Samuel Latta

Samuel LATTA (1719 -1813)  is Alex’s 7th Great Grandfather, one of 256 in this generation of the Miner line.

Samuel Latta was born in Londonderry, Ireland about 1719. His brother James also immigrated, see his story on my [Original LATTA] page.  He married Mary McCOBB in Ireland. Samuel died in 1813 in Washington, Pennsylvania.  See Crawford, Pennsylvania for details

Mary McCobb was born about 1719.  Her parents were William McCOBB and Mary GLENN.  She was sister of emigrants James McCobb. and Jane McClaghry.

Children of Samuel and Mary:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Samuel Latta 1756?
Airsty, Donegal, Ireland
[___?___] Near Genesee NY
2. William L LATTA 1757
Donegal Ireland
Elizabeth RANKIN 1813
Washington, Pennsylvania
3. Moses Latta 1760?
4. James Latta 1748?
Near Genesee NY
5. Mary Latta Ireland Robert Glenn
Airsty, Donegal, Ireland

Samuel Latta’s grandfather was born about 1652. At the time of the battle of the Boyne, July 12, 1690, he lived near Donegal, Ireland. Was a man of wealth.  He was a Protestant, but had Catholic cowboys. When Catholic King James II, defeated, hungry, army passed through that part of the country, the cowboys drove all the live stock into the mountains. When the army had passed they drove the live stock back again. I do not know his name, but was told he was my ancestor. He was Scotch or Scotch descent.


Samuel LATTA’s children Samuel, Moses, James and WILLIAM from Latta Branch 3 have close counterparts in James Latta’s children from Latta Branch 4.

Frank F. Latta, family 22, said there was a tradition in his family that several Latta brothers and their sons ran a flouring mill at Donegal and Londonderry, Ireland. They owned a couple of small schooners and delivered the flour around the British Isles and sometimes across the channel to the continent. About the middle of the 18th century they decided to bring a ship load of flour to America. Five brothers and a small crew brought the flour to the Atlantic coast where it was disposed of. Three of the brothers stated here. A few years later five more brothers, and probably cousins, came to America to stay. “The above, in substance, is confirmed by Emmet G. Latta, family 50, who wrote a short history of this branch. The descendants of Samuel say there were four or five brothers. The descendants of 1 James knew the names of only two brothers, James and Samuel. The descendants of Samuel say there were four or five brothers. The descendants of Moses knew only that he came from the North of Ireland with two brothers, James and Samuel. Moses died when his children were young: they knew but little about him. The descendants of James and Samuel have always known each other, but had no knowledge of Moses or any other brothers, but Emmit G. Latta found some of the descendants of Moses. He thought that one or two generations were skipped between 1 James and 2 James. As there is a question as to the date of birth of 1 James, some members of branch No. 3 believe that 1 James must have been born about 1716, which would make him 32 years of age when his son, 2 James was born. They think that 1 James was of branch No. 3, and that he was born between 3 Moses and 4 Samuel, of branch No. 3. Members of branch No. 3 lived at Wallkill, N.Y. about the time of 1 James, above, branch No. 4. Latta Branch 4 – 1 JAMES (1) LATTA,

In a book entitled “Calendar of Wills,” on file in the office of Clerk and Recorder of Court of Appeals, of County Clerk, Albany, N.Y. and Secretary of State, 1626-1836, is found the following:

“McCobb, James of Handover Prect., Ulster Co. Merchant. Wife Jane. Daughters Elizabeth, Mary, and Jane [wife of] James McClaghry, Jr.

Father William McCOBB in Ireland. Samuel son John Finley. George son of Alexander Trimble. James Latta, Trustees James Wilkins and Thomas Beatty of the New Walkill  meeting house. Father-in-law Patrick McClaghry.  Real and Personal estate. Executors the wife, George Clinton , and James Buckley.

Witnesses Robert McCuchen, Andrew Willson and James McClaughry, yeomen. “This book gives a number of Wills, of which this Will is No. 1181. It also says “(M73) 1774, June 23, September 19.”

In N.Y. Historical Society, Vol. 8, p. 204, abstract of Wills, “James McCobb, Handover, Ulster Co. leaves to James Latta £20, Moses Latta £5. These were sons of Samuel LATTA and Mary McCOBB, mentioned above. I do not see why Moses Latta was not mentioned in the “Calendar of Wills”.

In Branch No. 4, James (2) Latta settled at Walkill, N.Y. as early as 1772, and married there in 1773. His two brothers were Samuel and Moses. He had a son William, and a daughter Mary. These names are all found in branch No. 3, above, as the children of Samuel LATTA and Mary McCOBB.

When Mary, daughter of James (2) Latta, in branch 4, sought refuge in Geneseo, N.Y. during the War of 1812, when the British burned them out, what was more natural than she went to her relatives. In branch No. 3, the children of Samuel LATTA and Mary McCOBB lived there or near there, at the same time.  George Clinton (wiki?) of the Will was evidently a trusted friend of James McCobb as he made George Clinton one of his executors. In branch No. 4 James (2) Latta had a warm friend in George Clinton, because he named a son after him. These are more than co-incidences.

1. Samuel Latta Jr.

Samuel Latta Jr.  came to America. Lived near Genesee, NY  This is also the area of New York  that Branch  4 & 13 of the Latta family tree can be found.

