. Rebecca died soon after they were married and he married Jul 1669 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Mass to Mary Danforth (b. 28 Jul 1650 in Sudbury, Mass. – d. 1725 in Sudbury) Solomon died Jul 1693.

Oct. 6, 1710, Mary, daughter of Honorable Thomas Danforth, by deed conveyed to her daughters, Sarah and Abial, all her rights in the corn-mills and fulling-mills on Charles River in Watertown.

4. Mary Pickard

Mary’s husband John Pearson was born 27 May 1644 Rowley, Mass. He was Mary’s first cousin.  His parents were John PEARSON and Dorcas PICKARD.  John died 12 Mar 1721/22 Rowley, Mass.

John was a Miller, Clothdresser, and Farmer.

6. John Pickard

John’s first wife Sarah Smith was born 14 Apr 1660 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.  Her parents were John Smith and Faith Parrett. Sarah died 28 Sep 1689 in Rowley, Essex, Mass

John’s second wife Johanna Tutle was born 24 Sep 1664 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Simon Tuttle and Sarah Cogswell. She first married Job Bishop. Johanna died 1731 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass.

John Pickard IV of Rowley died 5 Aug 1706 at Billerica having been wounded by the Indians.

8. Sarah Pickard

Sarah’s husband Lt. Thomas Hammond was born 11 Jul 1656 in Watertown, Middlesex, Mass. His parents were Thomas Hammond and Hannah Cross.  His grandparents were William HAMMOND and Elizabeth PAYNE (PENN).   He first marriedAfter Sarah died, he married 17 Oct 1713 in Rowley, Mass to Hannah Platts, daughter of Ensign Abel Platts and Lydia Bailey. She was born 5 Feb 1678/79 in Rowely and died June 26, 1748 in Rowely.   Hannah was the widow of Samuel Lancaster who was drowned in Rowley River Sept 19, 1710. Thomas died 26 Feb 1724/25 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass.

Thomas was left an orphan when but a few months of age. His grandfather, William Hammond, died when he was but four years of age and his grandmother, Cross, surviving but a few years, it is probable that his uncle, Lieut. John Hammond, Watertown, took charge of his bringing up and education. He appears to have been much better educated than the average man of his time. He was a fine penman as is shown by specimen of his handwriting which are still in existence. It seems that he had some military training in his younger days, probably owing to the influence of his uncle, Lieut. John, and he is credited with service in King Philip’s war, in the Company of Capt. Joseph Syll, in 1675, and Capt. Joseph Cutter, in 1676. It is probable that he took an active part in the military affairs later in life as he is mentioned as “Lieut.” in the records at Ipswich.

Growing up as he did without parent restraint he early learned self-reliance and became one of the most active, enterprising men of the locality in which he liveed. The following account found on page 143, of the Essex County Genealogical Register, shows the characteristics of the man.

“Thomas Hammond if living now would be one of our liberal men Paul Jewett, who was contemporary with him, reports him through his son Dea. Joshua Jewett, that Hammond had no particular reverence for Sunday, parson or church; that he was a hustler in business and paid little regard to time or place albeit he might coin an honest dollar. He was born too early and the stiff orthodoxy of his day condemned him, and the ‘faithful’ said that Devil held him. It became the whispered secret that ‘Tom Hammond had sold himself to the Devil.’ Time passed, ‘Tom’ kept business in a whirl and made money. He owed several of his townsmen, as would be natural with a man who drove his business. Gossip was rife and ‘Tom’ resolved to test it–in modern phase he suspended. Then calling in his creditors, who were also his accusers, he said: ‘Gentlemen, there are two piles of money; the larger pile is ample to pay you all, but I got it through Satanic influence, and you must take the responsibility of its spell upon you. The other pile will pay you only a small dividend, but it is free. I hoarded it before I made a league with the Devil. Take which you will and sign a release.’ They took the smaller pile. Few people now-a-days play a shrewder game.”

Thomas Hammond Gravestone

Thomas Hammond and his wife rest in the Rowley Cemetery, on the left near the entrance. Their headstones are beautifully engraved in the fashion of that time, and read as follows: HERE LIES YE BODY OF MR. THOMAS HAMMOND, DECST. FEBRUARY YE [A figure cut out and 16, it looks like, cut above]6, 1724, IN YE 69TH YEAR OF HIS AGE. HERE LYETH BURIED YE BODY OF MRS. SARAH HAMMOND, WIFE OF MR. THOMAS HAMMOND, WHO DIED JANUARY YE 16, 1712-13, AGED 57 YEARS.

