William Winter

William WINTER ( – 1818) was Alex’s 5th Great Grandfather; one of 64 in this generation of the Blair line.

William married Susannah [__?__]. William died 11 Aug 1818, buried at Powerscourt Cemetery, Cantwell, County Wicklow, Ireland.

Susannah [__?__] was born 1758 in Ireland. Susannnah died 17 Janu 1823 and was buried at Powerscourt Cemetery.

Children of William and Susannah

Name Born Married Departed
1. Elizabeth Winter 1785 14 Feb 1812, buried at Powerscourt Cem. Cantwell, Co. Wicklow, Ireland.
2. John Winter Margaret McKie Ormstown, Betw 18 Mar 1845 Deed of Donation & 23 Oct 1847 Inventory
3. Susan WINTER 18 Jul 1785 Delgany, Wicklow, Ireland Gerrard FENNELL

3 Apr 1820 at Christ Church, Delgany, County Wickham, Ireland.

28 May 1849 Hinchinbrook Township, Quebec, Canada
4. Robert Winter 10 Jul 1796 Delgany, Wicklow, Ireland Elizabeth Turner 1 Feb 1871 Ormstown, Huntingdon, Quebec
5. William Winter 26 Jul 1801 Delgany, Wicklow, Ireland
6. Ellen Winter May 1804 Delgany Church, County Wicklow, Ireland


Delgany (Irish: Deilgne, meaning “Thorny Place”) is a village in County Wicklow on the R762 road between Greystones and the N11 road at the Glen of the Downs. It is about 25 km  south of Dublin city centre.

It is a commuter village separated from the western edge of Greystones by the adjoining village of Killincarrig. There is a Church of Ireland parish church and the parish school Delgany National School and a Catholic Carmelite Convent in the village. Delgany is in the Roman Catholic parish of Kilquade and the parish church is located in Kilquade about 4 km south. The local Catholic school is St Laurence’s which is located on Convent Road between Delgany and Greystones. The village is surrounded by wooded hills (including Kindlestown Wood) and the Glen of the Downs.

Recently “The Old Burial Ground” has been restored and opened to the public. The one acre  site is protected and contains the ruins of a 13th century church, the stump of a 6th century high cross and graves dating from the 18th century.

In the 1990s, Delgany was the location for the recording of Tori Amos‘ third album Boys For Pele.


2. John Winter

John’s wife Margaret McKie died 10 Nov 1864 in Ormstown in the County of Chateauguay.  She was buried in the Cemetery of the Presbyterian Church

Witnesses: McNaughton, William; McEachern, A.  Church: Wesleyan Methodist Congregation in the Circuit of Ormstown  Minister: Silas Huntington .

19 Jun 1840 Titre Nouvelle – John Winter acting as tutor to his minor children Eliza, William, John, Barbara, Suzan & Martha Ellen by his wife Margaret McKie owns lot 18 1st concession Ormstown which he got June 28, 1838 by transfer from Peter McGill before I J Gibb, notary. McGill got the lot by deed of sale July 15, 1833 from Walter Harkness & his wife Sibella McCormick.

18 Mar 1845 Deed of Donation – John Winter Sr acting as guardian to Barbara, Suzan & Martha Elenor his minor children, John Winter Jr, James Scarlett & Elizabeth Winter his wife all of Ormstown donate to William Winter their brother their shares in lot 17 1st concession of Jamestown which they got through their father John Winter Sr who bought lot 17 from George Cross Oct 26, 1835 before D. G. Archoldi.

23 Oct 1847 Inventory – Margaret McKie widow of John Winter of Ormstown; children William Winter of Jamestown, Eliza Winter wife of James Scarlett of Ormstown, John Winter of Ormstown, Barbara, Suzan, Martha Ellen & Margaret; mentions lot 18 1st concession Ormstown property of Eliza, John, Barbara, Suzan & Martha Ellen which they got from Peter McGill by act of declaration & transfer June 28, 1838 before I J Gibb; documents:1) the above declaration 2) titre nouvel June 19, 1840 Leblanc 3) sale by Walter Harkness & wife to Peter McGill July 15, 1833 before H Griffin 4) assignment from James Leslie & Co to Peter McGill July 16, 1833 before Bleakley 5) judgement of confirmation to Peter McGill Feb 12, 1834 6) deed of donation to William Winter from the late John Winter & wife of lot 17 1st concession Jamestown Mar 18, 1845 before Hainault.

