Robert Bullard

Robert BULLARD (1599 – 1639) was Alex’s 11th Grandfather; one of 4,096 in this generation of the Shaw line.

Robert Bullard - Coat of Arms

Robert Bullard was born about 1598/99 at Barnham, Suffolk, England.  His parents were William BALLARD (Buller) and Grace BIGNETTE. He  married Anne MARTYN about  1624/25 at Barnham, Suffolk, England.  Robert died 24 Apr 1639 at Watertown, Mass. His death was accidental, the result of “the overthrow of a cart,” according to the early records of Medfield.

Anne Martyn was born in 1600 in Barnham, Suffolk, England.  Her parents were John MARTYN and Agnes [__?__].  After Robert died she married Henry Thorpe before 25 Nov 1639. Anne died before 15 Oct 1660 in Watertown, Mass.

Henry Thorpe was born 1600 in Barnham, Suffolk, England. His parents were John Thorpe and Alice Chandler.  Henry died 21 May 1672 in Watertown, Middlesex, Mass.

One source say William Thorpe, born at England, 1615, died at New Haven, New Haven, 1679 was the son of Henry Thorpe and Anne Martyn. That would mean this Ann was a different woman from the one who married Robert Bullard.

Children of Robert and Anne:

Name Born Married Departed
1. William Bullard 1625/26 Barnham, Suffolk, England 17 Oct 1626 Barnham, Suffolk, England
2. Anne BULLARD c. 1627
Barnham, England.
Richard DANA
1648 Cambridge, Mass.
15 Jul 1711, Cambridge, Mass.
3. Maudlin Bullard c. 1629 Barnham, England. John Pearson
Reading, Middlesex, Mass
12 Dec 1690 Reading, Mass
4. Benjamin Bullard 1630
Sherborn, Middlesex, Mass
Sarah [__?__]
Martha Pidge (Fairbanks) Adopted from the Michael METCALF combined family of nineteen)
Elizabeth Thorpe
1 May 1677 Billerica, Mass
27 Sep 1689 Sherborn, Mass

Child of Ann and Henry Thorpe

Name Born Married Departed
5. James Thorpe c. 1636/7
Watertown, Mass.
Hannah Newcomb
8 Jan 1657 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass
18 Sep 1691
Dedham, Norfolk, Mass.

Robert settled in Watertown before 1639, the year of his death.

Two of Robert’s brothers and one of Anne’s sister also emigrated.

Vol. 2, Worcester society of Antiquity wrote out, The Pioneers of Massachusetts:
nah b. 1 (12) 1645, Michael b. 21 (1) 1648. Robert, Watertown, before 1639. “Robert Bullard, the husband of Anne Bullard, bur. 29 (4) 1639, 40 years old.” The widow m. 2, Henry Thorp; she had grant of land in 1644. Ch. Benjamin, (m. in Ded-ham 5 (2) 1659, Martha, dau. of Thomas


2. Anne BULLARD (See Richard DANA‘s page)

3. Maudlin Bullard

Maudlin’s husband John Pearson was born 1615 in Yorkshire England. His parents were John Personne and [__?__]. John died 17 Apr 1679 in Redding, Fairfield, CT

4. Benjamin Bullard

Benjamin’s first wife Sarah [__?__]

Benjamin’s second wife Martha Pidge was born 12 Jan 1642 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Mass. Her parents were Thomas Pidge and Mary Sothy. (Fairbanks)  Martha died 4 Jan 1676 in Sherborn, Middlesex, Mass.

Martha’s mother Mary Sothy Pigge (Pidge) was born about 1599 in Saffron Walden, Essex, England. She was the widow of Thomas Pigge of Roxbury, Mass. Thomas died of Dec 30, 1643 in Roxbury of dropsy, a godly Christian man. He had a fall & a bruise on his back, which hurt his kidneys & not carefully cured they utterly wasted away & many other of his entrails. Mary Pigge the wife of Thomas Pigge was admitted to Roxbury church as member #85.” She married as his second wife [our ancestor thru his 1st wife] Michael METCALF on 13 Aug 1645 in Dedham, Mass. Because the combined Metcalf/Pidge family now had 19 children, Martha was adopted by Jonathan FAIRBANKS. Jonathan’s daugther Mary had married Michael Metcalf’s son Michael METCALF Jr. a couple of years earlier.

