Capt. John Fitch

John FITCH (1615 – 1698) was Alex’s 10th Great Grandfather, one of 2,048  in this generation of the Shaw line.

Capt. John Fitch was born 16 Jul 1615 in Bocking, Essex, England.  His parents were Thomas FITCH and Anna REEVE.  John’s brother, Rev. James FITCH is also our ancestor. John married his first wife Ann Hillier in England. He married Mary SUTTON in Massachusetts around 1645.   One theory is that John died 10 Mar 1676 in Rehoboth.  Another is that he died in the Plague in Braintree.  Alternatively, John made his will June 30, 1693 and died 21 Jan 1697/98 in Rehoboth.

John Fitch - Coat of Arms

Mary Sutton was born about 1626 in Attleborough, Norfolk, England.  Her parents were John SUTTON and Julian LITTLE.  Mary died 4 Nov 1703 in Rehoboth, Mass.

Children of  John and Mary

Name Born Married Departed
1. Mary Fitch ca. 1650 Rehoboth, Mass. Thomas Ormsby (son of our ancestor Richard ORMSBY)
11 MAY 1667 Rehoboth, Mass.
Aft. 1716 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.
2. Sarah Fitch ca. 1658 Rehoboth, Mass. Noah Mason
6 DEC 1677 Rehoboth
16 MAR 1718/19
3. Rebecca Fitch 4 Jun 1656 or
20 Sep1662
Capt. Moses Read
6 Dec 1677 Rehoboth, Mass
28 JAN 1723/24 Rehoboth
4. Hannah FITCH ca.  1662 in Plymouth, Plymouth Colony Joseph BROWN Sr.
10 Nov 1680
Attleborough, Mass.
14 Oct 1739 in Attleborough, Mass.
5. Jeremiah Fitch 1666
Plymouth, Plymouth Colony
15 Oct 1676 Rehoboth

“Fitch” derives from the Old French “fiche” meaning “an iron point”, which itself comes from “ficher” “to fix” or “to plant”; hence, fitch is “an iron pointed implement”

John’s father Thomas Fitch was a cloth manufacturer in Bocking, Essex, England. (Some say John’s parents were Zacharie and Mary Fitch of St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England.

John Fitch was a clothier in Braintree.  He was also a Captain in the Civil War against the King.  It is believed he died in the Plague in Braintree.

Captain Fitch may have received his rank as a soldier in the English Civil Wars [1642-1646 and 1648] or in the colonial militia. One of his brothers was also a Captain and another was a minister.


1. Mary Fitch

Mary’s husband Thomas Ormsby was born 11 Nov 1645 in Salisbury, Mass.  His parents were our ancestors Richard ORMSBY and Sarah UPHAM.  Thomas Ormsby was on a list of those eligible for a lot in the North Purchase, as were his two brothers, John and Jacob. In 1689 his name was one of those listed on a quit claim deed, which was given to the citizens of Rehoboth by William Bradford. His will was dated March 23, 1715 and probated in Bristol County on December 10, 1716.   His will mentions his wife, Mary, and 9 children.

Children of Thomas Ormsby and Mary Fitch are:

i. Thomas Ormsby, b. 23 Feb  1667/68; m1. 14 Nov 1698 to Rebecca Whitaker (Rebeckah Whittaker), Rehoboth, MA
m2. 26 Apr  1722, Mary Whitaker, Rehoboth, MA; d. Sept 14/17, 1724.  Mary Whittaker married first Francis Mason, 10  May 1701, Rehoboth, Birstol, MA

ii. Mary Ormsby, b. 30 Mar  1670 Taunton; m. 27 Jun 1705 to  William Salisbury, Jr.; William first married Ann (Hannah) Cole, 30 Jul 1684, Swansea, Bristol, Mass,

iii. Rebecca Ormsby, b. 26 May 1672; d. Nov 1707; m. 30 May 1706 to William Hammond, Swansea, MA.  William Hammond, housewright and yoeman, was born about 1675, probably at Swansea, and he died at Rehoboth in Jan 1729/30. He married, first at Swansea, 10 Jan1695, Elizabeth Cole, who died at Rehoboth in November 1705, probable daughter of John  Cole Sr. and Elizabeth Ryder. He married, second, at Swansea,30 May 1706 (int at Rehoboth, 25 April 1706), Rebecka Olmsbery, who was born at Taunton 26 May 1672, and died at Rehoboth in November 1707, daughter of Thomas Sr. and Mary (Fitch) Ormsbee. He married, third at Rehoboth, 16 August 1711 (int 17 December 1709), Martha Red(a)way, who was born there 26 July 1687, daughter of John Redaway and Mary Ide (Fuller). Martha married, second, at Rehoboth 20 Jan 1743/43, Jonathan Ormsbee Sr., who was born there 20 Aug 1678, son of John and Grace (Martin) Ormsbee and widower of Mercy (Fitch) Ormsbee, his wife of nearly 40 years, who had died the previous year.

iv. Jeremiah Ormsby, b. 25 Nov  1672 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass; d. Mar 1754; m1. 3 Nov 1705 to Mahitable Willmarth;  Her parents were Thomas Willmarth  and Mary Robinson and her grandparents were our ancestors Sgt. Thomas WILMARTH and Elizabeth BLISS.  m2. about 1740 to Persis (Perces) [__?__]. Jeremiah must have died prior to 1757, for in Attleboro, Mass. vital records is recorded; married Persis (Perces) Ormsbee, widow, to Daniel Chaffee, Oct. 15, 1757.

v. Judith Ormsby, b. 08 Jan  1672/73; d. 27 Aug 1715 Rehoboth, Mass.; m. 14 Oct 1714 to, John Garnzey, Rehoboth, MA .

