Jonathan Wilmarth

Jonathan WILMARTH (1656 – 1733) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather, one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Jonathan Wilmarth was born in 1656 in Rehoboth, Mass.  His parents were Thomas WILMARTH and Elizabeth BLISS.  He married Esther PECK on 29 Dec 1680 in Rehoboth, Mass.  Jonathan died in 1733 in Rehoboth, Mass.

Esther Peck was born 7 Jan 1657/58 in Rehoboth, Mass.  Her parents were John PECK and Elizabeth HUNTING. Some sources say Esther died in 1756 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

Children of Jonathan and Esther:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Esther Wilmarth 28 Nov 1681 Rehoboth William Dryer
4 Mar 1707/08 Rehoboth
4 Mar 1741
Rehoboth, Mass
2. Rebecca WILMARTH 30 Aug 1683
Jasiel PERRY
29 Dec 1680
17 May 1736
3. Daniel Wilmarth 7 Dec 1685 Rehoboth Died Young
4. Jonathan Wilmarth 5 Aug 1690 Rehoboth Beulah Hemmenway
24 Nov 1714
14 Sep 1756
Attleboro, Mass
5. Margaret Wilmarth 31 Aug 1692 Rehoboth Nathaniel Bosworth
7 Nov 1713
6. Stephen Wilmarth 11 Apr 1695 Rehoboth Deborah Crossman
20 Apr 1728 Attleborough, Mass.
Hannah Read
16 Jan 1741/42 – Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass
27 Apr 1765 Attleborough, Mass.
7. Thomas Wilmarth 22 Feb 1696/97 Rehoboth Lydia Carpenter
6 Feb 1721
8. Nathan Wilmarth 17 Dec 1700 Rehoboth Mary Stacy
29 Nov 1722 Attleborough
Rebecca Perry
24 Jul 1756
Attleboro, Bristol, MA
13 Mar 1764
Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass
8 Apr 1766 Attleboro, Bristol, MA
9. Nathaniel Wilmarth 15 Apr 1706
Rehoboth, Bristol, MA
Mary Liscomb
Intent 13 Dec 1729

Jonathan appears in the list of those participating in the Narragansett expedition (Great Swamp Fight) at which time the name is spelled for the first time Wilmarth. It was previously written Wilmouth.  For his service, he was named a grantee at  Narragansett Township No. 4 (now Goffstown, NH; the land was found unsuitable, and replacement land was subsequently granted in what is now Greenwich, Massachusetts.)

The Wilmarths had substantial land holdings in the Palmer River area of Rehoboth, some properties adjacent to Fuller holdings. Rehoboth of today has a street named Wilmarth Bridge Road, running from the turnpike, (Route 44), to Summer Street, and passing through what was once Wilmarth property.
View Google Street View looking from Winthrop Street to Wilmarth Bridge Road


6th Great Grandfather of U.S. Senator from California…..Alan MacGregor Cranston


1. Esther Wilmarth

Esther’s husband William Dryer was born 28 Nov 1684 in Taunton, England. His parents were William Dryer and Anna Locke. He immigrated in 1704. William died 18 Dec 1784 in Rehoboth, Mass(came in 1704) D. 100 YRS OLD.

Children of Esther and William

i. Esther Dryer b. 29 Apr 1712; m. Nathan Cobb July 05, 1742.

ii. Elizabeth Dryer , b. 13 May 1714; d. 31 Mar 1715.

iii. Elizabeth Dryer , b. 31 Dec 1717; m.19 Nov 1742 in Voluntown, CT to Benjamin Pierce.

iv. William Dryer Jr., b. 27 Dec 1719; died in d. age 97 years old.; m. Hannah Wilmarth

v. Margaret Dryer , b. 12 May 1722; d. 13 Apr 1806 in N. Rehoboth, Mass. m. 6 Feb 1743/44  in Rehoboth to her first cousin David Perry Sr. b. 16 Aug 1719 in Rehoboth, son of our ancestors Jasiel PERRY and Rebecca Peck WILLMARTH

vi. John Dryer , b. 12 Aug 1725; died in “He was a Lieutenant in the Rev. War.”; married 18  Mar 1748. to Mary Read  d. 7 Aug 1787 – Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass

John Dryer was a minute man in Rehoboth who enlisted after hearing the news from Lexington and Concord. He served until the War was over despite his age of being over 50 years old.

