Alexander Balcom Sr.

Alexander BALCOM Sr. (c. 1630 – 1711) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather, one of 1,024 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Alexander Balcom – Coat of Arms

Alexander Balcom Sr was born about 1630 in  Balcombe, Sussex, England.   Birth was possibly in Sussex or in Holland as his family is en route to New England. The name of his first WIFE is not known.   The first record of Alexander Balcom in New England was in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, where he was the tenant of a house in 1661.  There is no record of his immigration.  He married Mrs. Jane Holbrook Albee around 1676 in Providence, Rhode Island.  Alexander died 4 May 1711 at Smithfield, RI..   His will was dated 31 May 1711 The inventory of his personal estate was 35 pounds, 4 shillings, 7d.

Alexander Balcom was born in the village of Balcombe, Sussex, England

Jane Holbrook was born about 1647 in Weymouth, Norfolk, MA. Her parents were Capt. William Holbrook and Elizabeth Pitts. Her grandparents were our ancestors Thomas HOLBROOK and Jane POWYES.  She first married John Albee on 18 Oct 1671 in Medfield, Norfolk, MA and had one child, John Albee, born about 1673 in Mendon.  John Albee Sr. (Albree) was killed 14 July 1675 at during the Indian attack at Mendon, MA.   Jane died between  1696 – 1711.

Children of Alexander and [__?__]:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Katherine Balcom c. 1661
Providence RI
Isaac Allen
c. 1682 Rehoboth, Mass.
Daniel Jenks
before 1692
Cumberland, Providence, Rhode Island
Cumberland, Providence, Rhode Island
2. Alexander BALCOM Jr. 1664 Providence, Rhode Island Sarah WOODCOCK
c. 1690 Rehoboth, Bristol, MA
31 Jan 1727/28
Attleboro, Mass
3. Sarah Balcom c. 1663 Timothy Sheldon
c. 1684
Providence, RI

Children of Alexander and Jane Holbrook

Name Born Married Departed
4.  John Balcom 1678 Sarah Bartlett
1698 in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island
 30 Jan 1739
5. Freegift Balcom 1680
Providence, RI
Not married After 1722
6. Joseph Balcom 26 JUL 1682 Providence, RI Phebe Menden (Mendon)
1711 in Mendon, Worcester, Mass
1733 Providence, RI.
7. Hannah Balcom ABT 1692 Providence, RI. Ebenezer Hayward
22 Feb 1714/15 Providence, RI
John Arnold
3 Oct 1742
8. Samuel Balcom  c. 1686 bef.
14 Jul 1712
Douglas, Worcester ,Mass
9. Deborah Balcom 1688
 M. Arnold bef.
7 Jul 1713
Mendon, Mass
10. Lydia Balcom 1696 Swansea, Bristol, Mass. Samuel Hicks
14 APR 1721 Swansea, Mass.

Balcom can also be spelled Bolkcom, Balckom, Balkcom, Balkcon, Bolchum, Bolckcum, Bolckom, Bolckum, Bolcom, Bolkcome, Bolkcon, Bolkcum,  and Bolkom.  A puritanical streak caused them to cut out the superfluities, and Balcombe in England became Balcom in America.

Alexander Balcom was a stone mason like his son.

Alexander Balcom was born in England about 1630. He settled in the colony of Rhode Island in New England when a young man. He was a mason by trade. He resided first in Portsmouth, then in Providence. He was deputy to the Rhode Island general assembly from the town of Providence in 1683. He bought a tract of land, July 14, 1686, twelve miles north of Providence. He died May 4, 1711. His will was proved July 18, 1711; he bequeathed to wife Jane and all his children.

c. 1650 Rhode Island, a mason and farmer

31 Jan. 1664 – Alexander is recorded as an inhabitant of Portsmouth, Rhode Island

14 Jul 1664 – He purchased from Nathan Payne, all his interest in a tract of land called “Wesquodonsett” located about twelve miles north of Providence.