He appears to have lived in Ipswich on the old Cross farm, after his second marriage, until about 1690 when he removed to Watertown, where he had considerable property interests. He was admitted freeman April 18, 1690, and continued to reside there until about 1706, when he returned to Ipswich and spent the remaining years of his life on the old farm situated near the west end of Muzzey hill, adjoining the town of Rowley. He was a large owner of real estate as is shown by the Essex Registry of Deeds. The following abstracts serve to show the relationship between the parties and prove conclusively that Thomas married a third wife and had two daughters by her, although this marriage is not mentioned in any of the works now in print. June 11, 1713, he conveyed the old Cross farm to his sons, David and Nathaniel Hammond, “in consideration of parental love.” The farm is described as follows: “Bounded on the cart way which lyeth next ye line yt parts Ipswich at Rowley, and on ye N. W. side by Bradstreet farm, so-called containing 100 acres, subject to a yearly lien which John Cross, the former owner, put upon said farm for the support of ye Grammar school.” The deed is witnessed by Nehemiah Jewett, Philip Nelson and Elizabeth (her X mark) Bu?? (Essex Registry 25; 243.)

Nov. 7, 1717, he conveyed “for love and affection to me son-in-law, Ephraim Jewett–thatch lot on Rogers island in Ipswich and new up-land lot at Jeffries.” His wife, Hannah relinquished her right of dower in the same. (Essex Registry?? 32; 208.) May 23, 1724, Thomas Hammond “in consideration of parental love which I bear my son, Thomas Hammond of Watertown,” conveyed to him a salt marsh in Ipswich with the proviso that, “should I die before my now present wife, my said son, Thomas, shall pay to my said wife the sum of ?40, provided she doth acquit rights of dower, or power of thirds in all of my estate according to Covenant, and not else.” Thomas was also required to pay his brothers, David and Nathaniel Hammond, ?5 each. Proved in Court April 13,1725, by witnesses Nathaniel Knowlton and Thomas Manning, to have been the deed of Thomas Hammond, late of Ipswich, deceased. (Essex Registry 44; 158.)

28 Mar 1724 – He conveyed “to my daughter Elizabeth Jewett, the now wife of Ephraim Jewett, in consideration of parental love,” &c., lands in Ipswich and Rowley. (Essex Registry 44; 162.) By a deed proved in Court April 13, 1725, “in consideration of parental love,” &c., he conveyed lands to his two daughters, Hannah and Mary Hammond, minors, of Ipswich; “my daughter, Hannah, must pay to my daughter, Sarah Lambert, ?10, and my daughter, Mary, shall pay to my daughter, Elizabeth Jewett, ?10.” (Essex Registry 45; 29.) His daughter, Hannah, afterwards married Lieut. Nathaniel Bradstreet, and the lands then deeded to her have since remained in possession of her descendants and are now owned (1897) and occupied by John Francis Bradstreet, who has in his possession the original deed given by Thomas Hammone in 1724. This deed is a finely executed document, written in a bold old English hand, and has a fine signature showing him to have been a good penman at that advanced age, is characteristic of the family for many generations.

Thomas Hammond was selectman in Watertown in 169?? and 1696.   He was executor of the will of his kinsman, Timothy Hawkins, in Watertown, in 1697. Buried in Rowley Cemetery on the left near the main entrance. Source: History and Genealogies of the Hammond Families in America Vol 1 [p. 72 – 75] Vital Records of Rowley, MA, p. 468. Died in his 69th birthday.

Sarah Pickard Hammond Gravestone – Rowley Burial Ground 
Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts.

JANUARY Ye 16 1712/13

9. Ann Pickard

Ann’s husband Aaron Pengry was born 1652 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass. His parents were Deacon Moses Pengry and Lydia Clements. Aaron died 14 Sep 1714 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass.

10. Capt. Samuel Pickard

Samuel’s first wife Elizabeth Bradstreet was born 22 Mar 1667 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Capt. Moses Bradstreet and Elizabeth Harris of Ipswich, Mass. Her grandparents were Humphrey BRADSTREET and Bridget HARRIS. Elizabeth died 28 May 1686 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.