Andrew McKie is buried in the same section (8-07) of the Ormstown Union Cemetery as John and Margaret.

Children of John and Margaret

i. William Winter b. 16 Feb 1820 County Wicklow, Ireland;  d. 18 May 1897 Jamestown, Quebec; m. 14 Mar 1845 Hemmingford, Quebec, Canada to Lucinda Jane (Lucy) Stratton (b. 18 Apr 1822  Belfast, Armaugh, Northern Ireland – d. 11 Oct 1899 in Ormstown, Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada) Her parents were George Stratton ( 1782 – ) and Rosanna [__?__] (b. 1786 in Belfast, Armaugh, Northern Ireland – d. Aft 1851 in Quebec, Canada)

14 Mar 1845 Marriage – Witnesses: Winter, William; Stratton, Lucinda; Stratton, Stephen; Irwin, George; Stratton, James; Irwin, Mary Church: Episcopal Church of the Township of Sherrington and parts adjacent Minister: Henry Hazard, missionary

18 May 1897 – William Winter, Sr, died at Jamestown PQ, aged 78 years. He was a native of County Wicklow, Ireland

Children of William and Lucy:

(1). John Winter b. 8 Feb 1846 in Beauharnois, Quebec, Canada – d. 5 Mar 1918 in Ormstown, Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada; m. 27 Aug 1884 Methodist Church of Canada at Durham Ormstown  to Margaret Lindsay Gibson (1852 – 1939)

John was a farmer and a mill owner.

1884 – John Winter, married Maggie Gibson, second daughter of John Gibson, both of Ormstown Quebec, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. W. W. Ryan

(2). George Winter b. 5 Oct 1847; d. 11 Feb 1929 in Huntingdon County, Quebec, Canada; m. 13 Sep 1887  Ormstown, Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada to Mary Anna Gamble (1854 – 1942)

13 Sep 1887 – George Winter, of Ormstown, married Mary Anna Gamble, daughter of William Gamble, Esq.,. At the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. James O’Hara.

8 Jul 1888 – The wife of George Winter, at Jamestown Quebec, a son. [Clark William]

14 Jan 1890 – The wife of George Winter at Winter’s Corners, Ormstown PQ, a daughter. [Myrtle Lucy Margaret]

(3.) William Winter b. 15 Jan 1850 in Ormstown, Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada

(4.) Robert Alexander Winter b. Abt 1851 in Quebec, Canada; d. 23 Feb 1917 in Ormstown, Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada; 17 Feb 1880 – Robert Alexander Winter,, of Durham, married Ellen Gamble, third daughter of William Gamble, of Hinchinbrook. At the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. W. A. Allan. Witnesses Winter, John; Winter, Henry;

(5.) Henry Davis Winter b. 4 Dec 1854; bapt. 26 Aug 1855 Witnesses: Winter, William; McEachern, A;  Church: Wesleyan Methodist Congregation in the Circuit of Huntingdon  Minister: Isaac Barber; d. 15 Jun 1936 Ormstown, PQ; m1. 22 Aug 1883 Ormstown, Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada to Jemimah (Mina) Anderson (b. 8 Mar 1863 – d. 27 Feb 1893 in Ormstown); m2. Annie Catherine (Cecil) Campbell (1869 – 1937)

22 Aug 1883 – Mr. Henry D. Winter, lumber merchant, Ormstown Quebec, married Jemimah Anderson, third daughter of James Anderson, Esq., J.P., Hinchinbrook. At the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. J. B. Muir of Huntingdon.

15 Jun 1936  – Henry D Winter (b. 1854), died suddenly at Ormstown PQ, beloved husband of Annie C. Campbell, age 82 years. Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon June 17, in St. Paul’s United Church, Ormstown PQ, by the Rev. A. F. Pollock, assisted by Rev. Walter Ross and Rev. Burton Robinson, pastor of Fairmont St Giles United Church in Montreal. Mention was made of a son, William, of Calgary AB who was unable to attend. Interred in the Union Cemetery Ormstown PQ.

