William Reade

William READE (1601 – 1656)  was Alex’s 11th Great Grandfather, one of 4,096 in this generation of the Shaw line.

William Reade – Coat of Arms

William Reade was born on 18 Apr 1601  in Brocket Hall, a country house in Hertfordshire,  England, the first of which was built in 1239.   (A fortnight before she became Queen in 1558, Elizabeth I was staying at Broket Hall, as shown by a letter signed by herself.) The present hall dates from the mid 18th century.

Brocket Hall, not the 16th C version, but you get the idea

His parents were Sir Thomas READE IV  and Mary CORNWALL. He married Mabel KENDALL in 1625 in Brocket Hall.  In July, 1635, he, his wife Mabel, 30; and children George, 6; Ralph, 5; and Justus (later Abigail), 18 months set sail for America on the ship, ‘Defence‘. They arrived on 6 Oct 1635 and settled in Dorchester, Mass.  William returned to England and was buried on 31 Oct 1656 in Newcastle, Northumberland, England.

The Defence left London, England late July 1635 with her master, Edward Bostocke, arriving in Massachusetts Bay October 8th. The Reades were included on the roll from her departure point.  If his age on the manifest is correct, William would have been born in 1587 and was 18 years older than Mabell.  Could she have been his second wife?  Since I can’t find any supporting evidence, I’ll choose to ignore the manifest date.

Read William 48, #78
Read Mabell 30, #79
Read George 6, #80
Read Ralph 5, #81
Read Justice 18mos, #82

Mabel Kendall was born around 1606 in Cambridge, Middlesex, England.   Her parents were John KENDALL and Elizabeth SACHERELL.  After William died in England without having appointed executors in his will. Letters of administration were granted by Oliver Cromwell, the Portector, 31 Oct. 1656, to his widow, Mabel, who speedily returned with her four youngest children to New England.  Mabel married Henry Summers, in Woburn, 21 Nov. 1660; and, outliving him, died at the house in Woburn of her son George, 5 Jun 1690, aged 85 years.

Children of William and Mabel:

Name Born Married Departed
1. George Reed ca. 1627
Hertfordshire, England
Elizabeth Jennison
4 Oct 1652
Hannah Rockwell
9 Nov 1665
Charlestown, Mass
21 Feb 1706
Woburn, Mass
2. Ralph Reed ca. 1630 Hertfordshire, England Mary Peirce
ca 1657
4 Jan 1712
3. Abigail (Justice) REED ca. 1634
Hertfordshire, EnglandBaptized
30 Dec 1638
Dorchester, Mass
Francis WYMAN
2 Oct 1650
Woburn, Mass
After 1677
Woburn, Mass.
4. Michael Reed 1636
Woburn, Mass
5. Bethiah Reed 31 May 1640
John Johnson
28 Apr 1657 (at 16)
ca. 1717
Canterbury, CT
6. Isreal Reed ca. 1642
Mary Kendall
(first cousin)
ca 1669
29 Jun 1711
7. Sarah Reed ca. 1643
Dec. Samuel Walker
23 Sep 1662
1 Nov 1681
8. Rebecca Reed 26 Dec 1647
Joseph Winn
ca 1664
29 Jan 1733/34

The first Reed was Thomas Reed, Esq. of Barton Court who was married to Ann Hoo. Their son, Thomas Reed II, the ‘Clerk of the Green Cloth’ was married to Mary Stonehouse of Little Peckham.

The next Reed was Sir Thomas Reed III. He was married to Mary Brocket, daughter of Sir John Brocket of Brocket Hall.

William Reed was born in 1587 at Brockett Hall, England. His parents were Sir Thomas Reed IV and Mary Cornwall. Mary’s father was Thomas Cornwall, the Lord of Stropshire. He married Mabel Kendall, the daughter of Henry Kendal of Smithesby. She had a brother Thomas and a sister, Frances.

William was freeman 14 Mar 1639. He resided in Dorchester, removed probably first to Rehoboth, or perhaps lived at Woburn.

In August, 1639 William sold his land in Dorchester to Thomas Clark. He then moved to Scituate.

In 1644 Willliam was made Constable of Scituate. William then bought land from his brother Esdras. This land was at Muddy River, Boston (now Brookline). William and family lived there until 1648 when he purchased a Woburn farm from Nicholas Davis.

About 1652, William and his wife returned to England where William died at Newcastle-upon Tyne in 1656. Mabel later returned to Mass.

