James Chute Sr.

James CHUTE Sr. (1613 – 1691) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather, He is one of 2,048 in this generation of the Shaw line and one of 2,048  in the Miller line.  (See his grandson Thomas BROWNE for details of the double ancestors)

James Chute, Sr. was baptized on 2 Feb 1613 in St. Mary the Virgin Church, Dedham, Essex, England.  His parents were Lionel CHUTE and Thomasine (“Rose”) BARKER. He emigrated with his parents, brother Nathaniel and sister Mary  in 1634.  He married Elizabeth EPPS in 1647 in Ipswich, Mass.  James died in 1691 in Rowley Mass.

James was baptized in St Mary the Virgin Church in Dedham, Essex, England

Elizabeth Epps was born about 1625.  Her parents were Daniel EPPS and Martha READ.  Elizabeth died 7 May 1685 in Ipswich, Mass.

Children of James and Mary:

Name Born Married Departed
1. James CHUTE Jr. 1649 in Ipswich, Mass. Mary WOOD
10 Nov 1673 Ipswich, Mass.
1730 in Byfield Parish, Newbury, Mass.

James received a good education and was often called upon to sign and witness deeds and other legal documents in Ipswich. His wife was also a good scholar, and she, too, was called upon to sign her name on several important occasions.

1645 – James Chute was allowed a bill to take a bushel of Indian corn of the constable’s for two sheets of parchment for the town’s use. He was styled Register of Deeds about that time.

1648 – Became freeman

1648 – Allowed one shilling town bounty for a fox  and the same at another time.

1654, 61, 64, 78 – Selectmen

30 Mar 1652 – James Chute of Ipswich deposed that Goodwife Hermitage chose him to appraise seven hats which the constable of Linn had taken on execution for Goodman Lord of Ipswich, and he and Joseph Gardner appraised them at 42s. She found fault with the appraisal, and Goodman Lord told her that if Goodman Hermitage would satisfy the execution some other way, he could have the hats.

5 Jun 1673 – “It was so cold that linen froze stiff upon the line.”

23 Sep 1675 – James Chute is credited with military service in King Philip’s War  under Captain Jonathan Poole, to the amount of 1 sterling pound, 10, 10, Narragansett No. 1.” The New England Confederation declared war on the Native Americans on September 9, 1675.   The date of September 23rd may have possibly constituted either an enlistment date (for which he was later paid), or an “advance payment” of some sort to James rather than back-pay for services rendered, as the most well known of Poole’s activities was the Oct 16 defense of Hatfield Massachusetts.  Hatfield is about 90 miles away from Ipswich which would have been a considerable distance for James to have traveled for this military service.   He may not have returned until well into early winter.

“By the middle of October, 1675 the lower Connecticut River Valley was alive with the activity of native warriors encouraged by their victories at Brookfield, Deerfield, Northfield and Springfield. Major Samuel Appleton had recently taken over command of the valley troops from John Pynchon, and hardly knowing from which direction the next assault might come, divided his army among three towns. In Northhampton he placed a force under Lieutenant Nathaniel Sealy, supplemented by troops under Major Robert Treat of Connecticut. In Hatfield, he stationed Captains Jonathan Poole and Samuel Moseley. Meanwhile Appleton himself commanded a force stationed at Hadley.” Source: Eric B. Schultz and Michael J. Tougias, King Philip’s War, 1999, Countryman’s Press, page 181.

1679 –  James is one of 24 chosen as Tythingmen: “At a meeting of the select men the 15th December, 1679:  In obedience of an order made by the Honored General Court, held at Boston, October 15, 1679 — we ye select men of Ispswich, have chosen Tythingmen as followeth:

16 Aug 1691 – James’, estate consisted of one half homestead, 6 acres marsh, 6 acres pasture land, cash, and 6 silver spoons f3, total £70.



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