James Chute Jr

James CHUTE Jr. (1649 – 1730) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather, He is one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line and one of 1,024  in the Miller line.  (See his son-in-law Thomas BROWNE for details of the double ancestors)

James Chute Jr. was born in 1649 in Ipswich, Mass. His parents were James CHUTE Sr. and Elizabeth EPPS.  He married Mary WOOD on 10 Nov 1673 in Ipswich.  James died in 1730 in Byfield Parish, Newbury, Mass.

Mary Wood was born 15 Mar 1654/55 in Rowley, Mass.  Her parents were Thomas WOOD and Ann HUNT. Mary died 15 Jan 1697/98 in Byfield Parish, Newbury.

Children of James and Mary:

<td”>Andrew Stickney

ca. 1694


Henry Lunt of Newbury

28 Mar 1724 Newbery, Mass3 Apr 1761

Newbury, Essex, Mass

Name Born Married Departed
1. Mary Chute 10 May 1666
Ipswich, Mass
John Cheney
7 Mar 1692/93
2 Sep 1750 Rowley, Mass
2. Elizabeth Chute 22 Jun 1676 Ipswich
3. Ann CHUTE 19 Oct 1679 Ipswich Ichabod Cheney
5 Jan 1708 Newbury
3 Dec 1712
4. Lionel Chute 15 Apr 1681 Ipswich. Hannah Cheney
10 Dec 1702 Newbury
Abt. 1730
5. Dec. James Chute 13 Jun 1686 Ipswich Mary Thurston
(Daniel THURSTON’s grand daughter)
26 Jan 1714/15
Sarah Hale
30 Mar 1761 Rowley
31 Jan 1769
6. Thomas Chute 31 Jan 1691/92 Rowley, Mass. Mary Curtis
11 Dec 1712  Boston
Windham, Cumberland, Maine
7. Martha Chute 15 Feb 1693 Ipswich Josiah Smith
4 Jul 1777
8. Ruth Chute 2 Nov 1695 Rowley William Hines
Marblehead, Essex, Mass.
9. Hannah Chute 14 Jul 1700 Rowley Timothy Jackman
Jun 1787

James Chute removed to Byfield, Mass. (Rowley side) in 1681, and commenced the settlement of the old Chute place, near the meeting-house.

James seems to have been a man of kind disposition, mild temperament and pious withal. And, judging from his writings, he must have received a good education.

20 Nov 1691 –  James Chute jun. only son & heir & administrator to “ye estate of his father, Mr James Chute deceased,” for £36, ls. in current silver mony, sold to John Wainwright of Ipswich, 20 acres, upon the town hill, bounded south east & southerly by land of Nath. Tredwell, Thos. Newman & Benj. Newman, westerly by Tho. Lowell, northerly by land of John Staniford & Philip Fowler,

James Chute & a seale
Jonathan Brown Jonathan Brown Mary x Chute & a seale.
Elizabeth x Rundoll
Mary and Elizabeth marked with an “X”

20 Oct 1692 –  James Chute to John Staniford for £60, sold 12 acres in Ipswich. recorded Mar 28, 1717.

James Chute and Mary both signed with an “X”

7 Oct 1692 – James Chute of Ipswich, for £100 in current silver money, sold to John Wainwright, merchant ofIpswich, 3 acres in Ipswich, & 10 acres of marsh land on Plum Island, that he got of Thos. Mdecalf, Dec 20, 1692.

James Chute & a seale
Mary Chute her mark & a seale
Simon Stacy
John Harris

James Chute of Ipswich, in ye county of Essex in New England sendeth greeting, sells to Nicholas Wallis six acres of salt, marsh, bounded (at ye place called the hundreds in the first division) So west by Mr Tuttle’s marsh, Northerly by marsh of Jno Edwards, northerly (easterly ?) by Nathan Whipple’s marsh, southerly by Francis Young’s marsh.

