[Original] Latta

[Original] LATTA (abt. 1678 – ?) is Alex’s 8th Great Grandfather, one of 512 in this generation of the Miner line.

This father of the Latta immigrant brothers was born about 1678. He died in Londonderry, Ireland, early in the 18th century


Name Born Married Departed
1. Moses Latta County Donegal, Ireland, late in the 18th century.
2. James Latta 1716
North of Ireland
Aft. 1789 Wallkill, New York
3. Samuel LATTA Londonderry, Ireland about 1719 Mary McCOBB  Ireland 1813 in Washington County, Pennsylvania
4. Unknown Children

This Latta’s father was born about 1652. At the time of the Battle of the Boyne, July 12, 1690, he lived near Donegal, Ireland. He was a man of Wealth. He was a Protestant, but had Catholic cowboys. When Catholic King James II’s army, defeated and hungry, passed through that part of the country, the cowboys drove all the live stock into the mountains. When the army had passed they drove the live stock back again.

Branch 3 Latta.org – He was Scotch or Scotch descent. Say his grandson, 3 Moses (3) Latta, was 25 years of age when his son 5 William (4) Latta was born in 1730, and allow one year for birth of William, then 3 Moses (3) Latta would be born about 1704. William H. Latta, family No. 90 suggests: that if 1 UNKNOWN (1) Latta was born in 1652, allow 26 years for birth of his father, would make him born in 1626. Then allow 26 years for birth of his father in Scotland, would make him born in 1600. Allow 26 years for his father, would make him born in 1574, the immigrant from Scotland to Ireland. This is all supposition, but interesting.

Frank F. Latta, family 22, said there was a tradition in his family that several Latta brothers and their sons ran a flouring mill at Donegal and Londonderry, Ireland. They owned a couple of small schooners and delivered the flour around the British Isles and sometimes across the channel to the continent. About the middle of the 18th century they decided to bring a ship load of flour to America. Five brothers and a small crew brought the flour to the Atlantic coast where it was disposed of. Three of the brothers stated here. A few years later five more brothers, and probably cousins, came to America to stay. “The above, in substance, is confirmed by Emmet G. Latta, family 50, who wrote a short history of this branch. The descendants of Samuel say there were four or five brothers. The descendants of 1 James knew the names of only two brothers, James and Samuel. The descendants of Samuel say there were four or five brothers. The descendants of Moses knew only that he came from the North of Ireland with two brothers, James and Samuel. Moses died when his children were young: they knew but little about him. The descendants of James and Samuel have always known each other, but had no knowledge of Moses or any other brothers, but Emmit G. Latta found some of the descendants of Moses. He thought that one or two generations were skipped between 1 James and 2 James. As there is a question as to the date of birth of 1 James, some members of branch No. 3 believe that 1 James must have been born about 1716, which would make him 32 years of age when his son, 2 James was born. They think that 1 James was of branch No. 3, and that he was born between 3 Moses and 4 Samuel, of branch No. 3. Members of branch No. 3 lived at Wallkill, N.Y. about the time of 1 James, above, branch No. 4.


1. Moses Latta

Died in County Donegal, Ireland, late in the 18th century.

Moses died when his children were young: they knew but little about him. .

Children of Moses and [__?__]

i. William Latta b. 1730 Ireland;  d. 15 Feb 1803 South Huntington Township, Pennsylvania; buried in Middle Presbyterian Church yard, Mt. Pleasant, Pa., aged 73 years as told on his tombstone; m. Sarah [__?__]

Children of William and Sarah

1. Jane (Jean) Latta b. 19 Feb 1766, in Buck’s Co., Pa.; d. 22 Jan 1839; m. Hugh Scott, in Westmoreland Co., Pa. 1786. They moved to a farm 6 miles from Newark, Ohio, in 1816.

2. Sarah Latta.

3. James Latta

4. Elizabeth Latta m. [__?__] Miller.

5. William Latta On December 9, 1805. With his mother sold land of the estate of William, the elder.

6. John Latta a minor in 1803, with Moses for his guardian. Probably his uncle Moses.

ii. Ephraim Latta  b. ca 1752/60; d. 1804  South Huntington township. Westmoreland, Pennsylvania; m. Mary Thompson. After his death, she married Mr. Forschythe.

