Edward Winn

Edward WINN (1603 – 1682) was Alex’s 10th great grandfather, one of 2,048 in this generation of the Miner line.

Edward Winn – Coat of Arms

Edward Winn was born in 1604 in Thornton Curtis, Lincolnshire, England.   His parents were Edward WYNNE (1570 – 1645) and Dorothy BERKELEY (1584 – 1608). It is also speculated that he was a master builder and came from Ipswich, England or vicinity. He married Joanna SARGENT about 1628 in England.  He emigrated with his wife Joanna, and children Ann, Elizabeth and Joseph. He settled first in Charlestown, Massachusetts, and was one of the commissioners for founding the contemplated town of Woburn and met with them 18 Dec 1640.   After Joanna died, he married Sarah Beal on 10 Aug 1649.   After Sarah died, he married his third wife Anne Page Wood and moved to Watertown where was his wife’s estate.   Edward died 5 Sep 1682 in Woburn, Mass.

Edward Winn may well have been baptized at St Laurence Church, Thornton Curtis, Lincolnshire, England

Joanna Sargent was born about 1608 in England.  Her parents were Richard SARGENT (1575 – 1675)  and Katherine STEVENS (1580 – 1609).  Alternatively, her maiden name was Katherine Hatch or Mary Berkeley. Joanna died 8 Mar 1649 in Woburn, Mass.

Sarah Beal was born about 1608.  She was the widow of Nicholas Wood. Sarah died 15 Mar 1679/80 in Woburn, Mass.

Anne (or Hannah) Page Wood was born about 1608.  She was respectively the wife of William Page, of Watertown; Nicholas Wood, of Medfield; and Edward Winn of Woburn. Anne died before 1 Nov 1686.

Children of Edward and Joanna:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Ann Winn 1626
Moses Cleveland
26 Sep 1648
6 May 1682
Woburn, Mass
2. Elizabeth WINN 1628 England George POLLEY
21 May 1649
2 May 1695 Woburn, Mass.
3. Sarah Winn 1636
4. Ensign Joseph Winn btw 1639-1642
Rebecca Reed (Daughter of William READE)
22 Feb 1714/15
5. Increase Winn 5 Dec 1641
first recorded birth in Woburn, Mass
Hannah Satwell
13 July 1665 Woburn, Mass
14 Dec 1690

The earliest record of Edward Winn in America is whe he appears at the house of Mr. Thomas Graves in Charlestown, as one of the Commissioners, at their first meeting, 18 Dec 1640, held for consulting on the affairs of the contemplated town of Woburn.

The conditions for inhabiting the new town of Woburn were stated in five separate orders.The first order fixed the price of land at six pence an acre. The second order required return of lots if they were not improved in 15 months. The remaining orders concerned fencing, inmates (archaic usage: boarders, etc.), and timber.Among the 32 signatories was Edward Winne.

Edward Winn was one of the original planters of Woburn.  On 8 Feb 1640/41, the commissioners came from Charlestown to find a location. After two days’ search, they pitched upon a spot, unquestionably on Aberjona River, over which, 10 Feb 1640/41, they built a bridge near the house of Edward Convers. To this spot they came, in March and May following, and laid out house lots, and buildings were doubtless erected during the year.

Several other of our ancestors helped found Woburn

14 Aug 1642 – When the church was constituted in Woburn,  Samuel RICARDSON, his two brothers, with John Mousall, Edward Johnson, Edward Convers, and William Leonard, solemnly stood forth, as the nucleus around which the church was to be gathered.

Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts

That whole territory was then a wide, uncultivated waste. In the February following, the commissioners built a bridge over the Aberjona River, as the Mystic River is called, north of Mystic Pond. This bridge was known in after times as Convers’ Bridge, from Edward Convers, the proprietor of the adjacent mill.

Deacon Edward Converse House 1640 First House Built in Woburn, Massachussetts

The conditions for inhabiting the new town of Woburn were stated in five separate orders.The first order fixed the price of land at six pence an acre. The second order required return of lots if they were not improved in 15 months. The remaining orders concerned fencing, inmates (archaic usage: boarders, etc.), and timber.Among the 32 signatories was Edward Winne.

Francis  WYMAN traveled from England to Massachusetts with his brother John and were in Woburn as  early as 1640.