1683 Providence, Rhode Island, USA, He served in the Rhode Island Legislature.

14 July 1686 Alexander purchased a tract of land about 12 miles north of Providence, Wesquodomsett, Rhode Island, from Nathan Payne

26 May 1691 – Alexander was granted fifty acres of land located near the colony line and ten mile hill at Rehoboth (Rehoboth Proprietor’s Records vol. 2, p.199.)

His will was proved 31 May 1711. The inventory of his personal estate was £35 4s 7d.

“To Alexander, oldest son, two shillings in money, which with what I have already given him, is a competent portion. Item – To Katharine Jencks, who is my eldest daughter, thirty shillings in money, which is, with what she has already received from me, a competent portion, and all I think meet to bestow to her. Item – To Sarah Shelding, (Sheldon,) my second daughter, two shillings with what she hath received, &c. Item – To John, who is my second son, – after my own and my wife’s deceace – all my dwelling house, and all my lands with the town of Providence. Item – To Freegift, my third son, two shillings, with what I have already given, &c. Item – I give and bequathe to my five younger children, that is to say, Joseph, Hannah, Sam’l Deborah and Lydia, all the remainder of my estate, consisting of moveable at the time of my deceace, – to be equally divided among them, – to be paid unto them and every of them their portions as soon as they shall arrive at lawful age, by my Executors. And I do nominate and appoint my beloved wife, Jane, and John my second son, to be my Executors to this my last will and testament. And I do hereby desire and impower Joseph Jencks, jun., and James Brown to be overseers to this my last will, &c.

Witness, Alexander BALKCOM
Sarah Torry,
Wm. Monroe,
Josiah Torry”

Genealogical and personal memoirs relating to the families of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts Volume 4 edited by William Richard Cutter 1908

Alexander Balkam immigrant ancestor, settled at Portsmouth and Providence. Rhode Island, and became a leading citizen of his day. He was in Portsmouth as early as 31 Jan 1664, and was probably born as early as 1635. He was a mason by trade. He was deputy to the general assembly in 1683 from Providence. He bought a tract of land twelve miles north of Providence, July 14, 1686, of Nathan Payne. He died May 4, 1711, and his will was proved July 18, 1711. His estate was settled by his widow Jane and son John, executors. His will mentions his children by name. He married Jane, daughter of William and Elizabeth Holbrook. Children: 1. Alexander, mentioned below. 2. Catherine, married Daniel Jenckes, born April 19, 1663, son of Joseph and Elizabeth Jenckes. 3. Sarah, married Timothy Sheldon, son of John; four children. 4. John, married Sarah liartlett, born 1678, died January 30, 1739; resided at Providence and Smithfield, Rhode Island, and kept a tavern; names various relatives in his will. 5. Freegift, was insane at time of Joseph’s death. 6. Joseph, born in Portsmouth, about 1660; removed to Mendon, Massachusetts, later to Douglas; married Phebe . 7. Hannah, married, February 22, 1716, Ebcnezer Hayward; four children. 8. Samuel. 9. Deborah. 10. Lydia, married, April 14. 1701, Daniel Hix, born 1660; died March 21, 1746; five children.


1. Katherine Balcom

Katherine’s first husband Isaac Allen was born about 1642 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass. His parents were John Allen and Christian Bacon.  His grandparents were our ancestors George ALLEN and Katherine [WATTS?].  He first married  30 May 1673 in Rehoboth  to Mary Bowen (b. 18 Jan 1652 in Rehoboth – d. 20 Aug 1678)    Mary’s parents were Obidiah Bown and Mary Clifton.  Isaac and Mary had one son Isaac Jr (b. 1674).   Isaac died 3 Dec 1692 in Swansea, Bristol, Mass.