Lieut. Gov. John Latta, this branch, writes: “Ephraim and I were related to John Latta, branch 5, fam. 3. They resided at our place, and we visited them.” Ephraim went to Mt. Pleasant, Pa. before June 5, 1786. With his brothers, John and Moses, went to Westmoreland Co., Pa. before the Revolutionary War. They were enrolled as members of the Committee of Safety during the war. They settled at “Mammoth” Mt. Pleasant Township. before November 13, 1786. Afterwards used by the mammoth coke ovens of H.C. Frick & Co. The brothers divided the land.

Child of Ephraim and Mary

1. Moses Latta  b. 24 Jun 1796 South Huntington Tp., Westmoreland Co., Pa. ; d, 16 Jun 1871 on farm there ; m.  5 Jun 1821 near West Newton, Pa. to Sarah Johnston  (b. 1 Aug 1796  County Down, Ireland  – d.  20 Aug 1880) daughter of Matthew Johnston. They lived at Waltz’s Mills, Pa.

iii. Mungo Latta  b.  Ireland; d. 1842 Columbus, Ohio; m. Isabelle McClure.

Children of Mungo and Isabelle, all but William, Samuel and Mary, lived in Ross Co., Ohio.

1. Moses Latta  b. 1768 in Ireland; d.  Jan 1851 at Lattaville, Ross Co., Ohio (of which he was the founder)  aged 74 years; m1 Nov 1798 to Mary Scott (b. 1764 –  d. 25 Nov 1838 Lattaville, Ohio), aged 74 years.; m2. 2 Mar 1841 to  Mrs. Ann Porter of Chillicothe, Ohio

2. John Latta b. 1781 Londonderry, Ireland 1781; d. Dec 1826 by accident probably at Ross Co., Ohio;  m. 28 Mar 1810 Westmoreland to his cousin, Rebecca Latta (b. 1 Jul 1787  Westmoreland, PA- d. 7 Jan 1863 Cincinnati, Ohio) .   She was disinherited by her mother because she married a blood relative. He moved to Ross Co., Ohio before 1814.  Their sons Alexander Bonner Latta  (1821 – 1865) and Edmiston Latta (1816- 1863) invented the first fire engine.

Alexander Bonner Latta invented the first fire engine in 1852

3. William Latta  b. in Ireland. Came to America. Lived at or near Columbus, Ohio about 1842. After that time five brothers met at their father’s house for the last time; m. Rebecca ____.

4. Samuel Latta  b. in Ireland. Came to Baltimore, Md. in 1821; d. in 1853; m. Elizabeth McAdoo, sister of Moses Latta’s wife.

5. Mary Latta  b. in Ireland; m. [__?__] Boyd. In 1853 she lived at Cross, near St. Johnstown, Ireland. Her son came to America.

6. Sgt. James Latta  b. 1 Aug 1817, Aghaveagh, County Donegal, Ireland; d.  22 Feb 1849 Lattaville, Ross County, Ohio; m. Phebe Doty (b.  1785  Ohio- d. 11 Jan  1832  Concord Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Lattaville, Ross County, Ohio, Plot: LATTA FAMILY PLOT).

James came to America when 6 years of age.] War of 1812 Veteran. Served in Captain Andrew Hemphill’s Company, Ohio Volunteer Militia

7. Eliza Latta  b. in Ireland; d. single at Lattaville, Ross Co., Ohio; buried in Concord Presbyterian Church cemetery, one-third mile from Lattaville.

8. Jane Latta   Single; d. and buried same as Eliza.

9. Nancy Latta  b. in Ireland; buried at So. Salem, Ross Co., Ohio, six miles from Lattaville; m. Robert Wallace on August 28, 1828 (Ross Co., OH Marriages)

iv. Samuel Latta  b.  Ireland; m. Ann Moore, daughter of Alexander Moore, a native of Dumbarton, Scotland. His father was laird of the manor of Dumbarton. Sir John Moore, who was killed at the battle of Corunna, Spain, in 1806, was a close relative.