John Dryer SAR Application

2. Rebecca WILMARTH (See Jasiel PERRY‘s page)

4. Jonathan Wilmarth

Jonathan’s wife Beaulah Hemmingway was born 5 Oct 1691 in Rehoboth, Mass. Her parents were Joshua Hemingway and  Margaret Kenrick.  Beaulah died 14 Feb 1770 in Attleboro, Mass,

5. Margaret Wilmarth

Margaret’s husband Nathaniel Bosworth was born 1694 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass. His parents were Joseph Bosworth and Esther Smith. Nathaniel died 30 May 1772. Biographies of Nathaniel Bosworth show his wife as Margaret William, but this was later proven to be Margaret Wilmarth.

Nathaniel was a “housewright”.

Oct. 11, 1715,- Nathaniel with his brother Joseph bought 65 acres of land in Rehoboth for £260, of Stephen Hunt; deed signed by Stephen and Damaris his wife.

Feb. 13, 1716, Joseph Bosworth, yeoman, and Nathaniel Bos­worth, “House Carpenter,” mortgaged this land to the “Committee of five Commissioners appointed by the Great and General Court” for “emitting the sum of One Hundred Thousand pounds,” for £130.  This was to be paid in annual installments of £6.10s.  Before the payments were finished Nathaniel on Apr. 14, 1725, sold his share to Joseph, so the latter completed the payments and received the discharged mortgage in 1731.   (Taunton Deeds, 10-549)

Apr. 13, 1725,  Nathaniel’s brother Joseph, in consideration of an agreement made between them relating to the estate of “our Father Joseph Bosworth late of said Rehoboth Deceased,” deeded twelve acres of land “scituate at the south end of the farm whereon I now dwell in the Township of Rehoboth . . . bounded southerly by Ebenezer Peck’s land, Easterly by a highway, northerly by my own Land and westerly by a highway.” On Apr. 14, 1725, the same day that Nathaniel sold his brother his half of the 65 acres, he also sold him the above mentioned twelve acres.  This deed, which was witnessed by Israel and Stephen Peck, is in the possession of Mrs. Carrie Bosworth Reed.

Feb. 12, 1727/28  – Nathaniel sold five acres of swamp land to John Hill of Rehoboth. (Taunton Deeds, Bk. 18, p. 67).  On the Old Proprietary Records of Rehoboth (Bk. 3, p. 62 [76]) is given “The Records of the lands of Joseph and Nathaniel Bozworth, dated, Apr. 3, 1735.

Nov. 7, 1743 – “Nathaniel Bozworth of Rehoboth, Mass.” bought 90 acres of land in the “New Milford North Purchase” in New Milford, (then in New Haven Co., now in Litchfield Co.), Conn. of Jonathan Noble of New Milford. (New Milford Deeds 6-436).  In Book 5, page 429 of New Milford records is found the following: ”

Know all men by these presents that I Nathaniel Bozworth of Rehoboth in the County of Bristol in New England Housewright Do hereby con­stitute and appoint Nathaniel Bozworth Blacksmith and William Boz­worth Clothworker Both of New Milford in the County of New Haven and Colony of Connecticut to be my true and sufficient and Lawful attorneys and in my name and in my stead in all causes Rate personal or mixt moued or to be moued for me or against me, to appear plead and pursue to finial judgment & execution and in an especial manner to take care of my Right of Land Lying in New Milford North Purchase to see that there be no tres­pass committed thereon and if there hath any person or persons that Here­tofore hath commited or shall hereafter commit any trespass thereon the same person or persons to persue and proceed against according to law” etc.  “In witness whereof I have Hereunto set my hand and seal the ninth day of June In the year of our Lord one Thousand seven hundred and forty six and in ye nineteenth year of his majusties Reign”

Mar. 14, 1749 –  before a “Freeholders Court” at New Mil­ford, Mr. Edward Cogswell of New Milford complained that the bounds between his land and the land of Nathaniel Bos­worth of Rehoboth, Mass. was “Lost & unknown said Land lying in New Milford North Purchase sd. Land being ye 33d and 34th Lots In number and Requiring the Benefits of the Law In that Case.” Whereupon a committee of three free­holders was appointed to decide upon the bounds and reported that “a heap of stones Lying the East side of Aspotuck River a few rods Eastward from sd. River northwestward from the aforesd Cogswells house . . . made for the Divid­ing bounds.”