Samuel’s second wife Elizabeth Hale was born 16 Oct 1668 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Hon. Thomas Hale and Mary Hutchinson. Elizabeth died 29 Jun 1730 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.

Samuel’s third wife Sarah Hardy was born born 25 Mar 1672 in Bradford, Essex, Mass. Her parents were John HARDY and Mary JACKMAN. She first married Maximilian JEWETT in 1698 in Rowley, Mass.   Maximilian died 23 Mar 1730 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.  Finally, she married May 20, 1731 to Samuel Pickard. Sarah died 3 Feb 1744 in Bradford, Essex, Mass.

11. Jane PICKARD (See Edward HAZEN JR.‘s page)

12. Hannah Pickard

Hannah’s husband Moses Bradstreet was born 17 Oct 1665 in Ipswich, Mass. His parents were Capt. Moses Bradstreet and Elizabeth Harris of Ipswich, Mass. Her grandparents were Humphrey BRADSTREET and Bridget HARRIS. Moses died 20 Dec 1737 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.

An extract of Moses’ father’s will is found in the Historical Collections of the Essex Institute, Vol. 5, and reads:

“Will of Moses Bradstreet, dated 16th of August 1690, mentions his wife’s children by her former husband; son, John Bradstreet, to him one half of the farm ‘yt was my Father Broadstreets,’ sons, Humphrey, Nathaniel, Moses and Jonathan. Daughters, Bridget and Hannah. Appoints John and Moses exrs. Witnesses, Edward Payson, Nicholas Wallis and Nehemiah Jewett, probate Sept. 30, 1690. Inventory of above estate, taken 26th of Sept., 1690, by Samuel Platts and Nehemiah Jewett, amounting to £1257 2s., debts against the estate £31 12 s. 5d. Returned Sept. 30, 1690.”.


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25 Responses to John Pickard Jr.

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  11. Bradley Scott Pickard says:

    I have a family tree that was done in the the 1940’s. It traces the Pickard family from Rowley England to Rowley Mass. My branch of the Pickard name left the Rowley in 1766 and went to New Brunswick Canada. My Grandfather was named Alonzo John Pickard, my father and brother was named John Alonzo Pickard. My Dad and Grandfather came back to the United States in 1964 to Charlotte N.C..

    • Robert Amos Pickard says:

      I also am well into Pickard geneology, and am the son of Amos Atwood Pickard, grandson of John Pickard. My father was born on Keswick Ridge and had brothers Mowatt and Harry, and a sister Ruth.
      I spent several summers with my aunt Ruth at Mouth of Keswick as a child and remember an Alonzo who I always thought was uncle Harry’s son as running a garage??. This would make him my 1st. cousin. response/e-mail??

      • Bradley "Scott" Pickard says:

        Yes, that was my Grand Father that owner a White Rose Service Station, Harry Pickard was his Father and Aunt Ruth is who comissioned the Family Tree that I have. My Father John Alonzo Pickard and was Alonzo’s only son. My Dad had 2 sons and one daughter. My dad and brother have pasted away. My dad was 46 and my brother was 37. I am now 38 and I am a widower, I have a son named William Scott Pickard and a daughter named Patricia LaRue Pickard they are 6 and 5. I am sorry it took me a year to respond to your reply but I lost the the website and stumbled back across it today. I would like to talk to you over the phone sometime. I go by Scott.

  12. markeminer says:

    I have descendants of John Pickard that moved to New Brunswick about the same time as your branch of the Pickard family, John’s daughter Jane Pickard married Edward Hazen Jr 6 Nov 1684 in Rowley, Mass. Their son Israel married Hannah Chaplin on 27 May 1724 in Rowley. Israel’s daughter Hannah married Richard Estey in 7 Feb 1750 in Rowley, Mass. They resided in Rowley, Mass until 1764 when they relocated to a settlement on the St John River in Sunbury County, New Brunswick Canada called Maugerville.

    My Estey ancestors came back to the United States a bit sooner than yours did. Mary Estey Miller and George Miller moved by wagon train from York County New Brunswick to Palmyra, Jefferson County, Wisconsin on 1 Sep 1845. Their double brother/sister-in-laws George Estey and Deborah Miller Estey (Mary’s brother and George’s sister) accompanied them on the emigration to Wisconsin.