Woburn was first settled in 1640 near Horn Pond, a primary source of the Mystic River, and was officially incorporated in 1642. At that time the area included present day towns of Woburn, Winchester, Burlington, and parts of Stoneham and Wilmington. Woburn got its name from Woburn, Bedfordshire. Woburn played host to the first religious ordination in the Americas 22 Nov 1642 .Rev. Thomas Carter was sworn in by many of the most prominent men of New England. The establishment of the church preceded the incorporation of the town, as was customary in those days. The population of Woburn was 37,258 at the 2000 census.

The first born child entered in the records of Woburn: Increase son of Edward Winn, born (5th) of 10th mo: 1641.

10 May 1643 – Edward Winn was made a freeman

8 Sep 1645 – Edward taxed in Woburn in the rate for the country,  and the subsequent rates.

Edward was one of the leading men in town affairs, and chosen a town officer, a Survayor for Sale, 1658-9, Selectman, 1669. The signature of Edward Winn appears as a subscribing witness, 10 Apr 1653, to a deed of George POLLEY to John Lakin of Groton, land at Woburn, some of it lying on lan of Moses Cleaveland.

Edward’s residence was near a place in Woburn, known as the Vineyard, at which was a watering-place (on present Park street), the house being on some spot near Middlesex, Chestnut and Kilby streets.  Today, Winn Street is a major thorough fair in Woburn

Edward Winn in his will, made 6 May 1682, names his son Increase; his son Joseph’s daughte Sarah; the three youngest children of his daughter Ann, wife of Moses Cleaveland; and the three youngest children of his daughter Elizabeth, wife of George POLLEY.

Inventory, Sept. 11, 1682 (by Deacon Josiah Convers, and Ensign James Convers
of Woburn, where his estate was), £160. 4s. 6d. The Will of his widow Anna,
dated Sept.9, 1685, proved Nov 1, 1686, gave John Coolidge, £5; brother-in-law, Gleason, 40s.; kinsman,Thomas Gleason, 20s.; wife of Thomas Pratt, 20s. and bequests to kinsmen, Joseph, John,Philip, Isaac, William, Mary and Anne Gleason

The Winn family had a rich history in Woburn, Mass.  The 1879 Winn Memorial Library in Woburn was designed as a public library by American architect H. H. Richardson and is now a National Historic Landmark.

The Winn family specifically requested that the library not be named after them despite their generosity paying for constructing the library, and the library is properly called the “Woburn Public Library.” Nevertheless, it is popularly known, in architectural circles, as the Winn Memorial Library.

The library was built between 1876-1879 as the first of Richardson’s series of library designs and in it he established his characteristic, asymmetrical plan for such buildings: an entrance and reception, usually with staircase tower; the reading room(s) with stacks; and an optional art gallery.

The library’s front facade presents a long, single-story stack area (at left), with high, column-separated windows forming a strip below the peaked roof; a projecting, three-story set of reading rooms with entryway and High Victorian tower at center right; and picture gallery and octagonal museum at the right side. The facade is formed of brownstone with lighter stone trim, arranged in polychrome over the main arches, accented with a red tile roof.


1. Ann Winn

Ann’s husband Moses Cleveland was born on 2 Feb 1619/20 in St. Stephens, Ipswich, Suffolk, England. His parents were Samuel Cleveland and Alice [__?__].   Moses was a direct ancestor of Grover Cleveland.

In 1635 Moses (age 12) and the group he was with came first to Virginia to settle, but having too much trouble with the Indians they boarded a ship and came up the coast to Plymouth, Massachusetts. Moses came to New England as a ship carpenter’s apprentice in exchange for passage to America; although, it is generally stated that he came from Ipswich as an indentured apprentice to a joiner, housewright, or master builder, thought to be Edward Winn who would become his father-in-law.  In 1640/1641 Moses (age 21) moved to Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts with his master and settled there.

Children of Ann and Moses:

i. Moses Cleveland b. 1 Sep  1651 d. Moses died 30 Oct 1717 in Southold, Suffolk, New York.  m. Ruth Norton, daughter of Nicholas NORTON and Elizabeth ISAAC.

ii. Hannah Cleveland (b. 4 August 1653)

iii. Aaron Cleveland (b. 10 January 1654/1655); m. Dorcas Wilson

Son Aaron m.  Abigail Water
Grandson Aaron Cleveland m. Susannah Porter
Great Grandson Aaron m.Abiah Hyde
2nd Great Grandson William m. Margaret Falley
3rd Great Grandson Richard m. Ann Neal
4th Great Grandson President (Stephen) Grover Cleveland m. Frances C. Folsom

iv. Samuel Cleveland (b. 9 June 1657)

v. Miriam Cleveland (b. 10 July 1659)

vi. Joanna Cleveland (b. 19 September 1661)

vii. Edward Cleveland (b. 20 May 1663)

viii. Josiah Cleveland (b. 26 February 1666/67)

ix. Isaac Cleveland (b. 11 May 1669)

x. Joanna Cleveland (b. 5 April 1670)

xi. Enoch Cleveland (b. 1 August 1671)

2. Elizabeth WINN (See George POLLEY‘s page)

4. Joseph Winn

Joseph’s wife Rebecca Read was born 26 Dec 1647.  Her parents were our ancestors William READE and Mabel KENDALL. Rebecca died 29 Jan 1733/34.