James Chute & seale Signed sealed & delivered
Mary x Chute & seale

in presence of James Chute & Mary Simon Stacy his wife appeared April Wm Baker ye 6, 1693, & did acknowledge Richard Smith this instrum’t above written to be their act & deed before me Sarni’ Appleton one of ye councell & Justice of the peace.

23 Dec 1696 – James Chute sold to Abram Hazeltine of Bradford 7 acres of salt marsh lying in Ipswich division at Plum Island next joining to Rowley, for £25 silver
William defender of the faith

Witnesses : Nat Harris, Thomas Nelson and Ephraim Nelson
the sixth year of his Majesty’s King
James Chute & a seale
ye mark of; Mary ++ Chute & a seale.

Mr James Chute & Mary his wife owned this to be their free act & deed Feb ye 17, 1696 ‘7, before me Nat Saltonstall Justice of the peace. May 15, 1695. James Chute of Rowley, for £20, current silver money, sold to Benj.Plumer of Rowley 8 acres of Plum Island.

James Chute & seal
Mary Chute & seal.
Henry Poor, Abig. Poor, Sam’l Hale.

James Chute sen ack this inst to be his act & deed this July 8, 1696, before Dudley Bradford J P. Apr., 1695. “Mr Jewts wife” joined the 1st church in Rowley, from Ipswich ; undoubtedly the wife of James Chute jun.

13 Aug 1709 – Eldad Cheney, Martha Worcester of Bradford, Ichabod Cheney, Huldah Worcester, Jemima Pettingall, Hannah Chute & Lydia Poor of Rowley, all children of Peter Cheney late of Newbury, for £46, 10, sold to Benjamin PEARSON, 24 acres in Newbury, south side of Fall., River, &c. in the presence of Anthony Morse , Thos. Noyes, jun., Rich ye mart and Brown Cler. James Chute, John Cheney, Mary an Cheney, Eldad Cheney, Huldah Worcester & Jemima Pettingall, with the consent of Richard Pettiugall her husband, Aug. 10, 1709.

Joseph Woodbridge, J. P.
Witnesses Ichabod Cheney, Martha Worcester, Anna (Hannah) Chute,
with ye consent of Lionel Chute & Lydia Poor with ye consent of Jer. Poor, &c.

The women all made their marks.

Mar. 3, 1710. James Chute of Rowley, husbandman, for £20, sold to Andrew Stickney jun 10 acres in Rowley, in a place commonly called “ye new ox pasture,” bounded easterly upon ye great swamp lott, southerly side upon Stickney own laud westerly end partly upon Stickney6 & partly upon James Chute, & northerly side by Chute’s meadow,easterly end with a stake & stones & then westerly end from a stake & stones by a dam on a straight to a small white oak tree.

James Chute & Seale
her mark
Mary x Chute & seal.
Witnesses, Wm Bennet, James Chute.

26 Jan 1720 –  James Chute to Andrew Stickney jun for £20, 10 acres in Rowley.

12 Jun, 1724 – James Chute of Rowley, to his da Elisabeth, & son in law Henry Lunt of Newbury (successor of Andrew Stickney sen to the wife), a tract of land in Rowley. James Chute & a seal.

Witnessed by And. Stickney, John Pike.

From the name Mary Chute being left off her husband’s writings it is inferred that she•was dead in 1715; and the above article being the last on record of his, it is inferred that he must have died before 1730. The church records say that Mary Chute and thirteen others founded the church at Rowlberry, alias Byfield, Oct. 13, 1706.

1712-14. Richard Crafft, shoreman, & Elisab. his wife, da of Wm & Mary Wood, lived in Marblehead.

28 Nov  1711 – Mary wid. of Wm Woods, Marblehead, sold property to Richard Skinner.


1. Mary Chute

Mary’s husband John Cheney was born 10 May 1666 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. His parents were Peter Cheney and Hannah Noyes. His grandparents were John CHENEY and Martha PARRATT. John died 2 Sep 1750 in Weston, Middlesex, Mass.

