John Heath

John HEATH (1573 – 1644)  was Alex’s 11th Great Grandfather; one of 4,096 in this generation of the Miller line.

Heath Family Coat of Arms

John Heath was born in 15 Aug 1574  in Salisbury St Martins, Wiltshire, England.  His parents were William HEATH and Alice CHENEY.   He married Alis BARTHOLOMEW 12 Feb 1599 in St Martin, Wiltshire, England.   John died in 1644 in England

Alis Bartholomew was born 1574 in St Martins, Wiltshire, England. Her parents were Thomas BARTELMEW and Alys CORDRAY.   Alise died in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.   Many genealogies say Alis died 12 Feb 1599, but this was the date of her wedding and too soon for any of the children to be born.

Children of Bartholomew and Hannah:

Name Born Married Departed
1. John Heath Salisbury St Martins, Wiltshire, England Will, dated 28 Dec 1674, proved 10 Apr 1675.
2. Bartholomew HEATH 1615  Salisbury St Martins, Wiltshire, England Hannah MOYCE
~1640  Newbury, Mass
15 Jan 1681 Haverhill, Essex, Mass.


Alis’ father Thomas BARTELMEW was born in 1530 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. Thomas died 1596 in Wiltshire, England

Alis’ mother Alys CORDAY was born in 1543 in Chute, Wiltshire, England. Her parents were Thomas CORDEROY (1490 – 1581) and Jane MORRIS (1523 – 1598). Alis died in 1599 in Chute, Wiltshire, England.



1.  John Heath

17 Jan 1675 – Bartholomew’s brother, John Heath, left bequests to Bartholomew’s children, but named in his will no family of his own. He also lived in Haverhill. No ship records could be found where John Heath was a passenger to New England, but he left a Will, dated December 28, 1674, proved April 10, 1675.  John Heath apparently left no children of his own, and at this time lived with a nephew whom he calls “Cousin” as was the old tradition. John Heath willed that first, all expenses (In the language of that time)

“I have ben att sence I have ben in my Cousin John Heath’s house to be paid out of my  estate,”  and then gave 40 shillings  to Haverhill Church; 40 s. to “the College at Cambridge”; 40s. toward procuring a minister for the Church at  Haverhill after Mr. Ward’s decease; 5 pounds to “my couzen Matha which was my couzen Joseph Heath’s wife, which is now wife to Joseph Page;  Couzen  John Heath’s Son Bartholomew a two yerling Cote”; to “Couzen Joseph Heath ten pounds if he come to age of twenty one yere”; to “Josias Heath’s son Josias a little colt”; to “Sias Heath, five acrese of Land in the plaine,”  etc. to “Couzen John Heath the east meadow, all the rest of real Estate to Brother Bartholl Heath for hee to dispose as he shall see Cause”; to “Couzen Sarah, John Heath’s wife”, to “sias Heath” “Brother Barolomew to be Executor.” (Essex County, Probate Records, 2: 43).

2. Bartholomew HEATH (See his page)


Bartholomew Heath 1 — Source: Ancestry of Charles Stinson Pillsbury and John Sargent Pillsbury (1938)

Bartholomew Heath 2


Hudson-Mohawk genealogical and family memoirs:  Volume 2 By Cuyler Reynolds 1911

Ancestry of Charles Stinson Pillsbury and John Sargent Pillsbury (1938) By Holman, Mary Lovering, 1868-1947; Pillsbury, Helen Pendleton Winston, 1878-1957

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  3. George Cowdry says:

    I am researching the Corderoy of Chute family history & have a date of 1556 for Alice Corderoy born Chute of Thomas & Jane, could you send your source to me

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