From Sewall’s History of Woburn:

“They took up their abode in Woburn, upon land sold Mr. Reed by Nicholas Davis. Their dwelling-house stood in a pasture, called the Baldwin Pasture, on the road from Kendall’s mill to the Messrs. Duren. The pasture is now [1868] owned by them; and remains of Mr. Reed’s cellar and well are still to be seen there. But, ere many years, William Reed and his wife Mabel returned to England. He died at Newcastle, upon Tyne, æt. 69; and not haveing appointed executors in his will, letters of administration were granted by Oliver Cromwell, the Portector, 31 Oct. 1656, to his widow, Mabel, who speedily returned with her four youngest children to New England; married Henry Summers, sen., of Woburn, 21 Nov. 1660; and, outliving him, died at the house of her son George, 5 [15?] Jun 1690, aged 85 years.”34

William Reed’s will was as follows;

The 9th daie of April 1656. My will is that my wife have three score pound for herself. Item, thirty pounds apiece to each of my four youngest children. More, that my wife have the household stuff and to dispose of it: that the three score pounds which is owing to me by Mr. William Breuton in New England be disposed of as followeth, if it can be got, viz., to my wife twenty pounds, to my four youngest children twenty pounds (that is five pounds apiece), to my three children that are married in New England, that is George, Ralph and Abigail, twenty pounds to be equally divided amongst them: that when any of the four youngest children die their portion be divided among the other three, that is if they die in their minority: forty pounds due from Mr. Killingworth, twenty
pounds Mark Theaton of Black Callerton, thirty pounds from Mrs. Flora Hall, twenty pounds from Anthony Walker, twelve pounds, three pound in my wife’s hand and five pound in Mr. Ogle’s hand, forty pound more in the house; George Erington of Loughhouse and his son in law forth shillings, Gawan Anderson forty shillings; Mary Chicken als Watson four pound ten
shillings and ten shillings in my wife’s hand, is nine pound: more in the house twenty shillings in Commodotoes; in all makes nine score pounds.
The mark of William Read
Wit: William Cutter, the mark of Thomas Gibson.

Commission issued 31 October 1656 unto Mabel Read, widow, the relict and principal legatary of the deceased, to administer &c. according to the tenor and effect of the said will &c.

6 Apr 1658 – ‘The Twonsmen ordered that the Widow Read shall have liberty to take in a garden plott before her House.’

6 Feb 1659/60 – ‘It was further granted that that Widow Avis Read should have a swamp lott by virtue that her Husband was then an Inhabitant when the sayd swamp lotts were granted.’

14 Dec. 1663 – Widow Read was granted ten acres in the First Division and thirty acres in the Second Division.


1. George Reed

George’s first wife Elizabeth Jennison was born 12 Apr 1637 in in Watertown, Middlesex, Mass. Her parents were Robert Jennison and Elizabeth [__?__]. Elizabeth died 26 Feb 1664.

George’s second wife Hannah Rockwell was born 1629 in Charleston, Suffolk, Mass. Her parents were Ebenezer Rockwell and Rebecca Kent. Hannah died 16 Apr 1724 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass.

2. Ralph Reed

Ralph’s wife Mary Peirce was born about 1636 in Watertown, Middlesex, Mass. Her parents were Anthony Peirce and Ann [__?_]. Her grandparents were John PEARCE and Ann TRULL. Mary died 18 Feb 1701 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass

3. Abigail (Justice) REED (See Francis WYMAN‘s page)

5. Bethiah Reed

Bethiah’s husband John Johnson was born 10 May 1635 in Canterbury, Kent, England. His parents were Edward Johnson and Susan Munnter. His grandparents were William JOHNSON and Susan PORREDGE. John died 1720 in Canterbury, Windham, CT

6. Israel Reed

Israel’s wife Mary Kendall was born 20 Jan 1651 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass.  She was Israel’s cousin.  Her parents were Francis Kendall and Mary Tidd.  Her grandparents were John KENDALL and Elizabeth SACHERELL. Mary died 17 Jan 1721 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass.

7. Sarah Reed

Sarah’s husband Samuel Walker was born 1615 in England. His parents were Richard Walker and Jane Talmage. Samuel died 6 Nov 1684 in Reading, Middlesex, Mass

8. Rebecca Reed

Rebecca’s husband Joseph Winn was born 1630 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass. His parents were Edward WINN and Joanna SARGENT. Joseph died 22 Feb 1714 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass

Joseph Winn “was a soldier in King Phillip’s war, 1676, and an ensign in Phipps’ Canada expedition to Quebec, 1690. His company was commanded by Captain Ebenezer Prout, of Concord (in the Middlesex county regiment, commanded by Major Nathaniel Wade, of Medford), the lieutenant of his company being Nathaniel Barsham, of Watertown, and the ensign Joseph Winn, of Woburn.”

