Capt. Robert Ware

Capt. Robert WARE (1611 -1699) was Alex’s 10th Grandfather; one of 2,048 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Robert Ware – Coat of Arms

Robert Ware was born in 1611 in Glouchestershire, England. His parents were Robert WARE (1595 – 1659) and Jane WADE (1595 – ). He came from his English home to the colony of Massachusetts Bay some time before the autumn of 1642. The earliest date at which the name in any form occurs on the Dedham Records, is 25 Nov 1642, when “Robert Weares is admitted to the purchase of Thomas Eames his house lott and three acres of land.  He married Margaret HUNTING 24 Mar 1645 in Dedham Mass. Six years after Margaret’s death, Robert, then about 51 years of age, married Hannah Jones 3 May 1676. Robert and Hannah lived long lives for their time. He became known as Robert Ware “the Aged.” He died in Dedham on 19 Apr  1699, at 74 years of age, leaving an estate of more than 250 pounds.

Margaret Hunting was probably born in England.  Her parents were John HUNTING and Esther SEABORN.  According to Robert Brand Hanson’s history, Dedham, Massachusetts 1635-1890, John Hunting had been a wandering evangelist in England. After some political-religious skirmishes in the formation of the first church in Dedham and the selection of the first pastor (John Allin), Hunting became the first Ruling Elder of the Dedham church.   Margaret died 26 Aug 1670, survived by her parents. When her mother, Esther Hunting, was a sister of Francis Seaborn died five years later (her Will dated January 4, 1675), she left a one-fourth share of fifteen pounds to the children of her “daughter Ware deceased.”

Hannah Jones was  born 28 Mar 1636.  Her father was Thomas Jones of Dorchester.   Hannah died on April 20, 1721, at age 85.

Children of Robert and Margaret:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Lt. John Ware 6 Oct 1646 Mary Metcalf (Sarah’s sister)
10 Dec 1668
Joanna Gay Whiting
24 Mar 1678/79
Dorothy Wood Nicholas
21 Dec 1709
7 Apr 1711
Wrentham, Mass.
2. Nathaniel Ware 7 Oct 1648 Mary Wheelock
12 Oct 1696 Wrentham, Norfolk, Mass
10 Jul 1724
3 Margaret Ware 14 Feb 1650/51 22 Jul 1664
4. Robert WARE 1 Aug 1653 in Dedham, Mass. Sarah METCALF
4 Jun 1677 Dedham, Mass
16 Sep 1724 Wrentham (Franklin), Norfolk County, Mass.
5. Esther Ware 28 Sep 1655 Rev. Samuel Mann
19 May 1693
3 Sep 1734
6. Samuel Ware 30 Sep 1657 Elizabeth Rice
21 Jul 1690 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass
Sarah Fuller
27 Jul 1721 Dedham, Norfolk, Mass.
March 1730/31
7. Ephraim Ware 5 Nov 1659 Hannah Herring
13 July 1685 Dedham
25  Mar 1753
8. Elizabeth Ware 19 Nov 1661
9. Joseph Ware 8 Sep 1663 22  Sep 1663
10. Ebenezer Ware 28 Oct 1667 Martha Herring
18 Mar 1689/90
Ann Harrison
13 Jun 1754 in Needham, Norfolk, Mass

Military service: King Philip’s War

Before his purchase of the house and lots owned by Thomas Eames, Robert Ware had likely resided in the Massachusetts Bay Colony area for a few years, perhaps living in Watertown. So many settlers had moved into Watertown by the late 1630’s that settlers there sought grants of land to establish new towns.

Unlike Eames, who moved several times before settling down, Robert Ware made Dedham his permanent home. He accumulated wealth, as indicated by his standing third on the tax rolls in his later years. Various other grants were made to him of land in different parts of the town ; on Dedham Island, and (in what was afterwards Needham), on Rosemary meadow brook, on the Great Plain, and near Magus Hill, etc. One lot of “three roods and twenty rod, more or lesse,” was the second lot east from the N. E. corner of Webster Street and Great Plain Avenue in Needham.

The earliest date at which the name in any form occurs on the Dedham Records, is Nov. 25, 1642, when “Robert Weares is admitted to the purchase of Thomas Eames his house lott and three acres of land.” Printed below is a copy of another document signed December 6, 1642, granting Ware an additional plot of land.

Robert Ware 1642 Land Grant

Robert Ware joined the church at the time of the baptism of his eldest child, October 2 or 11, 1646. He was made freeman May 26, 1647 ; was member of the Artillery Company in 1644. He lived and died in Dedham, though three of his sons — John, Nathaniel and Robert — removed to Wollomonopoag, set off in 1661, incorporated as Wrentham in 1673. His name stands second in point of wealth on the tax list.