Children of Samuel and Anna

1. Alexander Latta went to America

2. Moses Latta  b.  Ireland;  m. Jane McAdoo, sister of Elizabeth McAdoo (see Samuel, son of Mungo); d.  Jun 1849 at Chipman, Queens Co., New Brunswick, Canada,  All his family, except  his daughter Rachel, settled at Chipman; Ann and her husband, and Matilda, in 1826. The others in 1830. Then the family came over the ship was in a great storm. The owner was on board, and demanded that the Captain desert the ship, leave the passengers, and take to the boars. He refused and saved every one.

3. William Latta

4. Rachel Latta b. Ireland; d. 26 Apr 1861; Married: Rev. James Canning of Malin Presbyterian Church, Ireland.

v. Moses Latta   b. 1740; d. 27 Jun 1810, Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian cemetery, Pa.,, aged 70 years. Revolutionary war emblem on grave stone, served with his brother Ephraim;   m. Elizabeth Shaw (b. 1747 – d. 28 Sep 1811) She was born in 1747 and d. September 28, 1811.

Children of Moses and Elizabeth:

1. Moses Latta  d. single

2. William Latta d. 31 May 1829;  m. Elizabeth Chambers (b. 8 Jun 1779), No children. After his death she married his cousin, John, son of 10 John Latta. Merchant.

3. Rebecca Latta b. 1 Jul 1787 Westmoreland County, Penns.; d. 7 Jan 1863.  Buried Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Ohio; m. John Latta, her cousin, branch 15,  for which she was disinherited by her mother for marrying a near relative.

4. Elizabeth Latta b. 17 Jan 1783  Westmoreland Co., Pa.; d. 28 Apr  1873, aged 90 years; buried at Mt. Pleasant, Pa. She left her farm 7 miles from Mt. Pleasant, 9 miles from Greensburg, 3 miles from Pleasant Unity, to her sister Rebecca’s children, Finley and Eliza, and the widow and children of 31 Alex, B. Latta.

5. Jane Latta b. 1779  in Westmoreland Co., Pa. 1779; d.  4 May  1857. Single.

vi. John Latta b. 1760 Westmoreland, PA;  d. 16 Dec 1799; m. Mary Story (b. 1762) of Princeton, N.J  . She and his brother, Moses, with whom he lived, took out letters of administration on his estate. Guardians were appointed for three of his children.   He served with his brother Ephraim in the Revolutionary War.

Children of John and Mary

1. John Latta b. 27 Jan 1790; d. 15 Oct 1872, aged 72 years, 8 months, 19 days; m. Elizabeth (Chambers) Latta (b. 8 Jun 1779 Ohio), widow of his cousin, William, branch 9. Saddler and merchant.

John’s son  William was born in 1815 in Crawford., PA.  In the 1850 census, William and his wife Anna were farming  in Mifflin, Franklin, Ohio, near Columbus.   Six children and Elizabeth Latta (b. 1779 Pennsylvania) were part of the household.  .

2. Moses Latta b. 6 miles No. of Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 1788 (1790?); d. 14 Feb 1848 in Unity Tp. Westmoreland Co, Pa. . Buried at Saint Lukes Cemetery
Pleasant Unity, Westmoreland,
Pennsylvania.; m. Eliza (Graham) Latta, widow of Ephraim Latta (see branch No. 32), in 1831. She was born at Greensburg, Pa. August 1, 1795 and d. March 3, 1870, daughter of Robert Graham. Moses enlisted in the War of 1812 under Capt. Reynold.

Their son John Latta b. 2 Mar 1836, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania – d. 15 Feb 1913, Greensburg, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
1857-1859 Yale College.
1859 Admitted to the bar.
1863 PA state Senator.
1871 and 1872 elected to the legislature.
1875-79 The first Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania.

