Alexander Balcom Jr.

Alexander BALCOM Jr. (1661 – 1728) was Alex’s 8th Great Grandfather, one of 512 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Alexander Balcom was born before 1661 in Providence, Rhode Island. His parents were Alexander BALCOM Sr. and [__?__].  He married Sarah WOODCOCK about 1690 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA.  He settled in Attleborough before 1692.   Alexander died 31 Jan 1727/28 in Attleboro, Mass.

Alexander Balcom was a stone mason like his father.

Sarah Woodcock was born 2 Aug 1667 in Hingham, Plymouth, MA.  Her parents were William WOODCOCK and Mary [__?__]. Sarah died in 29 Nov 1726 in Attleboro, Mass.

Children of Alexander and Sarah all born in Attleboro, Mass:

Name Born Married Departed
1. William Balcom 3 Sep 1692 Mary Tyler
3 Oct 1713
30 Mar 1774
2. Catherine Balcom 7 Feb 1694 Andrew Starkey
2 Feb 1717
3. Alexander Balcom 4 Apr 1696 Martha Obinton (Robinson or Rockinton ),
14 May 1725
3 Mar 1759
4. John Balcom 29 Apr 1699 Mary Grover
29 Mar 1719
Norton, Mass
Sarah Grover
29 Mar 1733
Mansfield, CT
Martha Ockington?
9 Feb 1782
Mansfield, CT
5. Baruch (Baruck) Balcom 12 Jun 1702 Patience Blake
16 Dec 1738
Attleboro, Mass
Sep 1758
Bath, Beaufort County, NC
6. Sarah Balcom 8 Feb 1703/04 Richard Atwell
30 Sep 1727
Providence, RI
1 Nov 1739
7. Joseph BALCOM 23 Feb 1705/06 Attleboro, Mass Mary PARMINTER (Parmenter)
21 Mar 1734 Attleboro
17 Dec 1787 Attleboro, Mass.

Balcom can also be spelled Bolkcom, Balckom, Balkcom, Balkcon, Bolchum, Bolckcum, Bolckom, Bolckum, Bolcom, Bolkcome, Bolkcon, Bolkcum,  and Bolkom

Alexander was a stonemason by trade.

He took the oath of allegiance to the English crown in 1682.   He bought of his father-in-law twenty acres of land 29 May 1701. and another parcel of twenty acres 17 Feb 1707/08, of his mother-in-law, Mary Woodcock, and other heirs of William Woodcock.

Bolkcom, Alexander, 1st. who came to Attleborough previous to 1692, from whom all in town’ are descended. He came from Providence and was a mason by trade. He married Sarah Woodcock, daughter of John Woodcock. Sr., and had seven children: William, born September 3, 1692; Katherine, bom February 7, 1694; Alexander, born April 4, 1696; John, born April 29, 1699; Baruck, born June 12,1702; Sarah, born February 8, 1703-/04; Joseph, born February 23, 1705/06.

He died January 31, 1727/28. His son William married Mary Tyler. October 3, 1713; Alexander married Martha Rockinton, of Needham, May 14, 1725 —intentions entered April 8. 1725; Baruck married Patience Blake; John married Mary Grover, by whom he had five children, and afterwards’Sarah Grover. by whom he had eight children; Joseph married Mary Parminter, March 21, 1733/34.

Migration – before 1692 Attleborough, Massachusetts, USA
Land – 1701 Attleborough, Mass, Purchased from William Woodcock, his father-in-law.
Land – 1708 Attleborough, Mass, Purchased 20 acres from, among others, Sarah Woodcock, his mother-in-law.
Death – 31 Jan 1727 Large inventory in his will, included money, livestock, “silver sleeve buttons”. Wife Sarah was named as Administrator.