Judith was John’s second wife, from his first he had 12 children. His child with Judith, Beriah, was his 13th. After Judith died he married a third time.  His first wife was Elizabeth Titus and his third was Sarah Miller Millard. In most references the name is spelled Garnsey

vi. Hannah Ormsbee, b. 23 Sep 1678; d. 1724; m. Feb. 23, 1713, John Thompson, Rehoboth, Bristol, MA

vii. Jacob Ormsbee, b. 13 Sep  1680; m. 24 Jan 1705/06, (Dec. 22, 1705) to Hopestill Eddy, Swansea, MA

viii. Bethia Ormsbee, b. 15 Apr 1682; d. aft. 1732; m. 115 Apr 1701 to Thomas Shaw, Rehoboth, MA

ix. Ester Ormsbee, b. 02 May , 1684; d. Bef. 12 Jan 1726; m. 30 Jul 1713 in Rehoboth, MA. to Preserved Redaway (1683 – 1724/25)

Ester (Ormsbee) Redaway probably died before Jan 12, 1726, when her brother-in-law, James Redaway, was appointed guardian of her two children.

Preserved’s sister Martha married William Hammond (his third wife) on August 16, 1711. This William Hammond’s second wife was Rebecca Ormsbee, Ester’s sister. Martha Redaway married, second, at Rehoboth 20 Jan 1743/43, Jonathan Ormsbee Sr., who was born there 20 Aug 1678, son of John and Grace (Martin) Ormsbee and widower of Mercy (Fitch) Ormsbee.

x. Ezra Ormsbee, b. 15 Aug  1686; d. 18 Jan 1763 Barrington, RI; m. 5 Dec 1713 Swansea, MA to Mary Salisbury.

Ezra was Shipwright and Captain; resided Rehoboth, Mass; Barrington in 1730; Warren, R.I. 1752; and died 18 Jan. 1763; estate administered by widow Mary, 7 Mar. 1763.” The value of his estate was  1616 pounds, 2 shillings, 2 pence

History of Rehoboth, Mass. by Tilton (1918)
“In a list of Capt. Hunt’s Co. of Rehoboth militia, dated Nov. 24, 1710 is Ezra Ormsbee along with his brothers, Jacob; Jeremiah; Thomas; and his brother-in-law Preserved Redway.

xi. Daniel Ormsbee, buried 8 May 1689

xii. Daniel Ormsbee b. 02 Mar, 1689/90; d. 1766  Swansea, Bristol, MA; m. 11 Apr 1718 Swansea, MA  to  Ruth Ripply,

2. Sarah Fitch

Sarah’s husband Noah Mason was born 26 OCT 1651 in Dorchester, Suffolk Co., Mass. His parents were Sampson Mason and Mary Butterworth.  Noah’s first wife was Martha [__?__].  Noah served under Major Bradford in expedition against the Narragansetts – King Phillips’s War.  Noah died 6 FEB 1675 Rehoboth. d 2 MAR 1700 in Rehoboth, Bristol. Mass.

Children of Sarah and Noah

i. Noah Mason b. 17 DEC 1678 Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.; m.16 OCT 1708 to Mary Sweeting; d.29 AUG 1744 Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass.

ii. John Mason b. 28 NOV 1680 Rehoboth; d. 27 AUG 1716 Rehoboth

iii. Mary Mason b. 12 DEC 1682 Rehoboth; m1. 26 NOV 1723 Rehoboth to John House; m2. 17 OCT 1728 Providence, RI to  John Dexter; d.4 FEB 1754 Providence, Providence, RI

iv. Daniel Mason b. 8 JUL 1685 Rehoboth; m. AFT 13 JAN 1728 at: Rehoboth to Susannah Cooper; d. 1750

v. Timothy Mason b. 17 MAR 1687 Rehoboth m. 11 NOV 1721 to Sybil Hunt; d. 9 DEC 1742 Rehoboth

vi. Sarah Mason b.1 FEB 1688 Swansea, Bristol Co., Mass; m. 27 DEC 1711 Daniel Brown; d. 9 JUN 1746 Providence, RI

vii. Hannah Mason b. 2 DEC 1690 Rehoboth; d. 14 JAN 1716

viii. Martha Mason b. 16 JUN 1693 Rehoboth; m. 29 SEP 1715 Rehoboth to George Barstow; d. 22 NOV 1747 Rehoboth

3. Rebecca Fitch

Rebecca’s husband Capt. Moses Read was born in October 1650 at Rehoboth, Massachusetts. His parents were John Read of Dorchester and Sarah Lessie. Moses died in 1716 in Rehoboth.

Children of Rebecca and Moses

i. Moses Read (1677 –

ii. Zachariah Read (1677 –

iii. Rebeckah Read b. 14 Sep 1683 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass. d.  19 April 1728 in Rehoboth, m. 23 Mar 1708 in Rehoboth to Samuel Mason (1683 – 1772)

iv. Ezekiel Read b. 23 Jan 1685 in Rehoboth;  d.  9 Mar 1764 in Rehoboth; m. 1713 to Mary Ide

v. Mary Read 24 Dec 1688 in Rehoboth; d. 5 Sep 1712 in Rehoboth.

4. Hannah FITCH (See Joseph BROWN Sr. page)


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