Sept. 5, 1751 –  in order to settle the above mentioned bounds, Edward Cogswell gives Quit claim deed to “Nathaniel Bozworth of Rehoboth, Mass., to a “Triangular piece of Land in the South Teer of Lotts in New Milford North Purchase 1st Division,” etc.  Sept. 6,. 1751,  Edward Cogswell “in consideration of one Certain Warrantee Deed to me well Executed Dated Even herewith by Nathaniel Bozworth of Rehoboth . . . of ye North part of ye 34th Lott of Land in the South Teer in ye first Division in New Milford North Purchase . . . Do for myself . . Confirm unto ye sd Nathaniel Bozworth . . all that part of the 33d Lott of Land in ye South Teer in ye first Division in sd New Mil­ford North Purchase afore sd that LyesSouth of ye following Lines” etc.  On the same date Nathaniel deeded to Edward Cogswell all the land lying “North” of the above line, thus settling the boundaries of their lands.  Also on the same date “Nathaniel Bozworth of Rehoboth, Mass. and Nathaniel Bozworth junr. of New Milford” for £320, “old Tenor” deeds to Edw. Cogswell of Preston, New London County, Conn. land in the New Milford North Purchase.  (New Milford Deeds, Bk. 6, pp. 529, 605, 618)

Sept. 20, 1751,  “Nathaniel Bozworth of Rehoboth for the Love, Goodwill and affection which I have and bare to my well beloved son Nathaniel Boz­worth of New Milford,” deeds land in New Milford North Purchase, a part of Lot 34, 1st Division, containing 50 acres; bounds given in which the land of Paul Welch Jun. is mentioned; “And I also Give and Confirm unto him . . . one full Quarter part of the privilege of a Certain place in the aforesRiver [East Aspetuck] for Erecting a Saw Mill where the first small Brook Empties into said River North of the above said Granted Land with Sufficient Land & other Conveniences of Daming or turning the Water for the use of said Mill with a Convenient way to pass & repass from the Highway thereunto.”                                                                                                     (New Milford Deeds 11-682)

On the same date “Nathaniel Bozworth of Rehoboth” deeds to son William of New Milford for “ye Love good will & affection which I have and do bear to my well beloved son William Bozworth of New Milford” land in New Milford, a part of the 33rd and 34th lots in the North Purchase in the 1st Division, 50 acres.  The bounds given “Beginning at a stake and a heap of stones by ye East side of ye Highway a Little Northward from Stephen Bozworths Dwelling House” etc. one of the bounds being East Aspetuck river, “there will be contained in ye whole 50 acres Exclusive of the High­way that Runs through yesame always Reserving to myself During my Natural Life one half of ye privilege in sd stream for building a Mill with Convenient ways to pass to sd Mill & my other Land.”                    (New Milford Deeds, 6-627)

Sept. 24, 1751,  “Nathaniel Bozworth of Rehoboth for the Love & Goodwill which I have to my son Stephen Bozworth of New Milford” deeds certain parcels of land in the New Milford North Purchase in the 33rd and 34th lots; in all 20 acres, bounds given; “Excepting and reserving one half privilege of the streams and land sufficient for a saw Mill and Dams if need be with a good cartway to and from said places and my other Lands to the Highway and for digging watercourses and carting gravel And timber to and from said places as aforesaid which it shall be thought most convenient for said Mill or Dams the aforesaid Stephen Bozworth and his heirs to have one fourth part thereof as aforesd.”                                                                                        (New Milford Deeds, 8-106)

Children of Margaret and Nathaniel:

i. Bathsheba Bosworth, b. 03 Apr 1714, Rehoboth, Bristol, MA,; m. Thomas Read

ii. Nathaniel Bosworth, b. 29 Apr 1716, Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, m1. Jane Brown, m2.  Rebecca Barnum

iii. William Bosworth, b. 31 Aug 1718, Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. Sarah Farrand

iv. Sarah Bosworth, b. 16 Aug 1720, Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. Joseph Allen, Jr.

v. Deborah Bosworth, b. 28 Mar 1721, Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. William Buck

vi. Huldah Bosworth, b. 23 Jan 1725, Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. Benjamin Jacobs

vii. Stephen Bosworth, b. 27 Sep 1722, Rehoboth, Bristol, MA; m. Abigail Wood.

6. Stephen Wilmarth

Stephen’s wife Deborah Crossman was born 11 Feb 1700 in Taunton, Bristol, Mass. Her parents were John Crossman (1654 – 1731) and Joanna Thayer (1665 – 1734)  Many sources state she died in 1800, but there are no details to support the claim she was a Centenarian.  Not only that, but Stephen married Hannah Read 16 Jan 1741/42  in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.  Stephen’s name is often spelled Willmarth (with two ls).