Children of Samuel and [__?__]

four of his sons born at Donegal, Ireland.

i. Moses Latta No history (Look at Branch 4)

ii. James Latta 163 JAMES (5) No history (Look at Branch 4)

iii. William Latta No history (Look at Branch 13, I think Branch 13 & 4 might also tie) (Robert H. Latta recorded him as a Physician who lived at Chillicothe, Ohio. I think he was talking of 51 William (6) Latta of this branch.)

iv. Samuel Latta No history (Look at Branch 4)

v. John Latta No history (This 166 John (5) Latta could have been a typo, Robert never recorded a John in this line)

2.  William L LATTA (See his page)

4. James Latta 

James also lived near Genesee, NY.

Child of James


5. Mary Latta

Mary died at age of 100 years.

Mary’s husband Robert Glenn was born in in Ireland

Her daughter Margaret was born in 1805, married William McCobb and came to America in 1837.  Had at least one child, Thomas J. B. in 1825.  He wrote, “There was a family descended from Mungo Latta, that the McCobbs and Glenn’s were connected.  One daughter married  Samuel Campbell.

Alan McCobb, the McCobb family historian, has seen other sites that say that Mary’s parents, Samuel Latta and Mary McCobb married in 1754.


Latta Genealogy Newsletter

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  6. markeminer says:

    Allan McCobb [] says:
    July 13, 2012 at 1:52 pm

    Hello Mark, I am the McCobb family historian and genealogist and am interested where you found a birhtdate for Mary McCobb Latta who married Robert Glenn? you show her birth of 1739 and died 1839, (which correlates to her living one hundred years as noted in the Latta Family history) She had a brother William born 1757. I have seen other sites that say that Mary’s parents, Samuel Latta and Mary McCobb married in 1754. Can’t find support for her birth or her Mother’s marriage. Thanks

    markeminer says:
    July 13, 2012 at 9:23 pm
    Yes, my source for Mary Latta’s age is The Captain of Latta Branch 3 is Alan L. Latta, P. O. Box 508, Inkom, ID 83245,

    Two other women from the Latta clan are proven centenarians.
    101 years, 10 months, 28 days – Margaret Storey Latta born 26 Feb 1839 and her mother
    100 Years 3 Months 23 Days – Mary Elizabeth McConahey Latta born 31 Jan 1804

    Do you know anything more about Mary McCobb? What I have is she was born about 1719. Her parents were William McCOBB and Mary GLENN. She was sister of emigrants James McCobb. and Jane McClaghry.

    Allan McCobb says:
    July 13, 2012 at 10:17 pm
    Thanks for your quick reply. I did check and I see that Mary Latta married Robert Glenn and she lived to be 100 years. However, I see no birthdate of 1739.
    All I really have for her mother Mary McCobb, is that she was the daughter of William McCobb and brother of James McCobb. I have have seen one source that says her Mother was Jane McClaghry (which was the name of her brother’s wife). I had never seen her Mother shown as Mary Glenn. I don;t know the source of either “Mother listing”.
    However, the same reference that has Jane McClaghry as her Mother says that her grandfather was William McCobb (born about 1678) and married Margaret Glenn. I find this strange, as Mary Latta Glenn’s daughter, Margaret Glenn (born 1782/83), married a William McCobb (born about 1796) and they resided in Crawford Co, Pa, after coming th the US in 1837.
    I did send queries out to the person using Jane McClaghry as mary McCobb’s Mother. She also used 1754 as the marriage date for mary McCobb and Smauel Latta, which is 15 years after the 1739 birthdate of Mary Latta Glenn. . I do have all of the descendants of Mary’s brother James McCobb as well as those of her granddaughter, Margaret Glenn McCobb. Sadly, James had no sons and the McCobb surname also disappeared from Margaret McCobb’s line after one generation.
    One interesting tidbit regarding the McCobb surname worldwide, is that anyone with this surname as of the year 2000, can be traced to only 6 ancestors, one of which is a non-blood black line.
    Thanks for yor help. I probably need to contact alan Latta

    markeminer says:
    July 14, 2012 at 7:51 am
    Hi Allan,
    There is a close similarity between this (4) Samuel Latta’s family in branch 3 and (1) James (1) Latta’s (1730 [or 1717] – ?) family in branch 4. Both families have a James, Samuel, Moses and William. In both trees James, Samuel and Moses immigrated to NY and William to PA. The captain for branch 4 is Randy Phillips, 1456 Lake Street, Elmira, NY 14901.,

    (4) James (2) Latta Jr. (1748-1816) in branch 4 also had children named Samuel, James, William and Mary. This Mary b. April 28, 1783 in New Windsor, Orange Co., N.Y.; d. August 18, 1864 in Bengal Township, Clinton County, Mich.; m. Joseph Hamer. Also seen as: Harner, Homer, Hommer, Hammer, & Harris, Randy found these names different in books in 1799. Lived at Lewiston, N.Y. and like her sister Agnes, saw her home burned by the British in 1812.
    With seven small children found refuge at Genesee , N.Y. It is thought that she
    joined the branch 3 Latta relatives. who lived in Charlotte in Monroe Co., NY, Near Rochester NY. This same area was also called ” Mouth of the Genesee”.}

    There is a strong connection between these two families. Randy thinks the heads of branches 3 and 4 (Samuel and James) were brothers.

    He also found a will of James McCobb of Handover Prect., Ulster Co., NY Merchant.leaving legacies to our James and Moses Latta. Executors the wife, GEORGE CLINTON, and James Buckley. He doesn’t say so explicitly, but implies this is the famous Governor and Vice President George Clinton.

    btw, the 1739-1839 dates for our Mary come from Tereasa Guy’s family tree on

    I’m copying your comments onto Samuel Latta’s page.

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