Joseph was a soldier in King Phillip’s war, 1676, and an ensign in Phipps’ Canada expedition to Quebec, 1690. His company was commanded by Captain Ebenezer Prout, of Concord (in the Middlesex county regiment, commanded by Major Nathaniel Wade, of Medford), the lieutenant of his company being Nathaniel Barsham, of Watertown, and the ensign Joseph Winn, of Woburn.

Children of Joseph and Rebecca:

i. Rebecca Winn b. 25 May 1665; d. 6 Apr 1679

ii. Sarah Winn b. 9 Nov. 1666; d. 23 Oct 1733; m. on 13 Apr 1691 when Sarah was 24, she married Ebenezer Johnson

iii. Abigail Winn b. 18 June 1670, d. next wk.

iv. Joseph Winn b. 15 May 1671; d. 18 Jan 1718;  m1. 7 Apr 1696 in Woburn, Mass to  Martha Blodgett; m2. 17 Aug 1733 to Mary Richardson Mary’s first husband, Thomas Wyman, was the son of our ancestors Francis WYMAN Jr and Abigail Justice REED

v. Josiah Winn b. 15 Mar. 1674  He married as his first wife Lydia Littlefield, daughter of  our ancestors John LITTLEFIELD  and Patience WAKEFIELD before October 1701. Josiah Winn married Mary Wyman as his second wife on 17 Aug 1733 in Woburn, Province of Massachusetts Bay.  He died before 10 Feb 1734/35 in Wells, Province of Massachusetts Bay, now Maine.

vi. Timothy Winn. d. 22 Mar. 1678

vii and viii.. Rebecca and Hannah Winn, tw. 14 Feb. 1679, of wh. Rebecca d. soon On 5 Mar 1699/1700 when Rebecca was 21, she married Timothy Spaulding

ix. Ann Winn b. 1 Nov. 1684, d. young

x. Timothy Winn b. again, 27 Feb. 1687;  d. 5 Jan. 1753. m1. Elizabeth Brooks; m2. Jane Belknap

5, Increase Winn

Increase’s wife Hannah Sawtell was born 10 Dec 1642 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Her parents were Richard Sawtell and Elizabeth Kimball.  Her grandparents were our ancestors Richard KIMBALL and Ursula SCOTT.  Hannah died 18 Feb 1723 – Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

Increase, is a direct ancestor of Herbert Hoover, the 31st president.  He was sergent and then ensign. and d. 14 Dec. 1690.

Children of Increase and Hannah:

i. Hannah Winn b. 11 Apr. 1666

ii. Edward Winn b. 15 June 1668

iii. Mary Winn b. 1 May 1670; m. Nathaniel Wyman (1665-1717) son of Francis WYMAN and Abigail Justice REED d.  7 Jun 1743 in Woburn, Middlesex, Mass.

iv. Sarah Winn b. 23 Dec. 1672

v. Abigail Winn b. 8 Jan. 1678

vi. Rebecca Winn b. 5 Nov. 1679

vii. Jacob Winn b. 4 Oct. 1681

m. Prudence Wyman (b. 1683), as his first wife, in 1704,

Son Jacob Winn, Jr., (b. c1715), who married Sarah Buck (b. c1720)

Grandson Jacob Winn (1744-1809), who married Phoebe Grout (1751-1819),

Great Granddaughter Endymia Winn (b. c1770), who married Thomas Sherwood (c1766-1844), :

2nd Great Granddaughter Lucinda Sherwood (1794-1854), who married John Minthorn (1768-1859)

3rd Great Grandson Theodore Minthorn (1718-1866), who married Mary Wasley (1818-1903)

4th Great Granddaughter Hulda Randall Minthorn (1848-1884), who married Jesse Clark Hoover (1846-1880)

5th Great Grandson Herbert Clark Hoover (1874-1964), 31st President of the United States.m. Lou Henry, First Lady.

viii. Joanna Winn b. 24 June 1683

ix. Increase Winn b.9 Feb. 1685.








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