George Hardy

George HARDY Jr (1661 – 1694) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Miller line

George Hardy was born in 1661 in Hampton, Rockingham, NH.  Many genealogies say parents were George HARDY Sr. and Mary JACKSON, but don’t say how he got from Virginia to New Hampshire.  

There were other Hardys in New England.  Thomas Hardy, who was one of twelve men specially chosen by Governor Winthrop of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1633 to settle a plantation at Agawam, now Ipswich, signed a protest against the departure of John Winthrop, Jr., to go to Connecticut soon after the settlement was completed, and became a most influential citizen. His brother John, of Salem, Massachusetts, was Town Clerk in 1674… (“Hardy and Hardie, Past and Present”, 1935, Authored by H. Claude Hardy, Ph.D. of White Plains, N.Y. and Rev. Edwin Noah Hardy, Ph.D., of Greenwitch, Connecticut, excerpts from pages 18-21)

George married Mary FOGG 24 Nov 1686 in Newbury, Mass. George died 6 Dec 1694 in Newbury, Mass.

Mary Fogg was born 1 May 1662 in Hampton, Rockingham, NH.  Her parents were Samuel FOGG and Ann SHAW.  After George died, she married Benjamin Poore on 13 Apr 1696 in Newbury, Mass and had two more children. Mary died 8 Aug 1707 in Newbury, Mass.

Benjamin Poore was born 22 Feb 1666 in Essex, Essex, Mass. His parents were Samuel Poore and Rebecca Church. After Mary died, Benjamin married (2)  Dorothy Pillsbury 24 Feb 1707/08 in Newbury, Essex, MA.  She was born 09 Apr 1675 in Newbury, Essex, MA, and died 25 Mar 1755 in Newbury, Essex, MA. Benjamin died 1 DEC 1737 in Newbury, Essex, Mass.

Children of Joseph and Mary:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Mary HARDY 2 Feb 1691/92
Newbury, Mass
6 Dec 1707
Newbury, Mass
4 Nov 1747
Salisbury, Mass

Children of Mary and Benjamin Poore:

Name Born Married Departed
2. Sarah Poore 6 Sep 1697 Newbury, Mass Philip Flood
1 Mar 1721/22
Newbury, Mass.
Richard Drain (Urain)
22 Nov 1742
Newbury, Mass.
3. Ann Poore 31 Oct 1700
Newbury, Mass.
Edmund Cheney
16 Sep 1748 Newbury, Mass.
15 Jul 1762 “of Consumption & Dropsy.”

Early New England Hardys

Thomas Hardy was born in England, in about 1605, and died in Bradford, Massachusetts, Jan  4, 1677.  Most of the writers of Hardy history agree that he came to America with Governor Winthrop in 1630.  Unfortuantly the passenger list of that fleet of eleven ships bringing about 1,000 persons was lost.  Later immigrants are accounted for and so we can safely assume that he was with that group.  In 1732/33 , Thomas Hardy and his wife were among the thirteen families who joined in the settlement of Afawam, under the leadership of John Winthrop, Jr.  The members of this party had been carefully selected by the Board of Assisants of the Bay State, before Jan. 17, 1732/33.  They were young men who were friends.

This new settlement of Agawam, later known as Ipswich, was important, for the French were pushing in and the Bay Colony knew it was necessary to occupy the area.  As there were no roads, the trip would have had to be made in small boats along the coast.  Presumably their wives did not accompany them at first.  Agawam had been cleared by the Indians and hence it was not the wilderness home that many early settlers knew.

The first house was erected by “Thomas Hardee”, probably in 1634.  He and his wife were members of the church which was organized in Ipswich.

In 1653, he moved to Rowley, later known as Groveland.  Ten years later he moved to Bradford, where he owned one thousand acres of exceptionally good land.  In 1676, Thomas and two sons, Thomas, Jr. and John, gave two acres of land for the village church in Bradford.  Lydia, his first wife (maiden name unknown), was buried in Haverhill, and he was buried in the Old burial ground in Bradford.  His second wife, Ann (maiden name unknown) survived him by eleven years.

Children of Thomas Hardy and Lydia Lyd possibilities for George’s real father, they would have been the right age:

i. Thomas Hardy (1635 – 1716) m. Mercy Tenney (1644 – 1730)

ii. Sarah Hardy (1637 – 1684)

iii. Corporal Joseph Hardy (1642 – 1727) Called “Corporal”, no record of his wife or children.  He willed his property in 1723 to the children of his brother, Jacob, especially mentioning his nephew Joseph, but reserved the use of it for himself until his death.  He probably was the “Joseph Hardy” admitted to the Bradford church on June 26 1720.

iv. Deacon William Hardy (1643 – 1728) m. 3 May 1678 in Bradford, Mass to Ruth Tenney (1653 – 1689)

v. Mary Hardy (1644 – 1678)

vi. John Hardy (1646 – 1715) m. 2 Apr 1667 in Bradford, Mass to Mary Jackman (1644 – 1689)

vii. Jacob Hardy (1649 – 1706) m. 1685 Haverhill, Mass to Lydia Eaton (1662 – 1737)

George took the “Oath of Allegiance” in 1678.


1. Mary HARDY (See Joseph LOWELL‘s page)

2. Sarah Poore

Sarah’s first husband Philip Flood was born 24 APR 1700 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. His parents were Philip Flood and Mary Carteret.

Sarah’s second husband Richard Drain (Urain)

3. Ann Poore

Ann’s husband Edmund Cheney was born 29 Jun 1696 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. His parents were John Cheney and Mary Chute. His grandparents were James CHENEY and Mary WOOD. He first married before 1715 to Mary Plummer (b. 1694 in Rowley, Mass – d. 28 Jun 1748 Newbury) Edmund died 14 Mar 1761 in Newbury, Essex, Mass.

Edmund and Ann were members of the Byfield Parish church, and there their children were baptized. He was bred to the business of a miller and fuller. His father conveyed to him a house and land in the town of Newbury at the outset of his business career; but he had the spirit of adventure, and in 1723 sold this, and removed to the Squadron river in Weston [aftwerward Sudbury,” buying a place of Josiah Brewer Dec. 4, 1723. Here he ground the farmers’ grain, carded and fulled their cloth for some years, but returned about 1730 to his old home, where he finished his days. He d. “of a Consumptive Disorder” March 14, 1761, having lived an upright, enterprising, useful life.


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