Children of Mary and John:

i.  Edmund Cheney b. 29 Jul 1696 – Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts Bay Colony; m. 18 Nov 1714 – Mary Plummer

ii. Martha Cheney b. 30 Jul 1700 – Newbury, Essex, Mass.

iii. Mary Cheney b. 14 Nov 1701 – Newbury, Essex, Mass.

iv. Sarah Cheney b. 4 Oct 1703 – Newbury, Essex, Mass.

v. John Cheney, Jr. b. 23 May 1705 – Newbury, Essex, Mass.

vi. Judith Cheney b. 6 Apr 1707 – Newbury, Essex, Mass.

2. Elizabeth Chute

Elizabeth’s husband Andrew Stickney was born 9 Dec 1667 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. His parents were Amos Stickney and Sarah Morse. His grandparents were Anthony MORSE and Ann COX.  He first married in Newbury, Rebecca Somerby, the daughter of Abiel Somerby and Rebecca Knight, who was b. in Newbury, 7 Jun 1672. She died there, 30 Jan 1692/93. Andrew died 29 Apr 1717 in Rowley, Essex, Mass.

Elizabeth’s second husband Henry Lunt was born 23 Jun 1669 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. His parents were Daniel Lunt and Hannah Coker. Henry died 2 Mar 1738 in Newbury, Essex, Mass

Jan 1688 – Andrew was impressed from Newbury, MA by Gov. Andros to serve in a campaign against the Indians.

9 Jun 1700 – He and his wife Elizabeth, were admitted members of the First church in Rowley, and Oct. 13, 1706, they with others were dismissed “to their imbodying in church order by themselves at Rowlbery alias Byfield.”

16 Mar 1702/03 – The Town of Rowley voted “that those inhabitants of Rowley (among whom was Andrew Stickney), living on the N. W. side of Rye plain bridge and N. W. side of Long Hill, and have joined with the people of Newbury in building a new meeting house, shall be abated their minister rate in Rowley, if they do ordain an orthodox minister to teach in said meeting house.”

5 Dec 1705 – Andrew Stickney of Rowley, husbandman, buys of John Luntt of Rowley, and wife Ruth, “4 1/4 acres of land in Rowley on north side of Rye Plain near said Stickney’s house, formerly laid out and rec’d as right of John Tod.”

10 May 1707 – Andrew Stickney of Rowley, Cordwainer, buys of Sam’l Plats and Mary his wife “8 1/2 acres of land on Rye Plain by his house and barn, being the land laid out to Wm. Law and Rich’d Langhorne.”

1708 – He was a soldier under Capt. Thomas Noyes of Newbury, at the same time as his brother John.

3 Mar 1710 – He buys of James Chute of Rowley, husbandman, for £20, “and as an allowance to a former purchase short of what ye land was accounted, 10 acres of land and meadow lying in a place called new Ox pasture, bounded E. end on great Swamp lotts, S. on Stickney’s own land, W. partly on said Stickney’s own land and part on land of James Chute, N. on Chute’s meadow E. by Dam.”

26 Sep 1715. “The Selectmen of Rowley laid out a private highway, 1 1/2 rods wide, beginning at the Road that leads to Pettis ferry at Bradford thro’ the Rye Plain as the houses are now built to Andrew Stickney’s which stands upon land which is commonly called the new Ox’s pasture, as they have improved a way of late and desired to have it that dwell at present at the above said plains, Selectmen E. Jewett, John Browne, Tho. Dickinson, Jona. Pickard, Sam’l Johnson.”

Andrew Stickney died in Rowley, Byfield Parish, in 1717, leaving a Will dated Jan. 12, 1716-17, “he being weak in body but sound in mind” he bequeathed “to his true and loving wife all his Real and Personal estate, until his son Amos came of the age of 21,” when all Real estate to be divided between them, Amos to pay his eldest sister Rebecca £14, “and to all the rest of my children which I have or shall have £7 each, to each of my sons £4 when 21, and £3 within a year after the decease of my wife. To all my daughters, excepting Rebecca, when 18 years old.” After his wife’s decease Amos to have the other half of his estate. His “loving brother” John Stickney, John Cheny and James Chute, to be Overseers of his Will. Proved July 22, 1717. [Essex Prob. 12: 46.]