1. William Balcom

William’s wife Mary Tyler was born 21 Feb 1688/89 Mendon, Worcester, Mass. Her parents were Samuel Tyler and Hannah [__?__]. Mary died 2 Feb 1772 in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass.Children of William and Mary:

i. Mary Balcom b. 11 Aug 1718 Attleborough, Mass.; m. 30 Mar 1732 Attleborough, Mass. to John Fisher

ii. Sarah Balcom b. 11 Aug 1718 Attleborough, Mass.; d. 9 Oct 1718

iii. William Balcom b. 4 May 1726 Attleborough, Mass.; d. 9 Jun 1726 Attleborough, Mass.

2. Catherine Balcom

Catherine’s husband Andrew Starkey was born 1677 in Boston, Suffolk, Mass. His parents were John Thomas Starkey and Sarah [__?__].  He came to Attleboro about 1708.  He first married Mehitable Waite, by whom he had two children: “Meheteble”, born May, 1709; John, born July, 1712.  Andrew  died 16 Aug 1740 in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass

Children of Catherine and Andrew:

i. Jemima Starkey b. Apr. 11, 1722. Attleboro

ii. Andrew Starkey b. 13 Mar 172-. Attleboro; m.  Sibil Fisher of Norton, May 4, 1749.

iii. Thomas Starkey b. 22 May  1733, Attleboro; m. either Thomas, and Easther Pratt, both of A., int. June 29, 1754. or Tho[ma]s [Sterkey. int.], and Rebekah Capron [both of A. int.], —-, 17-. [Aug. 30, 1755. int.]

3. Alexander Balcom

Alexander’s wife Martha Obinton was born 14 Apr 1696 in Needham, Norfolk, Mass. Martha died 31 Jul 1781 in Needham.

Alexander died of a gall stone, according to Genealogy of the Balcom Family, page 6.  His wife, Martha Obinton was born about 1696 in Needham, Norfolk, Mass. Martha died 31 Jul 1781 in Needham, Norfolk, Mass.

Children of Alexander and Martha:

i. Martha Balcom b. 11 Sep 1726 in Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts; m. 28 Dec 1752 to Ephraim Dean

ii. Alexander Balcom b. 25 Jul 1729 in Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts; m. 17 Jan 1750 in Norton, Bristol, Mass. to Hannah Shepardson. His will, dated Sep 22, 1808 and probated Apr 4 1809, mentions wife Hannah, daughter Hannah [wife of Samuel Tiffany, of Attleboro.  Samuel’s parents were Samuel Tiffany and Mary Richardson and his maternal grandparents were our ancestors Francis RICHARDSON and Sarah HOUGHTON  Samuel’s brother Daniel married Hannah’s cousin once removed Bersheba (See below).], heirs of son David Balcom, Deceased, son Elijah, daughters Lucinda Halsey and Sarah Blake.

iii. William Balcom b.  3 Nov 1734 in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass.; m. 2 Jan 1758 in Wrentham,Norfolk,Mass to Chickering Shepard

iv. Hannah Balcom b. 28 Feb 1737 in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass.; m. 30 Jul 1755  to Solomon Bates

4. John Balcom

John’s first wife Mary Grover was born in Norton, Bristol, Mass. Her parents were Ephraim Grover and Mary Pratt. She married John in 1720 in Norton. . Mary died 4 Jan 1733 in Norton, Bristol, Mass .

John’s second wife Sarah Grover was born 28 Nov 1709 in Norton, Bristol, Mass. Her parents were Andrew Grover and Mary [__?__]. Sarah died 19 Nov 1756 in Smithfield, Providence, Rhode Island.

John’s third wife Martha Ockington was born 28 Nov 1709 in Norton, Mass. Martha died 31 Jul 1781 in Smithfield, Rhode Island.