(6.) Thomas Wesley Winter b. 12 Nov 1856 in Jamestown, Quebec, Canada; d. 3 May 1929 in Ormstown, Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada

(7.) James McGill Winter b. 3 May 1863 in Jamestown, Quebec, Canada; bapt.  13 Jun 1863 Witnesses: Fennell, William [this William Fennell is probably Gerald’s son who Barbara Winter]; Kilgour, Phoebe C.  Church: Wesleyan Methodist Congregation in the Circuit of Ormstown  Minister: Joseph Kilgour .m. 30 Sep 1896 Rockburn, Quebec, Canada to Margaret Elizabeth Rennie.

(8.) Annie Winter b. Abt 1871 in Quebec, Canada


ii. Elizabeth (Eliza) Winter b: 1818 Ireland; m. 15 Apr 1841 to James Scarlett (b. 1815 Ireland)  Witnesses: Nicol, James; Scarlett, James; Winter, Eliza;  Church: Protestant Episcopal Church at Chateauguay, Ormstown, Huntigdon and Parts Adjacent  Minister: William Brethour .

1852 Census St. Malachy parish [St. Malachie]
James Scarlett Farmer Ireland Episcopalian 37 M
Elizabeth Winter Ireland Episcopalian 34 F (1818)
John David Scarlett Canada Episcopalian 9 M
Emeline Jane Scarlett Canada Episcopalian 8 F
Elizabeth Scarlett Canada Episcopalian 5 F
Margaret B.L. Scarlett Canada Episcopalian 2 F.

Children of Eliza and James:

(1.)  John David Scarlett b. 10 Jan 1843

(2.) Amelia Jane Scarlett b. 12 Oct 1844

(3.) Elizabeth Scarlett b. 7 Sep 1846; d. 28 Sep 1846

(4.)  Elizabeth Susan Scarlett b. 10 Dec 1847

(5.) Margaret Barbra Ann Scarlett b. 16 Sep 1850

iii. John Winter, b. 18 Jan. 1822, Delgany, Wickham, Ireland; bapt. 20 January 1822; d. 1822

iv.  John Winter, b. 31 Mar 1823′; bapt. 6 April 1823, Christ Church, Delgany, Ireland
John Winter

1852 Census Hinchinbrook Township
John Winter Farmer Ireland Episcopalian 21 M (b. 1831)
Elisa Winter Ireland Episcopalian 19 F (b. 1833)
Helen Winter Ireland Episcopalian 13 F (b. 1839)

v. Barbara Winter b. 15 Feb 1826, Delgany; bapt. 26 Feb 1826 Christ Church, Delgany, Ireland; bur. 7 Nov 1826 Ireland

vi. Barbara Winter b. 16 Nov 1826; d. 7 Apr 1911 at Ormstown PQ, aged 81 years. Witnesses: Fennell, R. G.; Fennell, Evelyn Church: Wesleyan Methodist congregation  Minister: T. Roy; m. Bef. 1853 to Gerrard FENNELL‘s son William Fennell (b. 28 Aug 1822 Ireland – d. 6 Oct 1905 St. Malachi d’Ormstown)

vii. Suzan (Susan) Winter d. 10 Oct 1896  Occupation: professional sick nurse ; Residence: Jamestown of the parish of St. Malachie d’Ormstown; Witnesses: Winter, William Sr.; Fennell, B. Church: Methodist Church of Ormstown

Minister: Henry Meyers. [Not sure this is same Susan.  Who is B. Fennell, could it be Barbara Fennell? She didn’t marry until after 1900]

viii. Martha Ellen Winter b. 1833, Canada; d. 1873 Somerville, Middlesex County, Mass.; m.23 Dec 1858 as his second wife to Albert Kenneson (b. 3 Oct 1818 Epsom, Merrimack, New Hampshire – d. 1 May 1896 Somerville, Mass.) Marriage record shows her name as Eleanor Martha Winter. Albert first married 29 Feb 1844 in Cambridge to Nancy Jane Eaton (12 Jun 1824 Sedgwick, Hancock, Maine – d. 9 Jul 1856 Somerville, Mass.)

ix. Margaret Winter b. 29 May 1836 Ormstown; baptized 1 Jun 1836 Witnesses: Winter, John; McKie, Margaret; Anderson, James Church: St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church (in communion with the Church of Scotland) Minister: James Anderson

x. Margaret Mary Winter b. 15 Jun 1837 Beauharnois; Baptized 25 Jun 1837; Witnesses: Winter, Elizabeth; Fennel, Gerald [First direct documentation of Gerald’s connection with John Winter]; Winter, John; Church: Protestant Episcopal congregations at Chateauguay, Ormstown, Huntingdon and parts adjacent Minister: William Brethour; m. John Valentine Mills