3. Thomas Latta b. 23 Dec 1796; d. 15 Dec 1865; m.  15 Jun 1837 to Sarah Kilgore (b. 1811 – d. 18 Dec 1853). They lived on the old Latta farm at Mt. Pleasant Tp., Westmoreland Co, Pa..

4. Margaret Latta   b. 1793;  d.  7 Feb 1877; Single

vii. Mary Latta

viii. Elizabeth Latta.

2. James Latta

James was born in the North of Ireland about 1716, (some think January 11, 1730) May have come to America in 17?? , before 17?? , as his son James then came here. Three or four of his sons came about the time of the Revolutionary War. He settled at Wallkill, N.Y. James Latta Sr. was a merchant at Wallkill and New Windsor, Orange County, N.Y. and a farmer at Seneca Ontario County where he purchased 1200 acres of land at $2.50 in 1789 of Phelps and Gorh.

Children of James and [__?__]

i.  James Latta b. 1748 North Ireland; d. 13 Nov 1816 at Lewiston, Niagara Co., N.Y.; buried in Row N of the Oakwood Presbyterian Municipal Cemetery, Lewiston, New York.; m. 23 Feb 1773 New York City to Sarah Jackson (b. 1754 – d. 3 Jul 1807 Geneva, NY)

He came to America as early as the 1770’s. James Latta and Sarah Jackson were married in New York City and moved to Wallkill, on the Hudson River where he remained until 1778. He then moved to New Windsor on the Hudson River where he remained until 1789. On Sep 14, 1789, James Latta, with his family this wife and six children, arrived at Geneva, NY where land was purchased. After Sarah died, James Latta moved to Lewiston, NY in the spring of 1809 and purchased a farm, three miles east of Lewiston village, on the Ridge Road. He died November 13, 1816.

In the month of June 1810, George Clinton Latta left Lewiston on horse back for the mouth of the Genesee river where he arrived on the 17th. Agnes Latta married Benjamin Barton, Jr., at Canandaigua N.Y. November 1, 1792. Information found at http://www.lib.rochester.edu/rbk/latta.stm The University of Rochester River Campus Libraries has a collection of Latta Family Papers, 3 boxes, containing approximately 1202 letters and receipts. This includes business correspondence for George C. Latta and George C. Latta, Jr. More information on this family is found at http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/s/l/o/Scott-S-Slocum/FILE/004page.html

When Mary, daughter of James (2) Latta, in branch 4, sought refuge in Geneseo, N.Y. during the War of 1812, when the British burned them out, what was more natural than she went to her relatives. In branch No. 3, the children of Samuel LATTA and Mary McCOBB lived there or near there, at the same time.  George Clinton (wiki?) of the Will was evidently a trusted friend of James McCobb as he made George Clinton one of his executors. In branch No. 4 James (2) Latta had a warm friend in George Clinton, because he named a son after him. These are more than co-incidences.

The University of Rochester River Campus Libraries has a collection of Latta Family Papers, 3 boxes, containing approximately 1202 letters and receipts. This includes business correspondence for George C. Latta and George C. Latta, Jr.   More information on this family is found at http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/s/l/o/Scott-S-Slocum/FILE/004page.html.

The name of James Latta appears as some of twelve on the “Committee of Safety and Observation” May 8, 1775, at New Windsor, Orange Co., N.Y. Precinct of Hanover. Reference: History of Orange Co., N.Y. by Ruttenburg & Clark, Vol. 1, pp. 65, 235, 376. Dry goods merchant. He lived at Wallkill, N.Y. up to 1778, then went to New Windsor, N.Y. Was in the same business until the close of the Revolutionary war. In 1789 he bought 1200 acres of wild land of Phelps & Gorham, above five miles west of Geneva, near Seneca, N.Y. and became a pioneer. He had a large farm, and lived there until the death of his wife, July 3, 1807. In 1808 he sold out and lived with his son, John, at Lewiston, N.Y. until his death November 13, 1818. Dates of James Latta and his children taken from his Bible record in possession of: Mrs. Lelia Lowery, family 7, of Harrison Valley, Pa. Route 1. She is the grand daughter of William J. (3) Latta.