Children of John and Mary:

i. Mary Balcom b. 14 Dec 1722. m. John Fisher on 23 May 1751.

ii. John Balcom b.  24 Jul 1724; m. Mary Jewett on 8 Nov 1750.

iii. Abigail Balcom b.  23 Jun 1726; m. Ebenezer Short on 18 May 1749.

iv. Jacob Joseph Balcom b. 29 Sep 1728 in Attleborough, Mass;d. 1782 aged 54. Probably died before his father; m. 10 Jan 1760 to Mary King

v. Sarah Balcom b.  14 Feb 1730 in Attleborough, Mass; d.   19 Nov 1766 aged 36. m. Simeon Babbitt on 13 Dec. Simeon was born in Oct 1721. Simeon’s parents were Seth Babbitt and Sarah Crossman

Children of John and Sarah

vi. Samuel Balcom b. 31 Aug 1734; d. 20 Jan 1810 in Attleboro; m. 23 Dec 1769 in Attleboro to Sarah Richardson (b. 7 Oct 1742 Attleboro, Bristol, Mass –  d. 16 Nov 1815 Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire)  Sarah’s parents were Jonas Richardson and Mary Cutting.  Her grandparents were Francis RICHARDSON and Sarah HOUGHTON.  Sarah’s cousin Daniel Tiffany married Samuel’s sister Bersheba and her cousin Samuel Tiffany married Samuel”s cousin once removed Hannah. (See above) Sarah and Samuel had seven children born between 1769 and 1790.

Samuel Balkam Bio

Samuel Balkam Bio – Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts …, Volume 4
edited by William Richard Cutter 1908

General John Balkam Bio

General John Balkam Bio

vii. Bersheba Balcom b. 18 Feb 1735; d.  12 Dec 1815 in Attleborough, Bristol, Mass.; m1. 13 Feb 1762  to Daniel Tiffany  Daniel’s parents were Samuel Tiffany and Mary Richardson and his maternal grandparents were our ancestors Francis RICHARDSON and Sarah HOUGHTON Daniel’s brother Samuel married Bersheba’s cousin once removed Hannah (See above); m2. Benjamin Lindsay

viii. Hester Balcom b: 16 Aug 1737 in Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts; d. 1738

ix. Daniel Balcom b. 4 Mar 1739; d. 20 May 1788;  m. 5 Nov 1763 to Rebecca Cobb.  His son Daniel Jr. married Lydia French, daughter of Thomas FRENCH Jr.   Daniel was a solider in Captain Richardson’s Company of the Fourth Regiment at Roxbury in 1775

Balckom, Daniel, Attleborough.Private, Capt. Moses Knap’s co., Col. Joseph Reed’s regt.; muster roll dated Aug. 1, 1775; enlisted May 8, 1775; service, 3 mos. 1 day.

Balcom, Daniel, Attleborough.Private, Capt. Thomas Hunt’s (8th) co., Col. Henry Jackson’s regt.; Continental Army pay accounts for service from June 28, 1777, to May 15, 1779; reported deserted May 15, 1779; also, Capt. James Jones’s co., Gen. Jackson’s regt.; pay roll for Feb., 1778, dated Guelph, Pa.; also, pay rolls for June, July and Aug., 1778, dated Providence; also, pay roll for Sept., 1778, dated Pawtuxet; also, pay roll for Nov., 1778; also, pay rolls for Feb.-April, 1779, dated Pawtuxet; reported on command at Newtown in April; enlistment, 3 years.

x. Zilpha Balcom b: 21 Feb 1741 in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass; d. 10 Dec 1825 ; m. 6 Aug 1763 Attleboro  to Ichabod Snow

xi. Annie Balcom b: 16 Sep 1743 in Attleboro, Bristol Mass.;  m. 30 Jan 1772 to John Witherell

xii. Hannah Balcom b: 1 Jun 1746 in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass.; m. 1 Jun 1771 to John Norton

xiii. Lucy Balcom b: 1 May 1748 in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass.; m. in Grafton, Worcester, Mass. to Benjamin Grover

5. Baruch Balcom

Baruch’s wife Patience Blake was born 1705 in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass. Her parents were Jonathan Blake and Elizabeth Candage. She married Baruch 16 Dec 1738 in Attleborough, MA. Patience died in Beaufort, North Carolina.