Inv. of his estate, March 6, 1720, “29 acres of land given by Mr. James Chute and his heirs to said Stickney, dec’d, £174.” To “Dwelling house and other buildings £17.” Amt. Personal estate, £46, 10s., Wm. Fiske and Max’n Jewett, Appraisers. [Ibid, 13: 127.] His house probably stood near where Sam’l L. Ewell’s now stands (1868), and was sold by his son Amos Stickney to John Lull, Oct. 23, 1723.

285 Feb 1731. Guardianship of James Stickney, a minor about 16 years of age, son of Andrew Stickney, late of Rowley, granted to Wm. Fisk, who gave bonds with Benj. and Andrew Stickney.

Children of Elizabeth and Andrew:

i. Rebecah Stickney b. 16 Jan 1692 – Newbury, Essex County, Mass; d. 29 Dec 1693 – Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts, American Colonies

ii. Rebecca Stickney b. 23 Dec 1695 – Newbury, Essex, Mass.

iii. Amos Stickney II b. 23 Apr 1699 – Newbury, Essex, Mass; m. 1722 – Hepzibah Wicom

iv. Andrew Stickney b. 9 Feb 1702 – Newbury, Essex, Mass.; m. Sarah Brocklebank (multiple spouses)

v. David Stickney b. 4 Jul 1703 – Newbury, Essex, Mass.; m. Sarah Atkinson (multiple spouses)

vi. Stephen Stickney b. 4 Apr 1705 – Newbury, Essex, Mass; m. 1732 – Mehitable Goodridge

vii. Hannah Stickney b. Jul 1708 – Newbury, Essex, Mass; m. 1726 – Abner Lunt

viii. Ann Stickney b. Feb 1712 Newbury, Essex, Mass; m. 1732 – Nehemiah Noyes

ix. Mary Stickney b. 1714 Newbury, Essex, Mass –

x. James Stickney b. 1715 Newbury, Essex, Mass; m.: 1735 to Eleanor Wilson

xi. Ruth Stickney b. 1717 Newbury, Essex, Mass; m.: 1735 to Zachariah Beals

3. Ann CHUTE (See Thomas BROWNE‘s page)

4. Lionel Chute

Lionel’s wife Hannah Cheney was born 12 Sep 1683 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. Her parents were Peter Cheney and Hannah Noyes. His grandparents were John CHENEY and Martha PARRATT. Hannah died 6 Dec 1776 in Ipswich, Essex, Mass.

Children of Lionel and Hannah:

i. Jemima Chute b, Dec 1703 Rowley, Essex, Mass; m. 1722/23 Samuel Jewett; d. ~1742/3

ii. Mary Chute b. 1706 Rowley, Essex, Mass; m. 1726 Jonathan Core/Cory

iii. Lydia Chute b. Jan 1709 Byfield Parish, Newbury, Essex County, Mass; m. 30 Mar 1726 – Ebenezer Dakin; d. 30 Mar 1728 – Sudbury, Middlesex, Mass

iv. Sarah Chute b. Jun 1714 Byfield Parish, Newbury, Essex County, Mass; m. 15 OCT 1730 – Benjamin Philbrick; d. 1813 Sutton, now Merrimack County, New Hampshire

v. Samuel Chute b. 25 May 1718 – Byfield Parish, Newbury, Essex , Mass; d. 25 May 1718 – Byfield Parish, Newbury, Essex , Mass.