    • Bradley "Scott" Pickard says:

      Yes, in my family tree that was completed by Amos E. Jewwtt on March 19th, 1937 it confirms that Jane Pickard did marry Edward Hazen in 1684. Her brother Samuel Pickard had a son named Moses he was the fourth child of nine. Moses had 11 children 2 were twins that died shortly after birth. Moses 3rd child was Moses Jr. Moses Jr moved to Maugerville, N.B. around 1766. If you have more details of Moses Jr of when they moved to Maugerville that would be very helpful to me. Thank you Bradley “Scott” Pickard.

      • markeminer says:

        Hi Scott,
        I did a look up on One World Tree for Moses Pickard b. 9 Jan 1719
        Rowley, Mass; d. 25 Jan 1803 Sheffield, Sunbury, New Brunswick, Canada
        10 children are listed, all being born in Rowley with the youngest being Moses Pickard b. 13 Aug 1763 in Rowley,

        This site –
        names a last daughter Mary Nancy Pickard b: 27 JAN 1767 Sheffield,Sunbury,New Brunswick,Canada d. 27 JAN 1831; m. : Duncan McLeod

        One sourced says his daughter Hannah married Asa Perley 2 Mar 1869 in Maugerville, Sudbury, New Brunswick

        This PDF has a picturre of Moses Pickard’s desk

        This list of grantees shows Moses’ son Humphrey as a land grantee in 1761.

      • robert pickard says:

        Further to info. you may or may not have,
        Moses Jr. who moved to Maugerville (1718-1803) is your 5th great grandfather who married Jane Saunders. Both are buried about 75 miles from where I now live in Moncton New Brunswick in the graveyard of the first Protestant church established in this province. I have visited the site often and have pictures of their tombstones, along with newspaper articles covering the history of the church which is still standing, with a large monument by the road side out front in commemoration.

        Your lineage is as follows–
        Moses Jr. (1718-1803) married Jane Saunders
        Moses (1763-1847) married Eleanor Brill
        Samuel Sr. (1793-1878) married Ruth Yerxa Currie
        John (1823-1905) married Nellie Jane Collins
        Samuel Harris (1888-1968) married Jennie M. Currie
        Alonzo (1909-1984) married Olive Lavina Dunphy
        John Alonzo (1947-1994) married Patricia Hicks (your parents)

        I will be leaving for Florida on Dec 12, going thru Charlotte on or about the 14th or 15th, and would be prepared to stop over and have a visit with you if you would like to up-date you on my records concerning the Pickards, which I will have with me.
        You can reach me by e-mail ( or phone (506-204-1012).
        Let me know your phone number and the name and address of the closest motel to you, and i will contact you if you are interested–dinner is on me.

      • markeminer says:

        Scott and Robert,

        Just like Moses Pickard, a number of my ancestors were involved in the founding of Maugerville. I wrote a post on the history of the New England Planters in New Brunswick between their arrival in the 1760’s and the coming of the Loyalists in 1783.

        When I was growing up, I thought all our American/Canadian/American ancestors were Loyalists, but my research has discovered most just went to Canada in the 1760′s for an opportunity. These strict Puritans were overwhelmed when the Loyalists arrived in 1783.

        While we had 15 ancestral families who immigrated to and from Canada, Nathaniel and his son Jonathan PARKS were our only direct ancestors who were actually resettled Loyalists. . See my post

        Rgds, Mark

  13. Donna De Altier Pickard says:

    Our Grandfather was born in Boston Mass 1898 and he is related to John and Jane Pickard
    He moved to the United States Virgin Island when Denmark sold the Islands to Amercia in 1917. Our dad was an only child . We are from the Pickard – Altier family .
    we are working on our Pickard family tree and finding lots of info. Good luck

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  16. Zachary Pickard says:

    Hey there, I too am a Pickard and am only just starting to scratch the surface of my ancestry. I will be 30 years old this year and learned that my great great grandfather was Amos Pickard who supposedly moved to the United States in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s (not sure exactly when). I know that he had a brother, John Wilfred Pickard (which is also the name of my father and grandfather). I just happened across these posts and saw a lot of familiar Pickard names and was hoping I could make some connections. Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide!

    • Bradley Scott Pickard says:


      My branch from John Pickard is from his son Samuel Pickard. I have a complete family record that goes back to 1066 with William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings, he was a Norman Knight.

