Capt. George Hardy Sr

Capt George HARDY Sr (1633 – 1694) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather; one of 2,048 in this generation of the Miller line

George Hardy Sr was born in 1633 in England.  His parents were John HARDY and Olive COUNCIL. He married Mary JACKSON in 1666 in Isle of Wight, Virginia.  He died in 1694 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia

Immigrant Ancestor

Mary Jackson was born in 1640 in the Isle of Wight County, Virginia. Her parents were Richard JACKSON and Mary BENNETT. Mary died in 1693.

Children of George and Mary:

Name Born Married Departed
1. George HARDY Jr. 1661
Hampton, Rockingham, NH
24 Nov 1686 in Newbury
6 Dec 1694
Newbury, Mass.
2. Mary Hardy 1666
Isle Of Wight
[__?__] Jarett
1684 in Isle Wight, Virginia
5 Mar 1692/93
Isle Of Wight
3. Katherine Hardy 1670 1719
4. Thomas Hardy 1670
Isle Of Wight
Mary Peter
1719 in Surry, Virginia
7 Jan 1710/11
5. Sarah Anne Hardy 1674
Isle of Wight
Charles Pitt
1699 Virginia
Isle of Wight Co., Virginia
6. Richard Hardy 1675
Isle of Wight
Mary Chambers 4 Mar 1756
Isle of Wight

The Hardy’s were 30th generation descendents of Emperor Charlemagne.

George Hardy was the owner of several large estates in Isle of Wight and Surry Counties, and had interest in several vessels.  He was a liberal supporter of the Established Church of England.  And came to the Colonies before 1654.

The Compendium of American Genealogy, Immigrant Ancestors, edited by Frederick Adams Virkus, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc, Baltimore, 1980, p.36

George Hardy, (1633-1693), from Eng. to Isle of Wight Co, VA., c1660; burgess, 1642-52; m. Mary Jackson

(Hardy and Hardie Past and Present, H. Claude Hardy and Rev. Edwin Noah Hardy, The Syracuse Typesetting Co., Syracuse, NY 1935, pp.238-239)

Captain George Hardy came from England before his parents about 1650. He was the owner of the Old Hardy Mill in Isle of Wight County, which is still standing. He owned large estates in both Isle of Wight and Surry Counties and had an interest in several vessels. He was a liberal supporter of the established Church.

Adventurers of Purse and Persons VA 1607-1625, Compiled and edited by Annie Lash Jester, 1956, p 271.:

Captain George Hardy’s wife was Mary, dau. of Mr. Richard Jackson; late of the county, deceased 19 June 1666. Source; Early Wills and Deeds, Isle of Wight County.  “Records of divers will, deeds, conveyances and other ancient writings collected from the primary old records which lay unbound in the clerk’s office”  Transcribed in the 1773″ by James baker, clerk.  Virginia Vital Records #1, 1600-1800s.  Article reproduced on Broderbund Software’s Family Archive CD #174 (Virginia Vital Records #1, 1600s-1800s).

Mary Jackson (Elizabeth, Alice Pierce) to whom, with her sisters Sarah, their grandmother deeded 150 acres of land in Isle of Wight county, 1647, married Captain George Hardy, who in 1648 had patented land across the creek from Alice Bennett.  George Hardy, who made a deposition 9 April 1670 stating that he was 37 years of age, named in his will, 5 March 1693/94 – 9 June 1696, Isle of Wight two sons, two daughters and grandchildren.

Will of George G. Hardy – Legatees in the Will of George G. Hardy; son Richard, youngest son Thomas, daughters Marg. & Sarah, 2 grandchildren Rich & Geo Jarett

In the Name of God Amen, I  George Hardy being very sick and weak in body but…and memory Revoking all form and other wills forhere make my last will & testament in manor and form as follows.  First I give…my soul to God that gave it me; and my body to the earth from whence it was taken and for all my worldly goods as follows –

Impr.  I give and bequeath unto my son Rich. Hardy Sovon hundred acres of my Isle of Wight County and one hundred and fifty acres in Surrey belonging to ye Mill to him and his Heirs forever…

Item. I give and bequeath to my youngest son tho. Hardy Sovon Hundred and fifty acres of land in surrey County to him and his heirs forever…

Item.  I give and bequeath to my two grandchildren, Rich. & Geo Jarrott..

I give to my two daughters Marg. and Sarah each of them a gome of a hog of..

Signed George G. Hardy

Hardy Mill

Hardy’s Mill in 1937  Historic marker at the intersection of Hwy 10 and Wrenn’s Mill 
states that the mill “had been dismantled in the 1990’s”..

