Sgt Ralph Day

Sgt Ralph DAY (1623  -1677) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather, one of 2,048 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Sgt Ralph Day was about 1623 in Halifax Parish, Yorkshire, England. His parents were Daniel DAY and Elizabeth [__?__]. He settled in Dedham, Massachusetts, about 1640.  He married Susan FAIRBANKS on 12 Aug 1647 in Dedham.  After Susan died, he married Abigail Craft on 15 Nov 1659 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass.   Ralph died 28 Nov 1677 in Dedham, Mass.

Ralph Day – Coat of Arms

Susan Fairbanks was baptized 23 Dec  1627 in  Thornton-in-Craven, North Yorkshire, England.  Her parents were Jonathan FAIRBANKS and Grace SMITH Lee. Alternatively, her mother was Grace SMITH.  Susan died 8 Jul 1659 in Dedham, Mass.

Abigail Craft was born 28 Mar 1634 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Mass. Her parents were Griffith Craft and Alice [__?__]. She first married 24 Jan 1651 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Mass to John Ruggles (b. 6 Jan 1625 in Nazing, Essex, England – d. 25 Feb 1712 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Mass.) After Ralph died, she married 7 Dec 1678 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass to Edward Adams (b. 19 Apr 1629 in Kings Weston, Somerset, England d. 12 Nov 1716 in Braintree, Mass.  Edward’s parents were Henry Adams (1583 – 1646) and  Edith Squire Adams (1587 – 1672), 2nd Great Grandparents to President John Adams. Abigail died 19 Jan 1706 in Medfield, Norfolk, Mass.

Children: of Ralph and Susan:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Elizabeth Day 16 JUN 1648 Dedham, Mass 18 JUN 1648 Dedham
2. Mary Day 9 SEP 1649 Dedham John Paine
7 FEB 1676/77 Dedham
25 Oct 1694
Dedham >
3. Susan Day 13 OCT 1652 Dedham 24 OCT 1669 Roxbury, Mass.
4. John DAY 15 Feb 1653/54
Dedham, Mass.
Abigail POND
22 May 1678 Wrentham, Mass.
11 Sep 1727 Wrentham, Mass
5. Ralph Day FEB 1656/57 Dedham Sarah Fuller
6 DEC 1682
21 OCT 1694 Dedham

Child of Ralph and Abigail Craft

Name Born Married Departed
6. Abigail Day 20 Apr 1661 Dedham, Mass John Smith
21 Dec 1677 Dedham
15 Jun 1725 Needham, Mass.

Ralph was a mason.

Ralph is profusely mentioned in the Dedham Town Records serving almost continuously until his death on various town committees, as a surveyor of town highways, frequently a selectman of Dedham, etc. Some claim he held the military rank of Ensign, but at his death he is identified by his estate inventory as Sgt. Ralph Day.

Jonathan Fairbanks in his will left 40 shillings to each of his deceased daughter Susan’s four children by Ralph Day. They had five children, but Elizabeth was born June 16, 1648 and died later that year, twenty years prior to the will. Hence the will gave to Jonathan’s four living Day grandchildren.  The will also stipulated that they be paid their 40 shillings “as they shall attain lawful age”, which again eliminates Elizabeth, the deceased child.

1 Feb 1644/45 – Ralph admitted townsman in Dedham, Mass

May 1645 – Admitted freeman

5 July 1648 – Ralph Day joined the First Church of Dedham Massachusetts and had his infant daughter Elizabeth baptized there on the same day,

Ralph was ensign of the Dedham military company, and used to beat the drum for meetings before the days of church bells. He was selectman of the town in 1661 and 1662. He died Oct 28, 1677. His will was dated 12 Sep 1677, and  proved 01 Feb 1678, mentioning his wife Abigail and children, John, Ralph, Mary and Abigail. He left his tools and drum to his son Ralph, a citterne to Abigail and one of his swords to his son-in-law, John Ruggles.

Jonathan Fairbanks,  house is still standing, one of the finest landmarks of Dedham. Jonathan  Fairbanks (Fairbank or Fayerbank) was  born in England before 1600 at Sowerby  in Halifax, county of York, and came to New England with his wife and six children in 1633, becoming one of the founders of Dedham ; he died Dec 26,  1669; his wife, Grace (Lee) Fairbanks,  died about 1673.


2. Mary Day

Mary’s husband John Paine was born 27 Apr 1646 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass. His parents were Thomas Payne and Rebecca Ware. After Mary died, he married 21 Apr 1704 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass to Martha Devotion (b. 13 Mar 1653 in Roxbury – d. 12 Jan 1714 in Needham, Mass.) John died 1726 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass.

3. Susan Day

Susan died Oct. 8, 1669 at Roxbury, Mass while serving as a servant to the household of Samuel Ruggles.

4. John DAY (See his page)

5. Ralph Day

Ralph’s wife Sarah Fuller was born 7 May 1659 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass. Her parents were Thomas Fuller and Hannah Flower. Sarah m. 2) May 14, 1704 at Dedham, Capt. John Carpenter  s. of Dea. William Carpenter and Priscilla Bennett, b. Oct. 19, 1652 at Rehoboth, Mass. and previously of Woodstock, Conn. He d. Apr. 9, 1713 at Dedham. There were no children of this marriage.  She m3. 27 Jul 1721 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass to Samuel Ware (b. 30 Sep 1657 in Dedham – d. Mar 1731 in Dedham) His parents were Capt Robert WARE and Margaret HUNTING. Sarah died 31 Mar 1736 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass

Lieut. Thomas Fuller, s. of Ralph Fuller and Elizabeth Elliot, was bapt. Jan. 20, 1619/20 at Redenhall in Norfolkshire, England [Redenhall cum Harleston and Wortwell parish rec.]. He d. Sept. 28, 1690 at Dedham, Mass. [DeVR 21]

Thomas’ father Ralph Fuller was the grandson of John Fuller, latter the brotherm of Robert. Ralph Fuller’s grand uncle Robert Fuller was the father of Robert “the butcher” Fuller of Redenhall and his wife Sarah Dunkhorn, the parents of brothers Edward and Dr. Samuel Fuller of the 1620 Mayflower passage to Plymouth, Mass. Thomas arrived in New England long after his latter two 2nd cousins, once removed, had died at Plymouth, Mass.

When Thomas Fuller arrived in New England is unknown. On Nov. 22, 1643 at Dedham, Mass., Thomas m. Hannah Flower and had nine children of record at Dedham

6. Abigail Day

Abigail’s husband John Smith was born 19 Nov 1655 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass.  His parents were Christopher Smith and Mary FAIRBANKS. His grandparents were Jonathan FAIRBANKS and Grace LEE.  His mother’s first husband was our ancestor Michael METCALF Jr.. John died 7 Oct 1722 in Needham, Norfolk, Mass


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