It is thought that the following is 2 James (2) Latta.  Taken from N.Y. Gen. & Bio. Record, p. 306, Par. 2.

“The Paymaster General was at Philadelphia, and the N.Y. Land Office was in New York City after the peace, and Michael Connelly, brevetted Captain, in 1783, served as Regimental Agent for some years after the disbanding of the army. The day Washington entered New York City from Harlem, while Carlton and the British embarked from the Battery

(November 25, 1783), Capt. Connelly established himself in business at 21 (Water St.?) opposite the Coffee House Bridge, where he, Robert Nesbit, and some other officers (two appears to have been James Latta, of New Windsor, and Pierre Reginer de Roussy), established a commission and vendue business, reminding the public in their advertisements of their services in the late war.

Children of James and Sarah

1. Agnes Latta b. 9 Jan 1774 Wallkill, NY; d. 6 Apr 1864 at Lewiston, NY; m. 1 Nov 1792 Canandaigua, NY to Benjamin Barton, (b. 2 Mar 1770 Sussex Co., NJ – d, 6 Apr 1853), He enlisted in 1812, and for gallantry at Queenstown Heights, was commissioned Deputy Quartermaster General in the regular army.

2. Samuel Latta b. 14 Apr 1776 Wallkill, NY; d. 4 Feb 1827 Charlotte (Rochester); m1. Mary [__?__]; m2.12 May 1806 Geneva, NY to Lydia Arnold (b. 19 Jan 1786 East Haddam, CT – d. 26 Nov 1866 Charlotte, Monroe County, NY) After Samuel died, Lydia married John Beals, of Grace Tp.

The village of Charlotte is located near the mouth of Genesee River, in the town of Greece. The most prominent of the first settlers was Samuel Latta, who came from Geneva, N.Y. in 1796, as agent for Phelps & Gorham in the sale of lands. Samuel Latta established a warehouse in Charlotte, NY at the mouth of the Genesee river and in 1806 was appointed as customs collector of the Port of Genesee by President Thomas Jefferson.

The day after their marriage they went to the village (now Rochester) at the mouth of the river, and erected a house the S.E. corner of Broadway, now Lake Ave. and Latta Road. A portion of the house in 1934 was standing there. They were grantors of land in 1811 and 1812 and Samuel was grantee of land in Monroe Co. in 1809. This land extended along the Latta Road from Samuel Latta’s home to the Port of Rochester. At the foot of this street on the Genesee River was the boat landing known as Latta’s Landing.

In the War of 1812, a British sentinel paced up and down the hall one night in the home of Samuel and Lydia Arnold Latta, and she was taken with a friend to the guard house by a British soldier. The story of Guernsey & Bushnell was seized, and a receipt was given George C. Latta, the clerk, who thought it was a one sided business deal.

3. James Latta b. 3 Dec 1778 Walkill, NY; d. 1813 at New Orleans

4. William Latta b. 12 Feb 1781 Windsor, Orange, NY; d. 13 Jul 1783

5. Mary Latta b. 28 Apr 1783 New Windsor, Orange, NY; d. 18 Aug 1864 Bengal Township, Clinton County, Mich.; m. Joseph Hamer. Also seen as: Harner, Homer, Hommer, Hammer, & Harris, I find these names different in books in 1799. Lived at Lewiston, N.Y. and like her sister Agnes, saw her home burned by the British in 1812. With seven small children found refuge at Genesee , N.Y. It is thought that she joined relatives there. See branch No. 3, as this branch lived at Charlotte.   Charlotte is now part of Rochester, NY and has also been callled  the “Mouth of the Genesee”.