The mill was on  Wrenns Millpond (Google Map), Hardy, Isle of Wight, Virginia 23430. 20 miles south of Jamestown and a couple miles west of the James River

1937 WPA Historical Inventory Report on Hardy’s Mill



1. George HARDY Jr. (See his page)

2. Mary Hardy

Mary’s husband [__?__] Jarett was born 1660 in Isle Wight, Virginia,

4. Thomas Hardy

Thomas’ wife Mary Peter was born 1677 in Isle Wight, Virginia. Her parents were Moses Peter and Sarah Mathews. Mary died in 1721 in Surry, Virginia.

Thomas Hardy inherited the famous Hardy Mill. He had large estates in Isle of Wight and Surry Counties. He took a prominent and active interest in religious and public affairs.

5. Sarah Anne Hardy

Sarah’s husband Charles Pitts was born in 1667 in Isle Of Wight County, VA. His parents were Henry Pitt and Mary Galloway. He died in 1750 in Surry, Virginia.

Charles assumed the name Pitts instead of Pitt. In his Will he left his wife two cows, daughter Milea dishes and plates, daughter Lucy dishes, etc., and the remainder to his son Joseph and named Joseph as executor.

Sarah Ann’s aunt Olive Hardy was the wife of Charles’ uncle Col. John Pitt.

6. Richard Hardy

Richard’s wife Mary Chambers was born 1710 in Virginia. Her parents were William Chambers and Olive Ruffin. Mary died in 1756


Hardy and Hardie Past and Present, H Claude Hardy & Rev Edwin Noah Hardy, The Syracuse Typesetting Co, Syracuse, NY 1935,

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  3. Charlotte Jeffers says:

    George Hardy Sr. was a witness to the Will of Joseph I. H. Williams who died in Old Albemarle, NC, January 1693. Joseph’s wife was Mary and his mother is listed as Hannah (Williams) Harrison, who was also married to a Coen at some point. Could Joseph’s wife have been Mary Hardy, daughter of George Hardy Sr. ? This Joseph Williams has extended family connected to the Hardy family in North Carolina along with the Parrot, Mewborn, and Sawyer families. Any help would be appreciated.

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  5. Nicole says:

    I have in my possession of a 1870s-90s-knights-of-the-maccabees-ceremonial sword with George Hardy’s name on it and was trying to find ancestors that might want to buy it

  6. Please remove this Hardy coat of arms as it is copyright of

  7. nicole emms says:

    I DO have pics of sword

  8. Milton William Hardy says:

    I am probably the last of the direct line still having Stuart and Charlemagne blood lines in me. I have packed away somewhere, the original Hardy crest done on sheepskin. My first grandfather, Hon. Summers Hardy was the first chief Justice of the State of Oklahoma, while his wife, Laura Van Scrivner Hardy was acting first lady for both the first and second governors who were each bachelors. My Great Uncle; Walter Hardy built and owned the first hospital in Oklahoma Territory, that being the Hardy Sanitarium in Ardmore, OK (which is still in operation today. My mother’s side of the family(Eastmans, Aetnas, Bennetts, Thoms, Bristles and Bolends) were Doctors, Business and Actors. Dr. Bolend, my maternal Grandfather founded the Oklahoma University School of Medicine and built and owned the Medical Arts Building IN Oklahoma City. It still stands today and is the IBC bank building. Going way, way, way back, my Multi=Great Uncle was Sir Thomas Hardy, Poet Laureat of England, now interred in Westminster Abbey!

  9. Milton William Hardy says:

    Just a little addition to the article concerning Geo. Hardy. Thomas Hardy and his wife Olive Council were my umpteen great Grandmother and Grandfather. There is also strong lineage with the royal Stuart Bloodline in the very same family.

  10. Milton Hardy says:

    Noticing Mr. Miner’s entry, above, I know there are quite a few offshoots of the Hardy Family. My line, a direct Stuart bloodline, came to Oklahoma during the landrush as what is known as “landed Gentry”. On my maternal grandmother’s side, My maternal Great Great Grandfather was Col. Marcus Weathered, a Head of the “Sons of Texas and founder of texas. He is honored in the Capitol in Austen by an oil portrait my mother was honored to attend when unveiled.

    When the Ground-breaking of the Capitol dome on Oklahoma City was held, I, my brother, Robert (deceased) and my Cousin Gaytra, (Dad’s sister’s daughter) were honored as guests of the Governor as the first Beam was hoisted to the roof. All three of us signed that particular beam in honor of both my father and grandfather.

  11. Milton W. Hardy says:

    Correction on the above, I did not mean to use the word Maternal, what was meant is: Paternal.

    However, noting the above mention of a Mary Bennett … I am wondering about her possible relation to my maternal Grandmother’s side of the family, she was a Bennett from issue of James Bennett.

  12. Shayna Stancil says:

    I have been tracing my ancestry and see that here there is no continuing information on Katherine Hardy (1672-1719). According to the resources I have located, she married John Stansell, Sr. They had 5 children, including William Stansell, Sr, which then started the Stansell/Stancil family line of which I am descended. I am very curious to learn more about this.

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