Gregorio Fernando A. Mercado

Gregorio Fernando A. MERCADO (1 ) was Socorro’s 3nd great grandfather.  He was also Jose Rizal’s uncle.

Gregorio Fernando A. Mercado was born xx. His parents were Juan MERCADO and Cirila ALEJANDRO.He first married Eulalia TRIVIÑO. He next married Remegia Abarientos. Gregorio died xx.

Eulalia Triviño was born xx.

Remegia Abarientos was born xx.

Children of Gregorio and Eulalia:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Jose Triviño MERCADO Dorotea Moxica QUIZON


Children of Gregorio and Remegia:

Name Born Married Departed
2. Restituto Mercado Crescencia Yamson Fuentes
3. Filomeno A. Mercado Consolacion ch. Neri
4. Francisca. A. Mercado
5. Monica A. Mercado Leon R. Chavez
6. Doroteo A. Mercado Carmen P. Zayas
7. Aquilina A. Mercado Macrobio R. Chaves
8. Demetria A. Mercado Nicolas Pelaez
9. Hermana A. Mercado
10. Cresencia A. Mercado Pedro Neri

Other sources state that Juan Mercado and Cirila Alejandro had 14 children: Gregorio Fernando becoming Gregorio and Fernando, two separate persons.

Jose Rizal’s uncles were forced by Spanish harassment  to move.  Gregorio Mercado  ended up in San Juan and married  Eulaia Trivino.

The Mercado-Quizon family has their ancestral properties in the northeastern part of San Juan including some in the adjacent towns of Quezon just across the Malaquing Ilog

Gregorio de Mercado may have been elected gobernadorcillo of San Juan in 1856.

San Juan Batangas was a relatively new place, not settled until the mid 1800’s.  The Angkan families evolved their own local culture of common survival and existence. As emigrants to the new place, many found it socially convenient to rely more on each other if only to maintain their regional customs and expand family holdings. Clearly, they had strong respect for family ties and territorial rights that may have influenced their active nationalism when it was expected of them during times of crisis. The fact that many early Angkan members came from the same region (sharing the same values and customs) and were related to each other through marriage helped further this process along and ensure harmony in the place.

“The Triviño’s are one of San Juan’s oldest families.” (Martin Tinio Jr., Batangas Forged in Fire, p. 189). The Triviño roots were originally from Tiaong (Quezon) who intermarried with the Quizon, Maralit, Mercado, and Perez families of San Juan.

Tiaong, Quezon

The roster of town Tinientes includes a Mamerto Triviño (1839-1840) and a Juan Triviño (1843). Hipolito Mercado, a cabeza de barangay of one of San Juan’s original barangay in 1848, married Maria Triviño. In 1878, Santiago Triviño and Francisco Triviño were cabezas de barangay. Approaching the year 1900, Ciriaco Triviño was a punong bayan of the town. By the 1920s, neighboring heritage houses along Rizal Street leading to the church were built by brothers Emilio and Liduvino Triviño for their families. Some in the Triviño clan moved on and settled in Naga City after the war where they made a name for themselves.

The early San Juan community started in what is now the barangay of Pinagbayanan (the old town site) along the coast of Tayabas Bay. The original immigrants to San Juan mostly appropriated the surrounding virgin territory for themselves and established the first haciendas in the town. The first indication about the profile of those who were responsible for shaping San Juan’s landscape is partly provided through parish and town records. In 1836, a census of the town showed that it had a population of 6,508 residents.


For more on San Juan, click here for The San Juan Batangas Legacy.pdf  by Leon Mayo.

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  4. chamie paguia says:

    I am a Jose Rizal Descendant.
    Gregorio Mercado(brother of Jose Rizal’s father
    Gregorio Mercado’s son Restituto Mercado married Emiliana Fuentes.One of their (Restiuto and Emiliana)children named Lourdes…married Judge Gaudencio Fudol Cloribel of Panglao,Bohol.One of their(Gaudencio and Lourdes)children named Aida Lourdes married Claudio Uy Gallares(a relative of Gov.Celestino Gallares of Bohol)..Aida Lourdes and Claudio(+) are my biological parents.I am married to Maximo Papa Paguia(whose family is originally from Bulacan,Bulacan)..and we have only one child who is now a registered nurse.

    • Manny Mercado says:

      Do you happen to know any of the names of Restituto’s other children? Also, do you happen to know any of Filomeno Mercado’s children. Thanks.

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