Will of Isaac Allen of Rehoboth., dated 3 Oct 1692, probate. date not stated; rec 8 May 1695. Wife Katherine. Only son Nehemiah (minor). Daughters. Katharine (eldest), Sarah & Deborah (last 2 minors) . Brother John Allen & Thomas Reed, Overseers. Wit: Jonathan Sprague, John Allen & Bethiah Allen.

Acct of Estate of Isaac Allen of Reho, pres. by Anthony Sprague of Reho. rec 8 May 1695. Order for div. of Est of Isaac Allen datedd 5 Jan 1693 bewn. Anthony Sprague & chldn. of Isaac Allen. Div of lands held in partner. by Isaac Allen dcd & Anthony Sprague of Rehoboth. Comm: John Allen, Thomas Reed, Joseph Buckland, Sr & Daniel Jencks. dated 16 Jul 1694.

Katherine’s second husband Daniel Jenckes was born 19 Apr 1663 in Lynn,Essex,Mass. His parents were Joseph Jenckes and Elizabeth [__?__]  Daniel Jenckes was the town clerk of Attleboro in 1699, and served as selectman from 1697 until 1704.   Daniel died in Mar 1736 in Cumberland, Providence, Rhode Island.

Children of Katherine and Isaac Allen

i. Katharine Allen b: 18 Jan 1683 in Rehoboth, Bristol,Mass.; d. 11 Dec 1703 in Attleborough, Bristol,Mass.

ii. Bethiah Allen b: 3 Jul 1685 in Rehoboth,Bristol,Mass.; d. BEF 9 Feb 1708; m. Joseph Hopkins

iii. Nehemiah Allen b: 9 May 1688 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass. d. Nov 1728 in Attleborough, Bristol,Mass; m. ABT 1709 to Anne Wilmarth

iv. Deborah Allen b: 25 Feb 1690 in Rehoboth, Bristol,Mass. d. 11 Apr 1781 in Rhode Island; m.  BEF 2 Feb 1710/11 to William Hopkins

v. Sarah Allen b: 13 Sep 1692 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.,

Children of Katherine and Daniel Jenckes

vi. Mary Jenckes b: ABT 1692

vii. Elizabeth Jenckes b: 24 Aug 1694

viii. Abigail Jenckes b: 8 Jul 1696

ix. Martha Jenckes b: 5 Aug 1698 Attleboro

x. Susannah Jenckes b: 24 May 1700 Attleboro; d. 18 Mar 1755; m. Zebedee Allen

xi. Daniel Jenckes b: 12 Mar 1701/02 Attleboro

xii. Hannah Jenckes b: 2 Feb 1703/04 Attleboro

xiii. Ruth Jenckes b: 9 Dec 1705 Attleboro

xiv. Joseph Jenckes b: 5 Mar 1709 Attleboro

2. Alexander BALCOM Jr. (See his page)

3. Sarah Balcom

Sarah’s husband Timothy Sheldon was born 29 Mar 1661 in Providence, Providence, RI.  His parents were John Sheldon and Joan Vincent.   Timothy died 31 Mar 1744 in Johnson, Providence, RI.

18 May 1685 – Know yee That I the said John Sheldon …have freely …Giuven …..unto my Eldest son Timothey Sheldon ….. sixty acres of upland with all the benefitts, privetidges & Appertenances thereof.. The said SL’Cty acres ofland tieing in ye said towne of Providence, & about foure miles in distance from the said towne westerly, and on ye southerne part of ye Hill called Sichamachute hill: …

Children of Sarah and Timothy:

i. Martha Sheldon b. 5 MAY 1687 Providence, RI; d. 25 JUL 1787; m. 1703 to Thomas Matthewson

ii. Timothy Sheldon b. 1 MAR 1688/89 Providence, RI; d. 1741; m1. 1712 Providence, RI to Rebecca Carr; m2. between 1719 and 1724 to Ann Chapin

iii. Daniel Sheldon b. 29 JAN 1690/91 Providence, RI.

iv. Mary Sheldon b. 2 AUG 1693 Providence, RI.

