Thomas Hammond

Thomas HAMMOND (1545 – 1589) was  Alex’s 12th Great Grandfather; one of  8,192 in this generation in the Shaw line.

William Hammond – Coat of Arms

Thomas Hammond was born in 1545 in Lavenham, Suffolk, England. His parents were John HAMMOND and Agnes GARROLD He married Rose TRIPPE 14 May 1573 in Lavenham, Suffolk, England. Thomas died 24 Nov 1589 in Lavenham, Suffolk, England.

Rose Trippe was born in 1549 in Lavenham, Suffolk, England. Rose died 23 May 1605 in Lavenham, Suffolk, England..

Children of Thomas and Rose:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Elizabeth Hammond 1 Apr 1574
Lavenham, Suffolk, England
George Kelsey
Chelmsford, Essex, England
25 Nov 1631
Wethersfield, Essex, England
2. William HAMMOND 30 Oct 1575 in Lavenham, Suffolk, England Elizabeth PAINE (PENN)
9 Jun 1605 Lavenham
8 Oct 1662  London England.
3. Rose Hammond 22 Apr 1578 Lavenham, Suffolk, England 23 Mar 1605
Lavenham, Suffolk, England
4. Martha Hammond 6 Nov 1579 Lavenham, Suffolk, England Timothy Smart
14 Jun 1615 Lavenham, Suffolk, England
14 Jun 1615
5. Susan Hammond 15 Mar 1581
Lavenham, Suffolk, England
2 Oct 1589
Lavenham, Suffolk, England
6. Marie Hammond 7 Jul 1583
Lavenham, Suffolk, England
16 Jan 1585
Lavenham, Suffolk, England
7. Thomas Hammond 9 Jan 1587
Melford, Suffolk, England
Elizabeth Cason
12 Nov 1623
Lavenham, Suffolk, England
30 Sep 1675
Cambridge, Middlesex, Mass

Thomas was a , a supervisor of the Manor of Melford

Will; Oct 1589; Lavenham, Co. Suffolk, England.


The seconde daye of October 1589, I, Thomas Hamonde, of Lavenham in the Countie of Suff. Shereman, whole of mynde and of good and p’fecte rememberance make and ordayne this to be my last Will and Testamente in mann. followeinge:

Firste. I bequeathe my soule unto Almightie God, my maker & Redem., my bodie to the earthe &c.

Item, I give to Rose my wief my house wherein Thomas Westlie nowe dwelleth wth all and singular th appetenncs during the term of her naturall lief. And after the deceese of my said wife I will the said house wth th appetennces to remayne unto Willm Hamond my sone his heires and assignes forever.

Item, I give unto Rose my saide wief, my fielde called Great Lyverdowne wth a convenient waie to the same thurrowe my lane that lieth betwene the land of John Woode the elder and Robt Daniell and throughe my fielde called Little Liverdon for her drifte and carriage duringe the terme of her natural lief. And after the decease of my saide wief I will the said fielde and the said waye for dryvinge and carryinge to remaine unto Willm Hamonde my sonne his heires and assignes forever.

Item, I give unto Rose my wief, my fielde called Little Lyverdon wth the lane thereunto now leaddinge wth all and singular the appetnncs duringe the terme of her naturall lief, and after her decease I will that the saide field called Litle Liverdon and the said lane shall remayne unto Elizabeth Hamond my daughter, and to the heires of her bodye lawfully begotten, and if the saide Elizabeth shall dep’te owte of this lief before Rose my wief wth out yssue of her bodie lawfully begotten, that then I will the said lane to remayne unto Willm, my sonne, his heires and assignes forever. But if it fortune the saide Elizabeth my daughter to overlive Rose my said wief, that then I will the said feyld called Litle Liverdon and the said lane wth there appetnnce shall remayne unto the saide Elizabeth her heires and assignes forever.

Item, I give unto Rose my daughter, fortie shillings of lawfull monie of Englande, to be paide unto her at her age of xxjti years.

Item, I give unto Martha Hamonde, my daughter, fortie shillings of lawfull monie of Englande to be paide unto her at her age of xxjti yeares.

Item, I give unto Marie Hamonde my daughter, fortie shillings o?? lawfull monie of Englande to be paide unto her at her age of xxjti yeares.

Item, I give unto Susann Hamonde my daughter, fortie shillings o?? lawfull monie of Englande to paide unto her at her age of xxjti yeres.

Item, I give unto Margarett Jollye, my sister, a fether bedd and a?? Shippe Cheste.

The residue of all my goods, corne, cattells, monie, moveables, plate, household stuff and whatsoever my debts beinge payde and this my laste Will and testamente p’formed and fullfilled, I give unto Rose my wief, whom I make and ordayne to be sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testamente.

In witness I have hereunto sett my hand and Seale the day and yere afore written.


[Seal] Witnesses hereunto Robt. Lynch, Willm Trippe by me John Rynge, by me
Henrye Parker. Proved December 11, 1589.


1. Elizabeth Hammond

Elizabeth’s husband George Kelsey was born in 1572 in Thorpe, Essex, England. His parents were George Kelsey and Johane [__?__]. George died in 1604 in Thorpe, Essex, England.

2. William HAMMOND (See his page)

4. Martha Hammond

Martha’s husband Timothy Smart was born 1579 in Lavenham, Suffolk, England. Timothy died Lavenham, Suffolk, England.

7. Thomas Hammond

Thomas’ wife Elizabeth Cason was born 1603 in Lavenham, Suffolk, England. Her parents were Robert Cason and Prudence Hammond. Elizabeth died 30 Sep 1675 in Newton, Middlesex, Mass.

This story is told of Elizabeth: When young, she took a walk with other youths to the Bank of England Mint to see how money was made. The Master of the Mint was pleased with her appearance and chat, and gave her an invitation to try her hand in money making. She had made some impression upon him, and he was desirous of knowing if she could make an impression on the coin. He placed a piece of silver upon the die, about the size of a half crown. She came forward and grasped the lever, and stamped a fair impression on the coin. He presented her with the piece. It is now possessed by Stephen Hammond, of Roxbury, whose son William, of the eighth generation from her, is expected to inherit the treasure.

In the early 1630s, Thomas and Elizabeth followed a first cousin of his, William Hammond, to the New Land. He became one of the first settlers in Hingham, Mass., where land was granted to him in 1636. He took the Freeman’s oath, March 9th, 1637. In Hingham, they had four children:

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth

i. Thomas Hammond b. 1630 in England; d. 20 Oct 1678 Newton, Middlesex, Mass; m. 17 Dec 1662 in Cambridge, Suffolk, Mass to Elizabeth Stedman

ii. Elizabeth Hammond b. 1633 in Lavenham, Suffolk, England’ d. 24 Aug 1700, Watertown, Middlesex, Mass; m. 17 Aug 1659, Watertown. as his second wife to our ancestor George WOODWARD

iii. Sarah Hammond b. 13 Sep 1640 in Hingham, Plymouth, Mass.; d. 1675 Newton, Middlesex, Mass.; m. 1656 in Hingham, Plymouth, Mass to Nathaniel Stedman

iv. Nathaniel Hammond b. 12 Mar 1643 in Hingham, Plymouth, Mass.;d. 29 May 1691 Newton, Middlesex, Mass; m. 1670 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Mass to Mary Griffin


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