Children of Joseph and Rebecca:

i. Rebecca Winn b. 25 May 1665; d. 6 Apr 1679

ii. Sarah Winn b. 9 Nov. 1666; d. 23 Oct 1733; m. on 13 Apr 1691 when Sarah was 24, she married Ebenezer Johnson

iii. Abigail Winn b. 18 June 1670, d. next wk.

iv. Joseph Winn b. 15 May 1671; d. 18 Jan 1718;  m1. 7 Apr 1696 in Woburn, Mass to  Martha Blodgett; m2. 17 Aug 1733 to Mary Richardson Mary’s first husband, Thomas Wyman, was the son of our ancestors Francis WYMAN Jr and Abigail Justice REED

v. Josiah Winn b. 15 Mar. 1674  He married as his first wife Lydia Littlefield, daughter of  our ancestors John LITTLEFIELD  and Patience WAKEFIELD before October 1701. Josiah Winn married Mary Wyman as his second wife on 17 Aug 1733 in Woburn, Province of Massachusetts Bay.  He died before 10 Feb 1734/35 in Wells, Province of Massachusetts Bay, now Maine.

vi. Timothy Winn. d. 22 Mar. 1678

vii and viii.. Rebecca and Hannah Winn, tw. 14 Feb. 1679, of wh. Rebecca d. soon On 5 Mar 1699/1700 when Rebecca was 21, she married Timothy Spaulding

ix. Ann Winn b. 1 Nov. 1684, d. young

x. Timothy Winn b. again, 27 Feb. 1687;  d. 5 Jan. 1753. m1. Elizabeth Brooks; m2. Jane Belknap







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12 Responses to William Reade

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  4. Just curious; If William Reede was born at Brocket Hall, why did he go to Newcastle on the
    Tyne to die?? I do not have an answer but wonder if these two descriptions are of the same

    • markeminer says:


      I took your simple question as a jumping off point to try to determine if my William READE ancestor was in fact descended from knights. Usually these claims are found false. Landed gentry probably weren’t too motivated to jump into a small boat and sail off to nowhere over the horizon. The exception is educated religious dissidents, but this doesn’t seem to be the case for William.

      I can’t rule out his high birth, especially since Cromwell appears to have involved himself in his will. His parentage is far from clear with many conflicting versions of the facts. Here’s what I found out. https://minerdescent.com/2011/12/28/sir-thomas-reade-v/

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  7. Blake Coombs says:

    The William Reade listed above and born on 18 April 1601 is not the William Reade who married Mabel Kendall. The William Reade listed above was baptized at St. Helen’s, Abingdon on 19 Apr 1601 and buried 9 Sep 1625 at St. Nicholas, Abingdon. The William Reade who married Mabel Kendall died in 1656. Look at A Record of the Redes by Compton Reade page 26. https://books.google.com/books?id=cqtCAAAAYAAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=inauthor:%22Compton+Reade%22&hl=en&sa=X&ei=4mL9Uo75MoS8oQSkwYAQ#v=onepage&q=1601&f=false

  8. Liane Goodrich says:

    Blake and Mark,
    Because I am the 7th great granddaughter of Mary Read Hibbard I took great pains in dissecting the records of the several William Read(e)s in Massachusetts. I found the publication The Read Record to be of great value. It’s available at archive.org as a searchable pdf. My William came from Somerset and he removed early to Connecticut. William Read who married Avis Deacon was from Kent. To my knowledge the Hertfordshire Reeds are separate.

    Also and I may be wrong on this but it seems that Justice Reed was a male born about Jan 1634 and was 18 mos old when Defence arrived. He seems to have died in infancy and is not in his father’s will. Leaving plenty of time for Mabel to give birth to baby Abigail in Charlestown or Woburn. Her next child I find was Israel who was born with “lameness” and who had been sent to England at one point only to return to Dorchester where the family resided and lived with his brother Ralph who was his guardian. Most of this can be found in Anderson Great Migration.

    I just cannot combine two children into one ignoring place of birth without some evidence that they are indeed one. Lacking baptisms I think we should assume the logical not the convenient.

  9. Jim Stevens says:

    You have William’s daughter Sarah marrying Samuel Walker in 1662 but then below that you list her again saying that she married Samuel’s father, Samuel. I think your first entry for her is correct. Sarah and Samuel had 7 children in Woburn.

  10. Patti-Ann Tanis says:


    “Colonial Families of the United States of America” Vol. VI edited by George Norbury MacKenzie, LL.B., on pgs 396-397 says William Reed was born 1587 at Brocket Hall, was son of Thomas Reed IV and Mary Cornwall, was the grandson of Thomas Cornwall, Lord of Stropshire. He sailed on the Defence on July 1635 with his wife Mabel Kendall, grand daughter of Henry Sacherell. He settled in Woburn.
    This entry does not discuss his siblings except to say Col. Thomas Reade (presumably V), famous indian fighter, was his brother. He named Oliver Cromwell as Executor in will that was recorded on 12/16/1661 in Middlesex Probate Office. It also says he returned to England and died at Prestwich Lodge, New Castle upon Tynne in 1656. Of his children the book only includes his son Capt. William Reed born 1662 who married Abigail Kendall and both lived and died in Lexington, Massachusetts.

    • Patti-Ann Tanis says:

      Clearly I missed a generation. The family line is William to George to Capt. William born 1662. Book states that George sailed with his father and mother on the Defence to New England. Sorry for the double post.

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