Children of Margaret and John

(1.) John Winter Mills b. 13 Mar 1853 Hinchinbrooke

(2.) Abel Mills b. 18 Jun 1855 Russelltown, County of Beauharnois, District of Montreal . Witnesses: Mills, John (x) (father); Fennel, Jerred;  Church: Episcopal Congregation of Manningville and Parts Adjacent  Minister: E.G. Fulton

(3.) Elizabeth Mills b. 23 May 1857 Jamestown.

(4.) Martha Eva Mills b. 22 Jun 1859 Ormstown

(5.) Margaret Ellen Mills. b. 22 Jun 1862 Ormstown; bapt. 13 Jul 1862 Wesleyan Methodist Congregation in the Circuit of Ormstown  Minister: Joseph Kilgour Witnesses: Samuel CRUTCHFIELD, Pheve Kilgour

(6.) Robert Mills b. 21 Dec 1863; bapt. 22 Dec 1863 Witnesses: Winter, Margaret; Scarlott, Eliza  Church: Wesleyan Methodist Congregation in the Circuit of Ormstown  Minister: Joseph Kilgour .

3. Susan WINTER (See Gerrard FENNELL’s page)

Susan was the 3rd of 6 children. Susan married Gerrard FENNELL April 3, 1830,at Delgany, Ireland.

Christ Church Delgany Ireland

4. Robert Winter

According to the 1861 Census Huntingdon, Canada East Robert was born 1796 Ireland. Robert died 1 Feb 1871 at Ormstown, Aged 75 years. Burial witnesses Witnesses: Fennell, William; Winter, William; Winter, John E.;  Church: Church of England at Durham, Ormstown and Parts Adjacent  Minister: William Brethour

Robert’s wife Elizabeth Turner died  9 Dec 1869 in Beauharnois Quebec.  Witnesses: Winter, John E.; Winter, William;  Church: Church of England at Durham, Ormstown and Parts Adjacent  Minister: William Brethour . ) [John E Winter (See below) and William Winter were witnesses at the death of both Robert and his wife Elizabeth,  Gerrard FENNELL’s son William was a witness at Robert’s death]

Children of Robert and Elizabeth

i. Edward Winter, b. 6 Jun 1923, Co. Wicklow, bapt. 8 Jun 1823; d. 15 May, 1824, buried 25 May, 1824, in Co.Wicklow, Ireland

ii. Marianne Winter, b. 14 May 1825; bapt. 22 May, 1825

iii. Margaret Winter bapt. 27 Apr. 1827, Christ Church Delgany, Wicklow, Ireland

iv. John Edward Winter bapt. 26 Dec. 1830, Christ Church, Delgany, Ireland; d. 04 Oct 1888 in Ormstown, Quebec Canada Witnesses: Sadler, George T.; Mullin, Robert  Church: Methodist Church for Ormstown; m. Joanna A. Murray (B. Abt. 1839 in Ireland – d. 02 Apr 1925 in Ormstown, Quebec Canada)    John E Winter was a witness at Robert Winter’s burial.  Could he have been his son?

Children of John and Joanna:

(1.). Emma Augusta Winter b. 16 Nov 1865 in Ormstown, Quebec Canada; bapt.  22 Jul 1866  [Notes: Her great niece states Emma was mis-named and incorrectly dated in the baptism records. She was Emma Augusta (Winter) Sadler according to family, and born 1864. [Minister wrote Anna Agusta and dob 1865!]   Witnesses: Winter, J. E.; Winter, J. A.  Church: Wesleyan Methodist Congregation in the Circuit of Ormstown  Minister: J/ V. Wilson;  d. 15 Mar 1941 in Ormstown Village, Quebec; m. George Tate Sadler (1856 – 1929)

15 Mar 1941 – Emma A. Winter, wife of the late George T. Sadler, died at Ormstown Québec. She was eldest daughter of the late John E. Winter and his wife, Johanna Murray. She was born in Ormstown, and resided their until the time of her marriage in 1886, to George L. Sadler, when she went to the farm at Tatehurst, where she spent the best part of her life, retiring from the farm life in 1925 and returning to Ormstown Village to spend the remaining years. Mr. Sadler predeceased her on March 31, 1929. She was a member of the former Methodist Church. Surviving are one son, Warren, and two daughters, Ida, Mrs. Percy Osmond, Clara, Mrs. Stewart Osmond, and one granddaughter, Elaine Osmond survives. Funeral was held in St. Paul’s United Church.