Robert Ware’s Will, published in Emma Forbes Ware’s Genealogy, gives us some idea of the scope of his life. He owned a house large enough to leave the “East end” for the use of his wife Hannah, along with portions of his barn, orchard, pasture land, planting field, a fenced lot, and a broad meadow. He also left for her use “one horse beast” and as much of the household stuff as she should stand in need of, and “Twenty pounds of money.” He further stated that his son Samuel, who with his own family would be living in the west end of the house, would provide all the firewood Hannah would need and that, in return, Samuel should be paid “what is just” from his estate for this duty. The remainder of the barn and other buildings, and portions of the orchard and pasture land and lots were also left to Samuel. Other lands were left to his sons Ephraim and Ebenezer, both of whom died in Needham, and smaller amounts of land to “my children at Wrentham.”

“Robert Ware the Aged” died in Dedham, April 19, 1699, His will, made February 25, 1698, was proved May 11, 1699. The inventory, taken May 3, was £250, 2, 10.

Will of Robert Ware of Dedham.

In the year of our Lord one Thousaud six hundred Ninety eight nine, the twenty fifth day of February, I Robert Ware of Dedham, in the County of Suffolk in his Majesty’s Collony in the Massachusetts bay in New Englaud, being put in mind of my great chang, by age, & tin: infirmities thereof, according to my duty, I do hereby, in the time of my life, & in the injoym’ of my understanding make, ordeyne & declare this to be my Last will and Testam*, for the disposeing and setleing of those things of my Estate which the Lord he be trusted me with, wherein first, I comit my precious soul into the hands of almighty God, in and through the Lord Jeses christ, my most blessed Redemer, & my body to the earth to I”‘ therin interred in christian bury all at the discretion of my executor & heerin heorafter named. ,- Imp”

I do heerby gine unto my Deare and well beloved wife Hannah ware the use & improuement of the East end of my dwelling house & the north end of my barne- & halfe my orchard & one third part of my pasture land near my house & at y north end of the island planting feild, & one third part of my lot that I purchased of John Keelum ye is fenced in pertickular, & halfe my broad meadow that lye betwixt the lands of John Eaton & the widdow Kingsberry, & one horse beast, and as much household stuff as she stand in need of, for her use all the tearme of her naterall life, all the things aforresaid and the Twenty pounds of money, she haue receiued, for her to dispose of as she so cause, & my son Samuel is to provide her with wood fit for the fier at all times what she shall need, vV he to be paed out of my estate what is just,

also I giue unto my loueing wife y e use and improuem’ of two acres of land ye is broken up where Samuel haue a part neer mague hill.

Furthermore my mind & will is that each of my children shall haue equal portions in my estate excepting my son John Ware who haue Twenty pound more then a single portion, & what I have given to each of my children formerly as it is set donne in my book is to be acounted to each of them as a part of there portion, and for most of my lands I do deuide them amongst my three sons in Dedham, and what they, or any of them shall hane more than there equall portions they must make good payment for the same to my executo rs within the space of four yeares after my & my wiues decease for them to pay them that want y e makeing up of ther portions as followeth : —

Item. I giue unto my Son Samuel Ware & to his Heirs & Assignes foreuer the west end of my dwelling house and the South end of my bearn, and my new beam, and my shop, and halfe my oarchard, & two parts of three of all my pasture land, neer my house, & Greens lot, & two thirds of all my land at the north end of y e Island planting feild, & two parts of three of y e land I purchased of John Keelum, & a quarter part of my broad meadow, & my foule meadow, & all my swamps near my house, and about Greens lot, & my swamp neer south playne, & my land at the clapbord trees, more, hue acres of woodland near to meadfeild way, as it abut on Joseph Wights lot, more, I giue unto him halfe of that land I bought of Mr Dwight near to magus hill abuteth on y e Lands of widdow Metcalfe west & Jn° Eaton east, more, one third part of my land at ye stamping place, & one third part of my land at chesnut hill. & halfe my land at magus hill within fence, & halfe my laud on the north side of my fenced land & after ye decease of my deare wife, Samuel my Son is to haue all my houssing & all my oarchards, & all the land near my house, uplands & swamps, Greens lot, & all my swamps about it, & all my lands at y e northerly end of planting feild, meadow & upland as it abutteth on the east on charles riuer & ye pond north, And all my meadow and upland y l is fenced in with Eleazer Kingsberys lands near Vine Rock & halfe my broad meadow, and four cow comon Rights.

Item. I giue unto my son Epherim & to his Heirs & assignes foreuer, that land I purchased of Mr Dwight ye abut on his house lot east, & halfe my land near magus hill within fence, and halfe my land one the north side of my land fenced in, & all my Small parcels of meadow near it, & one third part of my land at the stamping ground, and one third part of my land at chesnut hill & three cow comon Rights & one fourth part of broad meadow & after the decease of my wife, one third part, & all my children shall haue equall share in my lot at the great ceader swamp.