4. John Balcom

John’s wife Sarah Bartlett was born 21 Oct 1690 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass. Her parents were John Bartlett and Alice [__?__]. Sarah died 19 Nov 1756.   According to A First Book of the Balcombe Family, page 28. John and Sarah had no children.

John kept a public house (tavern) in Smithfield, on the road from Providence to Woonsocket. It was licensed August 25, 1735. The business was discontinued after his death. The tavern stood on the estate owned in 1901 by Dwight Hammond.

Will of John Balcom, interesting for giving his negro servant £100, more than three times as much as his wife received  and setting him free. Our ancestor Alexander BALCOM must have been his favorite nephew because he inherited much more than his other cousins.

Item — To wife Sarah 30 pounds in money, to be paid to her out of my moveable estate, and the one half part of all the rest of my personal estate, together with one-fourth part of my lands, and the westerly end of the house.

Item–To negro servant man, Toney, 100 pounds and sets him free.

Item–To Brother Joseph Balckom’s three sons, viz. Joseph, Samuel and Elijah, 5 shillings money apiece.

Item–To my cousin (Nephew) Alexander Balkcom one-fifth part of all the rest of my moveable estate.

Item–To my four cousins,viz. Aaron, Noah, Daniel & David Arnold, the other one-fifth part of my personal estate.

Item–To my five cousins, viz. Deborah Corray, Martha and Phebe Comstock, Sarah and Mary Balkcom, the other one-fifth part of my personal estate.

Item–To my four cousins, viz. Sarah, John, Deborah and Daniel Hayward, the other one-fifth part of my personal estate.

Item–To my five cousins, viz. Elihu, Tabitha, Esebell, Mary and Levi Hix, the other one-fifth part of my personal estate.

Item–I order my executor to lease out the other one-half part of my land, with the other end of my house which I have not given to my said wife for and during the term of her natural life, and the rest given in the following manner, viz. one-fifth part to my cousin, Alexander Balkcom, one-fifth to my 4 cousins, Aaron, Noah, Daniel and David Arnold, and the other one-fifth to be divided among my aforesaid cousins, in a manner as aforesaid, viz. To my said brother Joseph Balkcom’s daughters (not his sons), and the before-mentioned children of my two sisters, Hannah and Lydia. And after my wife’s death, my executor shall sell all my lands and buildings, and shall bestow the money unto my before-mentioned cousins, (excepting my said brother Joseph Balkcom’s sons) to be divided as follows, one-fifth part to cousin Alexander, and the other four-fifths to be equally divided between my before-mentioned cousins, except my second brother Joseph’s sons.)


5. Freegift Balcom

According to A First Book of the Balcombe Family, Freegift Balcom died unmarried.

He is recorded as buying land of Henry Brown Jr. on October 27, 1704. He died sometime after 1722

At a meeting of the Providence, Rhode Island town council on October 29, 1718, an act was passed to sell “the estate of Freegift Balkcom, a distracted man.” The property was sold on July 7, 1722 to Sam Aldrich for the use of Freegift, 74 acres of land in the town of Providence.

6. Joseph Balcom

Joseph’s wife Phoebe Menden was born in 1678 in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island. Phoebe died in 1733 in Mendon, Worcester, Mass. Mendon was named after a community in England. I wonder if Pheobe was of Mendon rather than named Menden.

Joseph’s name appears in Mendon in 1717 as a town officer.   Joseph  died at Douglas, Massachusetts, March 5, 1732/33. His children as given below were mentioned in his will. He removed to Mendon in 1717 and settled in the section that became Douglas. The will refers to land in Uxbridge and New Sherborn (Douglas) as the homestead. It provides for the helpless brother Freegift. It mentions common and undivided lands, also a cedar swamp. The homestead was located near Beating pond. All of his sons settled in Douglas. His wife Phebe died in 1732 or later. Their children: Joseph, Jr., called the eldest in his father’s will and given his gun; Samuel,  Elijah, Deborah, Phebe, Sarah, Mary, Martha, born May 21, 1714, married Comstock. Joseph Balcom owned land in New Sherborn and Mendon, and appears as a town officer in Mendon in 1717. His will was made in 1732, and he died in 1733. The inventory of his estate was 689 pounds, 3 shillings.

