Capt. Joseph Sexton

Capt. Joseph SEXTON (1666 – 1742) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather;  one of 2,048  in this generation of the Miner line

Joseph Sexton was born  3 Feb 1665/66 in Windsor, CT.   His parents were George SEXTON and Katherine COWING.  He married Hannah WRIGHT on 20 Nov 1690 in Enfield or Lebanon, CT.  Joseph died 3 May 1742 in Enfield, CT.

Hannah Wright was born 28 Jul 1669 in Springfield, Mass. Her parents were Abel WRIGHT and Martha KITCHEREL.  Hannah died 26 Nov 1742 in Enfield, CT.

Joseph and Hannah Sexton Headstones, Enfield Street Cemetery – “Here lies, The Body of Capt., Joseph Sexton who, Died illegible ay The, Illegible, aged 76 years.”      Here lies ye Body, of Mrs Hannah, Sexton Relief of, Capt Joseph, Sexton who died(Rest of stone beneath ground)”      Stone Location:Sec. B Row 7 Lot 14 Grave 5 Lot shared with Ebenezer Pease

Child of Joseph and Hannah:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Gershom Sexton 1691 in Enfield, Hartford, CT Hannah Pease Miller
(Robert’s sister)
1 Jun 1716
Enfield, CT
03 May 1742
Enfield, Ct
2. Hannah SEXTON 18 May 1692
Westfield, Mass.
Robert PEASE Jr.
15  Feb 1710
Enfield, CT
8 Nov 1711
Enfield, CT
3. Ensign Joseph Sexton 2 Oct 1694
Enfield, CT
Sarah Parsons
16 Oct 1723
Enfield, CT
10 Sep 1790
Somers, Tolland, CT
4. Mindwell Sexton c. 1697
Enfield, CT
Ebenezer Pease (Robert’s brother)
20 Nov 1717
Enfield, CT
24 May 1754
Enfield, CT
5. Daniel Sexton 26 Nov 1700 Westfield, Mass Mary Douglas
4 Aug 1734 New London, CT
8 OCT 1792 Somers, CT
in his 91st year of age
6. Ezekiel Sexton 28 Oct 1704 Enfield, CT Grace Caulkins?
23 Nov 1731
c. 1774
Westfield, Mass
7. Charles Sexton 7 Jan 1707/08 Enfield, CT Bathsheba Geer
7 Jan 1735/36 Enfield, CT
16 Sep 1762 At sea on the expedition to the Battle of Havana
8. Amos Sexton?
25 Oct 1709 Enfield, Hartford, CT
Elizabeth Morris
bef. 1732

Joseph was a Captain during Col. wars. Somers, CT (then Enfield, pt of Westfield)

The Sextons and the Peases were very close.  Joseph and Hannah share a grave lot with Ebenezer Pease.   Three of Joseph’s children married children of Robert PEASE Sr. Gershom and Hannah, HANNAH and ROBERT,  and Mindwell and Ebenezer.


1. Gershom Sexton

Some sources say that Gershom born in 1685 and was the son of  Joseph’s brother George Sexton and Hannah Spencer.  This view is bolstered by the record that a Gershom Sexton took the inventory of  Samuel Andrews’ estate in Hartford, CT on 29 Jan 1711/12. Inventory  £414-07-00  by Garrard Spencer, Sen., and Gershom Sexton. Witnesses to Samuel Andrews will were Garrard Spencer and George Sexton.

Other sources say that Gershom first married 20 Jan 1708/09 Hartford, Hartford, CT to Abigail King and had three children before he married Hannah.  The sources agree that Gershom married Hannah 1 Jun 1716 Enfield, Hartford, CT and died 3 May 1742 Enfield, Hartford, CT.

Gershom’s wife Hannah Pease was born 12 Jun 1694 Enfield, CT.  She was Robert’s sister and her parents were Robert PEASE Sr. and Abigail RANDALL  She first married David Miller.  Hannah died  26 Nov 1742 Enfield, Hartford, CT.

Gershom Sexton Petition 1722 – The public records of the colony of Connecticut

Children of Hannah and Gershom:

i. Gershom Sexton b. 11 Oct 1717 Enfield, Hartford, CT; m. 4 Nov 1736 Enfield, CT to Abigail Gerry

ii. Mary Sexton b. 25 Sep 1719 Enfield, Hartford, CT; d. 1814; m. 13 Jan 1741/42 Wallingford, CT to Joseph Bartholomew

iii. Ebenezer Sexton b. Abt 1721 Enfield, Hartford, CT; d. 1794 Waterbury, CT; m. 7 Sep 1742 Wallingford, CT to Eunice Benham

iv. David Sexton b. 12 Aug 1725 Enfield, Hartford, CT.

v. Jonathan Sexton b. 12 Aug 1725 Enfield, Hartford, CT.

vi. Hannah Sexton b. 31 Aug 1727 Enfield, Hartford, CT.

vii. Asahel Sexton b. 29 Aug 1732 Enfield, Hartford, CT; m. 10 SEP 1755 Somers, Tolland, CT to Patience Farrington

viii. Penelope Sexton b. 1 Sep 1735 Enfield, Hartford, CT; d. 26 Mar 1814 Enfield, Hartford, CT; m. Ebenezer McGregory

ix. Tabitha Sexton 9 Apr 1729 Enfield, Hartford, CT; m. 31 Oct 1752 Wallingford, New Haven, CT to Joseph Atkins

2. Hannah SEXTON (See Robert PEASE Jr.‘s page)

3. Ensign Joseph Sexton

Joseph’s wife Sarah Parsons was born 10 Nov 1704 in Enfield, Hartford, CT. Her parents were Samuel Parsons and Hannah Hitchcock. Sarah died 25 Aug 1747 in Somers, Tolland, CT.