Item. I giue unto my son Ebenezer Ware & to his Heirs and assignes foreuer all my Land as it lyeth abutting iq>on Daniels swamp meadow east, Samuel Parker north, more, one parcell of land a little distant from his house lot towards the east, by Jn° Woodcocks land more one third part of my land at the stamping ground, more a third part of my land at chesnut hill, & alter my wiues decease a third part of my broad meadow, & three cow comon Rights.

Item. I giue unto my children at Wrentham onwards there portions to be equally deuided betwixt them all my moueables, cattell & household stuf what my wife can spare, & my clothes & all debts due to me & eight acres of Land I purchased of Henery Brock & Lambert Ginery as it lyeth in the Island planting feild, more, three acres of land I purchased of Thomas Eames abutting ou Jn° Woodcocks, after the decease of my wife the household stuff she haue to use, to be equally deuided amongst them.

It is my mind and will is that my houses and lands near home may be low prised, & the lands in planting feild, being poor lands & require much fenceing, I do apoinl & impower my well beloned sons John Ware, Robert Ware & Samuel Mann to be the executor of this my last will and Testam’ & I request and impower my loueing riends Deacon Thomas Metcalfe,

Deacon William Avery, & Deacon Joseph Wight to be ye ouerseers or supervisors to determin any differences that may arise from or betwix any persons concearned in this my last will, & what they or two of them if any dye surviviing shall determin shall be of full force at any & all times must be taken for to recompence y e executor & ouerseers.

To confirme this my last will and testament I haue hereunto sel to my hand & Seale ye date afores d .

Robert Ware Sr Signature

In presence of
Thomas Battelle
hannah Alderidge
Thomas Fuller


1. Lt. John Ware

John’s first wife Mary Metcalf (Sarah’s sister) was born 15 Aug 1646 in Dedham, Suffolk, Mass. Her parents were Michael METCALF Jr. and Mary FAIRBANKS. Mary died 22 Mar 1677 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass.

John’s second wife Joanna Gay Whiting was born 23 Mar 1645 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass. Her parents were John Gay and Joanna Borden. Joanna died 26 Oct 1708 in Wrentham, Norfolk, Mass.

John’s third wife Dorothy Wood Nicholas was born 1650 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass. Her parents were George Badcock and Mary [__?__]. She was the widow of Eleazer Wood. Dorothy died 10 Dec 1728 in Sherborn, Middlesex, Mass.

Lt John Ware headed a band of  men in an attack against the Indians at Indian Rock during King Philips War.

John was one of the settlers, 1671, of Wollomonopoag, incorporated as Wrentham 1673. In March, 1675/76;, the town was deserted by the settlers, who took refuge from the Indians in Dedham and elsewhere, and did not return till 1680.

“1680— August Ye 21st. The Rev  Mr Man returned to Wrenthain again and divers Inhabitants .” (John, Nathaniel and Robert Ware among the number.) He is said to have built Upon the “Bean Place” as early as 1668. He was one of the first selectmen of Wrentham, 1686. Lieutenant and captain of the first military company.

John Ware’s commission as Lieut, of the Foot Company of Militia in the town of Wrentham, signed by Gov. Stoughton, is still extant. He seems to have served as lieutenant from 1689 to 1704, and as captain till 1715.

The journal of the company was kept in a small book, six by four inches, written in a crabbed, almost indecipherable hand, and was filled with notices of musters, with the names and amount of fines of those absent and “defective” ; the names of those “prest for Canada ” or elsewhere, including those who “ran away,” and the precautions taken against the Indian-. At the end of the book are the following words —

” He that is wise will Learn to prise
an art that is most skillfull
but as for fools theyel Spoyl all Town
and Live not wise but willfull.”

2. Nathaniel Ware

Nathaniel’s wife Mary Wheelock was born 11 Jun 1674 in Medfield, Worcester, Mass. Her parents were Benjamin Wheelock and Elizabeth Bullen. After Nathaniel died, Mary married 13 Feb 1727 in Dedham to Cornelius Fisher and then 16 Jul 1746 in Wrentham to Thomas Bacon. Mary died 25 Mar 1750 in Wrentham, Norfolk, Mass.

The will of Nathaniel has not been Pound. His real estate was valued at £240 7. 6. at hie death; £359 when the estate was settled two years later.

Nathaniel Ware Signature

4. Robert WARE (See his page)

5. Esther Ware

Esther’s husband Rev. Samuel Mann was born 6 Jul 1647 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Mass. His parents were William Mann and Mary Jarred. Samuel died 22 May 1719 in Wrentham, Norfolk, Mass.