Children of Joseph and Phebe

i. Deborah Balcom b: 13 Aug 1712 in Mendon, Worcester,Mass; m. 21 Mar 1732 to Benjamin Correy

ii. Martha Balcom b: 21 May 1714 in Mendon; d. 6 May 1794 in Smithfield, Providence, Rhode Island; m. Hezediah Comstock as his second wife on 10 Aug 1730 in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island. Hezediah was 32 years older than Martha.

iii. Phebe Balcom b: 19 Sep 1717 in Mendon; m. Joseph Comstock on 22 Nov 1735 in Glocester, Providence, Rhode Island

iv. Sarah Balcom b: 4 or 5 Apr 1720 in Douglas, Worcester, Mass.; d. 30 Dec 1769 in Douglas, Worcester, Mass; m. Joseph Thayer on 27 Feb 1740 in Uxbridge, Worcester, Mass

v. Joseph Balcom b: 20 Jul 1723 in Mendon, Worcester, Mass; m. Hannah Wheeler on 29 Dec 1748 in Sutton,Worcester,Mass.

vi. Mary Balcom b: 12 Dec 1725 in Uxbridge, Worcester,Mass.; d. 4 Apr 1740

vii. Samuel Balcom b: 10 Mar 1727 in Uxbridge; d. abt. 1783 in Glocester, Providence, Rhode Island; m. Susannah Jepherson on 2 Jan 1745 in Glocester, Providence, Rhode Island

viii. Elijah Balcom b: 26 Jul 1729 in Uxbridge; d. 1769 in Worcester, Mass; m. Ruth Creed on 16 Jun 1752 in Douglas, Worcester, Mass

7. Hannah Balcom

Hannah’s first husband Ebenezer Hayward was born 22 May 1679 in Concord, Middlesex, Mass. His parents were Joseph Hayward and Elizabeth Treadway. Ebenezer died 1735 in Brookfield, Worcester, Mass

Hannah’s second husband John Arnold John Arnold was born 01 Nov 1670. His parents were Richard Arnold and Mary Angell. He married Hannah 31 Oct 1742 – Smithfield, Providence, Rhode Island. John died 27 Oct 1756 – Woonsocket, Providence, Rhode Island.

The will of his brother-in-law, John Balcom, gives the family’s surname as Hayward. As this record is from 1739, I have used this last name despite references in other works to Haywood and Howard.

Children of Hannah and Ebenezer

i. Sarah Hayward b. ABT 1719 Providence Co., RI.

ii. John Hayward b. ABT 1721 Providence Co., RI.

iii. Deborah Hayward b. ABT 1723 Providence Co., RI.

iv. Daniel Hayward b. ABT 1725 Providence Co., RI; m. 1754 Glocester, Providence, RI to Faithful Ellis

9. Deborah Balcom

Deborah’s husband M. Arnold’s origins are unknown.

Children of Deborah and M. Arnold as mentioned in the will of their uncle, John Balcom

i.  Aaron Arnold

ii. Noah Arnold

iii. Daniel Arnold

iv. David Arnold

10. Lydia Balcom

Lydia’s husband Samuel Hicks was born 1696 in Swansea, Bristol, Mass. His parents were Daniel Hicks (Hix) and Sarah Edmonds.