Children of Stephen and Deborah

i. Stephen Wilmarth b.  Aft 1728 in Attleboro, Bristol, MA.

ii. Deborah Wilmarth b. ~ 1730 in Attleboro, Bristol, MA.

iii. Elisha Wilmarth b. 25 Aug 1733 in Attleboro in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass; m int. 28 Apr 1764 in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass to his cousin  Sarah Walker (2 Sep 1735 in Clarendon, Rutland, Vermont; d. New York) Her parents were Daniel Walker and Mary Perry.  Her grandparents were Jasiel PERRY and Rebecca Peck WILLMARTH. Elisha and Sarah had five children born between 1765 and 1775.

iv. Sarah Wilmarth was born AFT 1740 in Attleboro, Bristol, MA.

v. Hephzibah Wilmarth . She married Amos Robinson AFT 11 MAR 1758, son of Nathaniel Robinson and Zilpha Daggett. He was born 7 SEP 1735 in Attleboro, Bristol, MA

7. Thomas Wilmarth

Thomas’ wife Lydia Carpenter (James Carpenter 5, Samuel Carpenter 4, William Carpenter3, William CARPENTER2, William CARPENTER1) was born 30 Apr 1700. Her parents were James Carpenter and Grace Palmer.

Children of Thomas and Lydia:

i.   Lydia Wilmarth bapt. 24 NOV 1722 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, and died 17 OCT 1745 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. She married Ezra Brown 3 APR 1745 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, son of William Brown and Elizabeth [–?–]. He was born 18 AUG 1722 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA.

ii. Timothy Wilmarth b. 8 NOV 1725 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA.

iii. James Wilmarth was born 16 OCT 1727 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA.

iv. Ezra Wilmarth b. 8 APR 1730 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA.d.  1814 in brd N. Rehobeth Cem.; m. 25 Oct 1750 to Prudence Morse.

v. Nehemiah Wilmarth b. 18 MAR 1732/3 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA.; m. Mary Barstow 28 MAY 1761 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. She was born ABT 1740.

vi. Valentine Wilmarth b. 20 DEC 1736 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA.

vii. Nathaniel Wilmarth b. 27 NOV 1741 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA.

8. Nathan Wilmarth

Nathan’s first wife Mary Stacy was born 1701 in Attleborough, Bristol, Mass. Mary died in 1743.

Nathan’s second wife Rebecca Brown (William Brown 5, Samuel Brown4, James Brown3, James Brown2John BROWNE1) was born 17 Apr 1725 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass. Her parents were William Brown  and  Elizabeth [__?__].  Rebecca died in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

“Will of Nathan Willmarth of Attl., yeoman, ‘being Sensible that I must Shortly die though at present in Comfortable health,’ dtd. 13 March 1764, prob. 8 Apr. 1766. ‘To my dear wife’ [not named], who is also to get ‘all that She Brought with her.’ Sons: Nathan, Elkanah & John. ‘To Jemima Perry the wife of Ezra I confirm What I have Given her Mother my daughter Esther [prob. dcd.] hopeing her father will make it good to her.’ ‘To Molly my Son Nathans Daughter.’ Son Elkanah to be exec. Witns: Amos Brown, Josiah Carpenter & Daniel Willmarth [19:399/400/1].

Children of Nathan and Mary

i. Nathan Wilmarth b: 3 NOV 1723 in Attleboro, Bristol, MA; m. 6 DEC 1748 in Attleboro, Bristol, MA to Mercy Titus b: 8 FEB 1725/26 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA

ii. Esther Wilmarth b: 31 DEC 1724 in Attleboro, Bristol, MA; m. 28 May 1741 in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass. to Robert Titus

iii. Mary Wilmarth b: 2 FEB 1726/27 in Attleboro, Bristol, MA; d. not long before 13 MAR 1813 in Calais, Washington, VT; m. intentions 24 NOV 1753 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA to Timothy Redway b: 8 OCT 1733 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA

iv. Elkanah Wilmarth b: 22 JUL 1729 in Attleboro, Bristol, MA; d. 7 Dec 1828 Attleboro, Bristol, Mass

v. Ichabod Wilmarth b: 7 NOV 1731 in Attleboro, Bristol, MA; d. 22 Nov 1731 Attleboro, Mass,

vi. John Wilmarth b: 10 MAY 1733 in Attleboro, Bristol, MA; m.  28 Feb 1761 in Attleboro, Massa to Phebe Briggs b. 8 Apr 1740 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

Children of Nathan and Rebecca

vi. Mary Wilmarth b. 28 Sep 1756

vii. Mercy Willmarth b. 5 Nov 1760 in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass; m. 24 Jun 1783 to Thomas French b. 18 Feb 1749/50 Attleboro  His parents were Thomas FRENCH Jr and Keziah PERRY.

viii. Bebe Wilmarth b.14 Feb 1765

9. Nathaniel Wilmarth

Children of Nathaniel and Mary

i. Molly Wilmarth b: 8 JAN 1730/1 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA

ii. Elizabeth Wilmarth b: 25 OCT 1732 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA

iii. Valentine Wilmarth b: 9 MAR 1734/5 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA


Encyclopedia of Massachusetts – Google Books

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