vi. John Chute, Sr. b. Jun 1720 – Byfield Parish, Newbury, Essex County, Mass; m. 26 Nov 1745 – Judith Foster; d. Nov 1791 – Granville, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, Canada

vii. Samuel Chute b. 5 Aug 1722 – Byfield Parish, Newbury, Essex , Mass; d. Nov 1791 Hampstead, Rockingham County, New Hampshire

viii. Hannah Chute b. Jul 1724 Byfield Parish, Newbury, Essex , Mass; m. 7 Jul 1743 – Jonathan Coburn

ix. Elizabeth Chute b. Apr 1726 Byfield Parish, Newbury, Essex , Mass; m. 24 Feb 1745/6 – Enoch Noyes

5. Deacon James Chute

James’ first wife Mary Thurston was born 7 Jan 1692 Essex, Mass. Her parents were Daniel Thurston and Mary Dresser. Her grandparents were Daniel THURSTON and Ann PELL. Mary died 12 Aug 1760 – Newbury, Essex Mass.

After Mary died, James married 30 Mar 1761 at age 74 in Rowley to Sarah Hale.

Children of James and Mary:

i. Mary Chute b. 8 Nov 1716 Rowley, Essex County, Mass; m. 1740 – Mark Jewett; d. 1809 Hopkinton, New Hampshire

ii. Ruth Chute b. 27 Aug 1720 Rowley, Essex County, Mass.; m. 26 Oct 1741 Rowley toJoseph Searles (b. 11 May 1718 – Rowley)

iii. Deacon Daniel Chute b. 06 May 1722 in Byfield, Essex County, Mass. – d. 6 Jan 1805 in Mass.; m. 20 Apr 1743 Age: 20 Newbury, Mass. to Hannah Adams (b. bef. Apr 1722 – d. 28 Apr 1812 in Newbury). Hannah’s parents were Richard Adams and Susanna [__?__]. Daniel and Hannah had twelve children born between 1744 and 1765. One, Mary “Polly” Chute (b. 28 Dec 1762 – d. 1849) married 29 Jun 1780 Newbury, Essex, Mass to Benjamin Colman (b. 27 Jul 1752 Newbury – d. 20 Feb 1847 Newbury, Mass (aged 94) ) son of our ancestor Benjamin COLMAN.

The following description is from the diary of Deacon Daniel Chute :

“Yesterday, being the Lord’s day, the first Sunday after Easter, about five of the clock in the p. m., a most terrible, and as most men do conceive supernatural thing took place. A form as of a giant, I suppose rather under than over twenty feet high, walked through the air from somewhere nigh the Governor’s school, where it was first spied by some boys, till it past the meeting-house, where Mr. Whittain, who was driving home his cows, saw it, as well as the cows also, which ran violently bellowing. Sundry on the whole road from the meeting-house to Deacon Scarles’ house, saw and heard it, till it vanished from sight nigh Hunslow’s hill, as Deacon Searles saw. It strode so fast as a good horse might gallop, and two or three feet above the ground, and what more than all we admired, it went through walls and fences as one goes through water, yet were they not broken or overthrown. It was black, as it might be dressed in cloth indeed, yet were we so terrified that none observed what manner if at all it was habited. It made continually a tending scream, ‘ hoo, hoo,’ so that some women fainted.”

The majority of the people, the Rev. Moses Parsons included, believed this spectre to be the devil taking a walk to oversee his mundane affairs.

Deacon Benjamin COLMAN published an account of this occurrence in the Essex Journal and New Hampshire Packet. This was in the midst of his controversy with Mr. Parsons on the slavery question, and he attributed the diabolical visitation to the heinous sin of slave-holding by the pastor of the parish, followed by quaint theological speculations, in the deacon’s strong and fearless style.

iv. James Chute b. 12 May 1725 – Newbury, Essex County, Mass; d. 12 May 1725 – Newbury

v. David Chute b. 1727 –

6. Thomas Chute

Thomas’ wife Mary Curtis was born 22 Aug 1691 – Plymouth, Mass. Her parents were Benjamin Curtis and Mary Silvester. Mary died 30 Jul 1762 – Windham, Cumberland, Maine.