(2.) Ida Mary Winter b. 08 Apr 1866 in Ormstown, Quebec Canada – d. 04 Aug 1888 in Ormstown, Quebec Canada

(3.) Oscar Murray Winter b. 19 Apr 1868 in Ormstown, Quebec Canada; d. 29 Nov 1928 in Chicago, Illinois; m. 1893 Chicago to Catherine (Kate) O’Hanlon (1865 – 1936)

(4.) Mortimer John Winter b. 20 Mar 1870 in Ormstown, Quebec Canada

(5.) Caroline (Carrie) Martha Winter b. 18 Sep 1873 in Ormstown, Quebec Canada; d. 15 Jul 1889 in Ormstown, Quebec Canada Drowned

(6.) William Holton Winter b. 19 May 1875 in Ormstown, Quebec Canada

(7.) Robert Dalton Winter b. 20 Mar 1877 in Ormstown, Quebec Canada; m. Elizabeth [__?__] (b 1869 – )

(8.) Mabel Gertrude Winter b. 15 Jul 1879 in Ormstown, Quebec Canada; d. 17 Jun 1892 in Ormstown, Quebec Canada

v. Elizabeth (Eliza) Winter bapt. 24 Feb 1833 Christ Church, Delgany, Ireland;  d.  11 Nov 1904 The Gore Huntingdon;  m. Abt. 1868 Huntingdon, Quebec to James Henderson (b: 1820 County Down, Ireland – d. 11 Sep 1900 Huntingdon, Quebec. James first married 29 Mar 1848 Huntingdon, Quebec to Isabella Anderson ( b: 3 Feb 1833 The Gore, Huntingdon – d: 4 Jul 1867 Gore, Hinchinbrook).

Children of Elizabeth and James

(1.) Isabella Anderson Henderson b. 3 Nov 1869 Hinchinbrooke ;  bapt. 30 Jan 1870

(2.)  Andrew Nelson Henderson b. 14 Nov 1870 Gore

vi. 6. Cather8ine Martha Winter, bapt. 29 Jan 1836, Christ Church, Delgany, Ireland

vii. Eleanor Winter, bapt. 27 May 1838, Christ Church, Delgany, Wicklow, Ireland

Other Winters in Huntingdon County.

William Winter  b. 4 Feb 1852 –  Durham; baptized 22 Aug 1852 Witnesses: Denby, John; Winter, Margaret M.; Winter, William (father); Church: Episcopal Congregation of Manningville and Parts Adjacent Minister: E.G. Fulton His parents were William Winter and May [__?__]

8 Apr 1866 – The wife of John Winters, at Durham, Ormstown, a daughter

Dec 1875 – Of interest Ormstown council, tenders were opened for the building of the Sadler and McEwen Bridges as follows, Alexander Mills, for the Sadler Bridge, 200 dollars. Alexander Mills, for the McEwen Bridge, 190 dollars. Henry Winters, for both Bridges, 250 dollars. The tender of Henry Winters was accepted. John Graham was appointed special superintendent over the work of the above Bridges

29 Jun 1885 – Headstones at Christ Church, DelganyNo.215 In | Loving Memory of | GEORGE AUGUSTUS de WINTER | of Delgany | Late of Grange, Co. Armagh | died 29th of June 1885 | also | CATHERINE | his beloved wife | died 21st of January 1880 | and | ROBERT WILLIAM NASSAU | their youngest son | died 1st August 1885 | Be ye also ready | They rest from their labours.

24 Jul 1885 – The wife of John Winter, of Jamestown, a son.

19 Jun 1886 The wife of H Winter, at Jamestown, a son, Henry Warren Winter; m. 4 Jun 1913 to Lydia McWhinnie (b. 26 Sep 1887 Jamestown, Quebec)

16 Aug 1891 – The wife of John Winter, at Jamestown Quebec

26 Dec 1894 – The wife of George Winter, near Rockburn PQ, a daughter; 24 May 1912 Lizzie May Winter, daughter of George Winter, died at Rockburn PQ, age 17 years 05 months.