6 John Latta b. 15 Jun 1786

7. Elizabeth Latta b. 12 Feb 1789 New Windsor, NY; d. 6 Dec 1857 Galesburg, Michigan; m. William Earl of NY

8. William J. Latta b. 28 Aug 1792

9. George Clinton Latta b. 10 Apr 1795; d. 1871   George was a frontier merchant and ran a successful trading company from Charlotte, operating a fleet of schooners engaging in trade across the Great Lakes. In June 1810, George Clinton Latta left Lewiston on horse back for the mouth of the Genesee river where he arrived on the 17th.

ii. Samuel Latta b. in Ireland in 1756 Northern Ireland; d. 19 Aug 1820 in Geneva NY.; m. 9 May 1786 Newburg, N.Y. to Elizabeth Shultz (b. 1769 – d. 7 Jan 1850). Her parents were Isaac Shultz (b. 28 Jul 1740) and Mary Kilburn (b. 4 Dec 1749, the daughter of James Kilburn, of Glastonbury, Hartford Co., CT.

They settled at New Windsor, N.Y. and soon removed to Geneva, N.Y. where he bought 1,000 acres of wild land, and made one of the best farms in the state, and lived on it until his death. He probably followed his brother Moses, to that place, and was followed by his brother, James, with his family in Sep 1789. Samuel and wife have tombstones at No. 9, Church Road, Stanley, N.Y. Either he, or Samuel, son of 2 James Latta, was the founder of the church. All dates taken from the family Bible.

Samuel is found in the 1790 Census of Ulster Co., NY, Town of New Windsor, 4 free white males and 3 free white females.

One of the main streets in Greece, Monroe, NY, near Rochester is Latta Road, named for one of its city founders, Samuel Latta.

In 1790, the first deed recorded in present Monroe County was for Samuel Latta.   In 1805 Samuel Latta was appointed Custom’s Agent for the Port of Genesee by President Thomas Jefferson. Latta was also the local agent for Pulteney Estates and was selling lots for $10 each.

The French’s Gazeteer for Monroe County, NY, by J. H. French (1860) states that the first settlement of Greece had among the early settlers John Love in 1793, at the mouth of the river…and in the winter of 1796 and 97, Eli Granger, Thomas King…and Samuel Latta (40 yrs. old) located in Town.

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth:

1. Mary L Latta b. 8 Dec 1788 in New Windsor, N.Y.; d.28 Sep 1860; m. 4 Mar 1816 to John I. Freleigh (b. 21 Aug 1789 – d. 09 Oct 1869). Went to Indiana. They are buried at Jordan Cemetery, Steuben County, Indiana.

2. Sarah Latta b. 10 May 1791 at New Windsor, NY; d. 3 Aug 1793.

3. Joanna Latta b. 7 Jan 1799 at Mt. Pleasant, NY; d. 3 Dec, 1877. Single. Lived at Seneca, N.Y. Her will was probated May 13, 1878. She was buried at No. 9 Church, Stanley, N.Y.

4. Isaac Schultz Latta b. 10 Aug 1796 at Mt. Pleasant, 4 miles from Geneva, NY; d. 1892; m. 7 Nov 1821 at Geneva, NY to Polly Reed. She died at Friendship, N.Y. December 16, 1862. He served in the War of 1812. Lumberman and farmer.

5. Moses Latta b. 23 Jul 1808 at Mt. Pleasant, NY; d. August 21, 1811.

6. Susan Latta b. 24 Jan 1804 at Mt. Pleasant, NY; d. 7 Oct 1860. Single. An invalid, cared for by sister, Joanna

7. Agnes Latta b. 18 Aug 1793 at Geneva, NY; d. 25 Aug 1793.

8. James Latta mentioned in Will.

9. Elizabeth Latta mentioned in Will.

iii. Moses Latta b. in North of Ireland in 1760; d. at Montgomery, N.Y. in 1790; buried at the First Presbyterian Church at Goshen, NY; m. Elizabeth Carmen of Montgomery between Dec. 5, 1782 and Dec. 11, 1782.(First Presbyterian Church at Goshen, NY recordes)

Came to America with two brothers, James and Samuel, as early as 1772. The 1790 Montgomery, Ulster County, NY Census listed Moses Latta – 1, 1, 3, 0, 0. { Please see the end notes for more detail}.