29 Feb 1729 – Raised his home, Old Marblehead, Essex, Mass,

1733 – Appointed Deputy Sheriff of Essex County by Benjamin Marston

1735 – Appointed to survey, New Marblehead (Windham), Cumberland County, Maine Drew Lot #12.

1737 – Moved to Falmouth, Cumberland County, Maine

1738 – Dismissed from (Old) Marblehead Church, admitted to Falmouth: also, Mary and daughter Abigail.

~1743 – Moved from Falmouth to New Marblehead (Windham), Cumberland County, Maine

1762-1766 – Town Clerk, Windham, Cumberland County, Maine

Children of Thomas and Mary:

i. Mary Chute b. 25 Aug 1713 – Old Marblehead, Essex County, Mass; d. 26 AUG 1713 – Old Marblehead, Essex County, Mass

ii. James Chute b. 1 Jan 1715 – Old Marblehead, Essex, Mass; d. 1730 – Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA

iii. Mary Chute b. 30 Oct 1716 Old Marblehead, Essex, Mass

iv. Abigail Chute b. 7 Jun 1718 Old Marblehead, Essex, Mass; Reli: 1738 – Dismissed from (Old) Marblehead Church, admitted to Falmouth Church with parents.; m. [__?__] Cobham

v. Thomas Chute b. 3 Jul 1720 Old Marblehead, Essex, Mass

vi. Edmund Chute b. 17 Jun 1722 Old Marblehead, Essex, Mass

vii. Rebecca Chute b. 6 Jan 1724 Old Marblehead, Essex, Mass; m. John Bodge; d. 25 Jul 1763

viii. Mary Chute b. 27 Mar 1726 Old Marblehead, Essex, Mass

ix. Curtis Chute b. 15 SEP 1728 Old Marblehead, Essex, Mass; m. 1754 Miriam Carr; d. 5 Jun 1767 – Portland, Cumberland County, Maine

7. Martha Chute

Martha’s husband Josiah Smith was born 28 Mar 1687 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. His parents were John Smith and Rebecca Poore. Josiah died 1756 in Newbury, Essex, Mass

Children of Martha and Josiah:

i. Samuel Smith b. Jun 1720 – Newbury, Essex , Mass

ii. Josiah Smith, Jr. b. 1723 Newbury, Essex , Mass

iii. Martha Smith b. 31 Mar 1728 Newbury, Essex , Mass

iv. James Smith b. 21 Jan 1732 Newbury, Essex , Mass

v. Moses Smith b. 16 Jul 1738 – Newbury, Essex, Mass

8. Ruth Chute

Ruth’s husband William Hines was born 1 Mar 1691 in Marblehead, Mass. His parents were William Hine and Elizabeth Norman.

Children of Ruth and William

i. William Hines b. 13 Aug 1722; m. 1758 – Elizabeth Girdler

ii. Thomas Hines b. Nov 1729 –

iii. Elizabeth Hines b. Mar 1736 –

9. Hannah Chute

Hannah’s husband Timothy Jackman was born 5 Oct 1702 in Newbury, Essex, Mass. His parents were James Jackman and Rachel Noyes. Timothy died in 1787 in Newbury, Essex, Mass.

Children of Hannah and Timothy

i. Benjamin Jackman b. 19 Jul 1724; m. 1745 – Elizabeth Noyes

ii. Hannah Jackman b. 28 May 1727 –

iii. Timothy Jackman b. 13 Jul 1729; m. Mary Thurston

iv. Mary Jackman b. 29 Aug 1731 –

v. Esther Jackman b. 15 Sep 1734 –

vi. Mary Jackman b. 13 Feb 1736 –

vii. Ruth Jackman b. 12 Apr 1741




http://www.ebooksread.com/authors-eng/brown-thurston/thurston-genealogies-ruh/page-3-thurston-genealogies-ruh.shtml – 1887


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