Children of Lydia and Samuel Hix mentioned in Uncle John Balcom’s will

i. Elihu Hix

ii. Daniel Hix b. ABT 1722 Swansea, Bristol, Mass d. Not in Uncle John’s will

iii. Tabitha Hix b. ABT 1724 Swansea, Mass.

iv. Isaac Hix b. ABT 1726 Swansea, Mass d. Not in Uncle John’s will

iii. Esebell Hix

iv. Mary Hix b. ABT 1728 Swansea, Mass. to Benjamin Warner

v. Luther Hix b. ABT 1730 Swansea, Mass. d. Not in Uncle John’s will

v. Levi Hix


  1. [S52] Frank W. Balcomb, Balcombe Family Book , Library of Congress.
  2. [S121] Researcher R. Slay, Compiled Descendants of Alexander Balcom.
  3. [S168] Dr. Hoyt M. Warren, Henry’s Heritage.
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  5. Lindsey says:

    Hello! Just wanted to pass it along that my grandmother, Margery Edna Balcom (Hammond) is a descendant of all those Alexanders (grin). She’s 95, healthy, and living in North Weymouth.

    • Judy Weible (daughter of Inez Irene Balcom Rozell) says:

      Very interesting – I just printed this and will have my mom age 94 (Inez Irene Balcom Rozell see if she can recognize any of it)

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  8. Joan Balkom Potter says:

    Incredible site.Descended through AlexanderAlexander b 1630
    Alexander II b 1660
    Baruch b 1702
    Ichabod b 1740 (Served in Rev War)
    Alexander III b 1774
    Walter Peyton b 1799
    Wm Jefferson b 1823
    Newton Alexander b 1854
    Thomas Jefferson b 1891
    Claude Alton b 1912

  9. ron balkcom says:

    I’m Ronald Balkcom of Cumberland RI. My probable ancestry back to Alex. Sr 1630 is as follows:
    Alexander,JR 1666
    John 1699
    Samuel 1734
    Ebenezer 1789
    Ebenezer 1819
    Herbert E 1852
    George W 1903.
    This is a great site that I just discovered. I have lots of info; will be willing to share for any corrections, ommisions, history, etc.

    • ron balkcom says:

      Just noticed I didn’t check off the box for NOTIFY ME of follow-up comments so am doing so here…..Ron Balkcom

    • markeminer says:

      Hi Ronald,

      I’d love to hear any corrections, ommisions, history you may have about the Balkcom family. As you know, there have been many spellings over history. You can comment on the appropriate page or send me an email at

      Thanks, Mark

      • Joan Potter says:

        That is a great site. Wow. Here is my line: Alexander Balcom, 1630; Alex II 1660; Baruch, 1702; Ichabod, 1740; Alex III 1774; Walter Peyton Balkcom, 1799; Wm Jefferson Balkom, 1823.

        Balkom spellings:
        Balcom, Balcon, Balkom, Balkam Balkcom, Balckom, Balkum, Ballom, Baulcom, Baulcomb, Baulkham, Baulkcoum, Baulkum, Bolcom, Bolcomb, Bolckom, Balkone, Bolcomb, Bolcombe, Bolkon, Bolkone, Palcomb, Phalcomb

    • markeminer says:

      For Ronald in case you don’t see my reply on

      Thank you to Ronald Balkom for forwarding me Robert E Bolkom’s of Lakeland Florida December 1984 article about Elijah Balkcom’s fight for his religious rights. I transcribed, adding pictures, links and commentary. Do you remember learning in elementary school that Antidisestablishmentarianism was the longest word in the English language? I never knew what that word meant. Turns out it was the ideology opposing Elijah in 1781.

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  11. Jack MacDonald says:

    I noticed in your genealogy that you have Bethia Allen, wife of Joseph Hopkins, born at Rehoboth on 3 July 1685. I have looked at several sources containing the Rehoboth birth records, and everyone of them says she was born on 11 December 1685. My primary source is:
    Arnold, James Newell. Vital Records of Rehoboth, 1642-1896 – Marriages, Intentions, Births, Deaths. Providence, RI: Narragansett Historical Publishing Company, 1897.

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