He was the first minister of Wrentham, only son of William Man, of Cambridge, Mass. (b. July 6, 1647, Harvard College 1665, freeman 1678, ordained 1692, d. May 22, 1719). Their children were all born in Wrentham, except two, who were born in Milton after the Wrentham settlement was broken up in 1676, and before return of the settlers in 1680.

The records say his parents “were esteemed truly religions,” and that they early designed their son for the ministry; he was accordingly furnished with a liberal education and graduated from Harvard College in 1665. After leaving college he taught school in Dedham five years. It is not known at what time he first preached, but it was probably at an early age, for he discoursed to the first settlers of Wrentham for some time before it was incorporated into a town, and continued with them until March, 1676, when the inhabitants were obliged to leave in consequence of “Philip’s Indian War.” Mr. Man then went to Milton, Mass, where he remained more that four years, preaching to the settlers there, and so much to their satisfaction that they were desirous he should be settled at that place; but, after the war was over, receiving a call from the returning inhabitants of Wrentham, his great love for them induced him to return with them, Aug. 21, 1680. No church, however was gathered until April 13, 1692, when Samuel Man was ordained pastor, preaching his own ordination sermon, from 1st Corinthians, IV. Chapter, 2d verse. He was much beloved by his people and continued with them until his decease, May 22d, 1719, at the age of 72. His last sermon, March 1, 1719, was from the text in Ecclesiastes, 1st chap. 14th verse—.”I have seen all the works that are done under the sun and behold all is vanity and vexation of spirit.”

6. Samuel Ware

Samuel’s first wife Elizabeth Rice was born 20 May 1663 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Mass. Her parents were Matthew Rice and Martha Lamson. Elizabeth died 18 Nov 1719 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass.

Samuel’s second wife Sarah Fuller was born 7 May 1659 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass. Her parents were Thomas Fuller and [__?__]. She was the widow of Ralph Day, son of Ralph DAY and Susan FAIRBANKS.  and John Carpenter.  Sarah died 31 Mar 1736 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass.

Samuel’s second wife Sarah Fuller was born 7 May 1659 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass. Her parents were Thomas Fuller and Hannah Flower. Sarah m. 2) May 14, 1704 at Dedham, Capt. John Carpenter  s. of Dea. William Carpenter and Priscilla Bennett, b. Oct. 19, 1652 at Rehoboth, Mass. and previously of Woodstock, Conn. He d. Apr. 9, 1713 at Dedham. There were no children of this marriage. She married second 6 Dec 1682 in Dedham to Ralph Day (1657-1694)  His parents were Ralph DAY and Susan FAIRBANKS.   She m3. 27 Jul 1721 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass to Samuel Ware   Sarah died 31 Mar 1736 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass

Samuel Ware Signature

7. Ephraim Ware

Ephraim’s wife Hannah Herring was born 1659 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass. Her parents were Thomas Herring and Mary Pierce. Hannah died 10 Jul 1738 in Needham, Norfolk, Mass.

Ephraim lived to be 94 years old.

The house of Ephraim, essentially the same as formerly, is in Wellesley, on Oakland Street, Wellesley, Mass opposite the end of Brookside Road. Near the Brookside Community Gardens and Wellesley Country Club.

10. Ebenezer Ware

Ebenezer’s first wife Martha Herring was born 11 Jul 1668 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass.  Her parents were Thomas Herring and Mary Pierce.  Martha died 30 Jan 1709 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass.

Ebenezer’s married his second wife Ann Harrison when he was 86 years old!  Ann was born 1667 in Needham, Norfolk, Mass. and died in 1769.

The house of Ebenezer was probably at the corner of Rosemary and Highland Streets, Needham.

Ebenezer Ware Signature


Ware genealogy : Robert Ware of Dedham, Massachusetts, 1642-1699, and his lineal descendants”

Ware genealogy : Robert Ware of Dedham, Massachusetts, 1642-1699, and his lineal descendants (1901) By Ware, Emma Forbes, 1838-1898

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  6. I have been reading with interest about Robert my name is Ware also . I am Michael and I have two younger brothers..Colin and David. I am now 71 yrs , my brothers are 67 and 64 respectively . My parents, John and Doris are gone now but I feel as if they are still here . My mothers maiden name was Westlake and they came from Bristol U K. My dads father died from wounds during the first world war and sadly , he never new him..(the human race has got a lot to answer for..)! My dad died before my mum (cancer) aged 76yrs., my mum went on without him until her 93 rd year .. she was a treasure and always put others before herself. She would have been a great great grandma now..such a shame she wont see or touch her little ones again..but if there is a heaven, maybe she will…God bless them both.

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