  17. Jeremy Doherty says:

    Joseph Pickard married Elizabeth Coburn–does anyone have a list of their children..trying to figure out if one of them was Pheobe who married David Currie

    • Anne Knuth says:

      Yes. On p. 86 of a Pickard genealogy chart compiled in 1890-1900 by Joseph Coffin Pickard, ( my 2nd great grandfather) I have the following entry:

      JOSEPH (Pickard)(6), Moses(5,4,3), Capt. Samuel(2),John (1), b. 28 Mar. 1798, d. 10 Oct. 1876,
      m. (1) 15 Oct, 1823, Elizabeth Coburn,
      m. (2) Mary Denton, ( no date).

      I. Moses(7), b. 12 Mar. 1825(7?) Quote included:” I have been a carpenter and farmer all my life”(letter dated 1892).
      m.(1) 25 Apr. 1846 Abigail Yerxa, b. 25 Mar. 1829 & d. 23 Oct. 1871.
      m. (2) ( no date, _____ Sisson.

      II. Phebe(7), b. 18 Aug. 1828.
      m. 4 Sept 1845, David Curry.

      III. Hannah(7), b. 25 June, 1829, d. In infancy.

      lV. Hannah(7) b. 13 May 1830, d. young.

      V. George(7), b. —— , d. 23 Jan. 1883.
      m. —— Sarah Kilburn.

      On page 139:
      Phebe(7) Joseph(6), Moses(5,4,3), Capt. Samuel(2), John(1).
      b. In Douglas Parish, York Co. N.B. 18 Aug, 1828.
      m. In Douglas Parish, 4 Sept. 1845. David J. Currie b. 23 Feb. 1824 & d. 27 Aug. 188_. (last digit missing)
      I. John A. Currie, b. 27 Nov. 1846, m. 1887 Jennie Robbins of Wardner, Idaho, res(idence) 908 Frederic St., Spokane, WA.
      Children: none reported.
      II. Mary E. Currie, b. 7 June, 1848, d. Dec. 1848.
      III. Hannah Currie, b. 21 June, 1850, d. Sept.

      IV. Joseph P. (?) Currie, b. 19 May, 1853,
      m. Sept. 1879, in Kent, Carleton Co. N.B.
      Catherine Welsh.
      Child: 1. Lewellan Currie, b. 27 March 1893.

      V. Jacob Currie b. 30 Aug. 1855, m. In Denver, Col. 1887 Hattie Westlake. Res(idence): (he is listed as residing at the same address as John).

      VI. Joannah(sp?) H. Currie, b. 19, Dec. 1857. m. 24 Aug. 1875 in Porter, Victoria Co., N.B., George Lovean.
      Res(idence): Beachwood, Carlton Co., N.B.
      1. Ida M Lovean, b. 25 Dec. 1878.
      2. Mary E. Lovean, b. 29, Aug. 1880.
      3. Jessie O. Lovean, b. 29 Oct. 1883.
      4. John A. Lovean, b. 27 Apr. 1887.
      5. Hattie R. Lovean, b. 17 Apr. 1889.
      6. Frank D. Lovean, b. 18 Mar. 1893.

      VII. Rosella Currie, b. 19 May 1861,
      m. In Andover, Victoria Co. N.B., 25 Sept. 1880, Alphonso Welsh.
      1. Harvey Welsh, b. 4 Apr. 1883.
      2. Cecil Welsh, b. 5 Apr. 1887.
      3. Bessie Welsh, b. 4 May, 1889.
      4. Jacob Welsh, b. 27, Sept. 1892

      VIII. David Currie, b. 20 Oct. 1864.

      IX. Stephen E. Currie, b. Mar. 1867.
      m. 15 June 1887 in Andover , Victoria Co. N.B. , Mary A. Monteith.
      1. John A. Currie, b. 7 Nov. 1889.
      2. Emma M. Currie, b. 8 May 1891.
      3. Jessie O. Currie, b. 12 Oct. 1892.
      “The members of this family belong to the Free Christian Baptist Church. The most of the men are farmers”.

      -That’s all I have. Professor Pickard died before he could publish his work. The final copy is in either the New England Historical Society, or the Bowdoin College archives. I have the draft copy. Let me know if it helps.

      & d. 23 Oct. 1870

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