Listed as Baruck Balkum on both the census and the tax roll in 1755, Beaufort County, North Carolina.

i. Ichabod Balcom b. 26 Jan 1739 in Attleboro, Bristol, Mass; d.  2 Jun 1789 in Edgecombe Co., NC aged 50; m. Bef. 1768 in Beaufort, North Carolina, to Sarah Boyd

Ichabod enlisted in the 3rd South Carolina Regiment of Continentals, commanded by Col. William Thomson on Feb 9, 1779 as a private. Company pay rolls indicate that he served until Nov 1, 1779 in this regiment.

ii. Patience Balcom (Twin) b. 2 Apr 1741.

iii. Prudence Balcom (Twin) b. 2 Apr 1741

6. Sarah Balcom

Sarah’s husband Richard Atwell was born about 1704. His parents were Richard Atwell and Lydia Felt.  After Sarah died, Richard married age 37 on 9 Apr 1741 in Providence, Rhode Island to Mary Lawrence.  He married third to Age: 52 on 30 Dec 1756 to Sarah Nichols.  Richard died 26 Jan 1767 Attleborough, Mass.

Children of Sarah and Richard:

i. Sarah Atwell b. 11 Jun 1728 Attleboro, Bristol, Mass.; d. 1747 Attleboro;. m. 23 Dec 1742 Cumberland, RI. to Josiah Cook.

ii. Amos Atwell b. 20 Oct 1730 Attleborough, Mass.; d. 10 Aug 1807 Providence, RI.; 14 Nov 1754 Providence, RI. to Elizabeth Searle.

iii. Mary Atwell b. 1 Jan 1732/33 Attleborough, Mass.

iv. Ann Atwell b. 8 Oct 1735 Attleborough, Mass.

v. Richard Atwell b. 18 Jan 1737/38 Attleborough, Mass.

vi. William Atwell b. Abt.  1737 Attleborough, Mass.; d. 1775; 17 JUN 1762 to Mary Fuller

vii. Ichabod Atwell b. 16 Nov 1739 Attleborough, Mass.; m. Mary Lawrence

7. Joseph BALCOM (See his page)


Alexander Balcom – Bio

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  8. wagnerowicz says:

    Hi , thanks for this, it’s awesome. I believe, if I’m correct, that I’m Alex and Sarah Woodcock’s 8th great granddaughter: Alex, Alex, Alex, David, Peddy/Pedda who married David Bryant, Sylvanus Jefferson Bryant, Violet Evaline Bryant m. George Lilienfeld, my grandmother, my mom and then me.

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  11. James E Baucom says:

    I am Jim Baucom 87, a retired aerospace electrical engineer in CO, My research started in 1969 and easily was traced to John Baucom d abt 1799 NC and wife Rachel Barker of Wake Co. Banks McLaren wrote a book in mid 1970s on Baucoms in the US, we exchanged info on our lines. Banks made an assumption that Nicholas Baucom who came to Johnston Co NC by 1742 was the father of my John. I questioned that assumption because a lady in Arkansas sent me information about a Union CO NC newspaper that stated that my John was the son of James and Frances Drake Baucom, b ENG who came to NC and no descendant of John and Rachel named a child Nicholas,

    After going through everything I could find on line and doing a Baucom Y DNA project there are at least three different Baucom lines of various spellings in NC by 1750: 1. My John’s parents James Baucom and Frances Drake; Nicholas Baucom and wife Sarah Lee who some believe came to NC from MD; and Barauch (sp) Balkcom who came from MA to NC.

    Nicholas d 1762 in Johnston Co NC; his will named his children NC, 1790 NC census has Alexander Baukum Johnston Co NC( NOT a Son of Nicholas) and John Baucom and his children including my ancestor Cader and a Sarah Balcom in Edgecombe CO. 1800 NC census has John Balkcom in Duplin Co , Thomas Balkam Stokes Co

    Do you know of any male Balkcom related to Barauch who has been Y DNA tested?

    Comments and questions welcomed,


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