Moses came to America with two brothers, James and Samuel, as early as 1772. Private in 2nd Continental Artillery Regiment in the Revolutionary War, under Capt. Thomas Theo Bliss,  and Maj. Sebastian Bauman and Col. John Lamb.     The muster rolls are recorded as “Maj. Brown’s Detachment,” and is mentioned in “gen. Arnold’s Regiment.” The fact that the “Green Mountain Boys,” under Gen. Ethan Allen, were at Quebec in 1776, that this detachment was there in 1776, confirms the belief that soldiers of its rolls were a part of this historic branch. It reads, “The Line-Artillery, 2d Reg.” The name of Moses Latta is in the list.

Mason by trade. He owned the land where Geneva now stands, and built the first house there. He did not live to bring his family there.

Quotes from great great grandaughter Elanor VanBuren Dahlhaus’ notes:
“Moses Latta was born in the North of Ireland. He came to the United States with his two older brothers, James and Samuel, about the time of the Revolutionary War. He was a private soldier in the 2nd NY Artillery during the Revolutionary War.  He married Elizabeth Jearman on Dec 5, 1782 in Montgomery, Ulster, NY. They had three children- Ann Maria, Catherine Ann, & James Newkirk Latta. He was a mason by trade and once owned land on which the present City of Geneva now stands. He built the first house in that place but died before he could bring his family to live there.”

“Moses’ brother Samuel was a share holder in The Geneva Water Works which was established August 20, 1796.”.

Children of Moses and Elizabeth:

1. Ann Maria Latta m. Noah Carpenter

2. Catherine Ann Latta b. 20 Sep 1787; d, 2 Dec 1804; m. 23 Feb 1808 Montgomery, NY to Edward M. Millspaugh (8 Dec 1781 Orange, NY – 17 Jun 1842)

3. James Newkirk Latta b. Oct. 6, 1790 Montgomery, N.Y. October 6, 1790; d. 30 Oct 1843. Buried at Peconesick Church, 4 miles from Shawangunk, N.Y.; m. 25 Apr 1816 to Malinda Murphy (8 Aug 1793 – 7 Mar 1852) He served in the War of 1812.

iv. William Latta settled in PA or N.Y. {Could this be William (1) Latta of Branch No. 13}

William Latta b. about 1761 in Donegal, Londonderry, Ireland; m. Ann Jackson After he died, Ann married [__?__] Hays.

On Oct 30, 1776, he enlisted in Captain John A. Bradt’s Company of State Rangers, being discharged on Jan 23, 1777 as unfit for duty. His name appears on the rolls of the 3rd Albany County Militia.

He may have come to New York City in 1780. His daughter Margaret is said to have been born in 1778 in the US. If William immigrated to New York in 1780, then Margaret could only have been born in Scotland or Ireland.

In the 1790 Watervliet Township census, William is listed as a lime maker by trade but educated for sea captain. “Immigration 1780 – came to New York City.” He lived in the Albany, N.Y. area before his death.

John Chester (4) Latta, his great-grandson, said that William must have married a Jackson, “As our relations to the Jackson must have come through him.” {Also Look at Branch No. 4, “2 James (2) Latta and his wife Sarah Jackson of NY.” He was in N.Y. at the same time and area as this William (1) Latta, This could be a brother and the relation to the Jackson family, John Chester (4) Latta talked about. And/or the wife of William (1) Latta was Ann Jackson.

Children of William and Ann:

1. Samuel Latta b. abt. 1780. No History other than he built a house in New York City, when one or two stories high he covered it. He also constructed the roof that he afterwards built seven or eight additional stories.

2. John Latta b. 11 Aug 1782 in New York City; d. 8 Dec 1846, Thurlow Township, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada; m.  17 Nov 1800 at Adolphustown, Lennox-Addlington County, Ont, Canada to Susannah Pitman (Pittman)

Moved to Canada in 1798/1800  and put up a flour mill, saw mills and factory 11 miles north of Belleville, Ontario. He followed the trade of ancestors in manufacturing flour. The village was first called ???? and then Latta’s Mills but changed to Latta, Hastings Co., Ont, Canada

3. Jane Latta b.: abt. 1786 in New Scotland, Albany, New York; d. 28 Feb 1861 in Middleburgh, Schohaire Co., NY; buried in the Middleburgh Cemetery; Bapt. Sept. 2, 1787 at the Presbyterian Church in New Scotland, Albany Co., New York; m. 5 Nov 1805 First Lutheran, Albany, Albany Co., NY. to Anthony Engle (b. 7 Oct 1874 in Berne, NY – d. 1 Aug 1860 in Middleburgh in Schohaire, NY) son of Peter Engle and Sarah Warner.