Benjamin’s third wife Elizabeth Ellis was born 23 May 1651 in Dedham, Norfolk, Mass. Many sources say that her maiden name was Thorpe and her parents were Henry Thorpe and Ann [__?__], but that would mean she was Benjamin’s half sister and her mother was 51 years old when she was born.  Elizabeth died 1 Dec 1719 in Sherborn, Middlesex, Mass.

Upon the premature death of his father, Robert Bullard of Watertown, his mother, Anne Martyn Bullard (who soon remarried and lived out her life in Watertown) sent Benjamin to Dedham to be brought up by Robert’s brother John Bullard and his wife Madgalen Martyn Bullard (Benjamin’s mother’s sister). Except for its greater genetic closeness, Benjamin thus entered a foster relationship similar to that of Martha in the Fairbanks’ household.

5. James Thorpe

James’ wife Hannah Newcomb was born 15 Oct 1637 in Braintree, Norfolk Co., Mass. Her parents were Francis Newcomb and Rachel Brackett. Hannah died 6 Dec 1710 in Dedham, Norfolk Co., Mass.

Peter, the son of James and Hana Thorp was borne 30: 11 mo: 62 [which then
translates to 30 Jan 1763, at least I hope I have done this conversion


Plummer, John. The Martyn Wives of Robert and John Bullard. New England Historical and Genealogical Register. (1992), 146:280.  ‘Anne, b. say 1604; d. before 15 Oct. 1660 (Edgar J. Bullard, Other Bullards [Port Austin, Mich., 1928], 7); m. probably ca. 1625, Robert Bullard, b. probably in Barnham ca. 1600; d. at Watertown, Mass., 24 April 1639, aged 40, son of William and Grace (Bignette) Ballard (Bullard and Allied Families, 12-13). Anne (Martyn) Bullard married (2) before November 1639 Henry Thorpe.

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  8. Peggy Virnig Mnich says:

    I have Maudlin Bullard in my tree. I have to respectfully disagree in regard to her marriage date. She married John Pearson in about 1642, and their first child, a girl, Mary Pearson (wife of Thomas Burnap), was born on May 21, 1643. There are various reports stating that Maudlin was born in 1619, 1625, 1627, or 1629. I can rule 1619 out because Maudlin’s parents, Robert and Anne, didn’t marry until about 1624 (that is what I have in my tree). I am crossing 1629 off because she would have been 13 when she married John in 1642. I don’t think so 🙂 It’s either 1625 or 1627; however, you stated that the first child of Robert and Anne was born in 1625 and died in 1626. Therefore, I am removing 1625. That leaves 1627. That means Maudlin would have been 15 years old when she married John. Although it is possible, it just doesn’t sit right with me, in my opinion.

    Please do let me know of your thoughts.

  9. Peggy Virnig Mnich says:

    Ah, I overlooked Anne Bullard who was born in 1627. I guess that is out, too. So when was Maudlin actually born?

  10. Peggy Virnig Mnich says:

    Anne (Martyn) Bullard married Henry Thorpe after Robert Bullard died in April/June 1639. Yet James Thorpe was born in 1636/7? Would this James be Robert Bullard’s son, not Henry’s?

  11. Prettypaws says:

    I come from Robert. I have the tree started by my grandfather, George Bullard, b. 8/1/1878. He married Ruth Belle Wood on 12/29/1915. They had three children: Warren Wood Bullard (don’t know the date), Lois Loraine Bullard b. 4/18/1919 and Robert David Bullard. I don’t have a DOB for him. I come from Lois. She married Edgar William Finley Jr (DOB 6/9/1924) on 8/19/1948. They had three children. Sandra Kay 6/8/1949, Barbara Jean (me) 12/10/50 and Charles Warren DOB 3/15/53.
    I married Jackie Lane Dover on 3/21/70 and had one daughter, Becky Lynn on 9/25/70.
    Becky married Scott Davis on 04/04/040. They have no children. I divorced Jack in 1972 and married Bradley Alan Dutcher (DOB 2/10/61) in 1983. We have no children.
    Sandy married Ronald Grider on 12/7/68. They had no children. He died years ago. She never remarried.
    Chuck married Diane Tate around 1980. They had no children. They divorced and he married Sharon. I don’t remember her last name. She had a daughter by her first marriage but that
    daughter died around 2005. Chuck and Sharon had one son, Sean, around 1981. I don’t really know much about him. Chuck and I are not close.

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