27 Feb 1893 – Mina Andersen, third daughter of James Anderson, of Hinchinbrook PQ, and wife of Henry Winter, died at Jamestown PQ, age 30 years.

30 Sep 1896 – James M. Winter, of Ormstown PQ, married Maggie E. Rennie. At the residence of the brides mother, in Rockburn PQ, by Rev. Ernest Thomas

24 Jun 1899 – The wife of James Winter, at the Pines, Ormstown PQ, a daughter.

3 Mar 1901 – The wife of James Winter, at the Pines, Ormstown PQ, a son.

31 Jan 1907 – Mortimer J. Winter, son of Mrs. J. E. Winter, of Ormstown PQ, died at San Pedro California, age 37 years

28 Dec 1910 – John Lindsay Winter, married Elizabeth Fleming. At the residence of the bride’s mother, in Dundee PQ, by Rev. W. T. Tanner.

29 Dec 1916 –  William George Merril Winter was born in Ormstown.  His parents were William George Gilson Winter and Evaline Elizabeth Fennel. Baptism:  26 Apr 1916 Witnesses: Evaline Elizabeth Fennel; George G Winter  Church: Methodist Church at Ormstown  Minister: A. W. Williamson .

16 Aug 1923  – To Mr. and Mrs. George GWinter, (nee Mary GDewick), at Ormstown PQ, a daughter.

Ormstown Union Cemetery

Lot Map

Surname Given Name Alternate Name Plot Location
Winter Barbara Mrs. William Fennell 12-11

7 Apr 1911

Winter Carrie 10-13

15 Jul 1889 Drowned

Winter Charles George 9-14ABC
Winter Elizabeth Mrs. James Scarlett 8-07
Winter Ellen Mrs. Albert Kenneson 8-07

1873 Mass.

Winter Emma A. Mrs. George T. Sadler 10-13

15 Mar 1941

Winter Eva 13-07
Winter George 13-07

11 Feb 1929

Winter Mrs. George Mary Gamble 13-07

30 Jun 1942

Winter George Gibson m. 5 Apr 1920 9-14 ABC

27 Nov 1927

Winter Mrs. George G. Mary (Mamie) G. Dewick

m. 5 Apr 1920


30 Aug 1965

Winter Henry D. 14-07

15 Jun 1936

Winter Mrs. Henry D. Annie C. Campbell 14-07

17 Jun 1937

Winter Ilda Jemima 18-07BCD
Winter James M. 13-15
Winter Mrs. James M. Margaret E. Rennie

m. 30 Sep 1896

Winter James McGill m. 30 Sep 1896 13-15
Winter Mrs. James McGill Marion Bradley 13-15
Winter John 8-07

5 Mar 1918

Winter John 12-08
Winter Mrs. John Margaret McKie 8-07
Winter Mrs. John Margaret L. Gibson 12-08

8 May 1939

Winter John Lindsay

b. 2 May 1887

Winter Mrs. John Lindsay Elisabeth Fleming 16-14DEF
Winter John Ross, Jr. 16-14ABC
Winter John Ross, Sr. 16-14ABC
Winter Mrs. John Ross, Sr. Verna E. J. Barrington 16-14ABC
Winter John, Jr. 8-07
Winter Lila Elizabeth 16-14DEF
Winter Lilian Catherine 18-07BCD
Winter Margaret Norma 18-07BCD
Winter Merritt Gordon 14-07
Winter Mrs. Merritt Gordon Esther Hannah Halsey 14-07
Winter Robert Alexander 13-07

23 Feb 1917

Winter Mrs. Robert Alexander Ellen Gamble 13-07
Winter Robert A. 8-07
Winter Susan D. 8-07
Winter W. G. Merrill 18-06AB
Winter Mrs. W. G. Merrill Sadie Helena Rowe 18-06AB
Winter William 14-07
Winter William 12-08

18 May 1897

Winter Mrs. William Lucy Jane Stratton 12-08

11 Oct 1899


Huntingdon County GenWeb Search – Gleaner Extracts – Winter


Delgany Parish, Diocese of Glendalough, Church of Ireland






Hibernian Research Co. Ltd. in Ireland.

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