4. Sarah (Sally) Latta b. 15 Aug 1789 in New Scotland, Albany County, NY; m. 1 Jun 1808 at New Scotland, Albany Co., NY to Archibald McBryde

5. Mary Ellen (Nellie) Latta b. Abt 1797 in New Scotland, Albany County, New York, USA; d. 29 Jul 1861 in New Scotland, Albany, NY; m. James Johnston (b. Abt 1795 – d. 1 Apr 1845(

6. Nancy Latta b. 17 Mar 1795 New Scotland, Albany, NY; m. Mr. Bence. Father – William Latta, Mother- Nancy Jackson.

7. Margaret (Peggy) Latta b. 24 Jun 1778 New Scotland Albany Co., NY; d. abt. 1854, in Latta Mills, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada; m. David Sample. He later drowned in a Mill Pond in Canada. The Mill was owned by his Brother in-law, John Latta. Robert H. Latta reported that Margaret had married a “William Sample” and that she went with her brother John to the Dominion of Canada in 1798/1799. Margaret’s son, Anthony Martin Sample, in his bio gives this account of his life. That he was born in 1812 in Schulyer Co., Beaver Dams, NY and that his father was a David Sample. He goes on to say that his family did not go to Canada until 1822. In 1852 Margaret was residing with Archibald on mill lands.

8. William Latta b. 12 Oct 1792 in Watervliet Township, Albany, NY; d. 21 Jul 1863, in Albany County, New York, USA; m. Catherine Wheeler

In the 1850 census, William was a blacksmith in New Scotland, Albany, New York.

9. Albertis Latta – Can’t find any history of him, Was said to have lived in Canada.

3. Samuel LATTA married Mary McCOBB (See his page)

In a book entitled “Calendar of Wills,” on file in the office of Clerk and Recorder of Court of Appeals, of County Clerk, Albany, N.Y. and Secretary of State, 1626-1836, is find the following: “McCOBB, James of Handover Prect., Ulster Co. Merchant. Wife Jane. Daughters Elizabeth, MARY, and Jane. James McClaghry, Jr. Father William McCOBB in Ireland. Samuel son John Finley. George son of Alexander Trimble. James Latta, Trustees JAMES WILKINS and Thomas Beatty of the NEW WALKILL meeting house. Father-in-law Patrick McClaghry. Real and Personal estate. Executors the wife, GEORGE CLINTON LATTA, and James Buckley.
Witnesses Robert McCuchen, Andrew Willson and James McClaughry, yeomen. “This book gives a number of Wills, of which this Will is No. 1181. It also says “(M73) 1774, June 23, September 19.”
In N.Y. Historical Society, Vol. 8, p. 204, abstract of Wills, “James McCobb, Handover, Ulster Co. leaves to James Latta £20, Moses Latta £5. These were sons of Samuel and Mary McCOBB Latta,

When Mary, daughter of James (2) Latta, in branch 4, sought refuge in Geneseo, N.Y. during the War of 1812, when the British burned them out, what was more natural than she went to her relatives. In branch No. 3, the children of Samuel and Mary McCOBB Latta lived there or near there, at the same time. GEORGE CLINTON of the Will was evidently a trusted friend of James McCOBB as he made George Clinton one of his executors. In branch No. 4 James (2) Latta had a warm friend in GEORGE CLINTON, because he named a son after him. These are more than co-incidences.




Entrepreneurship in the Genesse Conuty – George Clinton Latta by Joan Sullivan, Rochester History, July and October 1983


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