4. Mindwell Sexton

Mindwell’s husband Ebenzer Pease was born 7 Mar 1697/98 Enfield, CT. He was Robert’s brother and his parents were Robert PEASE Sr. and Abigail RANDALL. Ebenezer died 21 Oct 1743 Enfield, Hartford, CT.

Children of Ebenezer and Mindwell:

i. Hannah Pease 11 Mar 1717/18 Enfield, Hartford, CT; m. 20 Nov 1737 Enfield, Hartford, CT to Shubael Geer

ii. Susanna Pease b. 11 Mar 1717/18 Enfield, Hartford, CT; m. 31 Mar 1740 to George Cooley

iii. Ebenezer Pease b. 25 Sep 1719 Enfield, Hartford, CT; d. 11 Jan 1784 Enfield, Hartford, CT; m. 29 NOV 1739 Enfield, Hartford, CT to Mary Terry

iv. Mindwell Pease b. 10 Jun 1722 Enfield, Hartford, CT.

v. James Pease b. 14 Oct 1724 Enfield, Hartford, CT d. 1746 Cape Breton

vi. Abigail Pease 15 Apr 1727 Enfield, Hartford, CT; m. Benjamin Hall

vii. Catherine Pease b. 1729 Enfield, Hartford, CT.

viii. Martha Pease b. 25 Nov 1732 Enfield, Hartford, CT;
d. 4 Dec 1816; m. 24 Jan 1750/51 to Caleb Bush

5. Daniel Sexton

Daniel’s wife Mary Douglas was born 1710 in New London, CT. Her parents were Thomas Douglas and Hannah Sperry. Mary died 27 Apr 1806 in Somers, Tolland, CT.

Daniel Sexton Headstone — West Cemetery Somers Tolland County Connecticut, — Age 90 years. Burial location: Tier 7, Ft.Sec. 85 (West-Orig)

Daniel Sexton Headstone — Reverse

6. Ezekiel Sexton

Ezekiel’s wife Grace Caulkins was born 23 Jun 1711 in New London, CT. Her parents were Jonathan Calkins and Sarah Turner.

7. Charles Sexton

Charles’ wife Bathsheba Geer was born 16 Jan 1714 in Enfield, Hartford, CT. Her parents were Shubael Geer and Sarah Abbe. Bathsheba died 28 Jan 1763 in Somers, CT.

Charles died  at sea 16 Sep 1762 on the expedition from Somers to “the Havannah” in 1762.  His son Charles Jr appears to have died on the expedition a week later 25 Sep 1762.

The Battle of Havana had by far the most America deaths of any battle up until that time, especially for Connecticut, but until I found family casualties in this genealogy project, I had never heard of it.  See my page Battle of Havana – 1762.

8. Amos Sexton

The Barbour Collection says that Amos born in Hartford and was the son of Gershom Sexton and Abigail King.

Amos’ wife Elizabeth Morris was born 25 Dec 1706 in Woodstock, Litchfield, CT. Her parents were Ebenezer Morris and Sarah Davis/


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  6. minscoe says:

    Hi. I have been looking at my Family tree and found I am related to Capt. Joseph Sexton.

  7. Betty Merritt says:

    Your information is outstanding and I appreciate it so very much. Joseph Was my 8th Grand Father. I am connected thru his son Daniel Sexton.

  8. Virginia Swetland says:

    Captain Joseph Sexton was my 8th grandfather too! Gersham was his son, Gersham’s daughter , Penellopa , was my 6th grandmother, and she married Ebenezar McGregory Sr.. In 1754 Ebenezar McGregory Jr was born and after that Ebenezar III was born in 1779. He had a daughter named Sophia McGregory who married Eli Swetland.THEY gave birth to my great grandfather, Norris B.S. Swetland , who married Mary Elizabeth Moss, my great grandmother. They were parents of my grandfather Earle Byron Swetland , who married Laura Rebecca Hurley and had my father, Wallace Byron Swetland (one of 9 children) in 1919. Fun! Thank you so much!

  9. connie westervoorde says:

    Thank you so much !!! Amazingly enough my family has been extremely involved in genealogy on both my mother’s side and my father’s side for years. My father could not confirm who his biological father was until DNA testing through It was through your page, that I just discovered my 9th great-grandparents George Sexton and Katherine Cowing on my father’s side are also 9th great-grandparents though my mother’s family through their sons, Joseph and George Sexton.

  10. Carla J. Bayless says:

    Thank you for sharing your work! It was very helpful. I have been studying the Sexton line because i am a direct descendant of Captain Joseph Sexton. My line goes through his son, Daniel, Daniel’s son, Joseph (who fought in the Revolutionary War), his daughter Florinda who married Marquis Florius Nash, his son, James Sexton Nash, his son, William J. Nash, his son, Mark A. Nash, his son, David Mark Nash, Sr., who was my father. I love all the pictures and the information complete with dates, spouses, etc.

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