Joseph Beckwith

Joseph BECKWITH (1653 – 1707) was Alex’s 9th Great Grandfather; one of 1,024 in this generation of the Miner line.

Joseph Beckwith was born about 1653 in New London, New London, CT.   His parents were Matthew BECKWITH and  Elizabeth (Mary) LYNDE.  He married Susannah TALLMAN about 1676.  Joseph died about 1707 in Lyme, CT at the age of 54.

Susanna Tallman was born about 1662  in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island,  Many alternative birth dates: 1642, 1650, 1655, 1660, etc.)  have been suggested. Her parents were  Peter TALLMAN and Anne HILL.  After Joseph died, she married George Way 17 May 1713 in Lyme, New London, CT.  Susanna died  in 1717 in Lyme, New London, CT.

Children of Joseph and Susannah:

Name Born Married Departed
1. Sarah BECKWITH 14 Apr 1677
Lyme, New London, CT
William MINER
1693 in Lyme, New London, CT
24 Mar 1722/3
Stonington, New London, CT
2. Capt. Joseph Beckwith 15 Apr 1679
Lyme, New London, CT
Marah (Mary) Lee
18 May 1699 Lyme, New London, CT
9 Aug 1741
Lyme, CT

Joseph Beckwith was an innkeeper. Joseph died before the deed’s were recorded to his homestead.

Council held at New London, January 11th, 1710. Ordered that Mrs. Susannah Beckwith, widow of the late Joseph Beckwith of Lyme, the sum of ten shillings and two pence, for entertainment of soldiers. [Connecticut Kecord]


1. Sarah BECKWITH (See William MINER‘s page)

2. Capt. Joseph Beckwith

Joseph’s wife Marah (Mary) Lee was born 23 Apr 1679 in Lyme, New London, CT. Her parents were Thomas Lee and Mary DeWolf.   She married 2nd (at Lyme) May 16, 1745 Capt Daniel Sterling . He died Lyme, CT, June 30, 1747. She married 3rd Capt Riggs of, CT. who later died at Derby, CT.  Marah died 28 Feb 1734 in Lyme, New London, CT or  in 1759 in Colchester, CT.

(LVR) [Lyme Vital Record] Joseph Beckwith Juner was married unto Marah his now wife this 18 day of May 1699

13 May 1713 – Miriam Brooks Daughter of Henry Brooks. She lived at Joseph Beckwiths Died. Sick but 12 hours (HD) [Joshua Hempstead’s diary of New London]

6 Dec 1714 – I wrote an agreement between Jos Beckwith & Wm Minor Concerning ye bounds of some land (HD)

10 Sep 1726 – Called to see Cuz Jos Beckwith & Jno & Aunt Waller (HD)

Oct 1727 – Joseph appointed Captain East  or Second Company Town of Lyme. (Colonial records CT)

16 Nov 1727 – Lyme Ct. Land Record. The New Haven General Assembly do give liberty unto Capt. Joseph Beckwith and Captain Samuel Gilbert of Lyme to sell land from the estate of Captain Joseph Way of Lyme, decd. Land sold at auction for 53 pounds, 4 shillings to widow Mary Dart, 18 acres of land in Lyme with a mansion house thereon.

Mary Starling wife of Sd Capt Daniel Starling departed this life the 16th day of Oct 1744. (LVR)

Capt Daniel Starling was married to ye Widow Mary Beckwith the 16th day of May 1745 (LVR)

Capt Daniel Starling died ye 30th day of June 1747 (LVR)

22 Sep 1747 – Came home from Haddam over ye ferry. I bot a pr of yarn stockings for 20s of Cuz Sterling alias Beckwith (HD)

10 Apr 1757 – Was out all day & in the eve att Colln Stephen Lees to visit Ms Riggs widow of Capt Riggs late of Derby. She is my Kinswoman & own sister to Colln Lee. Her first husband was Capt Joseph Beckwith & her 2d Deacon Sterlin of Lyme. She was the 3d daughter of my uncle Lee who lived & died in Lyme & was first of ys name there & came over a child with my Grandmother in the first settlement of this country. He had 2 sisters. One was mother of the family of Hides in Norwich & Lebanon. (HD)

Joseph Beckwith Headstone -- Old Stone Church Burial Ground East Lyme, New London County, Connecticut


Simeon Moses Fox, “Matthew Beckwith and his Family.”

Joshua Hempstead’s diary of New London

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